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The Springfield herald. (Springfield, Baca County, Colo.) 1887-1919, April 12, 1912, Image 8

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<Jhr Spniuifirlfi tfirralh.
i Mficia! Paper of Baca CounLy
h .luinl mi the PostofUce at hpi'.iq:.
ufl Socoihl-cljihh .Mattel .
Editor - and Manager ,
Sul*s«*fti»ri .»ll Rate..
Year f * •
« Monlli* . 7* l I
'T1 1 »*«•«_• months, 40c.
\<l vert lid nt: Ual*
ft*' ■ l ilt- per p.-. coluiiili, >•; - '
noiltli N•• JUVI* i I poidl lm> i'll «• >i
mm i,(n \i * :, • .i.i- n inn-1- .. 11 ii iti".
iv m. I’linoK Soi'lCK lionic-t( , :nl
olatcd tract *■ *'
Allolb.'l U-itnl ITlllH' t. >••*• I • I t" -date i
PHONE 4 - 3
Willit* Say<
rone W'Tt! at \V**ntv. .-I' s M
l ist Fri< :tv.
M iss lltiulah I --i. - its
for Mrs .1. \\ . It- .iii" ii
Mrs. .1. H. ll.n it:;..i :s vi-.ii "
Mrs. .1 W. Hli ni„; it
M i Mc(Jehuc and Mr. l'on rl
m»rai i' break ing sod for Ki in -■
I jony
Jot 1 Lnclkdi i> |it>\viiig son ;for
Pascal Sims.
James k< idn i. m going t«>
start to S.\ ra -i:m- m .i do .:
load of freight.
•Johnit‘ Harman is muG ng wiii
biood poison in Ins ltd'. !■: id. l)r.
Showers is dot h i im.
Ernest Long was .
Alvin Bou rii' .i. .'- « '
Cove ref l wagons an
iny: to come to 1 >a< . < •>■ iti \
The grass is starting nio< .
Arllmrl .« mg and .i •■ i II
man went t<> L*trlilii Id i lit* •.»: ii
consult Dr. Sic»\\ •• al>t»ut .Inin
ies hand which is '..>ry had.
FOR SALE Sf al ..s «
good young \vui;k lior*-- ■ mi
(no bronchos) broken t>
of good size. A l>o - <*i l
horses. Ear ] •.•: ’ • i - o
prices call at the d m!i m - a lit
V M. Shannon,
'l\ >\\ N U )TS EOF SAL! i.
I lmve Iwo lots in lim 'Town o!
Virgin. Montgoiin-i.v (dimt.v.
Texas, that 1 will -II t.. •' j
This is in tlm fruit lx.-it a •
that produces tine crops i . i‘nm
inc uding ]>eurs and tigs, an ad
joining this tov. n can be ban at ;
low prim.
Morgan McGebec
Stiinmgtion, Golo.
•Jessie (Jreyniy and 'vi hid
rarewcll to Konanl/. on Mm
Thtey left for Calim
Most everyone is cn; inlaininj.
>f bad colds.
M ; W. C. M
suffering will i i .grip im hcl i
Mime better.
P. 0. Coi
ory’s goods to Hu: I'anun.d las
week. Gii.V G rogor v. Wit
I. A (J
S.vicuse '.'.dh Mr. Dean i ■
Tuesday ami took the train foi
Cali lorn in Timr Miny.
M rs. .1' rank Met h wan eallet
oil Miss .1 11> in Elliott Sii'itla.\ eu -
Will Marynme has been or. ek
ing sod on his i‘ ..:
Rev. Dean tnu« e
edge for hay
C. L. Pi
of the C. H M
Pasadena. <h •.
have sold ami t • <
Honey and Ta r ' •
years. Wn h.-ii
one of the most . fl - • id
tenants on the m.i ri <•;
ing no «»i)iatoi -
bo given freely to < hi lon n.
nough of this r* inn y«■
taken to mlieve a cold as
no nauseating results and doe
not interfere with o ■ -j’ ov.
