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Vol. XXIY.
Springfield, Colo. July 8,5,6,7,8,10, 11,12,18. 14, 15,17, (8,
A. I), i 9 rn
The Board of Co. Commissioners mot
in regular Quarterly session at 1 p.m..
July 3rd 1911 Full board and County
Clerk present. The official bonds of Co.
and precinct officers were examined and
approved as follows:
Will Spurgeon, Co. Cleric.
L. V. Campbell, “ Assessor.
E. P. McFarland, “ Sheriff
R. M. Anderson, Supt.
Chas. F. Milligan “ Coroner.
Jay Vandemoer, “ Surveyor
H. E. Homsher “ Treasurer.
E.E. Alexander “ Judge.
Onda Young, Justice Pro. No. 1
Frank Lechrone “ 44 “ 2
C. B. Waldren “ “ “2
11. J Swem “ “ “ _ 4
E. Emerson “ “ “4
L. L. Knox, Constable “ 4 1
H. K. Ellis 4 4 4 4 4 4 2
Tax stub receipts were compared and
checked as follows, to-wit:
' No. 875. for 1906, No. 896 for 1906,
Nos. 894 to 898 for i 907 both inclusive,
•Nos, 1125 to 1196 for 1909 both inclus
ive, Nos. Ito 1061 tor 1910 both in
An inventory 01 the cash on hand
showed the Co. Treasurer to have
$1,228.53, check - and cash on hand;
‘510,324.66 : n Fir.- 1 National Bank of
Lamar, Colo., and $1,302.40 in Citizens
State Bank Lamar, Colo. State vouch
ers were examined and cancelled. Or
uers paid on the General and Special
School funds were examined and com
pared with the Treasurers Fund Book
and Semi-Annual report.
Interest on County Bonds (coupons)
Nos. 1 to 59 both inclusive for 815 each
were examined and cancelled.
Interest on School Bonds of school
district No. 4, coupons Nos. 1 to 4 in
clusive for sls each and Nos. 5 to 12
for $3 each were examined and can
County Clerk’s Semi-Annual and
State reports were examined and ap
Butchers Bond of John F. Pondarvis
examined and approved.
Abstract of business of the CJerk of
Dist. Court for the half year ending
June 11th 1911 examined and approved.
Report of the Co. Judge for the half
year examined and approved.
Road petition as presented for a pub
lic load from the town of Two Buttes
to Vilas Colo, rejected on account of
said petition not being in compliance
rvitli the requirements of the Statutes,
see sec. 5834 5535 on page 1374 Revised
Statutes of Colo.
Petition of Fred Copenbargcr to re
fund taxes of 1906 on account of erron
pous assessment granted.
Charles I. Collins was appointed Jus
tice of Peace in and for Justice Prec.
No. 6.
Hie Co. Clerk was instructed to supply
necessary filing cases for keeping the
records of the Dist. court, by order of
It was ordered by the board that the
county clerk shall have built a house
12x16 for storing the county’s supply
of fuel.
Treas. was ordered to refund to Fred
copenbarger $5.55 tax of 1906, and to
lefund to W. H. Nevitt $1 military pole
tax of 1910. Also to cancel the taxes of
Judge Gray for tho year 1908,1909, ar.d
1910 on account of him being on the co.
Poor record.
The following claims were examined
and allowed on the ordinary co. Rev.
