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Vol. XXV. No. 41
The Denver Times
There are reasons why you c D
should take the Denver Times. SCr IO ”
Including Sunday
In the first place; theio is pub- Daily per week . $. 10
iislied every week in its Sunday Daily per month . .45
issue a fiction supplement. In Daily six months . 2.G0
this supplement are appearing Daily one year . 5.20
the greatest novels of the day, Without Sunday
each novel complete in two issues Daily per month . $ .30
, ... > i . . Daily three months . .85
The works oi Arnold Dennett, _ . .. . ~r
, , . . , „ . Daily six months . 1.00
Joseph Conrad. Anna Katherine Daily ono year . . 3.25
Green, Gouverneur Morris, -
Lloyd Osborne and others just as Sunda.\ j * v
, . , . By mail cash in advance
famous are among those being D ne year . 2,00
printed. It means a library of By carrier one year . 2.50
fiction for you.
Each week in The Denver Times there is an Art Supplement
all ready for S raining. The subjects are modern and the pic
tures are photogravures for which you pay *l.OO in art stores.
They are printed on fine booK paper imd are all ready for fram
ing when you get them. It publishes high class, up to date,
progressive matter covering the resources and opportunities
of the entire Rocky fountain region. It prints the news on
the day it occurs and it gives it to you free from partisanship,
complete and accurate. It is the only paper in Denver that
carries the report of the two greatest press associations - The
United and the Associated Press.
ONLY 10c A WEEK Edition I
Just till out coupon and mail today.-
Until further orders send me the Daily & Sunday Times
N ame_
Address -
1 Postoffice !
Jl Prescriptions Carefully Compounded, a First. (i
Class Line ofDrugs v>
j S- E. j?
| Confections, Perfumes, .Toilet Soaps <O,
I Drug Store ij
TV- ■-& =S- =?> =0- §
Say, you ought i<* go KONKEL’S
at Stonington for your Coffee. ■■ ■■ ■ ■
Because there are eight different varieties carried in
stock at the following prices:
A very good bulk coffee .... price 25c.
Arbuckles Arosia . B 0 cts. for 1 pk., two for 55c.
Morning Glory, bulk. ...... Boc'.
Pea berry ' • • oc '
Wedding Breakfast 35c.
Red Wolf . • • ’ • • • • 3jj>c,
Liberian Java, a very large berry . . . 35c 9
Victory Coffee ...... • 30c.
For Sale.
My quarter* section of fine |
farming land near Stonington, |
heart of Baca county. Title A-l. j
and taxes paid to date. For;
price, address the Unde.-signed, j
Will be in Baca county in Junej
or July.
J. J. Kosebpon,
Box i2l *!,
Frankfort, Ky.
The Stone Hotel
Will give dinner at 0 o'clock
in the evening.
No lunch at noon only for
the ones who can not get
A line of ladies hats at Bakers.
James'C. Dahlmann, gervinghisthirif
i-erm as mayor, Omaha, -Nobr., again :
was successful in receiving the over
whelming support of the voters in the j
primary election. He also successfully
•*id himself of a bad case of kidney j
trouble by the aid of Foley Kidney
Pills, and writes: “I have taken Foley j
Kidney Pills and they have given me a
great deal of relief, so I cheerfully re- j
commend them.” What Foley Kidney;
Pills have dona for Mayor Dahlmann
they will do for any other person both- j
ered with backaohe, rheumatism, or
any other form of kidney or bladder
trouble. Just try them for quick and j
permanent results. —P. O. Drug Store. 1
| • FOR SALE—One yood Cement
| Mill and horse power. Cheap.
Possession given immediately.
! Address, IV. M. Stewart,
Springfield, Colo.
New goods constantly arriving
at Denney’s. How about tiiat
wind mill? We can fit you, out
with the celebrated Samson, best
I on earth.
If you want to sell your Baca
Co. laud, call on or write Long &
Van Wormer, Richfield. Kans.
The Two Buttes Photograph
Gallery is open for business. All
work and satisfaction guaran
Two Buttes, Colo.