P. O. Drag Store.
State of Ohio, ritv of T lt-do, ] r _..
Luras County.
Frank J. Chen, vn; ' . t c 1 i->
renior partner • f t..- linn < . F J. Cheiu-j
& Co., doing bu:Mn. :-s i:i tin City of To
ledo, County and State afor :sal
that paid firm will pay the n:n "f ON'li
HUNDRED DOLLARS for < " i and > v-
ITV c,w of Catarrh that c-anaot In* cun i
l.y the us., of HALL S < ' VTARRH CTRL.
j-ran:: j. ciienev.
Pworn to before m and eubpcrlbeil in
my presence, this Gth day of December,
A (Sc > aI) ISSG ' A. W. CLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure I-i ta’ - n Infernally
nnd nets directly upon the hlood an l mu
«nun Furfnees <f die system. Send for
t. stimonlal i. free.
u. J CMLNIIV & CO.. Toledo. O.
li*t. * V uumr re‘“ f »r coDHtlpati«^
Pretty Prairie.
o c: anotlitfi' in-1
1 -a wroneebu rg,
> . i-i Ling with his ;is
iiM 1 , i ii. Dance.
Wo: • appreciating our three
maii ' .. vo-ek again.
I ‘"T!a• moving' . ng<>n man” is
•i■ > iiiv i>hre more, ii• mosi
|eas s jieople v. i it) jla\ t* spent tlh‘|
|.< <•:."• w<■i v 1 ami are ret uru
ing home.
I S i : mhisl he here at last.
I Oil inlesl piooJ was grandpa
c'oi rie ou t. sowing oats, and wear
ing his si raw lmt.
'l mi S yer, J. \Y'. Davison ami
Nil;. I .. at. the road again
I his week.
The. farmers are hustling a-
II i< i iiis .. eeh to g- t t heir oats
s<.wn iiefore if snows again.
Eriday was ”(
at in; t■ Eii iieai ;• mal I nsti
‘ i.. i .! n.g hi ■n 11 (* Ihe 11001 l
hour t lie I i r'-niis and j >a.Lrons ol
• ! • • sel 00l •> ;! horetl r t the school
11 \ Mr well lilleo i»askets
■ . e leachor and pupils
• r r se. After all .
t> (ji : on of the bountiful]
d ; 11 ■e .• i ia* tables were cleared
l lie ; • pi Is eiitc.*!'■tained
u tit h re.-it -.lions, tlialogues
. ••tin - lias given us an !
ol school. Ti:e I
a i.. oie raj‘ill progress
.no. to.. . >ils and parents
~ ive i.• i a ... the’ in liar
liiony tli r 111 :gI lout tie* term.
\!. - -i. s v ' iihy o mi Davison
•. e t!;:r i.'.cubators running,
to get
gu ing trys.
y. I). Boardman. ."*7o \V. Main
Si. Hi-:-mi; 1 . Mont., gives an in
i'.-sting account of his improv
'd health through the use ol
•»i -y Kidney Pills. Alter giving
a «he
. . ' I am 79 years old and
.-.it., huo.d reds of dollars
. < , hut linn that I
t■ \*• 1 1 more benefit from
1 han I com all
.iiv..cii.es. r hi i.her partie
Mars sent on r cr P. (.)
iiugSioic, S. Iv Speckmann
Boston Pickings.
Tiie chances are now that there
will not be any bad breaks in the
way ol late i t eexe.s, and that we I
may this .year he blessed with a
good l i u.i crop as well as a good
general agricultural crop.
Uur people are hoping that if
>h>- three year homestead meas
ure • > •<••; e>; a law it, will be a
uenceu to apply to tilings now
The long e< iti tin m •(! w etting of
the gras.-' iiu ring the winter Jia.i
10W : i.i -
id n do to e.wa with fair
Id,s-w a goodly j
: ; . 1 , - ' 1
ill be
promptly on hand tor the insti
tute, and presumedly there will
h>‘ himself and Mr. Gone, the
in .gai ion expert, as on the form
;r occasion. Prof, (lone will talk
i rigation at nil throe points for
■ I, , d «rarden and
- I
s v. di i;, rm on a larger scalt
ohi • .v a r tb;ui ever i e.ore, t hey
s r e.
