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Vol. XXIX .No. 19
A whole lot more people dur
ing the lust week have been “get
ting their eyes open,” among
them being one Enoch F. ICoontz.
We don’t intend to let the good
people of Baca county forget tne
fact that they are paying this
year $2,800 for the "Carlsou
and-ceonomy” campaign cry of
last year.
The preparedness that we fa
vor down here in Baca county is
the storage of enough “muni
tions of war” to keep the wolf
awav from the doer, and to hav
something laid up for a rainy
While the tariff will be a fac
tor in flie campaign as usual,
we are nevertheless anticipating
that the coming congress will
very largly decide the real issues
on which the 1910 battle is to be
According to the press dis
patches of the past fortnight.
Villa's officers have abandoned
him, his men have slunk away
in platoons, and lie himself is
slowly disolving into bis original
Do you know who it is that
have been holding up the rural
credit system in congress? It’s
the men who recently loaned a
half billion dollars to promote
bloodshed and to make windows
and orphans in Europe
When the. second settlement
of the county began about eigh'
years ago, it. was predicted that
in three years they would all be
gone: and yet the drive at that
time was awfully tame compared
to what, it has been during the
post year
Instead of reducing taxes, it
[republican party) has raised
the state levy from 1.3 mills to
1:6 mills, exclusive of the mill
levy for road purposes.—Sparks.
And this is saying nothing about
the raise in valuations, all of
whicli is costing Baca county
By threats of what they would
do to him, after protending
great friendship, the “innocent
farmers” forced Knight out.
After this, by honpyod words,
they induced Koontz to put S2OO
into the plant, and then kicked
him out. That’s what might be
. called, “going some.”
Elsewhere will be found tile
prize letter of Prof. Jent on a le
gal county normal for Baca coun
ty Next year the teachers of
the county want to remember
the two representatives who
promised to help them in this
matter, and the i went to Denver
and stood pat—on doing nothing
What he might have said, in
the language of Shakespeare:
“If I had served mv God with
half the zeal I have served the
stock holders of the Democrat,
he would not in mine age have
forsaken me, nor have left me
naked before mine enemies—at
least without paying me back my
As a hint to Baca county
broomcorn raisers: W. D. Thoinp
son, over in Morton county, last
week sold twenty-nine tons of
brush, no better than other brush
as to growth, at $125 per ton,
while SIOO was the liig' - t oth
ers got. The why of thi is that
Thompson's brush was shed
cured. Good people of Baca, fig
ure on this thing between now
and your next crop of broom
Carls hi is LitlKi.Of uingCol
lector of Customs Hcsmer for
$100,003 for over pay as state
printer. We don’t know any
thing about that, but we do 1,-now
that Baca county is paying
$2,000 for “Carlson and econo
my,” and in case the other conn
ties are paying in proinirtion to
their wealth that some one
ought to aue Carlson, jointly with
the republican party, for about :i
million dollars.
The Springfield Herald
A Thanksgivin' Lay
By Otto H. Rowland
(The Uncle Walt Mason of j’u’u 7 unty).
When the frost is o» t 3 bai n
roof an’ the fodder’s 1. hauled
in, an’ from the kitchen comes u
spice.y smell that makes a feller
grin. Oh! then l sorter feel that
olu Thanksgivin’s drawing nigh,
an’ then I stop an’ vander if the
broomcorn market will be high
We haven t any pumpkins, hut
Florey ha? in cans, and I
think I'll pla.; , some nex year,
as a part of summer’s plans; an’
we haven’t any turkevs hut wo
have an ancient bird, a full
blood Plymotli Rook he is, his
crow for five l ing years I’ve
heard. WeT. have to boil him
fora week t» p metr ito his hide,
an’ mother she will bake him,
though I’d sooner have him fried,
an’ dad will have to use an ax to
bust that rooster’s skin, when
the gravy’s on the table an’
the looster is nil in
Our first page this week is
aJ m dandy, ap: naramae view
of the county, and being thus a
cyclopedia of county events and
county doings.
The Allies are joining in the
organization of a war board,
from which it seems that tin y
haven't learned that too many
conks spoil the broth.
