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Vol. xxvni. No. 1
Thomas Patterson has oppo
sition in uis own party, but
it looks ns if h i were eo.ne to
be the next governorof Colorado.
"Germany against the world”
has a high-sounding ring to it,
but what they seem to be lack
ing is the Napoleon to make it
It looks as if tlietarmer is go
ing this year to have the double
luck of a big crop and contin
uous high-priced food stuffs by
reason of the Europeon war.
The Springfield and Lamar
road is said to be in a frightful
condition. The commissioners
viewed the road recently, and it
is hoped it will be put in first
class shape before the fair.
Earl Denney and Otto Smith
at the Monday-night meeting of
the fair committee, were appoint,
ed press correspondents, their
duty consisting of furnishing the
press of the county with lengthy
write-ups of the various phases
and features of the fair, the idea
being to make things hum from
this on.
The Herald lias been supplied !
with exparte evidence on both
sides of the strike trouble ever
since the strike has been on.
Invariably it goes into the waste
basket without reading, as we
have no time to figure out how
much there is of “wheat” and
and how much of “cheat” in
such “evidence.” When the
Herald wants the facts it will
get it from impartial sources, and
what can’t be gotten in that way
it wi.'l supply for itself.
...Air Thrills By Miss Stinson...
A small lU-ynar old girl, the
first professional woman aviator
to ascend in Kansas City, rose
to the clouds late yesterday af
ternoon at Overland Parle. The
flight was almost as thrilling as
the wonderful feats performed
several weeks ago at the aviation
field by De Lloyd Thompson.
' The spectators witnessed none
of the daring loop-the-loops and
spiral glides that Thompson
practiced, but the short flight
of Miss Katherine, formerly of
Kansas City was almost as thrill
Miss Stinson started south,
gradually ascending until she at
tained a height of about a
thousand feet. After she had
gone about two miles in the face
of a stiff wind she circled back
toward the grand stand fifteen
hundred feet in the air. The
roar of theengine could be plainly
heard, but the little figure in
the driver’s seat could hardly be
Far to the north she circled,
whirled back toward the field
aud when almost directly above
stopped the engine and made a
perfect glide to the center of the
field, barely missing several high
trees at the uortii end of the
Kansas City Star.
W. A. Long, of the Short
Grass province, brought to the
Herald office the prize stalk of
corn tip to date. It is r.ine feet
nine inches in height, and 51
inches in circumference atbase.
Who can beat it-
Judge Allen Wednesday joined |
in Matrimony B. W. Boque and
Miss Florence Minor,' both of
Maxey. The ceremony was wit
nessed by Mr. and Mrs. Tod
Big fair dance at the Kaiser
hall last Friday night, and we
understand there will be anoth
er next Friday night
Jent and Howell is the firm
name of the recent purchasers
of a McCormick corn binder, and
Geo. Baker now has one corn
binder less to sell.
On* of The Great Features of
the Eair.
It Can Be Made One of tho
Greatest Ever Seen In
Eastern Colorado.
Of what Constituted, of How
Arranged, of Its Proportions,
and Some of Its Strik
ing Features.
All This of Every Neighborhood
Will Make Itself and Its
Products a Part of
That Big Pro
cession. ,
It is too early to tell what the
parade will be, but it is net too
early to tell what it ought to be.
This short sketch of the pa
rade is largely suggestive of
such a parade as Baca county
should this .year have, and that
is easily possible.
One of the features of that pa
rade—the (louts, were touched
upon last week. Since writing
that article, several neighbor
hoods have iin formed us that,
they were going after that $25.00
prize, and that if they didn’t get
the prize they would get a whole
lot of neighboihood glory and
advertising out of it.
, As a matter of fact, if every
neighborhood will turn out with
I a float, and each iloat is made to
represent some particular and
different feature of Baca coun
ty scenes, industries and activ
ities, as indicated last week and
recommended by the committee,
that will he the one striking fea
ture of the parade, and will
make the parade a remarkable
one; and there ought to be at
least fifty of those lloats.