; . > ■ i-n.: i.-.s. is.hut.. ... n.r
Ih-niembor the institute at
ton.ngton next Friday I:JC
j'< df SAI >E One good Cement
lill and horsepower. Cheap,
’ossession given immediately.
Addi* .-..-, VV. M. Stewart,
Springfield, Colo.
Austin Bros had the misfor
nne to have tluu r house burned
Satu rdny.
L. L. Knox went to the Thomp
son ranch Monday to sell an es
-1 my.
IJr. Verity was called to at
tend Mrs. J. W. Brown, Monday.
Metcalf took him out in the car.
Owen Davis went to Two
Buttes Saturday to attend the
regular A. H. T. A. meeting.
M rs, Geo. Lucas and mother,
Mrs. Morris started for Okla.
Fred Hollister spent Thursday
night at the Knox ranch.
Mr. J. W. Williams went to
Holly fora load of feed for M.
M. Myers last week.
M rs. E. Hall has been quite
Mrs. Harvey Hall has returned
from a fisit \vith her mother
at, J .amar.
Mayor James C. Dahlam, Oma
ha. Neb., often called the ‘‘Cow
Boy Mayor” writes of the bene
fit he derived from Foley Kidney
J Pills and says, “I have taken
Foley K'dney Pills and they have
given me a great deal of relief, so
I cheerfully recommend them.”
| P. O. Drug Store, S. E. Speck j
inann, Prop.
Pleasant View.
Ralph Caddick and Henry Me |
Cullum took dinner with Luther!
Shaw Sunday.
Dennis Massie returned from
Syracuse the stli with freight
for ('. E. Wheeler.
L. McAdain made a trip to [*i
mar last week.
Fred Sclnveizer is plowing cm,
his sisters claim.
Mrs. Joe Caddick was quite ill
a few days last week.
When Joe Hines was raising
his windmill last Friday the wind
which was blowing very hard,
blew the tower over breaking the
ropes and almost completely do
st roying the mill.
Charley Clesson lias ».een stay
ing at home this winter cultivat
.r.g u new beard and is contem
plating tiling on land.
Hauling wood is the order of
jthe day.
Jim Smith lias returned from
Canada to bis claim in this vicin
Ed and Sam Elmore and Frank
Dean have gone t,»> the road with
broom corn.
Mrs. Fanny Smith spent Mon
day afternoon with Mrs. Chris
There will he a large acreage
planted to broom corn in this
■■.uni:, unity the corning season.
A cuieful mother vv ill not give
der child medicine without
■mowing it is pure, contains no
opiates, and has healingandcur
ili\e qualities. Such a medicine
.s Foley’s Honey and Tar Com
pound for croup whooping cough
bronchitis, and all affections ol
cho throat, chest and lungs.
Best and safest for children and
grown persons. Contains no opi
it-e.s. P. O. Drug Si ore.
Vilas Budget
D, .<• K’iinu!.: rt v. is here the 3rd
wiill a load of hides,
j Mrs. Bassett took dinner with
Mrs. Thompson the 3rd.
iWjoIFv Bros, were trading at
Vilas the ft Hi.
V, in. Hooker came down Satur
day for mi over Sunday visit
•v il l i Mrs. Hooker and Ray.
I J. Aniline is working for O
|F. Wheeler. 'j
M rs. Yoknin called at the Bak
er home Sunday.
I^. Willis and M. J. Cook took
dinner with Com. Harrison Sun
chic.-.'-ns are not. on a strike
B.u.'u in-.pec or Knox vs!
here. ,u . ue.oui business tin tin.
Caarley Carr bi ought in a loan
of hides the nth.
A number passed through
Friday going to Springfield on
land business.