It now seems that “Ca’dson
and economy ” had reference only
to the railroads, their valuations
mving b 'Pii lowered thousands
>f dollars all over the state, to
makeup which Baca county is
paying $2,800 into the state
It \iould be difficult to exag
aerate the importance of the
questions which will come be
fore the approaching session for
consideration and decision, some
of them the most momentous
since secession.
Through the courtesy of the
editor of this paper and of the
many other papers throughout
the state. I hope to discuss these
questions with my constituents
National Preparedness
To what extent shall the Unit
ed States become a military na
Roughly stated those who are
the leaders of thought on this
subject may he devided into
three classes:
Pirtst we have those who con
tend that our military and naval
establishment is more than am
ple for our needs.
They point out that last yp«r
we paid out $250,000,000 on thn
army and navy, and if the coun
try isn't prepared they want to
know' wiiat the authorities have
been doing with the $250,000,000
which we have been giving them
every year?
The President's Plan
Second —We have those who
support President Wilson's pro
The President’s plan is confess
edly a compromise, but those
who favor it believe it to be ;i
sane compromise. They hold
that it will not afflict us with the
evils of militarism, but will give
us all the essestials of prepared
This scheme will cost $450,000-
0()O a year.
Jingoes Gone Mad
Third — We hatfe the jingoes,
who are going up and down the
land giving utterance to the most
fantastic falsehoods, and clamor
ing for a standing army of at
least 500,000 men and reserves
which would include practically
every able-bodied citizen of the
republic. The principal spokes
men of this faction demand a na
vy which will equai the combined
fleets of Japan and Great Briton.
I cannot believe their ideas could
be realized —if at all—for less
Continued on supplement
Diamond Ridge
! We wish to announce that we
'are still aurmg the living, and in j
a prosperous corner of Baca 1
The patrons collected and
coiled the school house Saturday.
1C W. Root butchered two
large hogs last week.
Joe Guyske purchased a fat
hog from C. D. Wray Fruity.
Ray Nicodeinus received a se 1
vere bruise on his right hand
while unloading freight at Davis’
new store Wednesday.
J. M. Nicoclemus went back to
Kansas on a visit.
Roy Booth has gone to Tyrone
Okla., after his cattle.
Wheat is looking good in this
People gotfron $75 to $1001
for broom corn.
The high winds have blown
down most of the maize.
West Flats
Mr. Weeks >eturned home
Friday after a mo ith’s stay in
Mr. Orr made a trip to Smith’s
canon last week.
Ra.v Campbell is building him
self a residence, Mon 1 MoCul
lough assisting.
Messrs. Earle and Cecile Ev-!
a is were hauling corn to Spring
ti ild Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mood McCul
lough entertained a few friends,
Saturday evening, those present
b->ing Messrs. Earle and Cecil
Evans, liny and Ralph Campbell,
Mrs. Eugene Orr. and Misses
E -be anil Kivu Campbell They
a'l report Mr. and Mrs. Mood
McOullough excetent entertain
Raw! Raw! Raw! R. F. A.
Professor Wilfred T. White, lie’s
all right. The students greeted
him as he came down tile steps
of Nixon Rich’s hnme last Tues
day evening. They had gather
ed to eat supper with him, it be
ing his birthday.
Next Thursday is the day and
there will be vacation.
Seeding hroomcorn is the or
der of the day.
Mr. Drumm lias taken his cat
tle to Kansas.
N. Ricli has put up a new
smoke house and now it is to
butcher and fill with meat.
All folks here are invited to
Diamond Ridge fur Thanksgiv
Mr. Geer, who is moving out
to Bnca county from Forgan, Ok
la., cair.e in last week with two
Charley Dick™ built a Hue in
Robert Dickey's house Friday
and Saturday.
G. A. Shultz and wife and N.
L. Jones and wife took Sunday
d nner at H. E. McGowan's.
Coy Denney is marketing his
broomcorn now.
Earl Taylor and wife visited at
A. B. Smith's the latter part of
the week.
Robert Dickey and wife loo if
S mdav dinner at O. C Mes-i
Maize gathering is the order
of the dav.
C. A. Wiley and Joseph Carter
took Mr. Wiley’s broomcorn crop
to Elkhart last week.
