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The Springfield Herald.
Yol. XI.
Enlor*,*; at the postofllce at Springfield Colorado,
a* second-class matter.
Invariably In advance.
Published Friday of each wreck.
.SO cents per Inch, single colnmn, each month.
No prefered position given.
Business l.oenls. 10 cents per line each Insertion.
I.ornl mention, 15 cents per llnecaeli Insertion.
Lko ai. APT.: Final proof notices $5.50, single
Contest notices $5.U) each.
All other legal printing subject to n rate of 10
cents per line for first Insertion, 5 cents for each
additional—nonpareil measure, nine words to a
11#*, unless otherwise contracted.
These rates will be strictly adhered to.
Official Paper of Baca County.
From January 1st 1895 the sub
scription rates of the Herald will
be $1.25 per year, if paid in ad
vance. Subscriptions to the lead
ing papers, magazines and period
icals. taken in connection with
the Herald at reduced prices.
Wm J. JJryan is the most talk
ed of man in the United States.
It looks as though the European
powers intended to divide up
At Dillon, Colorado mercury
registered 40 below zero Tuesday
morning. The coldest ever
known at that place.
Parson Uzzell got over 4000
rabbits out of the Lamar hunt to
give to the poor of Denver tor
Christmas dinner.
The La Junta Tunes has been
merged into the Rocky Ford Rep
ublican, which latter paper ex
poets to become the leading p’aper
of the Arkansas valley.
Dr. Cresswell reports that little
scab exists among sheep in South
ern part of Colorado, and attrib
utes the healthy condition to the
law which compels the dipping ot
The wire manufacturers are
forming a trust, lor the purpose
they say, of making their product
cheaper. Probably they do not
intend to perpetrate a huge joke
but it looks like n.
The new quarantine line estab
lished by secretary Wilson runs
along the southern boundary of
Colorado and Kansas and shall be
up from the 15th of January to
Nov 15th each year.
This seeni3 to be a great season
for the formation of trusts. Re
cently a big cracker trust, a paper
trust and a wire trust has been or
ganized. Buy of them and you
will probably get trusted till
The millionaire packing firm
ot Armour tfc Co., saw a great op
portunity, recently to speculate
in wheat futures. They are just
now delivering the grain and re
nhze a million dollar loss. Belter
stick to pork and beef.
The greeting of Wm J. Bryan
by President Diaz and his minis
ters. was almost as dazzling and
cordial ns would be accorded an
actual ruler. This shows how
foreigners look upon Mr. Bryan
pnd the cause he represents.
Senator Hanna will establish
headquarters at Columbus, Ohio,
till the election ot a senator has
been accomplished. Ihere is lit
tle doubt but that he will succeed
himself in the senate, but it may
cost him a little more money.
Mary E. Lease, of Kansas, an
nounces that she is going to run
for congress m the 7th district,
on the Populist ticket. She gives
it her opinion that “Sockless Jer
ry” cannot be reeleotod in that
district. She would be a promi
nent figure in congress.
Judge Bailey, who ran for gov
ernor last year on the Populist
ticket, announces that hereafter
he will act with the Democratic
party. He believes the next pres
ident will he a Democrat, elected
by the South and West, on a Deqv
pcratic ticket.
The Cubans are reported to have
won a victory over the Spanish,
on the 14th. inst. The Spanish
general Pando, is reported as
saying it will require 100.009 sol
diers to pacify the eastern part of
tlie island.
Senator Chandler sounds a
warning note to the Republican
party in the following style:
“If the secretary ot the treasury
and his single gold standard asso
ciates will cease their demand for
impossible currency legislation.
Congress will pass the necessary
appropiiation bills, probably take
care of Hawaii and Cuba, there
will be no serious party division
during the session and there will
be an adjournment m May.