Fund to-wit:
•"ted Willis, Jury foes $4.30
H. c. Kett “ “ 3.70
Chas. Spurgeon 44 “ 8.35
Claude Jones 4 4 4 ‘ 6.30
clem Woolley 44 “ 6.25
B. F. Lamport ‘ “ 8.60
S. J. Collins “ “ 8.35
J. A. Huston 44 “ 6.10
Geo. Poyner “ “ 6.80
J. W. Hazel “ 3.40
Felix Ward “ “ 3.40
Lewis Wilson 44 “ ‘5.20
E. S. Jackson 4 4 4 ‘ 6.2i>
Marion Bryan 44 "
Forrest Hall “ “ 6.05
J. F. Scanned “ “ 3.70
M. E. Mackey “ “ 4.75
H. O. Green 4 4 4 ‘ 3.25
K. E. Hooker 4 4 4 4 4.15
.V. F. Thomos 4 4 4 4 7.45
N. 0. Pierce 4 4 44 7.00
J. H. Eslick “ “ 6.10
T. D. Watson “ 44 7.75
R. D. Fleming “ 7.45
Arthur Johnston 44 “ 8.05
Owen Davis “ " 7.00
F. W. Downing “ 7.00
J. W. Tudhope 44 “ 7.75
G. L. Miller 44 44 8.95
C. E. Wilson “ “ 6.20
c. R. Bixler 44 “ 7.75
Ren Boss 44 “ 8.80
T. B. Nickell 44 “ 7.90
Walter Richards “ “ 6.25
G. G. Moody " “ 1-30
LG. Marriott, witness fees 9.10
I E. Sitton 44 44 8.80
Hattie Cox “ “ 8.20
,V. S. Dungan 44 44 8.05
John Anders 44 “ 8.20
Hugh Vincent “ 7,(50
J. A. .Vlassie 44 ' 3.50
J. C. Vincent 1 ‘ • 7 5-,
Lee Beightol “ “ 3.50
J. R. Green “ • 77;-,
J. N. Wren “ “ 7.'75
J. E. Freeze “ “ 3 3-,
C. J. Malmberg “ 7,75
c. E. Gillmore “ “ 7,00
s. J,. Walters “ “ 8.30
R. M. Fowler “ “ 7.90
B. F. Lamport “ “ 3.50
Ben Boss 1 “ “ h.BO
The following claims were examined
and allowed on the ordinary Co. Rev.
fund to-wit:
Chas. F. Milligan inquest service of
Monroe High $53.30
M. Friend hospital and pro
fessional.services for Mrs.
Roberts claimed $68.33, allowed 55.08
Out West Co. for supplies claimed
$173.10 allowed 172.50
Herald Pub. co. for co. printing
and stationery 57.67
S. E. speckmann ser as Dist. clerk 36.15
H.J. Swem services Justice Peace 1.30
A.W. McHendrie ser as Dist Atty. 20.00
C. Bowdry Floyd “ “ sten. 60.00
E. E. Alexander 44 Co. Judge 150.00
E. P. McFarland “ 4 ■ sheriff
claimed $258.20 allowed 239.70
Will Spurgeon ser Co. clerk 130.00
H. E. Homsher “ “ Treas 134.52
11. F. Homsher claimed 40.00 for
work on reports, rejected
E. J. Braund ser as Dist court
stenographer 60.00
R. M. Anderson ser as Co. supt 125.00
L. V. Campbell “ 4 ' Assessor 187.50
H. A. Dawley, one attendant to
Normal Institute 2.00
J. F. Harrison ser as co. com. 68.20
W. c. Byers 71.00
c. H. Davis 44 “ 67.60
c. H. Davis for Judge Gray, claim
against Poor Fund 10.00
The following claims wore examined
and allowed on the ordinary Revenue
sund to-wit:
Will Spurgeon, postage and express,
one copy of statutes and supplies $37.15
I. W. Gray for work on Jail and
plastering vault. 30.00
s. E. speckmann for Treas. safe 74.08
< has. F Milligan postage 5.00
11. E. Homsher lumber and labor 9.70
11. E. Homshc: postage, express 8.48
It. M. Ander. on 44 “ 5.00
L. V. Campbell 44 44 3.00
A. A. Denney merchandise forco 2.15
Board inspected the vault and jail and
reported them to be in good condition,
Minutes for the session read and ap
proved and hoard ordered adjourned
sine Die.
state of colo. 1
county of Baca )' ®
I. tho undersigned county
clerk, in and tor the said county and
State, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing is a true copy of the pro
ceedings of the Board of cou»ty com
missioners as relate to the allowance of
hills, the letting of contracts and the
granting of rebates of taxes.
In witness whereof I have hereunto'
set my hand and official seal this 21st
day of July A. D. 1911.
[seal] Will Spurgeon
county clerk.
A Birthday Dinner.
A few friends gathered at the
home of Uncle John Warnock,
Tuesday, July 18th to help him
celebrate his 77th birthday. A
fine dinner was served, and all
present had a good time. All
’ left in the evening wishing Uncle
i John many happy returns of the
A Guest,
Union Sunday school at Sprintrfield every Sun
day at 10 a. m.
