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J’UE srm.N'lil'lELD 11EKAI.D.
r- 1 i . . - j
Local and Personal-
County Officers.
Ci'uuly ('lurk .‘iml llui'iji'ilri: 1 • MnMicw*-. j
•• Trawilicr .Jeve K. ll;iiilm>ii.
• • .iu«l«f .... . .ilae. llcibprt. I
JiUtrlft Clerk Kiel IS. Matlu'W'. |
xiiui-nr ...... .).(;. wavi. |
Hi'-liool SiipurhituiKU'iil -Al;»*■> I-. Coir.
Akhumui- Tin-- F.Milligan.
immlv Altunicy
Co'-iiiit K. Iv. C»irr.-.ii..
(-'••Hilly (.•>iiiinii>-‘|iiiiL'i.> TIIO-. 11. Uo<|\vlii. j
Elijah Hull uii'l Suiiiiiul 1.. Florey.
M. K. CIII Ki ll W v. N. Mitciiki i.. I’a-ior. j
|*|\ iiioiilll, 11 si. in. Ut. Sabbat li Karli Montli
W. 11. Koiikul'" D in. Ut Sabbath
Vila*. 7:30 |», in,
Mimicapoll.-. II a. til. .'i 11. Sabbath
lirar Creek, 3:30 p. hi. ** ** " “ |
fLmiiitU, 7::s«i p. in. Miiim'ny l»eforu 3d. Sunday 1
lti:0 1 si. hi. ::.l sabbath
I'llas 4 :(v.i p. in " *•
Springfield. 11 si. in. and 7p. m. Itli. “ j
rmirt'i 3::top. in.
Zero went her.
Frank Hnvs Sundayeil in town.
Wm. X. Mitchel returned I'rom
n trip west, yesterilay.
.John Kichenhach nnd wile made
n trip to Vilas Sunday. ,
Capt. Jones started on another
trip south, the lore part ot the I
Rev. ,1. Copeland commenced |
his school in district No. 20, Mon j i
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hays spent , 1
Sunday in this vicinity, with | 4
'1 he littie babe of Mr. and Mrs.!,
Mathews was quite sick with
croup Wednesday.
Colorado has 130,302 school ,
children. 75,000 of them to be i
found in the large cities and j <
Mary E. Cole, county superin
tendent of schools visited the 1
Minneapolis school the lore part of j
the week.
Ciias. F. Copeland has sold three I'
broncos to Zena DeCamp, and the
latter is spending his idle moments '
breaking them.
The man who thinks of going to
Klondike ought to stand on the
north side of some building today
as a sort of preparation.
Grit Allen lias rented the
Walter Alexander property, four
miles south west ol town and will
move to it m a short tune.
Z. DeCamp has purchased the
mail routes of Atlanta and Min
nennolis. of C. F. Copeland and .1.
Copeland, taking charge Dec. 1.
Tanner and tones will start in
n few days with their herd ol 200
heifers for their pasture on the
Cottonwood, to remain till spring
Samuel L. Florey, county com
missioner elect, was in town Mon
day tilling and tiling Ins bond. He
also had some line beef which he
was selling at 5 cents.
Theodore Brown of Ruff was at
tending to business in Springfield
Monday. He was elected justice
of the peace at the recent election
and tiled his official bond while in
We aro indebted to F. M. Wliil
ulcer lor a copy ot the Skaguav.
Alaska News, the nearest paper
to the Klondike gold fields. It. is
published by an old lnend of Mr.
Luther Hionins returned the
fore part, of the week from Man
zanola, with a load of honey, cab
bage and produce. He was ac
companied by Si Duncan who also
had a load of farm products.