Hester Grisham and John Yo
kum accompanied Mrs. Thomp
son home for an over Sunday
Official Prociffiiiflß of The
Board eommla*
Held at SprinjiJlitcli Colorado »n the
Ist, 2nd, 3rd, and4th, days
of _Apgll > A. D. 1912.
Board of County botntjdfcaioncr- met in rotrulnr
quarterly session at 1 |>,ity April Ist 1912. Present
C. H. Davis, c huirttmn, W. C. Hyer-and Jesse F.
Harrison, nod Will Spurgeon
county clerk. ■
OH iciul Isolds of eopnty and i-rcciuct otricers
w*-re exaiuinetj and approved ns follows to-wit:
Wil SpurKOon, Co. clerk and jo-conler
1 L. V. Campbell *.* ir
, It. M. Anderson “ '. Superintendent
Chas. F. Millirati V (Coroner
Jny Vai.Uemoor *’ vSurve>’or
E. I*. McFarland **:' Slieritt
i Elmer E. Alexander f ‘ ' Jiidtre
lierbcrt E. Homtiher.*’ Treasurer
Herlicrt E. llonisher, Public Tr.-sU-«-
M. M. Myers, Jus tic* peace Precinct No. 1
r Onda Yountc “ " V ' "1
Frank Lechronu “ " ** -
John Yokum " .** *• “ 1
E. Emerson *, ** “ “1
Leo 1,. Knox constable Precinct No. 1
l(eslK»ation of II J, Sw<'m. justice of pence
precinct No. -1 accepted.
Ke-.ijr rm'ion of H. K. Kills as c<»nstableof justice
» precinct No. 2 accepted.
On motion of Jesse F. Uurrison. seconded by
W. C. Byers warrants were issued for theimni'-d
-| iate relief of the followinK persons and chai tte-d
to the county poor fund:
To Mrs. Albert Sucdekumof Two Buttes, sl'>.oo
on petition of W. W. Staple and A. M. Uenll,
warrant i»sued to Holeman of Two Buttes
To J. W. Brown of Vilas, $lO.OO on inveatittation
of J. F. Harrison.
To A. A, Morßan of Vilas $lO-00 on iuvcstißation ■
of J. K. Harrison. I
On petition of Mrs. B. E. Smith ef ltodley and |
J. R. Oeoeße ef Lamport, thnt their improve
ments on public lands for the year 10U were as-
I sessed in excess of their real valuation, the county
treasurer is hereby ordered to refund S 5.76 to
Mrs. B. E. Smith. andJ.9l to j. It. t "corse.
1 The followiiiß resolution was introduced, rend
■ considered and unanimously adopted:
Whereas, on the I2lh day of March, A. D. 11*10,
| the county court house of Macs rouaty. Colorado
with its coutents was destroyes by fire, Therefore
in accordance with » resolution of the l>oard of
County Commissioners of use a county, colorsdo,
and in accordance with the laws of Colorado to-wit
1 Revised Statutes of the state* of Colorado. I9OH,
] section f>22'\ psrc 1227, We reisectfully request
) the iiouoruble Jumes B. Pearce- secretary of the
■<t« t<-of Colorado to replenish the court house of
imcu county, Colorado with two complete sets ot
ho Session Laws of the stale, and also eiuhleea
M is of session laws dutinß from H»oi to UK)'* both
inclusive for the use .of the county ollicials and
- justices of peace in the county of uacu;
, And furthei in .iccorlunco with section nine
of an «et providing for the pub*ication and dis
tribution of the General Statutes of the state of
j Colorado, etc, we also make » request for four
] copies of the Revised alatu'ea of thu statu of
I colorudo, iUUB, to supply the county olliciala en
titled to slime.
(signed: C. 11. Davis. chai' nU'n.