Eleven head of horses and com
ing yearling colts. Two brown
j mares with their colts, light gray
j mare and colt. The others are
j from 3 to 5 years old, witn the
, exception of the two brown mar!*s
I all are light, and* blue or dark
, grays. May have gotten separ
| rated by blizzard. Branded
;on left sjionlder. Information
j leading to their recovery suitably
; rewarded. Address.
F. D. Howell,
Springfield, Colo.
Length of New
Age. service rate.
(30. .90 days *13.00
(32. .(3 months .... 13.50
(32. . 1 year 11.00
(32. . 1 1-2 years .... 14.50
02. . 2 years 15.00
02. . 2 1-2 years .... 15.50
02. . 3 years and over . . 10.00
00. . 90 days . . . 15.00
1 GO. . 0 months . . . 15.50
00 . 1 year . . . 10.00
00/. 1 1-2 years . 10.50
(3(3. . 2.years . . .17.00
0(3. .2 1-2 years . . .18.00
00. . 3 years and over . . 19.00
70. . 90 days . . . 18.00
70. . 0 months . . . 19.00
70. , 1 year . . 20.00
70. . 1 1-2 years . . 21.50
70. . 2 years . . . 23.00
70. . 2 1-2 years . . 24.00
70. . 3 years and over . . 25.(X)
75. . 90 days . . .21.00
75. . 0 months . . . 22.50
75. . 1 year . . 24.(X)
75. .1 1-2 - - - 27.C0
75. . 2 years . . . 30.00
75. . 2 1-2 years . . 30.00
75. . 3 years and over . . 30.00
—National Tribune. _
When wanting to see better or
have a better TIME think Britts.
From the Eads Press we learn
that the date of the Normal In
stitute for this district has been
changed from June 3-14 to Aug
ust 5-15 for the reason that the
conductor, Supt. M. C. Potter
cannot bo present in June. Eads
is the county seat of Kiowa coun
ty on the line*of the Missouri
Pacific K.‘ R. 100 miles east of
Pueblo about 30 miles overland
J from Lamar. There' are good
hotels, a splendid society of peo
ple and other conveniences for
the holding of a successful In
stitute. Those who contem
plate attending from this coun
ty will do well to write M. Edna
Corbet County Superintendent,
Eads. Colo, who we know \yll
give any information you may
Mrs. Wm, Allen, Chacon, New Mex
ico, had ,so severe a cough that it near
ly choked her to death. Mr. Allen
says; ‘Wc tried many things without
helping her when by good luck 1 got a
bottle of Foley’s Honey and Tar Com
pound. It helped her at once and fin
ally cured her. It is the best medicine
we ever used. ”P. O. Drug Store. .
-I-.J.0 +++++*t-+-fr■>
Ye Olden Times
O -p-p-p*}-
(Herald May 20, 1892.)
M. M. Smith of Minneapolis
was in town Tuesday.
Early vegetables are on the
H. L. McCain of Boston was
here fore part of the week.
Geo- Heckler was in from At
lanta Wednesday.
Mr. Dorris brought over a
load of corn from Plymouth yes
Broom coni is going to be the
main crop this year in Baca Co.
Several hundred acres have been
Dr. Mom slier was over near
the Kansas line to see Mrs
.John Johnston who is seriously
ill with typhoid fever.
Dante Cheyner and F. Smith-'
hizerwere over from Minneapolis
Tuesday. «
James Buckley is happy over
, the arrival of a grown daughter
1 from Kans.
Troas. elect' Myers was over
[from Minneapolis, Tuesday ac
companied by Lewis Brooks.
John Daev and Maggie White
from Beaver Co. were married
last evening at the Ward house,
by Judge Newels.
Foster predicts an extraordi
nary storm for today. Take in
your dish pans and tie the wash
tu b to a .post.