The people of the community j
met at the Copeland residence
Saturday afternoon to tender a 1
farewell party. The young people j
met for the same purpose in the j
evening. A pleasant time is re
Robt. Maley, who has a herd of
400 heifers in the strip south ol 1
the Cimarron, spent Sunday in !
town. He was on his way to a
point north ot Lamar, to hunt
gome cattle lie lost up there last ;
•Judge Herbert accompanied by h
Judge Stewart, came over from <
Minneapolis Monday on Court ;
business. Judge Stewart is alter- ;
ney for the defendant in the e i
lection contest case, and filed a I
demurrer. It lias been agreed by 1 1
both sides to argue this motion on ■
tho 15th lust. Judge Doughty ot I
Lamar lias the prosecution in (
Herbert liomsher and Felix
Ward are successful trappers. The
trophies of the trap which now
I hang at their licit enumerate 3
skunk, 3 coyote and one swift
scalps. They should bait with
] a-'afo'tida and capture sonic grey
I wolves.
| Geo. W. Robertson, Geo. Brown
J. 11. Christie, C. M. Cordon and
,1.0. Vanorsdol made an assault
on the cedar wood in the hills, the
fore part of the week and got (lie
J full benefit of the stormy weather
I returning yesterday with broken
J wagons, and feeling that there is
j no place like home.
I The 24 Circle cattle company is
: building 50 to 00 miles ol fence on
: Butte creek due north of Spring-
I field, which will enclose a large
; pasture. This company is reach
I ingout in away that means busi
ness. They recently purchased
the old Prowers ranch located in
Bent and Prowers counties, pay
mg tiie princely sum of $50,000
for it. The firm intends to run
more cattle in the future and reap
the benefit ol the rising prices. It
is one oft he best firms this county
has to deal with in the way of tax
Thomas Anderson, a former
resident of this county, who went
to the Red River country over a
year ago, to farm and mine, writes
that it will not pay to farm in the
valley there, too much hard work
and expense to raise and market
crops. He gives advice as follows:
”1 shall i>o back to old Baca in
the spring ns I have not found
anything to equal it for cattle. 1
will advise all old settlers who
are getting along as they are in
Baca county to stay there and
hold it down, as they will come ]
out ahead. This country is fit for!
nothing only gray wolves and i
Mexicans, and they get pretty
hungry sometimes".
A fellow away down about
Wichita wants the Colorado farm
ers to let all the water in the
Arkansas riverllow past so they
can get it. In other words they
ask the farmers up this way to sit,
• ml starving watch the life giving
stream go by. The Wichita par
lies who ask the courts to inter
fere know little ol irrigation. It
lhe water should go by it would
be taken up by evaporation and
absorption before running the 300
miles intervening. There is a
q icstion if the water used in Colo
ratio does not (iml its way back to
the underflow of the Arkansas. A
great portion ol it no doubt does.
There is not water sufficient in
in this small river to irrigate all
the land in Colorado contiguous to
il . Let the Kansas fellows bring
the Missouri in their territory.
It is not an impossibility.
Teachers’ Examination.
The regular 'Teachers’ Examina
tion will be held at the school
house in Springfield, December
i 7th and 1 Sth, 1807.
Mary F. Cole.
County Superintendent.
Matt Alien of north Morton
county sold to P. B. Brindley a
hunch of spring calves for S2O per
head.—Johnson City Journal.
F. G. Hoffman sold his ten acre
tract north of town this week,
making nearly 85 per cent on Ins
investment in loss than a year.
This purchaser is Mr. Powers of
Indiana, who has bought for Ins
brother-in-law. Mr. Prowers is
going to fence the tract, put a
house upon it nnd break it out
j immediately.—Holly Chieltain.
Columbia Calendar for IBDJL
For the thirteenth year the
| Columbia Pad Calendar makes its
appearance promptly on time for
1 ISOB, and while its general style
j is of the same familiar character,
many bright thoughts it contains
contributed by its many friends in j
I many parts ol the country, as well |
as abroad, are new and will be ap- j
I preciated by all who take an in - |
i terest in bicycling, healthful ex
j ercise and good roads,
j The IS9S Columbia Pad Calen
dar contains a convenient arrang
ement of dates that will prove
| useful to busy men, and as plenty
of space is reseiyed for memoran
da. the pad may he used as a diary
and as a reminder for business
appointments and obligations. It
is neat in appearance, takes up
but little room and is both orna
mental and useful for file desk,:
while its stand is of such charac j
ter that it may be used either up
on the desk or Ining upon the’
wall. The moon’s phases are in
diented in the Calendar for the
honelit of those who wish to have
this information. The 'Calendar
is ready for distribution and all
orders for it wili be filled upon day
of receipt. It can be obtained by
mail pre paid for live two.cent
stamps by addressing the Calen
dar Department ol the Pope Man
ufaeturmg Company, Hartford,
A Great Magazine Feature.