\V . C, Byers, commissioner
J. F. Harrison.
A list of IOU names was selecU’d for j"ry ser
Claimsauaiust the several funds were examin
<•■l a nl alb.wud as follow!-.:
Out West PrintiihtCo. for records and supplies
C. Uowdry Floyd #er. Dist. Atty. ' tciioK. 00.00
U. M. Anderson salary aS .supt. OqumUirs 276.‘J0
•' post sire and express 7,u0
Ch»s. F. MillißSn, doc tori' a poor. postt'Re and
express -j.O"
Herbert E. Humnhur, wrvii: j as Co. Treas Sji.Oo
poatnice nnd express " 21.bf>
board ami care of Bulii-ntlna and I'.lliof 1 2.40
A ill spurueun salary as county clerk ■ 5.00 |
fuel. freißiit, posture, express supplies and
ii.-.ncy paid out i)>.'s
c.. P. McFarland services os sherilT claimed 290.'W
allowed $10".50. laid o'er unti'l nextmcetinß ’lkOO
E. E, Alexander services asco. judne allowed a.9
claimed Jl -S. , laid over until next niec'inß 00.-u
Herald Pub. • :o. count.' prinlim; -27.27
’ • ollicials stationery »‘ 00
A. A. Denney, supitiic . and board for l.lliot b.i j
Guo. S. Allen, nttouiey fees in balluittinu case
claimed si« allowed?.’>
I. Mylcr uttorni-y foes in Ballantine case ciaim
cit $ 0, allowed $Ti.
H. E. Homsher for lot >l. in block 1* .SOrinnliold
Goo. Ervin Konkel, supplies furnished Win. Bal
lantine d. 2.1
A A. Penney, for supplies furnished Win. Bal
lantine 7-00
Morßan McGehec, < .r<; of Win. Ballantiiu- fP.-NO
S. E. ■'•peckmann, for . ii|-.p)ics "■
i. \. ( .mill•« II at- county ucunssor 2- tUX.
J. C. 1 5 i ilri. '■■(■:- • ■ P.i'Jautini- m: •' V.U
Jarc-nc.c Konki-l " * '- tlf
C. w. Hnu on juror “ “ "
A. A. Dtunoy " " “ ** -'•ft'
J. a. Huston " “ “ 11
Fkl Bn ith “ * ** 'J»6u
Edward Measel ' * * “2- 0
win. Wilson *■ * 4 -•••'
(Jim ;• K. Millipai, !i . profcnrionul service 14 l
Henry Wilc-x & •'■o;. uRO-nts fee. refund ini:
bonds 800. ('
W. C. It j ers, sei ,ii.. ta ( o comm is. inner 2« 1 0
i. Harrison " ”
’ . I*. Davis " ■' " 22 ■>
On petition of the citizens of Two butte, Dib
triel a new Voting I'locint l was created to be
now n us Tv. u iiutu . rriciticl and to Ist number
nd i IKkt (81
On Puiilion of the citizens of the soutlieaut'pi" i
ji the County a nev, Votinß Precinct was irenti .
i<> he known a: l.ni i ort Precinct and to lx: num
bered Nine (!))•
1 he county clcik n inntitcted to mail :i copy <■!
m:qi to the post-<4 ■ in each Votinß Prccin, :
' for po.-tinn) showinK the boundary lines of l -a- Ii
vntinß precinct reem (led in Coimni. nior.r i -
board visited the vault and jail and reported the
:d t! ■- in Rood condition.
. • l .11 : '•-:>! I"! fippl ovi I l.nd
County of Baca
• ■

D ;912
L . i.. KK e X
N " i 1 i-iii'/ i;in i( tTi
• - inu.ment of Hie •• "I.
F. s. Land »■
ii im Apr *4
1-ji.- • In;,. 1., j'.veii i lint d.ar’cs R. '"x i
stoninßton. Coin., v/ito, on Jan. "th,
. made homos tend app. No. 7"8I. serin I No. 02 26
j for fL - , now described in* tract No. 87 of scctiui
2). Twi. I South, Raiiße 41 W. 6lh. P. Meridian
I tiH» tiled notice of Intention to innke Huh
l " year proof, to pftabllrh clttlni to the lain
uliove descrilied, Imfore the clerk of the dist
'ourt, nl Spririßflelc’l( "10., on the IStli day •>
May MM2.
