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Vol. XXIX. No. 2
A new daily democratic paper is
said about to be launched at Den
ver. Here’s hoping for its early
We are glad to announce to our
readers that the Lamar band has
been secured for the big three
days’ fair.
That it takes something more
than men to win a battle is evi
denced bv the way the Russians
have been getting out of the
range of the German armies.
The trouble with Russia is it has
n’t got the factories.
It looks very much now as if
Germany intends to establish
her winter headquarters at Pet
rograd. When Kaizcr Wilhelm will
probably want an explanation
from the Czar as to why he took
the liberty tp change the name of
that little berg.
Tie- Gre;.- (' mt.y Huild'r la it
uei-k n».i to tn.e IH9O impres
sin...- to get Knoll printed, and at
tit's »! itmu H looks as II we wnud
have to do tii" same this week.
It’s this way: 030 pa pets to
print, euc,, pap. r having three
By the scare headlines of re
cent dailies we learn that Mexico
had a scheme of inciting a revo
lution across the line in Texas
tor the purpose of getting a slice
of Texas bock into Mexico. Mani
festly, those Mexicans havn’t
beard that Carlson is preparing
the militia for just such an
“War’s end will put U. S. in
grave peril, says Senator Dick.
Demands militia of a million men
and standing army of 256,000 to
repel trossible invasion by the
gteat Europeon powers.’’ Such
was tile scare head lines to a last
week’s associated press dispatch.
We are hoping that Governor
Carlson will have the state guard
looking so lierce by tiiai time
that when the Europeon powers
see them tliey’U run for their
The poLs for the Campo lele
phone line were brought over
from Elkhart last week, and
v ork on the construction of the
line we suppose will begin at
once. It is our prediction that
when this phone line connects
with the Kenton line it will do a
business proportionate with the
Springfield-Lamar line, and that
it will be a paying proposition
from the start. The editor of
the Herald reserves the right to
be the first one to sa.v “hello”
over vlie line when it is finished.
Cimarron Cut-off
August 16
There was a large attendance
at Pleasant Valley Sunday school
The new song books have ar
rived, and everyone enjoyed the |
DeanW. Richards was among |
the visitors at Sundav school and I
took charge of the Sunday school
and took charge of thebible class
in the absence of the teacher.
Il was a rare treat for ah.
D A Grace, brother of Mrs.
R.,ark, and D. A. Bu kner, a
cousin of Mrs. Rcark, from Bu
got on, are spending a few days
in Jolonu o and attended Sunday
Mr. ant. Mrs. A O. E ! nunds
of Liberal, Kans., are visiting
their niece. Mrs. Emma Baker,
who recently returned to her
Mr. IrlCurry and Mr. Ackers
have returned fromharvest.
Virgil G. Sutttn brought out a
Joint Deere row binder from Elk
hart last week. He and Dick
Kelley are both building granar
els, and ore exchanging work.
[This letter came Wednesday
noon, and as all the other letters
came earlier, we are enabled to
get it in. We would like to get as
many letters on Monday as possi
The Springfield Herald
By Way Of Elkhart
Sherriff Long and the editor
last week took a trip through the
eastern and souther . part of
the county, and over into Kansas
as far as Elkhart, in tfc. interest
of the Baca county fair.
The first place we drew rein
was i lie live-wire town of Ston
ington, where are the two big
stores of Thompson and Konae),
the blacksmith shop and garage
(being built) of Oaks <fe Son, the
garage of Wes. Alcorn, Barber
shop of R. Templin, the office of
Dr. Hopkins, the restaurant of
R. B Kerr, and other accesso
ries too numerous to mention.
Fin Jing the Tolks all w r ell and
shouting for r greater Baca
county, we hitched up to our old
Ford and drove pell-mell for the
next big store of the county—
town of Wenworth and store and
iuw!office of the same name.
Thed.ive f rom 'hence to Elk
'nit made us acquainted with
some tolerably intolerable road*,
after nearing the river to e.shori
distance this side of Elkhart.
Seme of this road could be
greatly improved b.v a harrow or
drag, hut a good part of it wants
t-» be heavily graveled or gyped.
We were informed while in
Elkhart that the bridge bonds
had been sold, and that it was
the intention of the town of Elk
hart to put the road in good
shape before the bridge is built.
The one striking thing about
Elkhart is the building boom,
bouses botti business and resid
ence, and all over town —some-
thing as ft is in Springfield today.