The Ladies’ Home Journal has
I secured what promises to In* the |
J great magazine feature ol IS9B.
It is entitled “The Inner Fxperi
dices of a Cabinet Member's |
Wife.” In a series ol letters writ j
ten by tiie wife ot a Cabinet mem j
her to her sister at home, are de- j
tailed her actual experiences in j
Washington, frankly Mid freely ;
given. The letters were written I
without any intention ol publi
cation. They give intimate peeps
| behind the curtain i.f high official |
I and social life. They are abso-!
iutely fearless, they study Wash j
ington life under the searchlight J
ias it has never before been tire- i
jsented. The President and the j
highest officials ol the land, with j
the most brilliant men and |
women ol the Capital, arc seen in ;
tiie most familiar way. As these I
are all actual experiences the
name of the writer is withheld.
The lett rs will doubtless excite
much shrewd guessing by readers
and study of internal evidence to
discover the secret. The “Fxperi
dices,” which will be beautifully
illustrated, begin in the December
miinbei 1 and will continue for sev
eral months.
'The attention of mining men
throughout the entire West is at
present being directed to tin* phi
jeer diggings of Bolivia. South
t America, from which locality the
most alluring reports come. Il
I you have any idea ol trying your
fortunes in this country be sure
and consult wit ft Messrs. Sheppenl
A- Cooper ol the Chicago A Alton
Internationa! Steamship Agency
in Cooper building, Denver, who
can give you correct and reliable
{information as to the shortest,
quickest and cheapest, way to reach
the gold fields and can book you
through from any point ] in the
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Colorado Reds.
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wonderfully beneficial efleets of
the dry climate of Colorado on
; those suffering Jrom depression,
pulmanarv troubles, asthma, etc.
It also tells of Colorado’s great
; gold fields and gives a certificate
ol stock in a gold mine to evey
tenth subscriber. , Or it will send
a handsome speeimin of gold ore
to thosejvho prefer it. Only 50
cents a year. Address “Colorado’s
Climate and Minerals,” P. O. Box
392, Denver, Colo.
That Trin Fast
May be for business or pleasure, or
both; but pleasure comes by mak-j
ing a business of traveling East o- J
j ver the Santa Fe Route as far as t
i Chicago.
! Thirty miles the shortert line be
tween Missouri river and Chicago: j
that means quick time and sure |
'Track is straight, rock-ballasted,
with very lew crossings at grade.
NO prettier, cosier or more com
fortable trains enter Chicago than
those over the Santa Fe. 1 hey are
vestibuled limited exoresses. With
latest pattern Pullmans and tree
j chair cars. Meals in (lining cars
; served on plan of paying for what j
| is ordered.
I nquire of nearest agent, or ad
I dress (i. T. X idle Ison. G.P. A. Santa
■Fe Route. Monudnock Building.
Thi'iciMi-Wcck I'Mitiou.
(8 Page's a Wee!;.
lu(i Capers a Year.
I Published every Aliernr.ts Day except
| The Thrice-a-Week Edition of
i The New York World is first
j among all “weekly"’ papers in
size, frequency of publication, and
it he freshness, accuracy and va
j riety of its contents. It lias all
the merits of a great $0 daily i«t
I the price ol a doliar weekly. Its
‘political news is prompt, com
pletc, accurate and i.npaitial as
j all its readers will testily. It is
against the monopolies and for
; the people. It prints the news of
| all the world, having special cor
! rospondence Jrom all important
j news points on the globe. Il lias
j brilliant illustrations, stories by
great authors, a capital humor
page, complete markets, depart
meats for the household and the
women's work and other special j
departments of unusual interest, j
Wo offer this uneqiialed news j
paper and the HERALD together
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The regular subscription price
of tlie two papers is $2.25.
General Land Office, Washing
ton, D. C., March 13, 1597.
