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The Springfield herald. (Springfield, Baca County, Colo.) 1887-1919, October 31, 1913, Image 3

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jysy about half a dozen newspaper outfits —big and * ffiSjjj
Wi m little, and the Herald consequently is equipped for M ki tinWlM
Wju|/ business. The Herald’s Big Cylinder Press. Mi iM |L WlUy
We have a small job press— eighth medium, on
sjjjm which to do small-sized jobs, such as cards and £] ■■■- ■- ————— ~ MmkS
tfjLm letterheads. Then we have a larger press— quar- ■■-■ • • - ~~ - —-•---- ~ f l JM /j l|Jylnj|
ffffift' ter medium, for circulars and posters. And after * ** TjjJJfy
«)k m these two is the big cylinder press on which can m «- wB ia / _ a _ JlFTOffl
|JO H be run larger posters of any size wanted. IBI*HIQ JOi? VV OFii l li© |jWnjl
The'JB ciuarter ranch that. 1
have for sale is easily the best
proposition for a small stockman
anywhere in the short-grass
west. For a small stockman it
is in shape for an ideal home. It
is in the best settlenrent of the
county —school handy, 6 to 8
months; church 2 to 3 Sundays
monthly; Sunday school every
Sunday—for the. last *25 years,
mail daily on mail line nearby,
and other back-east conveniences
The pasture under fence is
this year grazing 200 head of
cattle and a large number of
horses. The land doesn’t lie in
a compact body, and other vacant
deeded land is enclosed in the
pasture. The land lies beautifully
in a beautiful sloping country
and oil' its nut-ricious buffalo
and gramma glasses have been
shipped thousands of head of
stock since the ranch was estab
lished twenty-five years ago.
The owner is too old for active
business, has retired and conse
quently wishes to sell. See ad
els where.—Adv.
Card photos of the great Clark
artesian well can be obtained
from the undersigned at 10c.
each, 3 for 25c. 75c the dozen.
J. W. RICE. Photographer,
adv. Vilas, Colorado.
C. M. Himes wants to lease his
3 section ranch for the winter;
good grass; good house; close to
school. address him at Spring
See Mrs. Mills for all kinds of
wall paper. Prices to suit Jyour
pocket book.—Adv.
Stark Bros. Nurseries & Or
chards Co., Louisiana, Mo.,
(founded in 1810) beg to announce
to the and other plant
ersof Baca County that C. H.
Wheeler, of Carapo, is our repre
sentative and that through him
we are prepared to do more for
the planters of this county than
sell them the highest grade trees
at right prices. Our Year Book
i nting Book. Special Service
Department are at the disposal
of our customers free.
Every tree guaranteed to be
right. Mr. Wheeler will furnish
special estimates cn large orders
Send him a card.
Stark Bros. Nurseries &
Orchard Co.,
Louisiana Mo. 1\ X A,
A Big Offer
Something- that lias been need
oil by our people is a paper or
msgazine making a specialty of
dry farming and high-land home
Most of our farmers are taking
eastern farm papers; but it’s
like taking a paper from another
world, and even in another
tongue, so they don’t get much
out of them.
The Herald is pleased to an
nounce that at last a paper large
ly devote to dry farming has
been found.
It’s published out here in dry
Mr. W. S. Edmister is the
publisher, and the Trans Miss
ouri Farmer and Ranchman is
the magazins— published every
two weeks-
The best part of it is that the
Herald is going to pay the big
gest part of a subscription for
you to the Farmer and Ranch
We have arranged with Mr.
Edmisten to advertise the Farm
er and Ranchman in pay for
your subscription to it, and we'
are going to give you the benefit
of it.
Fifteen cents is your end of
the string—the Herald will do
the rest.
Now is the time to get a dry J
farm magazine.
When you want Drugs
or Jewelry you know you
can depend on patronize
N. N. McLean, “The Old,
Reliable" Druggist and
Jeweler, Lamar, Colo. |
N. B. First class Jeweler,
and Graduate Optician in I
charge of jewelry depart-I
ment Adv. • |
Sever, head of horses $265 —cash i
Two are mares with spring colts,
throe of them are yearlings, two
of which are mare colts. One
two-year old heifer, part jersey,
fresh in spring, 815. Baino wag
on, $35. One sol harness, $25.
Two sow pigs, $5.00 each.
I?. Ti. "Watson
Six miles west and two south of
Two Buttes, on Horse Creek-
Springs. 5—26
Ranch For Sale
Eighteen quarters--$ 12,000.
About, $3,500 improvements
buildings, fences etc, Another
ranch of 6 quarters, $7,000.
Good terms on either of above
randies.-—A dv.
S. M. KonkeJ,
Vilas, Colorado.
iff; Which is that the Herald is go- 111
g®j ing to be so chuck full of news that
S® you can’t do without it. IsR
B ks tone will be such as will be
HII elevating' in your family. ||||
MB Nothing foul, degrading, dirty or ||jj|
jpg indecent in its columns. |j|§
Mg? You need not blush for having it i||| j
gp in your home. |||fi
Remember the. circulation of the pgj
Pi'S Herald is large, both at home and
abroad, consequently, to advertise
|H in the E ereld is to talk to the peo- ||j|
Mg; pie who want to know.