M. E. church
1 RcKiilar Services at Springfield (he fiipt and
i fifth Sundays morning 11 n.m. Evening 7%
Orman C. King. Pastor
, Baptist Church. At Springfield the fourth Sat
urday of each month in the morning, and the
fourth Sunday, morning and evening. Rev. Hazel,
1 pastor.
I Rev. Chas. S. Dean will preach at Stonington
; and Wentworth on the second Sunday of each
month. .Stonington 11 a. m. anil 7:30 p. m., Went
worth ”p. m. All arc invitoil,
| The directors of Tho Springfield La
| mar Tele. Co. will meet with the people
of Stonington at that place July 29th
; 1911 at 1 p.in. to discuss the telephone
11 proposition.
! Springfield -Lamar Tele. co.
o i Will Spurgeon. Pres,
y (R. E. Hooker, Secy.
New goods constantly arriving
| at Konkel’s. This week it is a
, nice line of the famous Sweet
i Orr corduroy pants.
Boston Pickings.
I The Owls; played bull Saturday
jand Sunday afternoon. The;: are
well provided now with bats and
other accourtments and are get
ting ready for a big game in the:
near future.
Preparations arc being made
for the convention to he held here
next, month. A basket dinner
will be a feature of the occasion.
Mrs. Mayme Lasley is going
soon on a visit eastwardly.
Crops are shewing un in good
shape and are mostly free from,
weeds. Some maize and broom
corn has begun to head, and in
about three weeks the real work
In the broom corn' line will be
S. M. Konkel soWed an acre of
turnips last week, hut a rain will
he needed to give them the right
It might pay in Baca Co. to
lead out some in the growing of
peanuts. Jt is a crop that doesn’t
care whether it rains or not, is a
good money crop, and with prop
er harvesting tools would be less
expensive and call for less har
vest work than broom corn.
Now is the time to plant those
Stonington items
Another good shower
Lon Gregory says he has the
best crop he has ever raised in
Clarence Konkel resumes his
old place at the Konkel Store.
If you want to see people from
all parts of tho Co. come to Ston
ington Saturday.
Bronco riding is the attraction
for the 29th.
Ivan Konkel who has been ill
for the past few days is improv
Rev. Long and family visited
at J. W. Dorris' Sunday.
Otha Moore and Della Haney
visited at B. H. Jones’ Sunday.
Grandma Woolley attended
church Sunday night.
Artesia items.
The dance at Artesia Friday
night was well attended,
Misses Lura and Leah Cant
were pleasant callers at Artesia
one day last week.
J. W. Jordon and family re
turned home Friday. Mr. Jer
don will return about Aug. Ist.
He expects to put in a store
A. J. Guffey is now running a
car line from Artesia to Holly.
He goes to Holly on Tuesday,
Thursday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gant were call
ers on the ladies of Artesia Tues
Silas Amrine is staying at Bill
Morrison’s taking care of his
Charley Watson was visiting
at B. B. Gant’s Monday.
Miss Bonnie Mitchell, Miss
Etta Long and Frank Oakes of
Stonington were in this vicinity
Lamport items.
(Too late for last issue.)
We had a nice rain last Wed.
Messrs Greer and Elly Sitton
went to Lamar to meet Mr. Pet
erson who is returning from a
visit in 111. Greer Sitton intends
I to go on further and secure
Mr. Clemens has gone away to
work while his wife and family
have gone “back home” on a
Sunday school was well attend
ed at Liberty school house last,
I Sunday.
I. H. Teel has gone to Hooker
on business.
Ray Sitton is now enjoying a
vacation from his farm work at
Mr. Ellis" and seems to have be
come quite an elocutionist dur
ing the past few days.
Dick Fowler was seen in our
vicinity last week.
Mr. Dorris and family intend
to move to thmr new home over
.Our old friend 1.. S. Collies
called on towns people Tuesday.
Alfred Allen and wife were
most welcome visitors in town
Another case of rallying '.o ih<
help of the sick, was that of E.
Emerson who received every
care and attention from Spring
field people during a recent ser
ious illness, and for which he is j
very grateful.
Dr. Ghas. Milligan y:js here
Sunday to attend “Doc” Emer
son who was down with lum
Not many doubting Thomases!
around and about Baca county
this year. Crops generally are!
good; all that was hoped for in
the segregation is coming to ’i.'ss.