For the information of all con
cerned, attention is called to the
following act of Congress, ap
proved February 24. 1897. entitled
“An act. to prevent forest fires on
the public domain.”
Registers and Receivers, United
States Land Offices, and Special
Agents, General Land Office,
should promptly report to the
proper United States Attorney all
information they may receive rel
alive to the violation of the pro
visions ot tnis law.
F. F. Best, Acting' Commissioner.
C. N. Bliss, Secretary.
[Prune No. 88.]
Ax Act to prevent forest fires
on the public domain.
lie it enacted by the Senate
and House ot Representatives of
the United States of America in
Congress assembled, 'That any
person who shall wilfully or ma
liciously set on lire, or cause to be
set on lire*, any. timber, under
I brush, or grass upon the publu;
i domain, or shall carelessly or neg
ligentlv leave or sutler fire to
burn unattended near any timber
or other inflammable material,
shall be deemed guilty of a mis
demeanor, and, upon conviction
thereof in any district court of the
United States having jurisdiction
of the same, shall i)e lined inn
sum not. more than five thousand
dollars or be imprisoned for a term
of not more than two years, or
Sue. 2. That anv person who
shall build a camp fire, or other
lire, in or near any forest, timber,
j or other inflammable material up
on the public domain, shall, be
fore breaking camp or leaving
said tire, totally extinguish the
same. Any person failing to do
so siiail be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and, upon convict
ion thcreofin any district court of
the United States having juris
diction of the same, shall be fined
in a sum not more than one
thousand dollars, or be imprisoned
for a term ot not more than one
year, or hot h.
Skc. 3. That in all cases aris
ing under i!iis act the fines col
lected shall bo paid into the pub
lic school fund ol the county in
which the lands where the offense
was committed are situate.
, Approved, February 24, 1897.
•Just What Miners Want.
All who aro, or expect to be, in
terested in minis will be glad to
know that Henry X. Cnpp, tin*
Washington, (I). C.) land lawyer,
has revised Cops Prospector’s Man
mi. The mineralogical pai lof the
j work has been almost entirely re
! written by a Colorado mining en
gineer, who has had years of ex
j perience as a prospector, assay*-r
[and superintendent ol mines and
United States surveyor.
| The book is a popular treatise
jon assaying and meneralogv. and
will be found useful to all who
wish to discover mines. The first *
part of the work gives the United J
States mining laws and regain
lions, how to locate and survey a
mining claim, various forms and
much valuable information. The
price is 50 cents at the principal
book stores, or of the author.
Don’t Tobacco Spit and Bmoko xonr LJc Away.
11 vou want to quit tobacco using easily
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dm''gist, under guarantee to cure, Me or
id .00. Booklet and sample matted free. Ad.
Bterling lieineJ;- Co-.Climatru or New York.
Save Your Homestead Right.
The Hepstrtment' of the Interior!
is sendinir out tin* following circn
lar to the difierent lain! oHires: i
Your attention is called to the i
provisions of an art of Congress.]
I approved Dec. 21) ’O4. entitled “An
ad to amend section tf of an act to
wit ml raw certain public lands I; otn
private entry, and lor other pur
poses, a|)provcd March 2d 1880.
Sec. .‘J of the act of .March 2<l 18S‘.)j
reads as lollows:
That whenever it shall be made •
to appear to tiie register and re
ceiver of any public land ollice, j
under such regulations as the Sec- j
rotary of the Interior i.iav pre-j
scribe, that any settler upon the
public domain under existing law j
is unable, by reason of a total or j
partial destruction or failure 01 |
crops, sickness, or other unavoid- ;
able casualty, to secure a support I
for himself, herself, or those do j
pen ’out upon him or her upon the
lands settled upon, then such reg
ister and receiver may grant to
such settler a leave ol absence]
from the claim upon which lie orj
she has filed lor a period not ex- I
ceeding one year at any one time, j
and such sett 1 ers o granted leave of :
absence shall forfeit no rights by ;
reason of such absence: Provided.j
That the time of such actual nb j
sence shall not lie deducted from
l lie actual residence required by
And the provision added there
to by the amendatory act is as
That, it any such settler has here- i
tofore forfeit ted his or her entry
for any of said reasons, such per
son shall be permitted to make
entry of not to exceed a quarter
section on any public land subject
to entry-under the homestead law
and to perfect title to the same
under tin* same conditions in ev
erv respect as if he had not made
the former entry.