F. E. and B. 1 Lamport came
in from Lamar Tuesday and J
went on to the ' inch alter din-j
nor. B, F. feof and looks 1,0001
per cent better and his home)
coming is a matter of joy to his!
relatives and friends
The Misses Lora Alexander ■
and Olive Denn»-y attended the
closing exercises of the Lamar
High School.
Ellsworth Lyons and family
have moved to Tbxhoma, Okla.
We hate that.
Atty. Hillyei was at Two!
Buttes, Vilas ui «i Springfield the ;
latter part of Must and first of |
this week in the .interest of
Dist. Court cas-
Claude Dean our genial friend
was in town Tuesday. He has
been doing some farming for
John McArthur.
Harrison Boyd a young man •
from Two Buttes was here the
21st circulating in the interest of
a line of books lie is selling.
We are again in receipt of a
very nice letter from Fold Stal j
A. J. Comsto ,-k, a new comer
who lives near the 11. S. <V Co. 1
Stinson ranch complains that on
the 15th of this month while in
Springfield some misgujded per
son cut the tail off his burro.
The animal is gentle,, well broke,
of good size and valuable to the
owner. It was a very mean
thing to do.
Roy Denney spent several days
in the south country repairing
the phone line.
Ed Meosel having completed
a house for Mr Patchen near
Stonington is ljerc to do some
work for C. G. 'W Jcison..
Ray Brown ha* purchased the
Heckethorn auto and Will has
gone after another machine. The
boys will work together in cater
ing to the public.
Artie Young was in from the
ranch Wednesday.
Joe and Will Boyd were Spring
field visitors the 21st.
Phil Bickford, remembered as
one of the old timers, now re
sides at Pullman, Wash., and is
engaged in the Flour and Feed
business. Me is a regular -sub
scriber to th Herald.
Mrs. Baker and Earl visited
with Mrs. E. P. 'McFarland,
Leroy Thacker, Watertown, S. Dak.
says; “I suffered with rheumatism for
over 8 years, and it seemed at times
that I would go crazy with pain. Three
bottles of Foley Kidney Pills cured my
rheumatism and 1 gladly recommend j
them. P. O. Drug Store.
Co. Treas. Homsber and E. j
Emerson on.Myed the hospitality]
of Mr. Math ws on a trip to Two
Buttes Tuesday evening. Lew
went to attend a meeting of set
tlers and o icers interested in
the irrigat >n project. Ray
Brown conveyed the party in-his
Ford auto.
Quite a number of prominent
people an- taking adjustments
from Mr. W iltlierthe Chiroprac
tor. As sta:- <1 in last weeks issue
he will be ; the Wagner Hotel
for one inoni h, and you "will do
well to apph at once in order to
get the bom tit of the full months
C. R. and J. H. Bixler and
Frank Streeter were county seat
■ visitors last week. The former
made final homestead proof be
i fore the clerk of tin* district
Mr’and Mrs. Stinson were in
town last Saturday.
Will Doll of Rodley, now sub
scriber was in town the 22nd.
Will Denm .\ handed us a cane,
cut from a rose bush in his yard
that grew in one season over 9
The New I lot el south main
street, is now open and ready
for business. Good rooms, good
meals, prices reasonable. Give
us a trial.
Washington, May 17, 1912.
Dear Editor:
Enclosed I hand you an official
blank form of application for pen
sion under the Sherwood bill
which was approved by Presi
dent Taft on May 11th. The new
law is printed on the back of the
blank. There are between (3,000
and 7,000 veterans in Colorado
who are entitled to an increase
under this act, and their increase
will only begin from the time j
tlieir application is filed with the
Bureau of Pensions, so it is im
portant to many of the old boys
who wore the Blue to have their
applications made out accurately
and sent in as soon as possible,
and it is quite important that all
be advised of the law at the earli
est possible dab*.
I have no complete list of
Colorado veterans, but if you
care to do so will be glad to have
you mention that 1 will be pleas- 1
ed to send one of these blanks I
to every veteran’in tin* state who I
I will drop me a line for it.
Thanking you for past favors!
as well as for. any mention you I
see fit to make of this matter,
| I am
Yours very respectfully,
Ed T. Taylor.
