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Palmer House
aad Store
Buckingham, Colo.
First class hotel accom
modations. A new stock
staple and fancy grocer
ies at moderate prices
C. S. A. Growth
The growth of the school of Agri
culture, pos-ibly better known as the
“Short Course” at the Agricultural
College has been remarkable, and this
year the enrollment has surpassed
the most sanguine expectations of the
officials. The enrollment in the school'
now exceeds even the enrollment in
the regular college course, there be
ing 315 students enrolled in the
School of Agriculture while there are
but 314 in the college, this record be
ing reached Wednesday when two
more students enrolled for the short
course. In comparing the enrollment
last Monday w : th that of the same
date two years ago most interesting
tigures are obtained. Two years ago
last Monday there were 213 students
enrolled, while last Monday _ there
were exactly 313, an increase in two
years of exactly 100 students.
Delta.—Chas. Breatchcr. aged 22,
was accidentally shot and killed yes
terday by a younger brother while
the two were on a hunting trip to
Colorado Springs.—Russell Sulli
van. aged 27, son of Martin H. Sul
livan, millionaire banker of Pensa
cola. Fla., died here last night of tu
Frederick, Colo., Nov. 22.
Papers written in Arabic and
found on the body of L. O.
Zotedoross, who was called to
the door of the bunkhouse at
Evans mine last Saturday
night and shot, show that he
was formerly a captain in the
Macedonian army and that the
Turkish government had plac
ed a reward of $2,500 for ac
curate information that he was
dead. According to the pa
pers. which were translated
by D. B. Halstead, of the Ag
ricultural College, the man left
Turkey about a year ago and
came to the United States and
traveled all over the country.
He never stayed more than
two days in a place till he
landed at Frederick, where,
presumably, he supposed him
self out of danger. The papers
show that he is a heavy Turk
ish land holder, that he evi
dently comes from a revolu
tionary family and he had
over SSOO in cash on his per
son. There is no due to his
murderers but the chances are
someone will return to Tur
key and draw down the $2,-
Organize National
Information Bureau
Denver, Nov. 20.—A national in
formation clearing house is the latest
scheme of the various secretaries of
the state boards of immigration
throughout the country. Secretary
Patek returned from his trip east to
day and stated that the various sec
retaries are back of the scheme, the
object of which is to secure a na
tional department of information.
Rooms will be opened in every cap
ital in the United States and the b«u—
reaus will be maintained purely for
the purpose of preventing immigra
tion to Canada. The boards will work
in connection with the various state
boards of immigration.
Pueblo.—Tom Quicke, at 1:00
o’clock today, shot and killed Tony
A. Bamerch, proprietor of a saloon,
and then escaped. The two men are
said to have quarreled over a wo
Pueblo.—At the first meeting yes
terday of the new commissioners 12
city employees were dismissed, mak
ing a reduction of $13,912 in the city
payrolls, more than the combined
Immense Peat Bogs.
There are 12,000 square miles of
peat bogs in Ontario and Manitoba,
enough to supply 5,306,076 families
with fuel equal to ten tons of good
coal each for one hundred years.
Efforts In England to Moot Motor and
Trolley Car Traffic.
The following Illustrate* the efforts
In England to meet In ruadmaklng the
conditions Imposed by motor and trol
ley car traffic:
A new and direct roadway Is pro
posed between West Elartlepool and
Middlesbrough, near Newcastle, In the
county of Northumberland, a direct
line of soven and three-fourth miles.
In designing the roadway the engineer
tc charge has given attention to the
possible development In both heavy,
slow nnd fast vehicular nnd motor traf
fic. each of which demands separate
consideration and possibly different
methods of rond surface treatment.
The plan accordingly provides for a
center footpath nine feet In width, on
the east side of the footpath a rond for
motor and light, fast traffic twenty
four feet Ir, widMi a:id on the west side
of the footpath si road for heavy, slow
trAfflc twenty two feet in width. Tills
gives a width for highway purposes of
flfty-flve f«s*t. The ■ •'••n further shows
on the westerutne-" ‘ nf r‘>o foot
path a width •>* fiu-’eeii f • ' reserved
for light r •• |e>• pwec
making a t»»*rtI <"i ’ h •<' ' >"■!•' > h- in
qulretl of sl\t' til'ie '■> ■'
A si *!n *111 * * i .ir ' ■ •' • 1 i i i!,t
less control f"-a:o , • . .
land, and • m-u".- -
constructed i . • i'-;•
One lit the •
rating the *.*\ •>
l>e in peril' ’’ ti '
surfacing tin - c
those ln-l id
coni mi i inti- •
be tile Ihs—'-mi
cldents * '
the gren'ei f :-
trnveling t i •••
Hull. Engl "’
<£*®'<2x§s*-'t* -
T al i-
I * l
f Any ere ec hi de •*
1 sires to l o rord S
p build'O'i p m . c writ" r*
J to the o'- c roads
sfc Wathincon » c gto in- X
!> struction t-ieroceedto «»
J secure su *• The sender x
> will be re- nay all trans- &
i portation -s- -t aside from w
% this tests ~iade without %
f further cost <i the party deair* •
f ing thorn 9
Denver, Nov. 20. —“It doesn’t oc
curr to me that an extra session is
necessary at the present time. The
people can elect whomsoever the>
want for the United States senator
ship next year. The members of the
assembly would only re-enact the
pork-barrel bills and I would have to
veto them. As to the court of appeals.
