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Vol. XXVI. No 43
The Day We Celebrate--July 4Th.
Come to Springfield for the
celebration July 4th. The best
celebration in the history of the
town will be pulled off. Some
thing for the entertainment of
each and every one. We will
look for you.
Address of Welcome,
Earl Denney.
Invocation. Rev. Hazel.
Add res, Rev. Wilkinson.
Vocal ancf Instrumental music.
A first prize of §2 and a sec
ond prize of §1 will be given for
the best recitation by child un
der 15 and above 10 years of age.
Another first prize of $2 and sec
ond prize uf $1 will be given for
the best recitation by child under
10 and over 7 years of age. ..Con
test open to all.
There will be various ether
• featuLes on the program.
The program of sports will be
gin immediately after dinner and
■will be the best ever held in Baca
Co. Following is the list of prizes
Cowboy Relay race 2 1-2 mi.
first prize S2O, secofid prize $lO,
entrance fee $2.
Free for all dash race 1-4 mi , \
first prize $5, second prize $2. .
Boys pony race, first prize $2,
second prize sl.
Potato race on horse back, j
two teams of three riders each, I
entrance fee $2 each team, .prize |
Dash race, $2 entrance fee, |
first prize $lO, second prize $5. |
Riding contest fiee for all, first
prize $lO, second prize $5.
Ball team relay raco, prize $5.
Foot race, 100 yds., first prize
$2, second prize sl.
Bal! game Springfield vs. Sand
Rats, prize '$15.
At The Herald Building. - Your patronage solicited j
Clothes Cleaned And Pressed.
_ -
w %■ ■
Millinery and
X&2X A Superb line of Spring hats. Call and exam
.w, ine my offerings. .„\i
i Springfield f •
n ■ .-a
**«**#, w
» Locating ReaiHstate
tt u
Livery and Garage
g R. J. Horasher ' 8
: '
■|*l B. B. Brown, Pres. A. N. Parrish. A -e-Pres. f
. W. C. Goui.d, Cashier.
% | Jfftrjst Nafuutal IBank
m K 18 -g
aseMESse® 3?«s«ss?es:€E ee -a":
Lamar, Colorado.
# Capital Stock 1 150,000.00
Surplus - - $535,000.00
# We take special pains in the ban fling of all good l-usincf
-SiZ tx R - B * Bl mwN A. N. Pariusii,
IiJUPHUI B: w. C. Goi jli), IV,’. D. Thatchm:.
T. M. Brown.
Boys foot sack rav ,
hurdle races, broad j imp, high
jump etc.
There will be other and num
erous sports- onougii to fi 1! '•'<‘ i,V
moment df the day.
Applications for s'ry in tin* 1 ;
relay and da si i i are •- i■•-•i •i < ’ ho
made to the Treasur- ; on or lx*
fore Juim 2'Jth.
Big da nee at nigh! at t la • Kid -■
er building. Fine inusie, goml
In reporting the recent, dry-;
farming convention at Garden '
City the Arkansas Valley Jou mal i
“Sweet Clover d< •< ; not, id.sit;
Stock and is « ... .a s' i
•for liogs. 1 1 •
drouth ' resisting «•;■>« a ;.
Zirkle states t,ln> ‘ -;•* •• • a
mige of ten tons' 1 1 1
year and Vr. f, ’i■ h-il* a\-.. si I
twelve he - els • .isv >1 !
seed. Mr. E. G. 1 i; . ■ *'i,, n-s-j
ed this crop b( ■ 1
and stated it fi • • 1 ; ■'
in this “eonuly >;■
years ago irjrthe prairie, hay .
at that i time /cs value was noli
known but since tli !. lime In* i
has experimented a t lem..tii will’|
it and finds that, it is the s’
and most |w : i
be had in this con;<* \ 11 :■ i1! <
Co. Kans. liepnh'le • n
Farmer’s I lulle: in No ' •“* on
sweet clo-.a• .• may !>«• ohr.-i • • s
free upon returns • ■
tar.y of Agr'.cel - ;; Was! : ”gt. n.
D. C. *
Ex-slit 1 rift McFarland was
shaking hands with . ' ’ 1 n
in town. He was h<
ness in the Labriere • i.
j Stark Eros. Nurseries & Or
i clia i'ds Co., r.jon'siana, Mo.,
(founded in 1 si (\) bog |,o announce
to the fanner.-, and other plant
1 ers of Baca County that C. H.
'.Vim.of Campo, is our repre
sen.: a: ive a iul that Ihroughfhim
ac are prepn red to do more for
< :a» pkintt.M's of this county than
soli thorn the higi est grade trees
; right ju ices. Our N ear Book
| 1 .anting Boo!,-. Special Service
■' l e; . in ••! •:|re at I lie disposal
of ou r customers free.