The box supper at the Wei
come scl o >1 hous~ was well at-,
tended, boxes selling well. $20.;
85 was collected for the repair |
of the school house.
Fern Nixon has moved from
the Clark place on to his own
plac 1 n°ar the Ford ranch.
Will Vauglm is heading maize
for IJ. G. Do ce.
E. C. Swingley of southwest.
of town, was a Springfield visitor
on the 23rd.
F. D. Howell of West Flats,
who recently had a public sale of
his effects, left Wednesday for
Sharron Springs, Kans., where!
he will make his future home. i
The Last Scene
Of the 2nd Act.
i Tn.\v dived another time, and
The whole to * n sat up to look —
For dangling thair high up in
They had him on their hook.
And then they let him gently
And said—root, hug, or die;
And with tears like melons on
their cheeks
They bade their frien i good by.
, Clio.
They bade their friend good by,
They bade their friend good by:
And .with tears like melons on
their cheeks,
They bade their friend good by.
The raising of the curtains on
the first scene of the third act
will be watened with interest.
—Harper’s Weekly.
Hu.vdy, Mir. Editor.
Clyde is again on the firing line,
after an absence of some time.
Gathering feed, hauling broom
■orn to Elkhart, and having box
suppers, anil getting ready for
winter is the order of the day in .
this neck of the rountr.y.
Mrs. Hurstner and daughter
returned hom i Monday from
their visit to California.
Torn Clemen!a is helping ltoy
Gulick build a barn and a cement
water tank.
Frank F., {smith has been
making cement blocks for that
new house of his.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clements
were snowbound at Luella Gu
lick’s Wednesday.
Mr. anu Mum J. J. Money ga>’e
a party November 12th, in honor
of his nieces. Miss Era Martin
and Luella Gulick.
The Brinkley brothers are
bo'ii (Kitting up new houses. :
Lone Rock
Prairie fires are becoming'
fierce. Why will people be sol
careless with fires?
Mrs. Harve Kidder and child
ren spent Sunday with the Simp
Rev. and Mrs. Hud nail, lien
Dillon and wife, and Mrs Smith
went home from church with the'
Nelsons and had a pleasant visit. I
Rockhill, Thompson and Kid-1
der took broomcorn to Elkhart
again this week.
The Carter young folks ate
Sunday dinner with the Rock
Warren Smith and Franklin
Dillon spent Sunday at the Park
home. j
Ed. Vinyard, who is baling!
broomcorn at No. 9, was home!
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Konantz from
Konantz spent Sunday night
with Tom Park and wife.
Tall Pines
E. Thomas, the school teacher
has about got his motorcycle fix
ed again
Mrs. Wiley has gone on a visit
to Oklahoma, and will he gone a
month. '
Tom Caldwell has returned to
Baca county with his wife und
sister-in-law, Miss Tingler.
Mr. Metzgarof Morland, Okla..!
Mr. Bolt a cousin of Mrs. Wi- j
ley’s, and Win. Tingler, n broth .
er of hers is visiting Wiley’s this i
| AI mon Rutherford took freight |
to Lamar this week
El wood Drumm is driving hi - j
cattle through to Johnston, j
Kuus,, where lie will winter
Wheeler had several loads off
freight come in Saturday.
Ted Adam left for his home in
Cedar Vale, (Cans., Monday, J
where he will visit his parents
for awhile.
M. M. Pritchard attended
court in Lamar last week. I
Wilford Knnkei touk i.i the
eights of Elkhart last week,
when lie delivered a pari of his
bumper crop of broomcorn.
August Nihuff. Henry Celer.'
brother, came to pay him a visit. ,
G. W. Caldwell had the pleas
ure of entertaining a nephew |
and one of his friends, for a few
days, as they were going out to
their claims west, of Springfield
Mr and Mrs. David Konkel
went over to their daughter
Mrs. W. A. E’ield’s, to celebrate
the birth of .an only grandchild, |
a bouncing seven pound girl, and
report mother and child doing
L. V. Campbell was calling on
friends in this neighborhood
Joe and Mack Caldwell delivar
ed broomcorn to Hilly last week.