No party will be allowed to make
a second entry under this act. un
loss his formal* entry is cancelled
for nnv of the causes named, aris
ing before December 20 180-1.
The applicant for such permis
sion to make second entry will he
required to lile m the district land
ollice having .jurisdiction over the
land ho desires to enter, an appli
cation lor a specific tract ot land,
and to submit testimony to consist
, ot his own testimony, corroborat
ed by tlie affidavits ot disinterest
ed witnesses, executed before the
register or receiver or some officer
in the district using a seal and au
thorized to administer oaths, set
ting lortli in detail the facts on
which he relies to support his ap
plication, and which must he suf
ficient. to satisfy the register and
■ receiver, who are enjoined to ex
ercise their best and most careful
judgment in the matter, that his
former entry was in lact forfeited
hv reason of his inability, caused
by a total or partial destruction or
failure ol crops, sickness, or oilier
1 unavoidable casualty, to secure «t
support for himself or those de
pendent upon him, upon the land
■ settled upon.
, The facts to be shown embrace
the following, viz:
1. The character and date of
llu* entry, date of establishingres
, idctico upon the land, and what
improvements were made thereon
bv the applicant.
2. llow much land was culti
vated by the applicant, and lor
what period ot time.
3. In case of failurp'or injury
‘ to crop, what crops failed or were
injured or destroyed, to what ex
tent. and the cause thereof.
4. In case ol sickness, what
disease or fnjury, and to what ex
tent the claimant was thereby
prevented from continuing upon
tin* land, and if practicable a cer
tificate from a reliable physician
should be furnished.
, 5. In case of "other unnvoida
, hie casual tv," the character, cause
and extent ol such casualty, and
j its effect upon the land or the
(J. In each case full particulars
upon which intelligent action may
he based by the register and re
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market reports published m any
Denver paper will be found each
j day in the Denver Times. Quo
-1 tat ions on all livestock in Denver.
Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis
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and produce markets at all im
portant points arc given together!
with much general gossip and j
news relating to the live stock!
and grain interests. Movements!
■of stock will be found to be accu j
lately reported. The Times is the
o'dy paper in Colorado giving
complete and accurate stock j
market reports.
I- U N K A XV AC. N A L.
is everywhere nrknowlodged
by Kihieators, Scholars. I lie
I boss, and the Public lo be'
Till! Jir.ST I'Olt Al.l. I'UKI'OSKS.
! It is tie Latest an Most Complete
| ( oiitnln* ttul.tf .'. wind*-. many than tun:
nune Ilian any oilier diclGnuii v ever mil>-
li'lu- I. .More tli.-in i>.u llwr'e e\; einle.
in Us |iro<liiollnii. :t: >;ie. i ilist • and E I
Jtmn wore engaged In its propaiution.
i Its Definitions re Clear and Exact.
I’re. i lent Milne, ot .New Viol; State Nor
no-■ I < 'ollejre. ->a\ s Its ilefinlllons are best t<
l.e lotin.l anyu tie re. >eures of e title.-, sax
tiie sains.
Its Et mologies are Sound.
They are «• - 1 .»•;•!;« 11\- eonitiicinle I liv the
Atlantic .Mon'.lilv. ltoslon, the Wostmints
ter u.-i/et le Loin (on. Sunday S-liool Tancs,
I iiilailel.ibiii. ami reorejot ot tiers.
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j it l-in use In all t'.ie ilepnrt.neats of the
Fulled >liiti---<li)veriinieiii at Washington,
amt ail the ih partinents of the Ihiininlon of
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pi e fere me on all disntilctl points.
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of New York l'i y and elsewhere. Its new
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I h'o in training pupil* tn a eorre. t iim- o
wonls. eapltnl . hyphens, etc. It- illiistia
| lions :re snperti. It-t he- of coins, me -
ii es. ami xx eiulits. plants, nniinals. etc., i.re
e.Nliati live am! . amn t he f tin.l elsewhere
It is Most Hijhly Commended.
