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T le Keota News
Pubh * at Kr«u t Weld I'o ■ l ulo.. by
K;.l, m *r<-oml rlM.i matter June 9.
lull. •( (hr imtdl office al Keota. I .
gndar the act of Mar 8. > 'v
Subscription *2OO per Year la Advance
Advertising Hair* Transient display.
li-- per single-column inch per insertion,
loraU, (ra lwg i»u«* and .( l» >
line for Am insertion. aal k |wf line
f f rah ifwrfliofi
Backingham News Items
The \V. A tax and L S Poush fam-
I lie* ale Christmas dinner al Ihe A. D
tj*t home
M»i Helen Whipple'* Sunday xlhm.l
elan* mcl al her home Thursday night
and a Jolly evening *»• the result.
The itnial and ante unusual game*
arere played, and dainiy refreshment*
were Served
The Flelrher young people Were In
vited to th* IhtPord horn® for Christ
m»« dinner.
Arvtd John eon and Tang llongev
drove lo Greeley Thursday.
Mr. and Mr* Carl (.einbaum and Mr.
and Mr*. Kay tiotfrednun and the Far
rar hoy* *penl several day* tht* week
with Mr. and Mr*. Eno Lciobaum in
An unusually big crowd gathered al
Ihe auditorium on Christmas eve. The
room wa# tilled early and many lain ar
rival* iloal in the Hall. The program
given by the children of the Sunday
•chool wa* Well rendered special
Christmas music wa* given by Ihe
church choir Thar* war a beautifully
<W<>r*ird and lighlrd Christmas tree,
and Santa Claws helped distribute the
Mr and Mr*. Jame* Amber and
daughter were Christmas guest* at the
home of her •islet. Mrs Hewitt, near
Mr and Mr* Arthur Flelrher left
for Wymore. Neb . Frtdav night, hav.
ing received word lhai Mr Fletcher'*
brother had been killed In an accident
"a-pH Uinemoor took them to Brush in
h e car.
Mr More’* rlaee had a party Tuesday
night at the A S. Whipple home. Al
ter the game* an oyater auptw-r was
Rev R Fred Moeeiey. of Hud*on. is
apemling the week with hi* many Ke
ota friend*.
There i* to l.e a enmmunitv dinner at
Murphy *cbnnlhou*e on New Year*
Mr* W. E. Raker i* now located at
7Z» Peterson St.. Fort Collin*. Colo.
1 E. Hridwell s brother. George,
of Denver. spent Christmas oere
George Steiger had hi* leg broken
and wa* otherwise badly injured in
Denver last week when a brick wall
fell upon him. He and other workmen
were wrecking a building when th# ac
cident occurred, and three other* were
hurt at the same time. Hi* father-in
law. George Renner, left for Denver
Ralph Currie wrecked hi* F'ord
Thursday morning of last week, when
he collided with the Buckingham school
truck, driven by Guy Vawter, a* it
turned »tT the highway
Mr*. Harry WVea* received a first
grade teacher'* certificate this week.
Notice of Annual Meeting
Keota. Colo., Dm. 8, 1922.
Notice i* hereby given that the an*
nual meetirg of the stockholders of Ihe
F'artnets Stale Rank of Keota will be
he hi in ihe bank building al Keota.
i Colo . beginning at I p m on
Tuesday. January 9. I*3.
for th® purpose of electing a Hoard of
Inrvetors for the ensuing year, and for
the transaction .; bu»in<-*s
a* may properly come before said
meeting. ”
J A RUMSEY. President.
S D MARK! I V. « ashtc.
F'artnets Stale Rank of Kcoia.
First Pub IVc *. 1922
I asi Pub Jan i. 1921
Notice of Aanual Meeting
Keota. Colo . tv.-ember 2. 1522.