Business will revive, the balance
of trade will continue in our favor
and the Republican party will, in
November 189 S, elect a majority
of the House in the lifty-filth Con
gress. On (he other hand, if Sec
retary Gage continues to press up
on Congress a bill the object lie
says is first, to commit the coun
try more thoroughly to the gold
standard, and the immediate re
sult of which is to throw doubts
upon the sincerity ot the presi
dent’s declarations in favor of con
tinued efforts to secure bimetal
lism, a political turmoil will arise
in Congress which will split the
now united Republican party into
fragments, while it will unite and
consolidate the now incongruous
of position.”
The Chicago Record’s postal
savings bank bill was introduced
in the house of representatives on
the opening day of the congress
ional session by Representatives
Loriiner, the Chicago membsr of
the house committee on postoffi
ces and postroads. The bill was
referred at once to the postoflice
committee, according to the usual
custom. It was introduced in the
senate a day or two later by
Senator Mason, who is a member
of the senate postoflice com
mittee. It is upon these commit
tees that attention must center
for the present of those interested
in the passage of a law lor the
establishment of the postal sav
ings bank system. The earnest
agitation among the people has
forced upon all the members of
congress consideration of this
subject, with the result that it is
discussed in Washington to an
extent that it never has before.
The chairman of the house com
mittee is an opponent of the postal
bank idea, but other leading mem
bers are friendly to the plan. The
first and, indeed, the severest
test of strength, therefore, must
come in the postoflice committee.
If a postal savings bank bill is re
ported favorably by that commit
tee and brought to a vote m the
house, there can be but little
doubt ot the outcome on the floor.
Fortunately, ns the result ot
popular agitation, and because of
the aggressive spirit which the
lnendsof the measure in congress
are manifesting, the subject is
one that cannot be ignored or
pigeonholed. Never before has
the number ot members actively
interested in the success of this
project been so great. Sentiment
in favor of postal savings banks
seems to be even stronger in the
senate than among the members
of the house. It is expected that
a bill will be reported from the
senate committee without great
difliuulty, with the chances good
for its passage through the senate.
The more that members of con
gress, and especially of the post
office committees, can be made to
feel individually the deep inter
est of the public in this matter
the more likely will they be to
take early action looking to the
establishment of the postal sav
ings bank system.—Chicago liec
When a man drops a piece of
meat on the floor, no difference
how clean the floor may be. he
either gives it a kick or picks it
up and lays it to one side. He
will never eat it. But let him
drop his plug of tobacco on the
street, and no difference Jiow dirty
the street may le, he will pick it
up, give it a careless wipe on liis
coat sleeve, or on the bosom of
lus pants, and then take a lug
chew from it with a keener relish
than ever. That is the kind of a
vitrified brick man is.—Ex.
A man traveling on a Missouri
train said he could tell by the
looks ol the pas. e .ige;s what po
litical party thev belonged to.
“This man here,” said the passen
ger, “is a Bryan Democrat.”
“Yes,” said the passenger, “that’s
my politics.” “Tint man over
there is a sound money demo
crat.” “That’s correct,” respond
ed the passenger. “That man in
the third scat is a populist."
“Correct you are,” said the Pop
ulist. “And t fiat man down
furthur is a Republican and voted
for McKinley.” “No 1 am 1101,“
promptly responded the fellow.
“I’ve been sick; that’s uliat
makes me look this way.”—Ex.
111 Memory of Sir. Stewart.
Lot Christ heal your lirokou hearts
And do not so sadly weep
When you sea your dear one still and cold.
For he is In Christ mdcap.
Ilow desolate Is the home from which he '
passed away.
Yet lie Is safe with God la a home of end
less day.
Out of the dreary tomb
Rose Christ the Holy one;
Up from tlie darkness and gloom
God's woll-bclovcd son—
Econ as Christ arose from the dark tomb sad
and lone.
Even so he will arise, our dear friend who
Is gone.
SI a 11 V lilt AV.
IJ. 8. Land Office, I.nmar, Colo., Nov. fi 18i'7.