Never lots a <! le* binary been welcome! with
m -h nntiiiiinoti * anil iinqmililietl praise l.v
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ueatofs mill i iltie- tliron_lii.iit file Eng isli
speaking world. Amerieaiia are proud ol
| It. Knjrllshtiicii admire it.
I The I.ondon Tillies says: “Tho mei it > of the
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I The Nee. 1 ork Iletahl nx>: “Tile Snmhinl
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diet onarx vet printed."
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i The Official Guido to the i
Kloudyko Country
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I Intensely liiton-tlng .-.ml strictly nutlientle J
1 The actual oxprricnrcs of miners and their '
|ma-x x lons i,i-eoxer'es of gold The hiforma- '
i lion emit.-lined i i til's liook lias been earefill- t
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ian! xx ill l.e ;In- mean* of leading thousands I
I to fortunes In the
| The 1 ook contains 300 page- mid is iilu— i
.tr ited with :I2 full page photograph*, taken i
I e- »o■•hilly for I h.s v. oi k. : ml ;.ls.i ,s pages of
; stllehil maps.
I Wea. e the-o'.e inii.lh aer- of “lhe Official |
- G ide to the Kio dyke Coi n r-t" any otlipr pub- i
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tope! In r xx Uti agents out tit.
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C4I-S3l Donrljorii S.re f, h iiMlfjo. g
lf 60
Trains leaveMcinpliis
Mon xi xo nmiEvKxiNd
after arrival of trains
from the Wer.t un d
Southwest, runclng to
or connecting In Union
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the Hast and Uuutl.eLSt
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It Is the Principal
Thoroughfare to the
Summer Resorts In the
Summer and Winter
Resorts In the Winter.
Passengers hy this
route cross the New
Steel Bridge nt Mem
pills amt will avoid tcdl
oiis Ferry Transf.ro
neross the Mississippi
River, necessary by any
other gateway south of
St. I-ouls.
Kbortnt. tpilrkrtt
unit Il«**t
Xbroiigla Car Line
n.i uinoiti:.
Veat (baled
Via the Itenullful
'■Mbeiiundonlt Vol
ley Itoute.'’
The flail Popular
Route to
Solid Veati buled
Train* witli Every
Oat l.v between
Am- Ticket Agent will give Information relative
to. and sell tickets hy the Popular Linos nr any d“-
alred Information will lie cheerfully given by the
" jlinrucr* of inquiry anxirrrrdpromptly and to dt
tail, cn.t cormpoxdcnec it solicited.
V. .n Jolty. lTntern r»**- Alt . 195 Wnln Rt.. D*tt*«. TstM.
r i‘ Ili-Sno..iiro. IllTl.lsa P»“. Airr«». *smplil.. Trim,
n. U ltrran, Cm. P***. M ThC A*rnl. Knozflll* T»nn.
If vou want work that Is pleasant and profitable,
Pend us your address Immediately, We tench men
ami women how to earn from per ilav to
S.'t.OOO per year without having hud previous
experience, and tumUli the employment at which
they can make that amount. Nothing difficult to
learn or that requires much time. The work is
easy, healthy, nml honorable, and can be done dur
ing dnvfime or evening.-, right in your own local
ity, wherever you live. The result, of a few
hours' work often equals n week’s wages.
We have taught thousands of both sexes ami nil
ages, and many have laid foundations that xx ill
surely bring them riches Some of the smartest
men in tlds country owe their success in life to
the start given them white in our employ years
ago. You. reader, may do as well; try it. ’ You
cannot fail. No capital ueces-nry We fit you out
with something that is nexv. solid, nml sure. A
book brimful of advice Is free fo all Help your*
self by writing for it to-day not tomorrow.
| Lfelays are costly.
E. C. ALLEN & CO.,
Box 420,
\ Steel Tanks
‘-L - u CalvanUed, in nil sires,
UK;.,’,' ; loiinil.ol.longoi
V l < hleag...