Probably though the most
striking feature of this trip to
Elkhart was the number of Baca
county freighters that were met
on the way —going in i»nd com
ing out. We estimated that we
met two dozen of them between
th§ river and Elkhart—coming
The first town on our return
trip the next day was the well
known town of Richards, which
has lately been trying to take
from Stoningtqn. its place as
third in the county, while Ston
ington at the same time lias been
stealthily trying to steal to sec
ond place.
Here is the Richards big store,
and as usual Mr. Richards was up
to his ears in business—doing
his best to wait on his customers.
Over in the block north we found
our old friend Forest Mitchell—
also waiting on customers.
In the block towards the rising
sun we found Charley Malmberg
trying to pound the stuffin out
of a piece of iron. We don’t
know whether Charley has plant
ed the famous chestnut tree or
rot, but if he hasn’t he ought to,
as lie hss the ideal shop.
Campo was the last town in
the round-up. That Campo is
getting to be metropolitan was
evidenced by the fact that the
town band was out on dress par
I The big store that Wheeler
-1 Weeks and the Springfield Her-
I aid have made famous over the
county, bore out its reputation
as a store house of goods. W’hile
the store would be a credit to
any town in the county, the
striking thing about it is the
quick turning of goods. The boys
have teams constantly on the
road to keep up their stock,
which evidences that they are do
ing a tremendous business.
All the. way around on the
trip we found the crops in good
shape, except a narrow strip
tlirough Stonington that was
hailed out; but from Campo this
way we found the best in tie
crop line—crops both the rankest
and the cleanest.
Indeed everything on the trip
indicated big displays at the fair,
as the fair has come to be all the
talk of the people.
Say, that T Vagner hotel is sure
putting on some metropolitan
airs, C. E. Lockwood putting on
some finishing touches byway of
some good sign work the first of
the week.
Strange Inactivity
The following from the Ain?
ust number of the Scientific
American is in almost the exact
words of a recent editorial in the
“If the allies in Fiance me not
strong enough to prevent this
being done, with Germany’s
lines in this theater already great
ly weakened, vvha 1 will they do
if Germany is eventually able to
shift a million or more men to
the west and undertake a second
drive on Paris much more power
ful than that of the first weeks
of the war?”
The Herald's comments on the
strange do-nothingness of the Al
lies —particularly the English,
has also its reflection in the fol
lowing from the same editorial
in the Scientific American:
“More than once in tiieopening
months of the war, when France
was undergoing her supreme
trial, Russian activity in Jie east
saved Fra ce at critical stages of
ner cumiaign. But for three
months tli • fortur.es of war have
steadily gore against Russia un
til to day she is confronted by a
situation so critical as to threat
en disaster not only to her mum ■
army, but to the entire allied |
ca ise, yet France ami England
are doing nothing out of the or
dinary, so far as the world can
see, to checkmate the German
success in the east.” I
...August 9th...
Mrs. Ross Tripplett and child
ren from southron Oklahoma
have been visiting her sister,
Mrs. Earl Kaliler.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Redpatli
and son, Mr. and Mrs. James
Webb and son Irvin, Burr Oarr
Mrs. Bavia Gray Suttin, and
Virgil G. Sutfin, were guests at
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Boas
HamilMn,-all triends attending
Christian Endeaver in the even
An ice cream social will be
given at Pleasant Valley school
house Saturday evenirg, Aug.
21st, in the interest of the Sun
day school. A cordial invitation
is extended to everyone. 1
[Such notices should be given
a week sooner].
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Webb and
son have just returned from
a visit to Oklahoma and Kansas.
They report crops looking fine,
and roasting ears enjoyed; but 1
Cimarron Cut-Off is supplying
roasting ears also.
Crops looking prosperous.
A Small Blaze in Springfield
The most severe electric storm
of the season passed over Baca j
county Friday night. A contin
uous sheet of lightning played
over the heavens and in some,
parts of the county rain fell in
great torrents. Thunder claps
were deafening, and no doubt
many of the bolts in the path of
the storm found their mark.
Here in Springfield one of the
bolts found its way down the
flue to the Mrs. Clauson restau
rant, threw down the stovepipe,
and set fire to the partition wad |
in the building, the shock ren-i
dering Mrs. Clauson unconscious
for a short time.
The schoolma’ain roomers at
Miss Clara Alexander’s were the
first on the scene, and the way
they did holler fire showed them
to have good lungs as well as
i good heads.