Complaint having been entered at this office bv
A. G. 11. Schroder linen (Jo. Colo., against Ellseo
De llerrc ra for abandoning Ids Homestead Entry
No. <4Ol, dated Lnmnr, Colorado April Bth 1813,
upon the S. E. I* of H. E. (4 Sec. 30 and N. 1 - of
N. E. * 4 Section 31, Township 34 south, range
40 west. In linen County, Colorado, with a
view to the cancellation of suld entry, the said
parties are hereby summoned to appear at tills
office on the 31et day of Decemlier, I8.»7, at 0
o.cloek n.'.in., to respond and furnish testimony
concerning said alleged abandonment.
C. B. Tiiom an. Register.
* "I 1 j* q* * *:•[*-—} ■ * J***^J— —j—■ - •
The Official Guide to the
Klondyke Country
Ami flic Goml Fields of Alaska.
Retail Price $l.OO.
Intensely Interesting r.nd strictly authentic j
The actual experiences of miners mid their
marvelous discoveries of gold The Inforina- !
tion contained in tills Imok lias hern careful- 1
. )y prepared from the most reliable sources, 1
I and will lie the means of leading thousands I
to fortunes In the
The book rontnln* 300 pages and is Illus
trated with «2 full page photographs, taken .
evvciully for this work, and also 8 pages of;
sfacial maps.
We are the sole puhllsnur-* of "Hie Official |
G-ide to th« Klo>>dyke CouiLry:" any other pub- 1
Heath ns purportinirto tie It are unit at inns, j
Our usual mmiulsslute-.
Send 5i cents ot once for (-••ni|o<-te hook. I 1
together \\ itli agents outfit. j
■J W. B. Conkey Compie'y, >,*
'l. 341-351 Doarborn Slroei, Chienpo.
t • H -XSW
Colorado’s Crystal Cave.
Colorado’s novel foal tire at th<
Trans-. Mississippi exposition at
Omaha in ’9B will consist of a
“Crystal Cave,” occupying 3,009 ,
square feot ol sp«tee, resplendent
with crvstals of dazzeliug colors.
Visitors will be conducted into i
the fairy den through winding
tunnels studded with electric |
lights, and suddenly ushered into j
brilliant Iv alluiniuated apartments :
where a vast and complete col !
lection of the state’s mineral re j
sources will be shown. In the j
center of the main chambers an
elaborate fountain will discharge 1
copious draughts of the different
health giving mineral waters of
Colorado to the delight of visitors,
while from mysterious caverns
will echo the strains of soft sweet
music, lending enchantment, as
in lairyland, to the scene. The
exterior ot the cave will represent
a mountain in the Rockies, the
sides covered with earth, rock,
trees and pine shrubs.
• few day*, and you will hr sturtled at the unex
pected Micces* that will reward your effort*. Wo
positively have the best business to offer an agent
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845.00 profit on B*s OO worth of business U
being ea-ilv ami honorably made by and paid to
hundred* «if men, women, Ikivs, and gbl* in our
employ. Yon can make money faster at work for
us than voit have any Idea of. The Imsluess is *o
ea*v to (earn, and instruction* so simple ami plain,
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hold of the business reap the advantage that
arises from the sound reputation of one of the
oldest, most successful, and largest publishing
house* in America. Secnr* for yourself the profits
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All beginners succeed grandly, and more than
renlGc their greatest expectation*. Those who
try I: find exactly ns we tell them. There f* plenty
of room for a few more workers, ami vr« urge
them to heaiii at once. If you are nlrendy em
ployed, but have a few spare moments, nml wish
to use t list in to advantage, then write u* at once
(for this Is vour grand opportunity), and receive
full p«Hlou(nr« by return mail. Address,
TRI E N CO., Box No* 400, Augusta, Me.
The Hick’s 1898 Almanac and Paper.
We are informed that .the 1898
Almanac ot IVof. Irl llicks is now I
ready, and judging Irom its past,
Instorv, it will not bo inanv weeks,
in finding its way into homos
and offices all over America. It
is much larger and finer than any
previous issue. It contains 110
pages, is splcndillv printed and
illustrated on line book paper,
having I lie finest portrait ever
given ol Frol. Hicks. It can no
longer be denied that the publica
tions of Frol Hicks have become a
necessity to the family and com
mercial life ol this country. His
journal. “Word and Works,” aside
from its storm, weather and astro
nomical features, lias taken rank
willi the Lest literary, scientific
and family magazine ot the age.