Clalinant opines as wltucsbts:
Samuel M Dean l-'rank Miceter.James If.BfXler
nil .1 of Konantz, and William 11. Collins of
stoninßton, Colo.
El GENE >l. " lIITAKER, Register.
First pnb Ayr. J3—l(*stMay If
(For Publication)
Department of the Interior.
UnlUd btataa Land (Kllre,
Lamar, Colorado. March I,; 1 -J 1
To Ruben L. wetherbco of Rulley. okl ;i . (\,nt«
You are hereby notified that L< vi (). Stump
who Rives Pratt. Kansas, Dov 63 n. a- Ids post
office uddrcHH, did on Feb. 17th 11)12, |i|. in Hiiu
office hiaduly corroborated application i. .. .
and secure the eancellation of your II <>» •■• ■ Pal
Entry No. .Serial No. 0651 made Oct- itb- I l .'
for the southeast quarter of section '■ . Im
30 south, rusiKc 46 w. till) I’rincipnl M.iitf ami
uh grounds for his contest he ullcgcs that lie i- in
forincd and believes that said huben 1. wetl.i i !>• <
hua wholly abandom-d said lantl for more tiiau
two years last past: that he lias wlxii'y failctl :
improve or cultivate atiy portion o( aid land, that
he failed to establish a residence upon said lantl
and that all of suid defects continue to thi.-. t'u:-
You are, therefdfe. further m-tii .! cl it tin-'
said allegations w ill lie taken by 11.1- oilier ■> -
having been confessed by yon, .tint \nm .-.-ml •
try will tin canceled tbereunder wiiimnt >mu
further right to be beard there!u. eiilnu >•
this ofllcc or on appeal, if you fail to in in
office within twenty days after tin I'M .1
publication of this notice, ns shown . .u .
answer, under until, spcci heal I \ •i■
responding to these allegation.- ..I ■
you fall witldn that time to tile in tin
proof that you have served a copy oi y .
on the said lontu-tnnt either in pi ri .
Istcrod mull. If this service i- i,n ... i
livery of a copy of your answer to t lu
lu person, proof of such service mu-l l»- ■
tlie said contestant's written :i<-knnu
of Ills receipt of the oopy. show ing tlu d i<
its receipt, or the affidavit oi the pe
whom the delivery was made -t.-.t n . >1
where the copy was delivered ;if m i .
istorud mail, proof of such service mu-:
| of the affidavit of the person by whom tie
I was mailed sitting when and the |»>-: mi
I which It wits mailed, and thm mini ,
accompanied by the po-tma-ier - r. • •
You should state In your answer tin- imin.
the |M>stotticc to w hb ti you don e in.
to be sent to y on.
KUGKKK M. Will r\ki:i:. it.
Date of first publicatlo.. ", .
.. and
“ "P» - V"!
“ 4th . " . . ..
Not 100 of Application l«i I ran. siai. mi
Office of the State Ho.ird ..! I ■ i •
Ocr.V. r. I’.d. . Ap. .1.
Noli. <• Is hrrciij i'.i\ ea 11.. U I lie.
pontoftice nddresk is I hi.-cli. <)!■ !•'
Inn. No. \ i IO
lands, situate in Bm.a inentv. < .
scl:liou i 6, TV |i :: -. ni'i R. f 'A
No other application to lease the ...
lands will lie considered alter V i. ,! ■
11. L. Jefferson, Register State Uuar.l ! md i .-m
NOTICE FOR I'l 111.1 l ATliiN.
(Publisher) l
Department of the Intel i..r.
United States Land Office.
I.nmnr Colorado. M ■ - 1
Notice is hereby given that John tWml . > ■
postofficc address is Lamar, folornd... ■ ! .1
seventh day of August l'*l I li(•■
Sworn Statement and Applictiti. n. N '•
purchase the n 1 • no'i, necth.ii 7. i-
Range 18 w. 6th Principal Meridian, and «'».••
thereon, under the provisions of . 1,. ..