•'•d'. ry tree guaranteed to be
right. Mr. YYJ eelor will furnish
six'' ia i t■ -1 imates on i.irge orders
Send him a card.
Stai i; Uni... Nurseries &
Orchard Co.,
Eoui iana, Mo. U. S. A. I
! Adv. j
Ai\yone ow ing horses with
j ■ ad 1 ah ' • should living them to
. 11 miles hbuth and (>
i\.> a. of Epringiield, Baca Co.
Ui Emiog to lead, pawing while!
hi'■( he ' u]>, tender bitted, refus- \
• ing lo stand, '‘ in 'tig to back, j
j afraid h l l juiper. a I raid of urn- 1
lirelas. afraid of band playing,;
; l raio )T 1 b*- son id of buggy of
•. uwh as. ■i ei it ••, r uruiing
if' bad to
i iii* o b» Inin... o'- wagon, and
• -u •oth- r tricks. Prir:e will lie
••" of' ing ■ir-biis • .r. .' ( ted.
H. YV. 1 Jesse,
•ringlie.ld. Colo.
i)i - . ' < u•• •• oi I jiimUr was a !
ah ■. i-s ‘lm .ale in the Ea
| brie.rcv.case*;.
Mrs. Sa.r.h; (,'a’ lierine Gunter
: \ Jo oI J . YV. and mother Fred
1 er„ who have lived noijtli
we k, of town on their home-i
W. li. Denney’s died
Sunday at ! :o() p. in. from can-i
cer or ga 'noma, whichihad de
vel ope e* rapidly during the [>ast
two or tl- 1 ee months. The de
kept her terrible atllic
"M a 2 . - .et i. 'Mm tier friends
lor many weeks and days, bear
ing her si;tiering without the
sympathy which her friends
J \Vouh ’ have gladly ottered had
' 1 y iinS !. nown. Dy eased came
irom Kansas two years ago.
1 The remains were interred in
■the Sp -iugiiold cemetery Mon
• (hi y at’t.eriioon, the 10th. The
o rowing ones have the sym
; | aihy of all who know them.
When-as certain and numer
| ous pa Pies Siavr* bean killing ani
mals brjomnng to .!. Martin
. a; Mil* i' r the |)U ipoSO of
■ding ' ' • ': • 1 1 . n !mrs for ill! 1
of ■ 'btainmg moat for
tin ir own consumption and oth
irrs f< • 1!l<> rr::son that the cattle
hive given them annoyance:—
r I ltis is to give notice that the a.- 1
i hove reward of S2. r »0.0() will be
(given to anyone jivin'* such in
formation as will lead to the con
y-lion of each and every guilty *
( »:-son. .-*.!! animals belonging
,.I. giartin Ford are branded
k on animal, and
inf- nun;'.I ion should be given
, ,1. Martin Ford, Hurley, Okla . j
.... •
A 1 .j nne 1*2,
Oat herine
Tin* young coup!.* start out
in the new life under the most
j,i \i»r; hie conditions and circum
,!ici s .Toe ne w ■ \ \v -ds a re
■.\<‘il/inowii and highly esteemed
• el along with their many
friends the Herald extends its
1 warmest congratulations.
Local Gossip.
Lightning killed a valuable
loam for Sheriff Kett at his ranch
; west of town during the storm
i of Thursday night the 12th.
| Dick Wright and his wife have
1 taken charge of the JJ interests
j at Carrizo and have moved into
| the house at the head of r Cot ton
wood. This brings Mrs. W.
j formerly Mamie Tanner back to
I the scenes of “childhoods happy
days.” |
Those who attended the recent
entertainment in Dist. 0, from
| Springfield were, .fudge Jack
i son and family, Co. Clerk Konlo l
and wife, Co. Supt. Mabel Old
1 cm, Ex-Treas. Homsher and 1
! W. Gray.
I Those who attended the Nor
| mal Institute recently held at
Las Animas, from Baca Co. were.
| the Misses Alma Gordon, Louise
I Schweitzertmd Lillie McClendon,
j Miss Nellie Whitaker was among
those who went from Lamar.
1 A baby boy was born to M r.
andjMrs. Elmer Gordon the 14th.
| Dance tonight at the new Kais
er building.
Bob Homsher m i •
Baker’s.; i/pe T.
immense in town that < y.
Tom my ; K< > i k. - - •« . !< j n ;
| hand at* Burton’s barber
and a gdq(T one.
RoyDeifney recently n*.-.; , c
i his position w!th Pet-ton a to! (,
i gone to Denver Roy has m• m
Iriends ia when; he i a i
* lived practically all the days
; his life. Joe-Joe, another tli.
ent driver lias taken Roy’s pa
The Sunday auto mail, express
i and passenger service is p,-ov
1 ing satisfactory to the public.
! f| 'he land offered for sale by
! the Clms. L. Gibson Co. is locat
ed in many different localities a
round the county. Perhaps just
the location you are looking for.