Do not believe hearsay and reports
Seethe Hicks Almanac and paper
lor yourself. You will then know
why they are so popular. They
are educators ot the millions, and
unrivaled safeguards to property
and human life. It is matter ot
simple record that Frol. Ilicfts has
foretold for many years all great
storms, floods, drouths and torna
does, even the recent terrible
drouth all over the country. The
Almanac alone is 25 ecu's a copy.
The paper is SI.OO a year with the
Almanac ns'a premium. Send to
Word and Works Pub. Co.,
2201 Locust at., St. Louis, Mo.
ting prices am! <|itnm'ling we bought 1.11,0 I4k
gohl filled cans watcher worth $.5. that we are
selling at 18.25. (hue of any hank or express
company with examining privilege.
WINGER .V Co. Station R.
No. 532 Kenwood Terraeo Chicago, 111.
A Stiro T iling /or You.
A transaction in which yo i cannot loauisa
suiothiu;:. Rico imiuta-, si» 1: linnlnclic, fur
red touyue, foyer, pilcamnl u thousand other
i!:s nrcVau.icil by coimlipuliuii unci ninggish
liver. Utucarets(Jamly Caiharlir, the won
derful now liver stimulant stud lutes Inal
touic nra i.y nil drmrj'.sts (virtnititexal to cure
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thing. Try a box to day; 10c., !iV., ;,oe.
bamplo uud booklet free. Sco our Li;' ad.
Office in U. S. I.nnd Office Building
Lamar, Colorado.
Prattire before the U. S. Land Office.
Uverylitnly Fays Co.
Cuaeureta Camlv Cathartic, the mocl won
derful medical dis-.i. «rv of the age, peas
ant and rcfivrtTnntr l<> llie lasie, act foully
an I positively on kidneys, liver and bowels,
clean.'*in«j tlio entire sysl-m. dispel «olds,
cum headache, id/.vr, hnhilunl < onellpnlion
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of every class ftao^taj
Railroad, farm, garden,
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the McMullen woven wire fence co,
114.118. 118 and ISO If. Market fit.. Chicago, XiL
pnpp’q u. s. SAiifl/ list
UUrr O ,»n|yiLSERVICE‘OiIs
r'.tb G?S:r*ZH ESAKIUaT:::? GvSiTIGHS, tnves t e
i v 1, .Arinv, Navy .mu ii.jii ..n.ii i C..y i.e>!ev Tilts
about Postal, Department. 1 Cn»to*n«. ln'Ln ard
other public emnlavtnents. HOYT TO 03TAIK ?22!L
Price 50c. For sale zt the office cf this paper.
A rt'.iiGla Orlnrlcr *lth three Purrs.
Cooler draft. Can 1<« attached to any
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63J Terrace, Chicago, 111
Subscribe For
The only morning daily pub
lished hi FlPaso County.
$1.75 lor three months.
The MUNSON contains more im
portant features than any other o.vk
Typewriter. Investigation solicited- j
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter Co.,
240-141 West Lake street,
Chicago. Illinois.
A. Cyl Your address, with six cents
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■y* to order. Agents wanted every
ilLli ' .ra w hcre. •
Plymouth Rock Co.
is the only daily
paper in the West
which pays special
attention to the daily i
Live Stock market j
quotations gossip.
|IS 1.25 for tlircc montlis.
85.00 per year.