Miss Clara and ‘heeditor fared
ab.»ut the worst, they each in
turn falling broadsides in the
mini, the former while on her
way to rouse the Central hotel
people, the latter.with a bucket
ol w a tier, the bucket
going up while the editor was
I going down.
| Finally by the combined help
of say two dozen good people
the fire was extinguished, after
its having done probably $100
worth of damage.
Mrs. Clauson had the house
insured by t.hecompany of which
, W. M. Stewart is the agent here,
so her loss is principally in the
business she had temporarily to
turn away after the fire.
North Flats
J. L. Blackwood had his wh-at
[threshed Monday.
J. N. Jones Went to Lamar
Tuesday with a load of wheat.
Messrs B»nj. and .Jesse Bat
tles returned from the cedars
Miss Belle Moorehcad was vis
iting in tiiis vicinity the last of
the week, staying over Saturday
night with Mae Wier.
Levi Cramer returned from
Ok’ahoma Thursday.
P. W. Hallmark and wife and
C. J. Casper ahd wife spent Sun
day with Mae Wier.
Messrs. L. C., .Jackson, Deputy
U. S. Marshall, and C. L). Jack
son, hi others of L. \V. Jackson,
were Baca cou ity visitors last
Me<(lames Geo. and Suda Bray
have gone to Elkhart to meet rel
The contest | between Monson
and Cramer was decided ir: Mrs. !
Crain* r's favor.
Some rainy weather we are j
having. <
Rev. Hazel preached here Sun
day and church‘was well attend
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graham ’
attended church Sunday with <
their infant daughter.
Mrs. Fager is expecting her i
brother from California the last
of the week.
Mr. Vincent’s new house will
soon be completed. We are hop
ing Henry will dedicate it with a .
Twenty eight tuok dinner with
Mr. Fager's Sunday, lea cream
was served after a bounteous din
Mr. ‘ioberteou is expecting
his brother, wife and children
from Oklahoma any day now.
Otto Doty wfts ./sen autoing in
the Wentworth neither hood Sun
Good morning to you all.
Mr. W. J. Barnard. and son
have gone to Oklahoma after
their cattle.
f Alvin and Lay da Russell have
gone to Kansas to visit their sis
ter, Mrs. Fisher.
Mr. Osteen of Richards is ex
pected in this neighborhood about
the first of September, and will
drill wells for Arnold, Crotts,
Mason. Ookely, and Blites.
Crops are fine. Corn in roast
ing ears. Things are sure look-1
ing good in these parts
Georgia Philips and Gertie
Barnard visited Matie Masoi
last Monday.
I Mrs. O. G. Mason and Mrs
• Maud Golden were tiading in
town Saturday
Sunday school at Horseshoe
Sunday evening. Everybody
come out. Let's start things go
ing again.
C. Wilson is putting in a ce
ment floor in his house this
It won’t be long till we will see
dem watermelons «i smiling on de
| vine.
Lei.’s boost the fair. Come, j
{people, let's get; together and j
talk about that float.
Prof J. E. Sanders came upj
from his ranch Tuesday to attend J
the teachers’ examination.
Otto Smith toe* in the show, i
Olaff Baldwin, nephew of I W
Daniel, of Missouri, came out
last week and is taking the exam
ination. Young Baldwin holds a I
Missouri .-*ate certificate
Glen Murphy, son of Mr. and j
Mrs. Jesse Murphy, living south j
of town, who l.as been danger
ously il 1 , is now believed to be
out of danger.
Auctioneer Russell and 1*. V.
Hilleinan were pleasant Herald
sanctum visitors on the 14th, on
the return from Lamar with lum
ber and household goods.
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholson on the
1 ith returned from their extend
ed visit eastwardly, and report
that they enjoyed the trip im
Good morning,' Mr. Herald.
Back- again after a few weeks ab
We are having lots of rain and
crops look tine,
Mr. and Mrs. Tho?. Brown and
daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Wen
Jordan went to the cedars
McCullough Bros, made a bus
iness trip to Kenton, Okla., this
The Carrisso and Clyde mail
carrier will begin carrying the
mail for the new postoffice atoe
ton Monday.
Now we have tho new post
oftice, we all want to boost for
the new school house.
Elva Uokley called an Mrs. Se
ton Brown Tuesc’ry.
W. Cokley made a trip to Rod
ley Monday for grain.
Several of the Horseshoe young
folks have been attending our
Sunday school. Sure glad to
haw them; ivi.-h more of then-
Would do likewise.