The “Can’t Last” expression
lias given away to the Irrigation
laugh and tne Dry farmer smile.
Assessor Campbell left in the
Lamport car for Lamar Wednes
day evening. He goes to Denver
to attend the Annual meeting of
County Assessors for hung of
abstracts of assessment.
The Hollingworth & Co. well
is down 225 feet. Contractor
Davidson was called to Lamar,
but work will be resumed to
Mrs. Eva Seaman of Las Ani
mas, accompanied by her three
daughters is visaing at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Bray.
Oris Wilson and father are this
week erecting a barn for J. O.
Vanorsdol on his lot in North
Lyle Knox and Co. Treasurer
Homsher went to Two Buttes last
Saturday, and went to the dam
with the crowd next day. They
report a fine time.
Clyde Burleson and Quitman
Terry have returned from tho
harvest fields.
Mr. Chas. Wilson .uid Carl
Jones have gone to the cedars
this week.
There will be a basket dinner,
ball game, and races of all kinds
at the Rod ley ball ground Aug.
10th. Everybody invited.
Fine prospects for crops in this
Removing and building fences
is the order of the day.
Ray Green is recovering from
a long siege of typhoid.
Mr. Ballou and family went to
Vilas Monday.
Frank MeCully went to the
Cimarron Tuesday.
Frank Welch spent Sunday at
the Knox ranch.
L. L. Knox went to Spring
field last Friday returning Satur
Jesse Allen came down from
Lamar last week.
Mrs. Jim Dodge went to Plum
Creek to visit first of the week.
Mrs. Pauline Davis is visiting
at T. E. Alien’s at Two Buttes.
Miss Mammie Herbert and
brother Jim wore at Two Buttes
to see the ball game between the
“Married and Singles” Satur-j
L. L. Knox went to A. H.
Barrett’s Monday to sell a stray j
C. Hoppe went to Springfield
Henry Parks and family ex-!
pect to leave soon.
One of A. C. Curtis’ race
horses was badly hurt ■" a wire!
H. O. Blanchat was at A. C.
Curtis’ Sunday evening.
Dayton Knox and Rufus Brown
were coyote hunting first of the
week. They caught two.
L. L. Knox was at M. M.
Myers" on business Tuesday.
Charles Faulks, Archie and
! Will Semmens were business vis
i itors the 24th.
Claude Deane is back from the
! wool hauling harvest.
; Several of the younger set
; visited the great Two Buttes
dam Sunday.
Dr. Kognier and little grand
! daughter. Miss Sarah, were call
ers in town first of the week.
The section of country around
! Springfield and west to the line
has been specially favored with
i heavy rains during the past two
weeks and of course the stock
nun and dry farmers are very
i happy.
A. R. Templen, the Stoning
! ton barber, dry farmer, and
booster for Baca county has a-
I bout 89 acres of crop this year,
and here’s hoping he will have a
bumper harvest.
R. G. Cotton has shipped in a
ear load of mixed lumber of good
duality and is selling at a close
margin. Call and examine the
Noel Hawkins, representing
Two Buttes Meat Market deliv
ered fresh beef here Tuesday.
Mr. Hawkins said that if ar
rangements could be made to
handle beef here on a paying
basis they would deliver once a
week on Saturdays.
Wednesday morning Mrs. Thos
F. Milligan was stricken with
paralysis, the right side being
affected. Thos. M. Milligan and
wife were summoned from Kans.
and were met at Lamar by F. E.
Lamport with his car, and con
veyed to the ranch arriving
Thursday morning. All that can
he done by medical skill is of a
vail, but grave doubts are enter
tained for her recovery owing to
her failing health of late.
Rev. Dean received a telegram
from lowa stating that his fath
er is not expected to live. He
left immediately.
Konantz Sunday school had a
picnic on Bear creek last Wednes
day. It was well attended, and
all report a good time,
J. Cooper and wife were at the
north store and took ‘dinner at
Mrs. Minnie Bold has been ill
but is improving.
Listen! We think we hear the
wedding hells ringing. You will
probably hear about it in our
next report.
Chas. Gilbert and Maud Stires
were quietly married at Richfield
last week. They have the '.:ind
! wishes of their many friends.