Another feature of Ihe parade
might he ail old soldiers’ divi
sion, either cavalry or infantry,
in connection with a Spanish war
division, also either cavalry or in
' fantry-
Another feature wants to be
pit auto division, in which should
be every auto in the county, with
any kind of banner displays
desired. In this division might
be included every motorcycle
and every bike in the county.
Another feat,u re of that 1
parade wants to be a strong bus
iness representation, both of
business at home and abroad.
In this representation wants to
be every business industry in the
county. |
Eve-y store in the county'
wants a representation of its
wares, with any striking, or
unique features in connection
therewith as maybe desired.
In fact for th<* most attractive,
striking, or unique display in
this line we believe a $5.00
prize would be appropriate, and
would recommend such action on
the part of the committee.
Other industri is than stores
are newspapers, broomcorn and
hay-baling machines, all kinds of
farm improvements and devices,
including buggies, carriages aiSd
wagons, all kinds of household ac
tivities', which might include an
old-fashondd quilling bee: and
diverse other things that di'-’ersc
people can and will contrive and
bring out in that parade.
The professions don’t want to
be forgotten—lawyers, doctors
dentists, school teachers- a par
ticularly good place for all to got
in their handy work.
A troop of lads and another of
lassies would be inspiring.
And we want to keep on men
tioning the fact tli it if wory pho
nograph in the county wen* in
that parade and doing full duty
it would give to it an attraction
as fascinating as it would be
How long the parade will be
would be impossible of conjec
ture; but we see no reason why
it should fall short of a mile, and
do believe that a live-mile parade |
is easily possible. I
Next week will contain a talk
on some of the special features
of the fair, and each issue until
the fair is finally pulled off will
be a red-hot fair issue. Get on
board now and keep in touch
with 1 he time.*.
I hereby submit my.- If as a
candidate for county Supcrinterd
ent of Public Instruction on the
democratic- ticket, subject to
the primaries. I have a first,
grade certificate from Baca
county; and first giades from
Kansas and Idaho.
1 have had two years of work
in the Idaho State Normal, and
hold a professional graduation.
I have taught successfully in
each of the three states.
I shall try to see the voters be
fore the primary, but respectful
ly solicit your patronage if l am
pot able to do so.
If I am so fortunate as to get.
the nomination and election 1
pledge you my best effort in giv
inga good administration of our
J. S. Jent.
Uncensored Facts
Something for the Democrats to
Take Home and
Think About.
Democrats of the county, we
want to put up a few packages,
in the way of questions, for you
to take home.
Do you believe this Democrat
combine was in the interests of
the party so intended?
Do you believe the three
county officials were in the line
of their several duties when they
went into that combine, either in
serving t he party or serving the
Do you believe that county
officials should go out of their
way to interfere in the allairs
of others, if by so doing they can
profit by it financially or other
Do yon believe that county
officials, or other combines,
should control the newspapers
i of the county?
I Do you believe that if the
three county officials, witii the
other two, had not gone into
that combine, the party in the
county would haye gone to the
j eternal bow-wows?
Do you believe that it is to the
interest of the party for half a
dozen in a Tammany combine to
dictate its nominees?
Do you believe in a Murphy
[Tammany combine for Baca;
1 county?
Do you believe that it is in the
interest of the party to have a
combine that is ready to knife
any candidate that they eav.’t
control, or that is not to their
Do yon know time there is a
candidate now for nomination
that the combine, and those in
harmony with its rule-or-ruin
policy, will knife to a man in the
November election, if lie gets the
pi imary nomination?
Do yon know that there are
two candidates now for-nomina
tion who would have the iil will
and opposition of these rule-or*.
ruin so-called democrats, if they
had refused to report to the
assembly that indorsement res
olution that was handed to them
by some of the combine outfit?
Do you know that there /si
now a certain candidate for nom
ination who was disignated by j
the combine for the sole purpose
of getting revenge on a certain
other candidate who refused to
bow the knee to Baal, and would
n't ho dictated to?