3. 1878, and nets amendatory, known us .he ‘ 1 .
I>er nnd Stone I.nw" at such v. ous
fixed by appraisement-nnd flint, pur : m ,
application, the land nnd stone there." I • ...
appraised, two hundred and sK’.- . t'
alone estimated on the B<’ a* re at $1
land $1.~5 an a<*re; that said applicant •> ll
final proof in support of his app'i. aC<... I
sworn statement on the l-od day of ,Ya\ .
j fore The Register and Receiver. I'.f. La mi O.i. .• '
Lamar, Colorado.
Any person is nt liberty to pretest It |.m . I
before entry- or ir.itinte a to. t :■ • m y t •i> • 1
fore patent issues, by filing a • b< rat. d .
davit in this office- alleging f.-. is v. hi. '.
defeat the entry.
Kl GENE M Wlin \ . i;i:. i. .
First pub.Mur --—last M; .
Attorney at Law
Office in New Silver Block
Phone Lamar 73
AFt 1 LI 1C
Colorado Marble and i
I Are the Best in t! e W< i !rl
and you suvi i r ‘
T can MAKI* ] ! K UU.I
and want a 01-DTvc to ficinv <
vour work. A 1 <•>fa <r ■ ■< t
Vilas will catch me < i.. !
pleased to show you dt i; i ; .
S. M. KONKFT.. ■'
You Can Make a Fortune
With our formulas and h : in : r« ; •
tions. We will start y.m ii ,i.t ( w iu . is.
Pueblo Book Co., Pueblo, Colo.
T. R OX EIV 2 ’ ; :
\ Practical
• WELL DRil.I I:-;
Prices Reason; Mg
’ ' > uaranteed. SfPliU,. : t . •, c
iulto <
rELO, DRU i .
'STUMER °>, i .'.
*BL'S S- '.v:cr-: ;
Adclraaa NEW YORK C'.IPP J
NajW Yo.V. >i f.
W. M. STEWART, Manager
I Abstracts of title to any lands in Baca
tsc at Office or 20c by Mail
Agent for
Springfield, tSaca County Colorado,
Corner Main and Maple Streets
i - '
Stonington, COIO.
Cairits n ccn-pltlc lire cl El CCCES, CFCCEBIES
Lai-. CL ps, Etc Top prices naid for produce.
.j. ■4* if
— mm aaaaao— mmmmmmm ———
In tin' noi rlnv.i'st i iti l of town. Good service.
Mis Giles Gant, Prop,
vammm «a*
«^*.**a>»»i»wg.aaE<rinwatwitina«a— tmmmmmmm JBBB
!i. 1:. Brown, Pres. A. N. Parrish, Vice-Pres.
W. C. GoulD. Cashier. J
Sj | Wmt Natimtal |
SJ s ■ ' sr. i
3 Lamar, oolorado. ©
Capilal Stock 350,<100.00
Surplus - - $35,000.00
4jj We take special p'*ins in tlu* handling of nil good business
■■■’i uiri'rtnrr;- K - H - !:,!OWN - a- n. pabuish,
W. i . Gould, M. I). Thatcher,
T. M. Urown.
« - iV®::;:::: isuiM .j-.
r ISBS 1910
1 O. eRILL e. S. BRILL
1 -- C i ] STEAES 320
*■' liiiproi ;.|| aii'i i;ii in pi. \ t-<l Land for Sale. R
Okies) RcsidiMil ii: Baca County afet |
• —ygm* l - ' - 1 ; s»raia»:
Stonington, (Jolo. * *
3 IF YOU Want To Enjoy Living :
2 And bt in touch with your friends and neighbors ::
; Cct a Model T ford Auto, The Best and cheap
* c-i .. i i ound car. for prices and particulars '■
J call on or write to Stcwai l & LamportSpringßeld : :
or Slonington, Colo.

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