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The Springfield herald. (Springfield, Baca County, Colo.) 1887-1919, November 27, 1914, Image 4

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[F SALE-‘ 100 "ins', im cherry
ee », 50 and 25 cents each,
dhey are first class in every I
respect; ready to heel in for
;p'ing planting.
E. K-rerson, Springfield.
Mr. Daniels and daughter,
living southwest, were trading
in town the first o K -
H. G. Wilson oi the Cimarion
sojourned in tow <>vei Monday
Both of the Green mail cars
V re loaded Tuesday with home
Mrs. Loveall and daughter
Pearl are visiting relatives in
Kansas and Oklahoma.
(J. G. Patterson and family
ate thanksgiving dinner at the
Rinehart dinner -'ation.
A. Brother ot the McNiclili
Bros, is here from Staffou
h alts, visiting friends and rel
A brother of Don Van Wormer
< Rolla, Kans., was in the cov.n
the first of the week on real
itate business.
Dick Wright of Fstelene
s >ent his thanksgiving in
h pringfield. and Mrs. Wright
lent hei> r.amar,
R. O. Nance of Slonington ha
ined the happy Herald family;
d we liave room for a few
or.- good Stonirgton people.
Jas. A. Tamer of Whittle',
alif., an old-time Baca county
.is here visiting relatives and
ime acquaintances,
oscoe Kemper was currying
inn in a sling the lirst ol '-hi
\ got it bruised in attemp.-
, (.j head off his team ounday.
,i . McMellon and C. S.
of Hudson, loa., were
Oiling over the country the
rat of the week, and also vis
vlng tlie doctor’s brother who
ves southwest.
If the population south and west
days wit'i us, Springfield pre
tinct iu 1916 wi ! cas‘ 6 0 v tee.
E. Lepel and sun George ol
;os ton, were in town Wtdnes
ray. The T,epels, besides be
ing sto.kmen, are among the
most thorough and extensive
farmers in the county.
H. K. Ellis of Stonington, who
is the same H. K. Ellis whether
he wins or loses, either at a game
of dice, which he never plays, or
at a game of politics, went to the
trouble and expense of bringing
Charley Woolley and Jay Nance
to town, to get a little more land
for himself and to give the boys j
a little outing. Judge Allen dir!
the rest of it.
Four loads of Springfield peo
ple took an outing to the cedars
Sunday, gone all day, and took
53 camera views of the cedars
country,. The party consisted ot
tile following: R. L. Hethock
and family, A. A. Denney and
f mily, The Misses Amy Me
l - re,Ruth HomsVier, Ella Land,
E liter Wallace, Mamie Rose,
1 ,r! Faeer, and Mrs. Glasgow;
a. J Messrs. Fred Speyers,
I to Wade, Roy Deuney, Herb
!i tusher, Hayes, and Floyd
1 »rfcer.
It Pays.
~ o fTi 'u |
4* J ’.I
■ ‘ Lamar, Colorado.
I -IQ I T3QI 1 «
ihe Star Lumber Co. j
Elkhart, Kansas
a «i=eyor=a
The strike
situation in in vour win
the Colorado -—?
coal Fields S2L2. —. 9U PPiX
has changed while the
i very little from grice_isj££
last winter. * and while it is
From all indi- pnnnibe to get
cations at the U We have
present time about lhOtoT^
the coal situa- n# S ugarite 2
• tion this year —— . “
. O will be as bad Canonntstor;
or worse than H age now,
last year.
Ol tn
g Anything in Onr Line. §
Lower Prices on Ford Cars.
Effective August Ist 1914 to August Ist 1915 and
guaranteed against any reductions during that
time All cars fully equiped f. o. b Detroit.
Runabout - - $440
Touring Car - - $490
Town Car - - - $690
| (In th« United States of America only)
I Buyers to Share In Profits.
All retail buyers of new Ford Cars from Augus)
Ist 1914 to August Ist 1915 will share in the pro
fits of the company to the extent of $4O to $6O per
j car, on each car they buy, provided: we sell and
deliver 300,000 new Ford cars during that time
Ask us for particulars.
Fori Motor Company
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On their way to Wheeler—Weeks, j
•puq i X
Traded With
Mm. (Ho. -
[llam— j—t«BTTr—aPF—rsaOEal j
I !
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Polk Go. Mo.; 7 miles to railroad;
well improved; all rural conven
iences; wellfenoed; well watered;
good soil; school; church; incum
brance $4,000. Want Southeast
Colorado ranch land. Must be
Worth price. Address, Harry
|T. West Realty Co., Bolivar,
Missouri, d 6-9
I |
; I
STMT 00* 1
Red 3 year old cow branded i
■a left hip; strayed from my I
home on Butte Creek about two j
weeks ago. $5.00 reward for!
recovery of cow.
N. 8. Sprague,
33-9 Maxey, Colo. !
IWA T> f What I 8 lt
| WAJ\! All About?
UAS the whole world gone stark mad over a very foolish and trivia)
question? Are swords rattling, cannon rumbling, mailed armour
glistening just because Russia wanted to show her love for the little
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Stetso Hats Star Brand Shoes,
**»Geo. (\. Bal^er<®»
! GLUT if IMG || I
The Place |
What You Want,
| #1 FLOUR «nd FEED g
i Binding Twine
Barbed Wire |||
Springfield, Colo. \ jjjr
M c G° r mic (iJorn finders 3 JVfowers.
Whenßuyingßuy the Bestat T)
Full Value for u-r Merer at EL Fk 0,
■■ESSBHmMHj High Dollar for You
Means Success fer Me
Baca« County « Anciioee:
««anin a too, Colo.
Phone, Call or write me or make ar
rangements at the
* ** Colo,
General Merchandise
Good Service and Best Quality
Flour Feed itititk
Stock felt
Full line of Groceries
fJry Goods
We Guarantee both the
Quality of Our Goods and
**** -«Pri... ****
W. J. BlacMnim, r.
•fig B. B. Brown, Pres. A. N. Parrish, Vice-Pres. if?
j W. C. Gould, Cashier.
$ ] Jfftrfit Nattmtaßank j° %
Lamar, Colorado.
. Capital Stock $50,000.00
■ijj* Surplus - - $35,000.00 M
We take special pains in the handling: of all good business ||s;
«1. R. B. Brown, A. N. Parrish, Jg,
‘Sr immiarß: W. C. Gould, M. D. Thatcher,
T. M. Brown. ig^-
—■W-THE-T’ —
Pioneer 3 tore
| HARDWARE, sampson wind mills.
j ******** Best prices, goods considered. ********
When in Springfield try the
For a Clean Bed or Something Nice to Eat.
Bread and Pies to suit the taste
Give asu-r order For a nice D/IKE ToT^ e M
Picture Frames made to order from first-class Material.
R. L. Hethcock, Proprietor.
Formerly the Burton Restau-
♦fc rant - ♦ ♦
Clothing Cleaned, Pressed; + +
and Mended, + <►
NEW QUARTES ""'..i'Mt.i ßG E

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