The base ball game and buck
ing contest "•as well attended at
Watkins’ last Saturday. Loyd
Stires took the cake for riding
an outlaw.
North Flats.
Born July 25th, an 81 pound
boy, to Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
Mackey. Mother- and child doing
Floyd Dunham and B. Umber
ger left for Clark Co.. Kansas
Tuesday with Herman Crouch’s
] horses.
Myrch and Harley Quillen left
Monday morning for Hartland,
j Kansas.
Crops are doing fine, but we
need another rain as the grass
j getting dry.
There was a good crowd out
at Sunday school Sunday, July
I 23rd.
On sale day Aug. 12th George
Ervin Konkel will sell at auction
his entire line of straw hats, to
gether with other valuable arti
! cles of merchandise.
M. E. Church.
Preaching at Springfield Sun
day, morning July 30th; 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m.
Vilas 3:30 p. m. Everyone in
-1 vited.
O. C. King, Pastor.
Sunday School Notes.
[ (Hy Goo. Ervin Konkol)
I! Boost for the Sunday School
Convention to be held at Boston,
Aug. 18 and 20.
’Each S. S. is entitled to three
delegates to this convention.
" Each S. S. should file a report
with Mrs. C. S. Collins, Secy, of
the Association.
' We are pledged to raise #50.00
for the benefit of the State or
ganization. A part of .this sum
is yet to be raised.
’The Sunday Schools that are
in good working order are giv
ing from #5.00 to #IO.OO each.
’ Those schools that have as yet
contributed nothing should get
busy and be at this convention
with a full contribution.
On account of the Sunday 1
school convention being held on !
Stonington's regular sale day it!
has been decided to hold sale day \
August 12th instead of August t
For The Land’s Sake
™ List USTOxrrre "Witii Us •"
A We are the People who can Sell or Trade it for you NOW
jU If your price is right. We deal in Oklahoma, Arkansas. u
/(u Kansas and Colorado Lands and can get you a deal any- f*
Artesia, --- --- Holly, Colorado. w
| A- A- j
You have said it all when you say j|
Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed f
Ice Cream parlor' springfielo. f
jgj In Connection \ COLORADO
|" 1 3
,! ..NEW STORE.. :
|L i ’
fj 1%/t ore New Goods, just received a nice .Ewa
j Line ol' White Goods and Lawns ®p<
‘ Ginghams in all shades, solids, col- v) (j |
I ors and fancy plaids and stripes.
McCall’s Patterns and Magazines vy
An Up-to-date Line of Men’s fine ■ sh
| Summer Shirts, also a full line of work j utu a
! Shirts. A complete Line of Ladies’ Ox- j W a
fords and Suedes the latest in Style and j 3£
Quality. Children’s Oxfords and Shoes, j ygj|i &
Fresh Groceries always in stock. »
*; JftsjL. New Potatoo.-,. New Cabbage, New JgjraL
jj ‘W’rjMf Onions, Flour, Feed, Barb Wire. ’ ‘W|T hi
| ImvW > ‘The rcmembnuicc of Quality i( | ■’
| W j "Remains long titter the Price is Wlw
I tM* I ‘•Forgotten,” ' j *
ill GEO. ft. BAKER I!
|f | __ f
plefald—Official papef
ten mmr swct*; rv- -- ;y:' f ' w i>ae»fc < ? .1
UfUn A f When in town for all
If slUs4 « Might or Hi! Week,
Gal! fllld See
•Mo. 50
Vilas Budget
Mr. Wheeler is looking L>
I new auto.
.J. High and H. Amrine movsd
' a house for Mrs. a Rutherford.
; Misses Hester and Alia Gries
j hem were visiting with Laura
j Amrine Sunday.
I Sam Greishem and C o. Mart
I selling are on the s : k II t.
! C. F. Wheeler'' L:u; looked
for wire has arri Lamar;
P. L. Goehring, .-.mrine, H.
Rauls, IT. Amri; ■■».<] and
R. Ranney hav< , <> the road
after it.
>». vS. > ;i i
The Pretty dr Sunday
school is planning Tor .. , I n’c t<-
be held on P. arC v.k, Thu sdav
August 3rd.
The committee i arranging
for ammusements, consisting of
a ball game, swings for th<
children, etc. Everyone invited
Come and h ive a good time.

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