Notice i* hereby given that Ihe an
nual meeting of the elorkholder* of the
Keota F'armers and Merchant* HuiMlng
A asocial too Will b*e held at the ottice of
the Secretary in the F' and M limbi,
mg. •' he .-.*, i . beginning «t S
: p m . on
Tuesday. January 2. I9ZJ.
for the pirpse of electing a Hoard of
Directors for the ensuing year, and for
the Iranaaciioh of aurb other laninro
•a may properly come before said
C. I. STANLEY. Secrelary.
F'irst |*ub. I»ec A. 1922
I-as| p„b Dec 29. IPS.
Notice of Annual Meeting
Keota. Colo . December 2. 1922
Notice IS hereby given that the an*
nual meeting of the stockholders of the
Keota Townsite Company will he held
in the F A M Hall al Keota. Colo, be
tween the hours of 3 and 4 p m . on
Tuesday. January 2. 1923.
for the purpose of electing a |t-u*rd of
Directors lor the ensuing year, and for
the transaction of such other business
a* may properly come before said
C. 1.. STANLEY. Secretary.
First Pub. I»ec A. 1922.
tj»»t Pub. Dec. 29. 1922
■'■■■■ i
NOTICE roE rrwi ic at ion—iholated
rmt.lr I.ANfI EAI..E
U » laM OflW# M Haling. i oU»a.k
Nm»w,hpf U. iV22
NOTICE i» » “relit tfitnn Hull *« diftprH hi
. ?»->✓ :iy H h
RpK*lir«lM*« *4 llahtfl II * r« nl KorUI
So oQi:O.\ will offer El public .* B
I*l.l ie? tut el Ud leva* the >
«glo, •( |U orlock • M* «*4* |l*e »| ■
iautt«o D«»I •! o*l* il.e f. v
lUflu fUu4 The NWlNhl Nriii B
rhi|r * Noflh !!«•■<!• "eel. Hillh 1 .A
Ucf lia'- to ••'»**• ■
ThU irwrl U • *#4e»*wt it*l«» ihe «.#**
thi.aibr thel «he ' fl
RiodhlAtliiAi* *'f luu f«»r rulli**'
th* Will *»«« he kept *■-■ A
ih* afoJ dW*4 »Lr*» I f»eM *'-■» Ih .■
i.ah (>i Haie <oai«v| tbUlHtf Th*
• c Li*l win u rw)«M i ■
%■*s (U Ihe Hetciirt Ihe •**<"*» fl
\hy Jwlisr*.. rUUhlhg •*!»ed *v l> «hr t
IcuiMiUkl Uhol **e 4b-l* a* caj la* (lie It
Od hrlaad* the IlM*
««| fed Ihe **l* ■
E T cosgtw I
*fe l Rewe-«c I
state nr cotmiAoa < I
cut vn or with i M fl
In Ihe Dial rid Court I
go *l4 1
u n it a ttttluXK. beeuini. I
s.f |h» «iUI* taf J.JtO I.E ImmiA.J W
ra-«n» I 1
„ rt-laull. Ht MV »v.l
r tt.ll|:HT% i llKit A 1
»iisj I M
the rruiTsE t*r tiii: *rATr or mJ
RAIMi. 1
T.* r WeHKRTA itionn rm!