Do you know that half a dozen,
who afterwards organized tin*
combine, a year ago, with the
motto “united we stand, divided
we fall,” undertook the nihilation
of the chairman and secretary of
the county committee, for dar
ing to go counter no their wish
Do you know that the combine
then took the chairman back into
their graces, had him turn their
grindstone till their knives were
good and sharp, and then sent
him over their shoot tlie-shoots
$25.00 PRIZE.
Each precinct in Baca Countv
is urged to prepare at least one I
wagon or “Float’* depicting some
rural seen, setting forth in an
artistic manner, the ’pursuitsand
the products of Baca County. 1
Said Float to form part of the
Grand Parade wi ich will he held
on at least one of the clays the j
Fair is to be heldat Springfield on
Sept. 16, 17, and 18. For any
: further information addre ss Sec
retary of the Baca County Fair,
Springfield, Colorado.
v <> wv»<’Of *
rapids to join theothrr victims of i
their Murph.yized combine?
Do you know that a year ago
Hie war cry was the grout Knight
victory for the party, and what
the party must do for him by.
reason thereof: and that when he *
could be of no farther s.-rvicu to ■
tlie Tammany outlii, the party j
purifiers shot him over their •
shoot the shoots rapids and were |
forever done with him? *
Do you know that time com-I
[ bine organizers ami party pui
i tiers went to a <■«»i;nt.v official]
! with a $1 ..">00 job, ;;nd gave* lum to 1
| understand that i' lie didn’t waul j
|a knife in Iris back, wanted to
I get another whack at that si, ">00 I
job, and add the plunder of;
newspaper profits in Baca conn- .
ty to his nice 81, ‘.00 county sal
ary, he must get inside of the!
combine, put up the dough on
the “officials” pjjper, and helpj
them —the oi'gai.i;> iand pur
ifiers, slaughter the Herald and
its editor?
Do you know that these. party
purifiers rounded up delegates
in five out of ten of the precincts
of the county, had twenty live ot
these present in the assembly,
and there ran through just one,
more indorsement of their affi
cials paper—that the combine
might not perish from ihe Ore
Of the earth? T'
Do you know Hvit : ihe-c.
twenty live delegutes,~tw«nt v <>j
whom voted to sustain tin* - <>m
bine, not one of them Outside of
the combine itself knew that
such a combine; existed, or had a
suspicion that three county of
ficials were implicated in it, or
that three of the six sworn to as
owners oI’ tin* Democrat haven't
a dollar in it, and never did
Lastly but not loastly, do yon
konow there are no dark passages
shady transactions or ‘ hidden
secrets” in the officials c inbim
and their “organ” and that there
is no threatening, browbeat ing or
bulldozing, .mil that everything
is open and above board?
If not, there isn’t a better
time to acquaint yourself with
the facts in the case than right
t now.
West Flats
Sam .lent is enjoying a visit j
from his brother ami family of
Wamego. Ivans.
M r. < 'lommens i.x on, ;ng :
well for Bill Garrison
Mrs. Archie McIvelUw visited I
at W. .1. Ka.\ s Iasi Friday.
Mr. Sloan and son are here ,
visiting io's daughter, M is. Glus
Air. aiiil Mrs. (Campbell and
Mi and Mrs. Evans of v Barber I
Jo. Kan . are in this vicinity I
looking !'<>r meations.
A. K. Unwell and Sam dent
have comiimnced binding feed
for Archie Me Keller.
Short Grass
Miss Am..i Heagney returned j
to her lionn in Chicago Saturday.
Rev. Nidey and family visited!
with George Harmon and fam
ily Sunday.
John Sacket and Lee Tru.
sol ma c a trip to the north ce
dars last week.
p.ir.and .Mrs. Grifiis re nrned t
tb ir id aim Satuiday.
.Mr. B:n‘ou was a
vis t r one day last week.
11 and -Vi > \V. A Lo..
d no ! • it'; M r. and Mr U. '
ui C -unday.