Investigate and see.—Adv.
Mrs. Geo. A. Baker* Miss
Kellie and Master Earl left re
cently for a trip to La Junta,
Pueblo and Colo. Springs. From
• here they went to Gaylord, Kan.
to visit relatives of Mrs. B.
Nora Brown has berm giving
personal attention to customers
requiring anything in her line of
j millinery at Baker’s Store.
J. W. Rice who drilled the
artesian well tor Clarks’ near
Blaine sends us a photo of this
great gusher, which, it is con
tended has a capacity far in ex
cess of the first report which
was 200 gallons per minute.
Prof, .lones and Chas. Maxwell
(banker) were Co. seat visile s
Franklin S. Horn, Auctioneer,
has a card in this week’s Heraid.
Jasper’s store near Campo P.
O. has recently been opened for,
I business.
Drs Thomas F. and Chas. 1
F. Milligan were here from lAc:
ton. the atter as an expert wit-j
ness in the Labrere case.
Dr. Barteldt and Dr. Burnet
cameo, wn from Lamar Tr. .'-A \
They testified in tin
defence in the murder trial.
The Greathomse sale wa> >
great success. The sales tot:. .• - .i
a bo ut
Fx-Cotn. McAdam and < ' r
ter My. tle Tvisited friends k
last Saturday. The yo n-g .Ti-iy
left that afternoon for I.am
thence to LaJunta woere site b is
a good position. She will in •*
her home with the Ciessons, oT 1
of the McAdam t’ami'y.
Guy Tefft has returned from
Calahau where he has been fori
the past two weeks on bus mess.
Card of Thanks.
\V<* wi oi io o\'i* "I ou r Ik* ■
felt thinks to those, who so
kindly as-isle,l us during the i'*-
(• i*nl illin ; and d' ath of our he
lo\. ■. a' i • • • m< ! lu• r.
.1. V\ r . Gunter,
Fred Gunier.
Tli.- i-. -.■ul iln' I - - - -
I no 1 ilnii * re. c-h;i i gv*d vvitii t.iw •
111 U i der of Wrn. T. N u ;ven ■, ra in.•
ujy for a s -cond 1 1 '.i! at tL • ad
journed • 'ssion of the dist:":<• t
cou l l which conviuied in ■* M< n
day last, Judge I*is(*rof Ei'c'oic
Co. presiding. Tlie Stale \ as
reprcs(*nted by Deputy District
Attorney \ liTl and Senatoi - Idica*
of ( lytoi rdpn
'Tor the defers o. Tii'» was
vigorously cun!'" bat b.v tiie run
ri'sentiitive n'to-neys and tin*
argiiinents of ' "unsel very ex
ha list ive and el- *" cent t'oi; bot li
the ])ru-‘ d " and de! n-a*.
The <• ISO V.e.l.t, to t lie ;'.l : V lit or:
yoslei day.
At U this morning the;.- return
ed a d'- n • •■• i• ■ 1 aod •• *■ * « ! >*-
charged. We mide.-st iid ti"
jury stood I'or a< 'initial and 1
for conv cl - u ",
sometimes reduces her strength to the
depths of weakness —her devotion to
household cares prevents sufficient
rest and recreation. Thousands ol
women in this condition find Scott s
Emulsion exactly what they need; it
is predigested body-food so medically
perfected that every drop )ields direct
returns in strengthening the organs
and tissues and in making healthy,
life-sustaining blood. Scott’s Emulsion
is devoid of alcohol or any harmful
drugs, g.ncl overcome.? tiredness and
nervousness in a marvelous way.
YV k - v was bo
Sept. 9th. I.SGI, departed this lib
June 1 1 * 19aged 51 yekrs, 9
months', 7 days. He was married
to Anna Gun unings Sept. J-”, lftkfi
To this tin "ii were born loin
'children, of which three still sur
vive. O ;-is. Emery and Mrs.
Elmer G ordon.
M|TTi a ■' boy, knew
not the affections of a father and
a moi,!:i ?r, hi s pa ! I hi m; ia -
with in any lm '*H bijis aiul I rials.
Asa fail bo i- be* was k ind and l.riif*
to his family and l •"•nos ami
1 ready to help the needy and lend
'a word of encouragement.
He. will be nbs ■ d b.y iiis nirni y
l friends in this community and
great, sympathy is felt lor those
who mourn Ids loss. Tim re are
i friends in Indiana who mourn, his
I loss as a son and brother.
, * ild at
! the family home Wo.-lme-day a.m.
l and interment in the Spring'd* Id
j cemetery t.h:« t afternoon. Rev.
i .1. YV. Baz *1 official ing.