Kj| r J 1 c Fiiiluiiilf \ (i! t< | !<fin to n ake
■1) »lie llclaid \oiii j.liore lire to the ear oh §j£j|
gg the public.
|H Subscribe for The Herald and f§|§
111 Keep Abreast Of The Times. |j||
Reduced in Price Daily With the Big Sunday, a Whole Year a isa.gm, j
8,. v .1 .’aid
h Sis f w
Why Pay S7. a *7.SO Per Year, the Price Asked by Other Denver Papers
A Dir?"-:© '& or 45 Cents Per
Or, il \;j.i Pay in Advance, We Make You an Unusual Offer.
' jjuiiy i-aily Sunday
.'7.. ~ . With i-'unday l-nly f nl> j
i Jus? I-•>:. Ihjs v oupon and m. il to *.*r
r l ' i l.v: wr Tii-u*:*, Denver, Colo. Vwo Months «p • i«> r - j
Pica. lb Times until further Three “ 1.05 *75 «3 O
Z: Six «• 1.75 1.25 .7f. |
One Year 3.50 2.00 1.2'
Add, . . .... .
Gap Bead
Colorado’s Great
(Daily and Sunday)
fiflr For only
a Month
■ Or 1-7.00 a Year in Advance.
Order now from
Denver, Colorado,
Whereas certain and numer
ous parties have been killing ani
mals belonging to J. Martin
Ford, some for the purpose of
selling the meat, others for the
purpose of obtaining meat for
their own consumption and oth
ers for tiie reason that the cattle
have given them annoyance:—
This is to give notice that the a
bove reward of $250.00 will ije
i given to anyone giving sucli in
formation as will load to Hie con
viction of each and every guilty
person. All animals belonging
to J, Martin Ford are branded
PUT 1 i y place on animal, and
■ill information should be given
j Lo J. Martin Ford, Hurley, Okla.
i —Adv.
spriivgpiei.ii. \ \ ee.
' 1 Subscribe for
The H .Id.
Bids for building a frame
or stone scoool house in
district 43, in Baca county*
Colo., wanted immediate*
Call on B* E. Schneider.
F. Regnier.
Able Capansky*
S, E. Reed, Mrs. Les Jones’
I Father, came down on the mail
auto last week and will visit here
for some time,
Alexander McKenzie of the
Cimarron and Stanley McKeller
of Maxcy, prominent sheep men,
were in town Tuesday.
Old fashioned spelling bees
i and singing schools as suggested
by our North Fork correspond*
ont last week is a capital idea.
l| L. V. Campbell, former county
j assessor, autoed a load of final
I proof parties from Stonington
jto Springfield the first of the
| week.
' Fred Richardson and Miss
( | Canfield, both of Morton County,
\ j Kans., were married Tuesday at
j: the court house by county judge
R. G. Cotton’s business hasn’t
run away with him, but it made
j him put on another man to meet
t*ie demand. Les Denney is
the latest acquisition.
John McArthur and family
I came up from Estelene Monday,
Mr.-. McArthur and children
I left Tuesday for Las Animas via
; Lamar for a visit with friends.
Mrs. Guy Whitaker’s father,
I li. Day of Calahan, this state,
came down on the mail auto the
first of the week for a visit with
his daughter and others in Baca
! county,
B. L. Mills of Vilas, did two
good things this week—got his
final proof notice to first base,
and joined the now famous Her
ald family, for the latter of
which thanks are extended.
A member of the Herald fam
ily -Geo. W. Hopkins, is located
at Guay mas, state of Sonora,
Apartado No. 17, Mexico, where
hard lighting has recently been
going on. Hoped that Mr. Hop*
kins escaped with a whole car
County assessor Brown, with
Herb Homslier and Will Spur
ge' n as helpers, was busy dur
ing a part of the week raising
the tax schedule of the county
to harmonize with the near SBOO,
000 raise of the state tax com
mission .
Word is sent to us that a p : e
social will be held at the school
house in the .J. H. Neal district,
about seventeen miles southwest,
on the night of the 7th of No
vember. Miss Minnie Lope I is
the teacher in that district.
Seventeen miles is a good auto
drive from Springfield, aud it’s
altogether probable a load or
two will run down there from
this place
Bert Pate lien of Stonington,
who has a ranch out in the Bos
ton country, having previously
made the acquaintance of some
of the members of the famous
Herald family, came in Tuesday
and registered his desire to be
come a brother member, taking
tlie necessary oath of allegiance
and paying the necessary fees
therefor for which thanks are
hereby extended.
It was a pleasant birth-day
surprise party that the young
folks gave Miss Ethel Davis, one
of the popular young ladies of
Springfield, last. Friday night.
Those who graced the occasion
with their presence weie: The
Misses Carrie Konkcl, Amy
McClure, Esther Walaoe, Pearl
Fagcr. Pearl Fields, Edith Sher
wood, Rachael Alexander, Ain.a
Gordon, Ueba Orndorff, Ten*
Lepel, and Mrs. Oldem; and
Messrs. Geo. S. Allen, Herb
Homslier, Robt. Homslier, H.
Kelt, H. Green, Victor Baker,
L. Nelson, W. Fields, Forrest
Gordon, Les Denney, and Willie

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