Me-..-rs. Cokley, Briles, Cr-.tts
and Arn Id drove in a tine bunch
of cattle from Kansas last week.
Mr. Flower is threshing the
wheat, oats ami barley in this
community this week.
A. B. Knott has been on the
sick list the past few days.
Mr. Macy, a brother-in-law of
H. A. Butler, was out from C>ld
water, Okla., last week. Mr.
Macy likes our country tine, and
contemplates putting up a big
snore at Rod ley in th * near fu
[A good store at Rod ley would
be all right].
An eight-pound baby girl has
arrived at the home of R. H.
Dickey’s, named Helen Loucille.
Mrs. DeVere’s Sun-in law, Erie
Miller and family from Mullin
ville, Kuns., came in last Friday.
Mr. Miller is moving to Baca
county, and is now in search of a
Henry Kerch ner helped a
friend of his from Missouri to
locate here last week. We wel
come these newcomers into our
Burleson and Terry left last \
week for the cotton fields in Tex
Ollie Hinds is expecting his
mother from Liberal, Kans., to
visit him this weea.
Hurrrli for the Baca coun .v
Crops are tine in this part
looks as though Floemont might
make quite a display at the fair.
Dig F^ts
Fine rain*, Herald readers.
Vesia Bray took Mrs. West
moreland’s parents and sister to
Lamar, from where they will go
to their home in Missouri.
Mrs. Escriage and Mrs. Jack
man were at Hollister’s one cay
ast week.
Born, on the 14th, to Mr. and
M rs. Hocket, a fine baby boy
Rhea Lackey made a trip lo
jSprir gfield Saturday.
! Mr. Conner will go to Pueblo
I to consult a specialist and we
j hope he will soon be well.
We had a local hail storm that
j d imaged Mr. Sam Smith’s corn
land m?lons.
Mrs. Greenlee and Mrs. Craw-
Ion! and littie Saul visited at the
I Jackman home Monday after
; n»»cn
The P i nes
We have had Sevo al nice
'shnuer.s. Crops look fine.
Mr G. G. Caldwell’s were at
the dipping vat visiting Mr
Croisani’s Sunday.
Mrs Wiley, Miss Minnie, Miss
Sillie visited Miss Chandler Sun
Mr. Vogel’s are talking of'
I ivi g soon. They have soid i
the r place here.
Mr. Davis lives on the Vogal
plrce now.
J. W. Vande.rpool and G. G.
Caldwell are in Kenton getting
material for addition to th
Caldwell residence.
Pretty Prairie
This locality was visited by t.
Hherain Friday night, which puts
growing crops in best of shape.
Mr and Mrs J. M. Johnston
are visiting with their son James
and family at Pueblo.
Rev. E. S. Currie of Ashland,
Kans., returned home last Thurs
day alter a week’s visit with rel
A number from this neighbor
hood attended the ice cream so
cial r.t. Konantz Friday night.
Mr Turner and family of Kins
ley, Kans., autoed to Mr. Med
ley’s one day last week. Mrs.
Turner is a sister of Mr. Medley.
N. O, Pierce met with a se
iions accident last Thursday.
While riding his motorcycle be
came in contact with a cow.
Nim making a high dive, missed
the cow hut landed on his shoul
der causing a fracture of the col
lar hone.
Alma and Earl Davison took
Sunday dinner with Miss Ger
trude Johnston.
Plum Creek
Louis Grover and Ti ne Hick
cox returned from ihe harvest
fi Ids Wednesday.
Richard, Kelsey, and Smith all,!
went to Lamar Tuesday.
Miss Nellie Grover returned
from an extensive visit in Kan
Mrs. Richard and children vis
ited Mrs. Johnson one evening
this week.
Several ol the boys went fish- ;
ing one day this week, anil re
port a tine time, but not many
fish. '
Mr. and Mrs. Ice and Miss
Hough went to Mr. Dirstien’s
one evening this week and stop
ped on the creek long enough to
catch some nice tish.
Fred Gunter took dinner Fri
day sil the Johnson home.
J J. Money b.st week put a
veranda to the front of the Wag
ner hotel that is the best yet in
the wa.v of frontal projections.
Vilas. |
Good morning, Mr. Herald. 1
Well, I have been fishing. We
had a good time and plenty of
j fish to eat.
This has been a delightful sea
son and crops look fine.