A Friend.
id 1
. See M L >ng, Springfield Hotel j
; | for dates. Write ine Springfield|
TantJ Loon Castilla and son, | j
. j .' ,
! tins Brfis., wei’o kilieo b*. 1 ‘gn.- .
j night the 11th. The bodies were |
found in the tent by Sam Collins j.
| :he neixt morning, burned almost |
befont'l recognition. “he re.-1
i mains, were b. oil to some point
in N. M. for in’o! nt.
Pieware of Ointments for
Caharrh That Contain Mercury
as m rcury will siii «
of MM. II jm«l .-..mi.1-toly cloranK" lh;»
wl ,oi.' svstem when entering it thrmijf.i
*1 mueous purfae. m. Such .irtleh-s shouM
• r . J lir used ex.-ept on prescription i
* rom r. putable physh lnns. us the danm K o
, , .y will ilo la 1. n 1,.! I to the 800. l you
."n possibly dorlvo (rom them. Halle
. r-ifirrh Cure, mnnufactured by E.
rhont-v & Co.. Toledo, <>.. contains no
mercurv nnd Is tnlccn Internnllv. actlmr
directly upon the blood nnd mur.us si.r
-f-icos of lb- svstem. In buylnc Halls
1 Cure be sure you pet tbe ta nu
, U iV t ih-.-n Internally and made in
T, i. Ohio! by F. J. Cheney & Co. Tee
• timonials free. . ... i
Sold bv Orufrtpsts. Price tec per bottle. (
T*ke H»U’a FamllT PiU« tot coo-stipation.
5250.00 REWARD.
Wm.Ki: \s certain and num
erous parties have been killing
inimals belonging to The
PuAiitiis Cattle Co. Ltd. some
for the purpose of selling the
meat, otln*rs for the purpose
if obtaining meat for their own
mnsumption and others for the
.*eason that the cattle have giv
en them annoyance: —This is
n > give notice that the above
• ward of $250.00 will be given
m anyone giving such informa
tion as will lead to the convic
lion of each and every guilty
I '-rson. All animals belonging
to The Pkaikie Cattle Co.,
ltd. are branded JJ on the
!(*ft hip, and all information
should be given to H. G.
Gi.A/.imooK, Manager, Prarie
Cattle Co. Ltd, Higbee, Colo
rado. Adv.
s .. M I S. Mills for all kinds of
ill paper. I. > ♦*-; to suit i.your
('ncket, book. Adv.
. This week is Shoe Special Week
At Daggett's
! Y- • \ I <i?Vr t!T ; v *k se -era! bvgai'ns in cltil. 7 • ;
-/.<«•-. Ties • ale V I.'i i < < y ■ :
s bo- opbrolren firms. We will off-,- the lot
• i,.. ■ 11 • s Kli; pers of various sorts at SI ' •
| • ‘ will oi'er one lot of girls slippers at .si. 18.
OtL. i i arg. 'iiiS in same proportion •
I '
j We give a Daggett & Sons Stoop
! less dust pan with your first order
1 of $3 or more.
We have a full line of ladies and misses dress hats which we
are selling at prices which are right.
Calico, best quality at 6 l-2c. per
; yard after June 17th, Full line
j and all colors.
We have a nice assortment of sum
j mer dress fabric at prices ranging
i from 10 c. to 50c.
Muslins from Bc. up.
Shirts and overalls in sizes to Jit the largest and smallest
men Also underwear to fit the biggest and smallest men.
We have a full line of mens, wom
ens and childrens goods at prices
which are right absolutely.
Big- sales, small expense, small
profits our Motto.
mmma rsnammmerj <as«*®!se:a***
We off :t for sale in tracts ranging from 160
acres and upward the Gibson lands,compris
ing 13,000 acres m Baca County. 1 itle.s are
perfect, Abstracts furnished. Prices range
from $5.00 per acre upward.
TERMS, one halt cash, balance on time, 5
percent discount for a!! cash, b oi further par
ticulars see *- E.LAMPORT, Springfi. Id, Colo.
or Chas. E. Gibson Co., I .rst National
Bank Bldg., Denver, Colo.
$1.25 Per Year.
FOR EXCHANGE: -$5,800.00
worth of clear unimproved prop
erty in a Kansas town of 4000
people, for clear, smooth, fertile
acreage of equal value. Have
your first letter contain a legal
and physical description of the
property you offer. Box 300,
Franklin Grove, 111. 8-1
| When you want Drugs or Jew
elry you know you can depend
on patronize N. N. McLean,
“The Old Reliable” Druggist &
Jeweler, Lamar. Colo. N. B.
First class Jeweler and Graduate;
Optician in charge of Jewelery
department.-- Adv.
Bob and Oris Kereheval, broth
ers of Clint arrived from Ind. to
attend the funeral of W. S. Wil
Editor Crary of the Lamar
News was a visitor in town Tues
day and Wednesday incidentally
taking in some of the court pro
•/_ ■

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