Guilty (???) Charged
I Baca County Murphyized
! As Foul and as Dirty a Piece of
Work us Was Ever Pulled off ;
in the Dirtiest of Wald
Tho County Democratic Assem
bly Hoodwinked and Gulled,
I and the Democrats and Good
People of the County Be
trayed, Insulted and
Who the Guilty Parties Are.
The gulling of the county dem
ocratic assembly in the year of
11914, at the instigation or con
nivance tf an officials’ newspaper
I combine, for the double purpose
of adding the profits of the news- i
I paper business in the county to
j their salaries as county officers!
and of controlling the newspa-
I pers and'thc party situation in
1 the county, is going to be remem
i bered for many years to come, a
‘ long with some other foui means I
| used for crushing competition,
i The incubation in the first]
i place ol tins official combine con-!
, stitutos a pm sage in Baca county!
history that is w ithout a parallel j
| in the coun.y.
Of such a discreditable nature]
j was it that its instigators!
; sought to hide unde, the cover
, of a false affidavit of ownership
, in order that their names would I
, not be connected with the trans
. action, and that their editor was
i induced to put his name to an af
fidavit that would not stand the
. acid test of the courts.
; The Herald in its issue of the
; 30th ult. made a direct charge
i of the wilful deception of the
public in the Democrat’s affida
. vit of the ownership of that pa
. per, such charge being supported
j onthe evidence of the Democrat's
f*| former owner.
Then we waited a week for
•' the Democrat editor to explain
ijaw dy til6 auL*'‘-r7*
i ’ey with the facts; and the public
f j is still waiting for an explanation
1 [that will hold the “official.*! edit-
Mior” guiltless and blameless, and
i i free from the coils of the Saw.
r As stated on the previous oc
s casion, in the affldivit of owner
: ship ihe editor of the Democrat
' swore that six certain persons
were the sole and only owners of
i. that paper, while the evidence
si in the case, as foimerly stated,
i is in effect that three of the par
■ i ties named havn’t got a dollar’s
• financial entcrest in it,and never
i i did have, and tha. two persons
- not named, with good fat coun
ity jobs, did have their nion
■ ey in the Democrat at tiie time
i that affidavit was sworn to.
The “officials” Democrat has
stated on diverse occasions that
in the conducr and management
[of its affairs there have been no
dark passages or “hidden se
! crets,” and that all is and always
has been open and above board,
i But now when the Democrat
is called upon for a i explanation
[of that affidavit, it .suddenly for
I gets that in its affairs there has
ibeen no dark passages or “hid
’ den s-*cret-,” and gets so busy
| with its scissors aud paste that it
j hasn't time to so much as to say,
“not guilty.”
Mrs. Adda Konkel is assisting
in the care of the Herald baby
this week.
And these county officials—
when called upon to southern-;
selves right before the public for
their part, in the effort to .nonop-1
olize the newspaper business in
the county, of bringing on a|
newspaper war in their efforts to ;
crush opposition, and of the part, j
they—some or any of them,
played iu that affidavit, they each j
and severally suddenly get so j
busy with tlmir nice cou.nty jobs!
that tlisiv haven’t time to explain !
If these county officials had en
tered the newspaper tieldjoponly,
and announced their inc.grii.ion of
competing for the favors of the
party on the merits of their
paper, and by such means ad
ding t he spoils of the newspaper
business to their several salaries
— all in the interest of harmony,
party unity, and .solidarity, the
public, wouid then at least have
had the advantage of the facts,
and could have acted with ibs
eyes open.
Once more we shall give these
parties, each and severally, an
opportunity to puc tumnselves
right before the public, through
their “officials” organ, 1 lind hope
they may be able to explain
away Iheir relations to this Baca
county Tammany combine, and
affidavit ol ownership, in such a
way as to show themselves
guiltless of any intended wrong
The people of Ihe county par
ticularly who elected these coun
ty officials are anxious to know
that their purported relation to
I the combine, contrary to the
affidavit, Is a malignity, and
i without a foundation of fact.