I never favored it and if the supreme
court knocks it out it will save the
state $75,000. I never signed the law
creating it and only allowed it to be
come a law because the bar associa
tion wanted it. I believe the state
could get along another two years
pretty well without it, so why should
I call an extra session?”
The above is the way Governor
Shafroth s'zes up the extra session.
He does not say he will not call it
but his language is pretty close to a
statement that he will not. Neverthe
less the Speer-Adams combination
is moving right along and if 51 sig
natures arc secured Governor Shaf
roth will have the opportunity of de
clining to call the extra.
Boulder, Nov. 16.—A proposition to
erect a factory here for the manufac
ture of a new concentrating table,
the invention of George Burnhart,
manager of the Newmarket mine at
Ward. w r as laid before the directors
of the Boulder Commercial associa
tion yesterday by Mr. Burnhardt. A
company capitalized at $200,000 has
been organized.
The backers of the project ask no
bonus, but desire to sell a portion
of their stock among the members of
the community that is finally selected
as the site for the factory. A com
mittee consisting of William Loach,
George W. Teal and F. J. Lesser was
appointed to investigate the enter
Backs of Different Kinds.
The Britt Tribune says: The foot
ball games are on and are proving
that men can “come back.”
The question is asked frequently
take a man who played football last
year, some paper says that he is a
quarter back or half back or full
back this year, which proves that
they can come back although it may
be a slow process. There is Theodore
Roosevelt, he is at least half back,
and Lorimer is about quarter back.
Pinchot isn’t back at all, neither is
Bill Bryan, but Whitney is full back
and so is Hurst, they say so them
selves. Yep, men can come back.
4* Denver, Nov. 22.—The Grtat +
4» Western Sugar Company *
4» started the collection for the +
4* experimental work at the Ag- 4*
4* ricultwral College today by 4*
4» contributing SIOO each for its 4*
4» nine factories, making a total 4*
4* of S9OO. Following this Chair- 4*
4* man McDonald, of the Repub- 4*
4* lican party, and Chairman 4*
4* Bradley, of the Democratic 4*
4* party, both assured the solicit- 4*
4» ing committee that they would 4*
4* do their best to help raise 4*
4* the money and to keep the 4*
4* matter out of politics. Mr. Me- 4*
4* Clellan of Greeley, who is ac- 4*
4* tively in charge of the work, 4*
4* saw a number of other repre- 4*
4* sentatives of the large com- 4*
4* mercial interests and in every 4*
4* case he was told that some 4*
4* contribution would be given 4*
4* and was asked to return with- ❖
4* in a few days after the direc- 4*
4* tors had discussed the matter 4*
4» and decided the amount to 4*
4» be. given. Chairman McClell- 4*
4* an is very well pleased with 4*
4* the outlook to date and he 4 1
4* stated tonight that the sub- 4 1
4* scription was a sure success. 4*
♦ 4*
News Items
Are you entertaining visitors?
What are their names and residences,
when did they come and how long are
they to stay?
Have you been visiting? With
whom, where, and when?
Any friends or neighbors sick?
What is their trouble?
Are you building or otherwise im
proving your property? Are your
neighbors making improvements? Of
what nature, dimensions, approximate
cost, etc.?
How are the crops and crop pros
pects? Are you or your neighbors
breaking new ground? Have yon
bought new stock or machinery?
New neighbors? What name, form
er home, occupation and present lo
Any weddings, births, deaths?
Any parties, dances or other social
events held or planned?
In short, do you know of any hap
penings of interest? Remember, what
interests you will interest others.
See our offer of weekly prises for
best lists of items.
For the present the editorial office
of The Keota News will be at Fort
Colins, and all copy for pubHcation
should be mailed to the address given
below. Forma close at ip. m. each
Thursday; therefore matter received
after that time will be held until the
week following.
The Keota News
Room 6, Ccpress Bldg.
Fort Collins, Colo.
Th * Campbell System
Insures your crop against drouth
Onr experience in 1910 and 1911 has
proved that good crops can be grown
with less than eighteen inches of rain
fall. Those who followed the Camp
bell System in 1910 had a crop in 191 1.
Don’t Take Any Risks lor 1912
Campbell’s publications explain the
Campbell’s Scientific Farmer . $l.OO
Campbell’s Soil Culture Manual $2.50
Combination price ... $3.00
When you write ask about the Cam
pbell Correspondence SchooL
Thomas Cowley
Justice of the Peace and Notary
Colections a Specialty.
Pyhyaician and Surgeon
Aaiatant County Physician for n.e.
Weld County.
Attorney at Law and U. S. Commis

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