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The Springfield herald. (Springfield, Baca County, Colo.) 1887-1919, April 02, 1915, Image 4

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David Konkel was in from his
ranch Saturday.
I,ee Knox and son Lyle were 1
county-seat visitors Saturday.
Torn Oxenreider, the “weir’
man, was one of the throng here
Kemey Jones, brother of the
Jones boys, is here from Mt.
Home, Ark.
R. I. Johnson made his weekly
delivery of butter to town peo
ple Saturday.
'Ate Misses Mamie and Hanna
and James Herbert were over
from Blaine test Saturday.
L Burton will soon have a
well drilled, and will then make
it Springfield windmill No. 30.
Subscribe for the Herald and
you will form the acquaintance
of all the good people of Baca
W. P. Scott, auctioneer, Two
Buttes dam, and son-in-law Mc-
Coid, were in Springfield Friday |
on businets. i
Full line of horse collars, sweat l
pads, lines and bridles at the
Holly Harness Shop, Richard
son’s Old Stand, Holly, Colo.
s2.6o—money of the realm, |
puts Mrs. R. W. McFarland ofl
Herrington, Kans., od the first,
floor and on the Brussels carpels
up to December, 1016.
The Campo Tel. Co. held a
meeting on the 27th ult., at
which arrangements were
made to push the line fi-om this
on. The company this week re
ceived an installment of phones.
Vanwormer and Terry of Two
Buttes were in town on the 27tli
By the Sentinel ws learn that
they sometimes come in, when
less than a year in arrears, and
presumedly a little bit off, and
say, "make it two years.”
Capt. Vanorsdol brought in a
load of corn from his Bellview
place Saturday. He raised 600
bushels, along with a big crop of
maize, cane, etc., last year.
H. C. Kaiser now has a hen
proof fence aronud his new
premises. He will erect a wind
mill and go after another garden.
Last year his garden was among
the best in the county.
Judge Herbert dropped in
Saturday to chat with the Her- J
aid and to urge the commercial
club to go after a certain high-1
class young lawyer of Kansas
City, which the club has proceed
ed to do.
R. G. Cotton and Dick W right
bought over 100 head of horses
of Stockman Ed. Tanner lact
week. Good work horses and
many of them mareß. if in
n ed of anything iu that line,
they can supply you.
We placed a nice Turkish rug
on the famous Bru-scls fo.- Judge
Herbert on the 27th ult., for
whieh he payed duwn the mon,
to pay the rent for the year
to come. We still have room for
one more on our Blaine list. I
I will be in your vicinity cas-j
trating colts the first cf May.
Originals a specialty. I will call
on you if you drop me a card in l
time. Prices right. I have nev
er lost a colt inall n,' f> a; i; e.
Ralph Nicholas
d 4-6 Two Buttes, Colo
Qnamntine Regulations
We have been handed quaran
tine order No. 10, issued under
authority of a proclamation of
the governor, the said guaran
tee taking effect on the 25th
ult., and hereby give the sub
stance of such parts of the quar
antining as concern our read
I. No domestic animals of any
kind can be brought into the
state except from New Mexico, j
Texas, Arizona, California, Or
egon, Washington, Idaho, Ne-|
vada, Utah, and Wyoming. I
All the rest of the regulations j
relate to the disinfecting of,
stock cars before being.brought
Into the state. (
As nothing is said of vehicles |
crossing the line, apparently
such con id be brought up to the
state line, and by a rape or chain
pulled across by a team on this
side. Tbe team mt the other
aide woe Id Aen go back and tbs
team on iMa side bring tbe ve
hicle. leaded or otherwise, to its
John Schmidt of Fisher, Kans. 1
rakes up basement quarters with
the Herald this week, and prom
isL's to come on up at the end of
his probation
For first-clas» harness work
call at the Holly Harness Shop
Richardson’s Old Stand, Holly,
Colo. d 4 •
/ ?o=o=o=»rs.
> Representing the Continental 2
Insurance Co. ol New York. II
Insure Your Stock, Buildings, and
grain against damage or loss by fire
lightning or hail.
j aogan^ 3o^
Lee Holmes, Prop.
Prepared to do all kinds of work. Well Casing a Specialty.