Six niilen
South of Vilas
Mr. and Mrs. Scrivner and
j daughter, Mrs. Clark, went to
Artesia Sunday to visit Walt
I Clark.
i Watermelons are begining to
j get ripe at Richland.
Siil! we talk of a Richland
Nixon Rich this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood and
! Mr. and Mrs. Doughty took din
ner with Harry Walker’s Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Huffman, Rich’s,
Finley and Dickey's doolc dinner
at the C. C school house and vis
ited till Endeavor time. A pro
gram was carried out.
Mrs. Dunn, who has been vis
iting her son Ray, has returned
to her home in Kansas.
Miss Jordon returned to Wichi
ta after a pleasant visit with
Miss Kelly.
Mrs. J. N. Miller has returned
to Wichita.
Mrs. C. L. Stough and daugh
j ter Ethel went to Elkhart last
, week', and thence to Wichita.
The new voting precinct, No.
10, is 14 by lc miles, or _!. 2
i square miles, some voters will
have to go 1*5 miles to vote —30 for
the round trip.
Walker Bros, have corn in
their field twelve feet tall.
A line rain the 4th helped the,
The Walker Brass have gone
! to Kansas to bu.\ cattle.
The blocks for the new post ,
office are being ban Id today.
$1.25 Per Year.
It still rains in “ole Baoa ”
Roy Cofield and A. Cortner re
turned from the Harvest fields
last week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Vivian
Hecon a boy—August 4th.
Thu club met at Mrs. Fager’a
| Thursday afternoon, Angust 6th,
I with a fairly good attendance.
The next meeting will be with
I Miss Zula Elley, August 20th.
Merle Wellman returned from
Kansas last week.
Several in our neighborhood
are pulling broomcorn.
Rev. Fred Johnson and wife
spent Saturday night with I. O.
Pager and family.
Harry Gray ham and Walter
Thomas went to Elkhart for
Freight last week.
Sandy Soil.
John Neal has corn well en
ough matured to feed to his hogs.
Albert Reynold, John Saeket,
(ieorge Harmon, and Mr. Ruth
raugh have all got back from
the harvest fields.
Ciias. Collier, wife and little
son Paul called on John Neal
and family Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Babcock was an over night
visitor at John Neal’s Friday
Cedren Reynolds made a trip
to the county seat Saturday.
Marsh & Whitaker were in the
Canons Saturday looking after
u well drill.
The br vomcorn in this part of
i I he country is heading.
: Dr. Edler is on the puny list.
John Neal and little son Tom
my have gone to the cedars.
Pretty Prairie.
I A heavy hail storm passed
> through last Wednesday evening
; which left some sorry-looking
crops in its track. Gardens and
1 chickens were distroyed.
Those whose broomcorn escap
‘ ed the worst of the hail are
| very busy pulliag their brush,
K -vhichTs 'hf a Rood qnnHty-.
Mrs. Evans and wife of Nasli
1 ville. Kails., and Mr. and Mrs.
■ C. C. Campbell of Isabel, Kans.,
■ autoed out from their respective
■ homes and spent the past week
"! at 14. N. Corrie’s. They were
out hunting a location, and have
gone further west to look at the
Jno. M. Johnston’s barn and
Chas. Medley’s house were
. I struck by lightning the past
I week.
M rs. Sam Florey has been vis
iting (he past, week at the John
i j ston’s.
The hail plugged the bulk of
II the watermelon crop in this
. neighborhood.
Mrs. E. Lepel and daughter
, Minnie visited Chas. Wilson's
Ed Stapleton anil Chas. Wil
1 son went to Lamar this week.
Mrs. Nevitt and Mrs- Hollis
ter visited Mrs. >dda Koukel’s
, 1 Monday.
The Misses Louise Schweizer
, and Minnie Lepel are attending
the Normal at Springfield.
Louise and Emma Schweizer
visited Chas. Wilson’s Sunday.
Broomcorn pulling has begun
in this vicinity.

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