For Uopciiilcnt and Neglected
033 Dart Strjet, Denver, Colorado.
Will receive infants and children
| under IG years. For particulars
; regarding admission address the
Taken front tin* Intt* governmout surveys show
lug the area, rivers, volcanoes, towns, distances
nii'l alx innuntnlu pasrea to tin* Klondike gold
Held-- nil in red lines nml figures. Also a lx>oh
~f 2 pages containing n history of the ptirchnse
liv the U. S. in IHI7 of Ala-kit and the Aleutian
Ivl.-in 1- (the home of the .'real). Also Atneriean
and < anadinn milling laws and neee*sary proced
ure In taking up and staking out elnlniH. Doth
man (12.\:4 Im he-i rind Intuructiug book by
South of Court House
Lamar, Colorado.
Uref. Eye. Throat, Female anil Surgical Diseases
Office hours: 8to!• a. nt., Ito 3 ami, 7to3p. m.
8 to 10 a. in. Sutnlnv*.
Do not trf* deceived bv alluring advertisements and
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os many Improvements as tbo NSW HOME.
The New Home Sewing Machine Co.
Okaxok, Mass. Boston, Hass. Ml’xioxßqvAKK,N.Y.
Cuicaoo, ill. nt. Louts, mo. Dallas. Tula*.
Bax nuxcisoo, Cal. Atlanta, Oa.
Athny and Son, I.n Junta, Colo.
201 Vine Street, CINCINNATI, 0.
| Tho typo nactl on this paper *,y*3 oast by tha
j iMvo fo-uidry.—l d,
10 * ALL
25* SO* ITiiraijnir DRUGGISTS <>
tnstaaood. Kattlwm
H Piunv like candy. Theyro
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i | In the mouth, leavln*
J CATHARTIC • n fumed. It Is a
I r real plensare ts taka
, tbom Instead of Bats
| | seating liquidsorcauuon-ball pills.
' i mmmmmmmm C.UCABm
HI (are purely vegelablß
\l BlinCl V Aandouutaln no mer
it I rUIItLI Xcurlal or other min
’l leral poison. They
f VFCCTARI F f are made of the let
.if WCHCI ADLKs test remedies dlsoov-
I't 4 ered and era a solan
. •• •••anno comblnatloa
(i never before pnt together In any form.
l r A are untlsoptlc. That
} ANTISEPTIC I<l is sled food' from
\ I souring In the (torn
) LAXATIVE |■ a itaUon *ln the
. \ § bowels end kill dte-
W ••••• • • •••••• ease germs of any
A kind that breed and feed In the system.
;,, -i r ■■ sb necAHm
111 I tone the stomach and
' I lIIf CD 1 bowels and atluulste
i I I LITCII I the lasy liver, mak
v I Ting It work. They
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condition, making
X their action easy and natural.
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Large Sample* Rooms for Com House UelittaJ Tlinug 1 !
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W. C. VINCENT, Prop.
North of Depot. Lamar, Colorado.
! J cume-plate with our tnJc- jo
i ov ” a* a proof Uis a S
1 5 If you cannot afford to %*
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g Monarch Cycle Mfg. Co., K
3 Lake, Halsted and Fulton B3 Rcadc St., K
Hon. W. J. Bryan’s Book
A LL who are interested in furthering the sale of Mon.
W. J. Bryan's new book should correspond im
mediately with the publishers. _ The work will contain
adlk An account of his campaign tour . . .
His biography, written by his wife . .
His most important speeches . . . ,
The results of the campaign of 1896.
vS A >*&* A review of the political situation . .
Mr. Bryan ha 3 announced his intention of devoting
one-half of all royalties to furthering the cause of
bimetallism. There are already indications of an enor
mous sale. Address
W. B. CONKEY COMPANY, Publishers,
341-351 Dearborn St....CHICAGO. |
The only Pure Creuui of Tartar Powdei.—-No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used ia Millions of Homes —40 Years the Standard
No. 18.
CAMAirrs d
Increase Uia flow of .
ohlVa "tablet •■Mn ! 8001 FOR t
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butoertaln effect on ( '
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towels of tbo prow Inc child. ( '
...CiKAIITt, 11 ■ t 1 11 n ri t ii A
taken patiently. per- |'
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U-od to cure any case UUIIB. ( t
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foct nndpermanent , )
health. Doa’t risk delay. T

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