Good Work Reasonab e Prices j
——— ————- i
Hardware, Implements, Wagons,
Buggies, Harness, and Well Material
We handle the Townley Tools and the
R T. Frazier Saddles and Harness.
Quality Unexcelled Springfield Colo.
Stetson Hats Star Braid Shoes.
•saQeo. (L BaKer«*
i® «iin® s
The rHacfc
What You Want. §
Binding Twine 2K
Barbed Wire jffl
Springfield, Colo. |HQJI
McComick Corn Binders and Mowers
Whenßuyingßuythe Bestat
Full Value for u-r Monev at IY ti tl U.
Horses and Mules for Sale
Will treat you right.
Dilingham & Wagner
'Spring field. Colo.
1 Judge Allen and Com Speck
man lmvo been at Lamar durinsr
the week gettinpr a plat of the
county, which will each day he
checked by mal! reports.
Chan. Wilson and son of Bos-
I ton took grain lo lamar'the first
j of the Week.
p=lOJ ■», .Ejj
| The Star Lumber Co.
II Elkhart, Kansas
3 °T
|| ■. n . j&l .
■I Do not think II in mighty
B because we II handv f or
a have had a II several months
I f f w Pleasant || tWe hand „
I days that the ns , e Canon Car
g winter weath- II bon Lump
I er is all over. II and Nigger
I A good pile of II Head Nut.
A coal will come II ■—■■■- M
8 tst U ’W n
I »■
g Anything in Our Line. !
L= ■
O. O-
Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing
Sriiigiield Colo.
These are the cows that gave
The milk that made the cream
j T hi. t. the car that mart...
the cream that made the butter
« V.-
Wtirrlrr Sc USkritH are the men with
the Store that carries the Goods
that Supplies the Trade of the
| Men with the Cows, Etc,
More and more every day Ford
cars become the necessity for ev
erybody—a utility in both city and
country. Their great usefuluess
is a part of the daily fife of all the
people, through giving universal
service with univercal economy.
Retail buyers ol new Ford rrorn August
1914 to August 1015 will share in profits if
300,000 are sold in that time. Ask us for
particulars. Keep in mind the simplicity
in operation and economy in upkeep—less j
Itnan two eanta a mile.
Runabout $440; Touring car $490; Town nM
car $690? Ooupelet *750; Sedan $976, com- ' '1 M
pletely equipped, f. o. b. Detroit. §
| Oa display and sale at I
j ' w j
| A Complete Stock |
| Of Building Material |
g At All Times §
§ Let Us Figure Your Bills.
§ Lamar, Colorado, jg
§ A I
■ The High Dollar for You
w Means Success for Me.
w. aTtbompson
Bid n Count; « liitlnetr
Stonington, Colo.
Phone, Call or write me or make ar
rangements at the
Sp-ingfield, Colo.
■fa* W. C. Gould, Pr». B. B t Bbown, Viee-Pre.
W. W. Cooper, Ouhler.
W mi— .■M a .ii.B»«minniiW»!—nBwm
5 Jjfftrat NatUmal lank | J
j# Lamar, Colorado. #
'll* Capital Stock $50,000.00
S Surplus - - $35,000.00
W. Uk. ipwial pain, in the handling of an good boiiiM.
#wy 1... .l B. B. Bbown, A. N. Pabbibn, Jf
sirrnnra: w. c. gould, m. d. thatchbb,
, John H. Thatchkb
6. •. Esklss, Prss. Liam Halt, Vis* Pr*i. ||
ij! Sam Holt, Csshltr. ||
I; Springfield, Colorado ||
I Capital Stock 10,000.00 If
Pay Your Bill with a Check and you will
| 1 have a receipt. ||
m 'On and after Jan. 1, 1915, 1 *
will Sell for CASH and you can '-kMp
Bave money by buying at Den- AA
iM&. ney’s. Here are some of the Oit
Af priCKS
yf. 3 cans corn 25cts.
3 cans No. 2. tomatoes.. .25 “
2 •• “3 - 25 “ Ml
$$ Hominey 10 cent price can.
Krout 10 “ AA
•jEW Salmon 15 4PW
(r 6 bars white soap 25cts. kML
3 “ toilet 25 “ W#
Iht 144 lb sugar $l.OO At
Hams 20 cts. per ft W
Bacon 23 “ kMf-
Salt meat 18.
Alltther goods in proportion. n

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