Good morning, Editor and
Herald readers-
Laid liarnar 1’s brother is here
visiting him, and looking for a
location. We do hope lie may
find one.
Mr. Pritchard and wife and
Ted Adams went to Lamar on
business last week,
Mr. Tutor’s family have mov
ed in from the farm, so the
children cuu go to school.
Mr. Potter came through Vilas
with a nice bunch of heifers he
bought at Laujar, for which lie
paid $25.00 per head. Good
Clarence Conner is pulling his
broomcorn lie sold several days
ago aud will deliver as soon as he
There will be preaching at Vi
las next Saturday nip lit. Come
one, come all, "both great and
North Fork.
The rural schools of Kansas
will now have phonograph con
certs —machines aud records to .
be sent by Parcel Post free to
schools —they to pay the post- .
Messrs. F. Grimes, F. O.
Bray, Geo. Harper, A. B. Cle- |
inents, and A. f'. Ruport are
cedar visitors this week. i
Fay Alvord aud family have re
turned and are having No. 7 ,
windmilll repaired.
The North Fork Store h- s j
been moved and enlarged—will ,
now carry a full and com- ]
plete line of staple and fancy
groceries. j
Marion Long took a load of
broomcorn to Elk! art for Mr.
Dilworth and will bring back
freight for the North Fork store.
The Battle Bros, and L. W.
Jackson will take broomcorn to
| Elkhart the last of the week.
November 20
Harley Shelden, Dan Hatlner,
San: Browning, Joe Good, and
Walter Rogers all made trips to
Elkhart this week.
< A. Can and J. W. Harmon
shipped some cattle this week.
Miss Argie Hraman is on her
place again She will leave next
week for her former home in
Kansas, where she will spend
the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Good spent
the day Sunday at Harley Shel
Miss Lora Rogers of Lamport
spent. Saturday und Suuday with
relatives in this neighborhood.
Roy Bryan sold his broomcorn
and is having it hauled to Elk-p
Clarence Harlow is cutting j
maize for / rchie Semmens.
Kinsman Dean had an acci
dent last week. The horse he
was working on the baler got !
frightened, and in the skirmish j
Kinsman fell, and the horse j
following Kinsman's example fell |
too, landing on top. He is now)'
carrying his arm in a sling—
Kinsman we mean. I
Roy Bryan is seeding broom
corn this week. 1
Good morning Herald readers.
We are back again, after a few
weeks’ vacation.
Mesilnmes Stevens, Brown and
McCullough went to Kenton af-
I ter school lumber last week.
Ira Beck and Arthur Dlsis-
I del went to the cedars ihis a we< k.
Denver McCullough was i
Springtieid caller, Thursday.
Mesdames Elva Cokley, Gurueth
Slavens, Cecil and Hope Brown.
Messrs. Denver Simpson and j
Robert McCullough, Basil Slav i
lens, Olen Brown and Earle I
Smith attended the taffy pulling |
at Russel’s Friday night, \
Chas Smith returned from Ida
ho this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. and Edgar
and Alice Brown went to Lamar
Plum Creek
Mr. Richard and Mr. Palmer
went to Elkhart with broomcorn
this week.
Jim Ice is building himself a
Staley Dobbs has his house
about completed.
R. i. Johnson is building a
barn for his stock.
Mr. Grover lias been helping
Mr. Johnson haul feed this
Mr. Bale3 and wife visited at
R. I. Johnson’s Friday evening.
W. A. aud S. L. Thompson and
families and R. B. Kerr and wife
visited Mr. and Mrs. Campbell ii
Kansas Sunday.
Rev. Dean did not preach
here Sunday, us lie is bolding
a revival in Lamar.
Miss Editli Kerr spent Satur
day night and Sunday wifi Miss
Grace Oakes.
Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss lost
their little grandson last Tiles
day. The little baby died with
infantile paralysis. They hur
ried it here Thursday.
Mr. Elley’s sale wasn't as well
attended as was hoped for.
Mrs L. V. Campbell visited her
sister, Mrs Thomas, several days
last week.