Mr. Corn and family have re
turned to their Missouri home.
They liked it pretty well out here |
aud will send some mor* people.
There is going to be a good deal
of wheat sown in Baca this fall.
Sow and reap.
Westmoreland and family have
gone to Lamar on a visit tnd will
bring back a load of freight for
Business is picking up in Vilas
-new cement walk in front of
the store.
Henry Martching lias gone to
Lamar with a ioid of grain and
will bring back freight.
Harry and Will McClintock
and Will Johnson went to the
c.'dars this week.
Mr. Winfrey took dinner at
B'uom's Sunday.
Walt Crowe.: .dike’s brother and
sister have been visiting him at|
the ranch just back from thej
World s fair.
Christian Endeavor social last)
Thursday at the church. All re-j
ported a tine time.
Nice rain last Friday night.
| Crops are growing.
| Nixon Rich, wife and son went!
I to Fowler, Kans. Got caught in I
rain, lots of tire trouble, and did
I not get home till Wedncsd iy.
1 The Academy teacher has not
I arrived yet, but is expected soon, j
I when he will be ready to make
I arrangements with students for)
I school. Any students wishing,.
I to go to high school should cor- 1
j respond with Nixon Rich, who
j will be glad to give information
(regarding the school. Address
| Vilas.
The county Sunday school con-
I vention will be hold at Richland
church the 4th and 5th of Sep
V.2C Per Year.
Jake Dillinger is having his
rye threshed this week.
The Ladies Aid society will
give an ice cream social Friday
night. They expect a big crowd.
Ed Gilespy is exeercising his
motorcycle now.
I He should come downlto the
fair and go after that $25.00 on
motorcycle race].
Otto Rowland lost a mare Tues
Marion Bryan visited at the
Sain Bryan home Monday.
[Short and sweet, but heats
none, and better than too long].
The Prowers county fair this
year, i.s formerly, is projected
on a hirge scale, such, of course,
ns Baca county could not nossi
bly finance, and as usual there
wi.l no doubt be a great many
good Baca county people in at
Olio Vctt returned from Kan
sas la>t week.
Mr. Ridenhour from Missouri
* ■* here visiting his sister, Mrs.
Art Waldren.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead start
ed e.ifci. last, week on a visit
among relatives.
Miss Edith Kerr returned
home from Normal Saturday.
Dr. Nicholson and wife return
ed home from an extended visit
ir. the east.
Ozio Dishman stopped over
Sunday visiting W. A. Thomp
son. He was returning home
from Elkhart.
Miss Pearl Kerr is visiting her
cousin, Edith, a few days this
Miss Lena Troutman is here
visiting her sister, Mrs. Len
We have a fine Endeavor. Ev
eryone cordially invited to at
tend. Every Sunday night.
Diamond Ridge
Hello, everyone.
We had a tine rain this week.
« Ray and Abie Nicodemus, also
I their Uncle and Jake Hufford,
j went to Elkhart this week.
L. C. Cohen and J. M. Nicode
mus were circulating a petition
for a mail route this week.
Mrs. C. D. Wray and Mrs.
HutTord and daughters called on
Mrs. John Collins this week,
I there being a new baby girl at
their home.
Ed Wait came in from Kansas
a few days ago.
Arthur Mariot moved his gran
ary to the Lamport postoftice to
live in while he carries the mail.
We feel semewhat forsaken to
think they are going to discon
tinue our mail route as it now is.
E. W. Root and C. I. Wray
went to see Butts Bro’s about
threshing this week.
C. Wray was disking wheat in
on E. W. Root’s place this week
that was cut down by the hail.
West Flats
Mr. Miller from St. Louis locat
ed on the South A of 18 Tues
Messrs. Peter and Ray Cul
ver were business callers at
i Cecil Evans’ Monday.
( An auto load of home seekers
[passed through this vicinity
! Thursday.
Mrs. Margaret Glasgow re
j turned home Saturday. She has
I been attending Normal at Spring-
I field.
I Tom Evans finished building
an addition to their house this
i week.
| C. C. Campbell and Ray and
i Ralph hauled posts from the
| cedars this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartlet Hancock
just arrived home from Rocky
Eli Thomas and wife went to
Kansas to wait on Jerald Kem
per who is down with typhoid.
Dick Welch is busy looking af
ter the stock.
Mr. Watkins is having a quiet
time with his bucking horse this
Jim (‘ollins has a fine garden —
all kinds of vegetables.

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