I Caveats} mttiljj'xfaiiij j
j Copyriglitp olrtaiucdy Reo(/ mhdmaXf. pip j
When you write, be aura to mention this newspaper .•
The Real Secret of the unparalleled success
of Tint Chicago Daily News may be
found in two distinguishing characteristics,
which more than anything else have con
tributed to its remarkable growth.
Flkf.T: —lt is a Daily Paper for Busy People.
The people of the busy West appreciate keen
ly the necessity of an'intelligent knowledge
of the world’s doily doings,!ut they arc too
busy to waste valuable time in searching
through a cumbrous** blanket-sheet ” news
paper for the real news of trt, literature
science, religion, politics, and thcthoursn r>
and-one tilings winch make up modern civ
ilization. They want news —all the news—
but they don’t want it concealed in nn over
powering tnassof the trivial ar.d inconsequen
tial. It is because Tin: Chicago Daily
Ni:\vs is “ all wheat and no chafff that
its circulation is over “ a million a we eh."
SECOND:— It is an Independent , Truth-telling
Newspaper. The people demand o fair .im
partial, independent newspaper,which gives
all the neves, anti gives it free frera the taint
of partisan bias. With no mere political am
bition to gratify, no “ ax to grind,” the im
partial, independent newspaper may truly bt
•• guide, philosopher and friend ” to honest
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The Chicago Daily fsiavs is for sale by
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mctropolitcn daily.
Publisher ••The t>a*lj Ntv.s," Chiawr
a few ilav*. and vou xx ill he startled at the uncx
iM-c-t.-.l siiewss tliat will reward your effort*. We
tin-itlxvlx have the be-t hit-due** to oiler an agent
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8-15.00 profit oil »;5 Ot» worth of l.oslneM* is
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hundreds of uii-ii, xvomt-n', box s, nml girl* in our
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ii* (hail x oil have nnv Idea of. The bii»inc«s I* so
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arl-e.* from the sound reputation of one of the
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All hcgiuuei'.s succeed ginmlly. ami more than
realize their greatest expectations. Those xvho
trx i- find exactly a> we tell them. There is plenty,
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them to begin at once. It you arc already em
ployed, but have a few spare moments, nud wish
to use them to advantage, then write us at once
(for tlds i' vour grand opportunity), uml receive
full paylciilars l.v return i.iail. Address.
| Tit*'K Si CO . Uox No. 400, Augusta, Me,
; ♦♦>>vv , v , Vs-s v. . !
iinirnv rcmiiy i
% \ nlf l\ g Cc!,ccl S
*La V % 8 Library 9
S*H-C •L’-L-’J ♦
Cwa r. Dictionary.
Care t .'.oiu Lc taaca to O
O .-. .. CKT THE IJ.:CT.<*
9 £
V / ji? -* v. O
!rW \ i
1 * I WEBSTER'S \ t
<> Tim i::tern*at:o:;al, X
C* I: !s r. thorough rovicir.n cf ta3 its-v
v* tiienUo Unabridged," fully abreaet of ❖
<> the thncc. » y
■f Too work of rcvloion eo'”.iplt :' over V
t ten years, more than c. hundred edi.ora V
V heiri,- employed and over 3300,000 ix- ?
V pended before thollratcopy was printed,
S f .Tm! \ ”
V illi.-v.. hundred, ~<• eidliirt lai,l ii|> m mom-y ”J C*
O a,
C Sold by ail Eoo'rcellcra. O
O ■&
•> G. £: C. MERRIAM & CO.. Publishers, it
J ) Springfield, Macs., U. C. A. J
£ ti a-Do not buy reprints of cboc-leto
> irg-Sond for free Pimpifiot containing f
specimen pages. Illustration, teatimo-
A uials, and full particuLarc.
Cemetery, Lawn, Poultry and Rabbit Fencing.
EL4. lia 118 and 120 If. BTarhctSt., Chicago, 111.
Most Modern and progressive
l’or catalogue or Information \7rlto to
New Haven, Conn.
201 Vine Street, CINCtXUATI, 0.
The type used on this paper was cast by tha
al*ovo fo .ndrj-.—l d,

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