The wedding of Mr. Will M.
Stewart to Miss Margaret Sarah
Jones took place at the home of
the bride’s mother near Oak
Hill, Ohio, at high noon. May j
I Mr. and Mrs. Stewart are ex
-1 pee ted home tonight.
f The home prepared by the
groom for his bride is most
] beautiful, and the spirit of genu
line wv roi-c .. .' V nirtonfiWst®
' her by our people. Will knows j
• that we are all glad to see him J
j hack-. 1 lore’s to their health and j
j happiness.
She is mine own;
! And 1 as rich in having such a
J ewel
As mighty seas, if all their sands
were pearls,
The waters nectar, and the rocks
pure gold.
Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Services at the school house,
commencing at 10 a. m. sharp.
Song % America
Prayer M rs. Geo. Brown
Decoration to Unknown Dead
! by children while the choir sings
All Honor to the Brave
! Recitation Nellie Bakes
| Recitation Ellis Mills,
! Song Columbia Clem oi tbeC > can ,
Address Rev. "Wilkinson
Song Flag of the Free |
Program at the Cemetery:
! Song
Prayer j
[Decorating the graves of the,
| loyal dead.
| ' =
1 Maurice Long one of Baca j
'.County’s best settlers is confined j
I to his bed, the result of a broken.
| leg. The accident happened at;
| his ranch last Thursday, while j
j the pipe to his well was being I
[drawn. Dr. Verity of Two
i Buttes is in attendance. It will,
[be several weeks before our
[friend will be able to get out of |
I doors as the hurt is a bad one. i
Mr. Long is a hard Worker and [
j has accomplished a great deal in j
1 the building of a home ane look- :
ed forward to a campaign of
further efforts this season. The
I many friend of the family great-j
|ls regret the unfortunate acci-i
I dent.
Grandma Hines an aged lady!
living 1." 'miles south of town
I died yesterday morning. Inter
ment took place in the new cem
etery in that vicinity, Rev. Wilk
inson officiating,
. for--
Homesteaders and Land Buyers
should I J-..
look over Co. before they choose a location
You can get ranches, single quarters, and small farms at a
price at which you can afford to buy or locate.
Parties who are interested in this country and wish to
learn more about il may do so by calling on or writ ing.
oa 0
B1 aek sin i thing
First Class Work
South Springfield.
A sure thing is a thousand times
Better than a Guess
THEBE is no guessing about the “BELIANCE” Acetylene
Gas Generator doing the work.
Tf you will give ns your order, we will do the rest by actual
proof, and allow you 110 days’ trial of machimc before we ask
one cent. We are now lighting thousands of country homes
with our simple system, and WHY NOT YOURS?
The Wagner Hotel will introduce tiiis system. How about
O. A. WILSON, Agent, Springfield, Colo.
gggggGeneral Storeggggf
is Everything In Our Line g
Samson Wind MiJls--Best on Earth. Flour
ft Feed Garden and Flower Seeds JJf
ft Wire. *Nails Etc. Etc. ft
ft ft
I' A. A. Denney, Springfield Colo, ft
ft ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft*?ft ftft ft
O 1
L. J. UORING, Cashier. J. D. SPOONEIi, Ass’t. Cashier *
| Citizens State 1
l Bank i
i CAPITAL STOCK $35,000 }
\ Special attention Given to Live Stock Loans £
i Interest on time Deposits, Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent I
Springtime is Here “Gentle Annie”
And so is Our Spring Stock of
Dry Goods
Ginghams, Chambras, Linenes, Lawns, Bastislcs,
Dimity, Soiettes and Summer Silks.
Remember we have the famous Star Brand Shoes.
Come in and see our samples of WALL PAPER and
let me have an order from you.
A full line of Fresh
Always in stock
> Flour, Feed, Bedsteads, Mattrcses
Leaves Springfieldi Monday, Wednesday, Friday
at 8:00 a. m.
Leaves Lamar: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30.
P are one way $3.50,
$1.25 Per Year.

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