|!MI|«|RN # Ihe alefedeUhle *Urt« > <9
umutTixoi I
\ >ai*L«y«bf #«r. l..a(|««t lb ' >
lon HdixW' 1* a lai« |‘ »» H Ihe *• 'I
| -*»t.cl! in. lie |t|*dfagl r*sg*M a*f "« I
hldlßnf I *dl aartißf «he v f t H
tlueteib «-iKib leuhll tlaj* • fief Ihe < fl
l.ei•*-.*.£ |f «seg«ws-| «*il|»ib *h»a Cn*c*t"i| ■
roM*«| •-«*« t>l »h»* CMMl'f, Id h| f***’ - i-uB
w||l.l*» thirty ■!*»• eder th* ef.w *
• trlt»«Jiu of the <l«f uf i«- 4 ' " I
'•1 .lefe-uH wi|| le i«»*o EfllMl I 4 : ' I
ibd la* Ihe | t*»ri ■>! the c«w*>|iieii t, « ‘ fl
*wj J •»! i r c ft* Ihe *h to • '■
act le net *el With lisa* *« I
if the *<rt*.(* L-ereual Le ttal* t*al ■
tta c *.C l*f* *ll.tv.«*
I ffy., lel te •teifißel fcad ' ' 1 I
•n«*ef « lee < h"We«l hofante the lit 1.4 ■■
j<*ltfh«<>l *1 «I«l.dW»4i'l D
t' • ♦* <» aHi*-p i* lf>ai.«S| I— •M* 'I
I MMNLI *#» at | VU.l* QMM Ok Hr **|
I COHO I h«d Ihe «RW *.f # JlQt- k» With '"I
lletesr. f*- s-- J Vc«n »wr V.’l' a I
«ei*» )t*44hWvl RRIM f \ b«fti I
the *w../se«w| gwnw«y.t Is.g Uto. ImT' I
i*»«et«M| el «*#»■* JAM renl sw»# •«*.< I
I’fhtwii JR tttlji et>4 i» livf** v l
cefleie ns.rtgcgvu n.#.la w a|wu«»l *'■ T
li» »»l lij r hl*»U ! laa J*4ih • v *1
the Ural t» ..«tg*r» ha|«a# !■• aevptaal ' 1
e-4* ipioiawt wt*4 ihe »*••**•! * ; < 'T
In * #UU*<a» p*dn e«*'l |»«|e*v : I
saf «e- I W-dlg agea <«et«| In ♦*> I I
Hi « «•.-■ v*th* aal Ihidflaf I : I
*Lew*. .«r» tvcivD ?_«• |7*4. Ine naWl* ' I
till N-r«h .4 hilt Rite l>l w V
• Ir* MH I* ji . i n %%»l.| ruenlt • I
the ael4 " iwtgsgo* leii«d g•*-«■*4*« | I
* c ' tlve « s-Hf ty • o*l *1 I ll*- I
Wo. I l'|WinJ|_ • • ■ • a I-. it t lls*** I I : I
o*l e»4 |U.* *1 |*e«• »•*!■ I
t*»r jt)f|fw*<ii e|rMl l*4h •• I
f«»t ell r*dl» «»* I hi* p»tane|i''f fih'J
riehia «sf th* |>Uiiilin in •**-! I*» «•►'
elws«e •|**trnle«| M» pf)«>f Ah I “»r
thj tr!eil*k »*t i i tegtmal «af 'taUtphnl II ' ‘ 1
J e* *1 i e »• Mil afp** '
('nwpUinl it* mm<l ertiie. »«# which t«''
*• h»iel«T th* le. f**pf «sf w |a>'ll »« lte»*
terhevf *v| i«*io..| n)n>t| |«N|. If |-et*a
vice «4 ll»i* (itmiwe* i* me*le
N«»‘l J»“M |*er»lvf h«.|iK*»l Ihol If 1*
lnk|'|*»v kl>*l I** «»ag*r tl»e *e**l *»•' | :
e* e»»»te r»s t iy-:r*w| th* aei4 pleintilf •
jtptcmonl li| <|ef etlll ***ir,«t |*»w *• 4
It* th* pfrjof «*f «ei4 «VHwpleint
H fiiregy Ehtlef tpj her>4 Otv*l the aeel - f
01 Orwelny. |p> .a..| l oUl*!). 11. •»*
I'ltt *4 Ni.iap.lef. A I> IVC3
w H, AfVAM*.
ITeflj of ihe |)i«|fir| I Vmrt
111 It. r ANKKNKY.
1 Pinl t-nWicsiioo IW I IVT2
ls»«t pnhlicsti.ua I>sc ?li. IW3

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