Short G r ass
Walter Rutliraulf made a trip ;
to Lamar this week. ,
Mrs. Tlios. Sullivan arrived
fiorn Buffalo, Kans., Tuesday to (
visit her daughter. Mrs. M L
Long, a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Odis White vis
ited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Neal and family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Starit and
little daughter weie visitors at
Will Long’s Saturday night and
John Saclcett and Will Trus
sed started for the cedars after
wood Thursday.
Pretty Prairie
November 20 j
The first snow of the season I
fell here on Wednesday.
Mr. Pike of south eastern
Kansas, is visitiug with his
daughter, Mrs. Carlton.
O. ('. Doner and Edgar Corrie
have been seeding broomcorn
over in Stanton county, Kans.,
the past week.
Alma Davison, who has been
visiting in Misssouri the past
two months, is expected home
tiiis week.
We have Imd quite a wind
storm in this community during
the past week.
Broomcorn seeding is nearly i
I all done around here.
The box supper at the new t
I Murray school house was well at. |
I tended.
' Quite a numper of Grandview (
I people attended Murray Sunday
school Sunday. ,
The friends of Mrs. D. E.'
Newton will be glad to know
that she is improving since shej L
went back to Oklahoma
The windstorm caused most of t
the maize to fall down lately.
The weather has cleared oif J
nicely alter the recent storms. d
U2L Per Year.
It looked as though winter had
come when Mother Earth was
blanketed in white robes Wednes
Dave Loop and J. J, Murphy
are on the sick list.
Pleasant Ridge S. S. is prepa* -
ing a program for Thanksgiving
1 and a dinner for everybod .
Come with well filled baskets.
1 Mrs. McClure, and Lillian and
Allice Terry were Vilas visitors
j Tuesday.
Lonnie Johnson seeded bruOin
1 corn Friday.
I W. P. Salisberry deli vered his
bruomcorn to Elkhart tl.e first of
the week.
Freeze out
O. R. Johns was called away
the ffrst of the week on business.
Ed Dyers look dinner with
C Gettings and wife Smuluy.
Billy Dyers hauled a load of
feed the first of the week.
G»-o. Scott is helping build Mr.
Whiteley’s house this week. Mr.
Whiteley is a new settler at
Errnond Driggs is hauling wood
this week.
Everybody seems to be busy
hauling wood and building sheds.
C. Gettings h;is been building
pasture fence this week.
Andrew Peterson has been
stacking his feed.
Mr. H. Scott seems to have
the feed stacking fever too.
Mr. Murray was seen in this
vicinity this week.
Wfc Die Drai
St ■ tty ■ rie
Miss Pearl Morgan arrived
last Thursday noon. Everybody
is glad to see her in Colorado ;t
Orie Stigers received a new
Galloway No. 7 separator last
week. Ht is milking nine cows
and expects to sell cream this
Joe Williams built a little room
over the stairway to his dugout
Geo. E Mathews bought n
pc re bred red pig last week
Roy Stigers sold a dressed hog
to Konkel atStonington last Fr
Ezra Dane headed maize w :
a header for Nira Pierce the tii
of the week.
Roy Stigers bought five cow j
of W. A. Greathouse Monday.
Chas. Clark seeded broom cor-..
F riday.
J. R. Rentfrow bought a 1 e
to butcher of Nim Pierce Thurs
Good morning, Mr. Editor.
Ralph Fox and wife went to
town last week.
Miss Laura Gragry came out
for a short visit from Clear Wo
ter, Kaus.
j Many enjoyed the tacky par
ty Saturday night, given by Miss
Zayda Russell.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dosley
and family took Sunday dinner
with Alexes Stewart.
Claude Russell and Anna Stew
art took thanksgiving dinner
with Mr and Mrs. Harry La-
Mr. Huffman and wife went to
town the latter part of last week.
| Harry Wacholtz and friends
spent Friday evening in town
last week.
Big Flats
Good morning. Herald readers
and Editor.
A pie social will be in order at
the school house on the 26th.
Everyone invited.
Quite a number were out at
prayer meeting Sunday night.
Sam Smith is recovering fr
j his recent illness.
Mr. Hocket returned from T -
mar recently with freight
M iss Amy Smith visited .
Escrage’s Sunday aft«rnn n.
Mark Y/illiam's wife and son
Merl visited at Bloucher’s o .,1-
day last week.

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