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Elkhart, .Kansas
gags All kinds of Building cag*
8 Material. ('dorado
Lump and Nut Coal.
lola Portland Cement
Minnesota Oil and
8f Paints. 9
Our aim is to please
\he Live Wire Insurance ..gent
The Home of New York
m Overing General Farm Insur- 1
ance, hail, lightning, fire, farm 4N&
buildings, live stock, and all
&L- kinds of crops. THE ST. PAUL
OF MINNESOTA covering damage W
or loss of crops by bail. These
Companies are time tried and ab
m olutely reliable. Phone or write. tt I
I will be pleased to Call.
Stonington, Solo.
mmm — mmmmmmmmmmimm*m —w—■
Prepared to do all kinds of
Woodwork and Blacksmithina
G. W. Petty, t Gampo
Horse and Auto Livery
0, F. WOOD, P'op.
t.-ftfi noi-asd:ES,PROP.
Prepared to do all kinds of work
Good Work * Reasonable Prices
For Ranches, Farm Lands,
Homestead Relinquish
ments and Surveying
Office in Rear First State Bank
B. 6. Morton
That Gets the Money for You
Arrange with the First State Bank t f Springfield or write Me
to Stonington.
Auto Hack Tri-Weekly
Leaves Syracuse
Mon Wed Fri 9 a. 51.
Leave Stonington
TueThurSat 6a. ft.
Ford Crittenden
i Syracuse Kans
Waut to buy a few deede
quarters with good titles. Have
eastern land to trade for Baca |
county land.
j J. P. Ballard, Plains, Kans. j
, :
| GEO. L. HALL 1
1 Springfield, Colorado. jjj
Baca County Lands. Send legal de- 11
ocriptiono and beat prices and terms in 111
first letter. II
JL — 1 nc= =J|
Dr. E. C. MoMlllon |
7 miles west and 3" -1 miles north of Campo, Colo.
No call;; answered at night unless called for and |
returned in comfortable conveyance. i
Whereas certain and numerous par |
ties have been killing animals belong • *
ng to The Prairie Cattle Co. Ltd., some
for the purpose of selling th'
[meat, others for the purpose of ob
taming meat for their own consumption
and others for the reason that the cat
tie have been giving then annoyance. -
This is to give notice that the above re
ward of $500.00 will be given to anyone
I giving such information as will lead to j
the conviction of each and every guilty ;
person. All animals belonging tnj
The Prairie Cattle Co., Ltd.are branded (
JJ on left hip, and all information \
should be given to H. G. Glazbrook, j
Manager Prairie Cattle Co. Ltd., Hig-
Higbee, Colo. Adv
(Publisher) •
Department of the Interior
U. 9, I.and Office at Lamar. Colorado
Feb. 28 1913.
Notice la hereby given that Leonard F. Loot
of Springfield, Colo., who on Oct. IA. 1911. mads
homestead entry No. 0111(6, for lots 6. 6,7, 8, a'-j
ne'i, sHnwks Sec. 3 T. 83 S. R. i 6 w. 6th P. M.,
ha»- filed notice of intention to make final three
year proof to establish claim to the land above I
described, before Silas E. Speckmann. U. S. Com. I
at his office at Springfield, Colo., on the 2'th day
of Apr.. 1916
Claimant names as witnesses:
William Hines. Sam Mowery. Elbert H. Sawy
ers. Can Smith, all of Npringftold. Colo.
A. L. BEAVERS. Real star
Notice for Publication
Department of the interior
U. S. Land Office at Lamar, Colo.
Jan. 28, li>l6.
Notie is hereby given that Benjamin F. Battles
of Springfield, c'olo., who on August
28. 1912, mode homestead entry No. 011921 for
• e'-j (East-half) of Section 28 Township 33
S. R, 46 west Nth P. M. has filed
Notie of Intention to make three year proof to
establish claim to the land above described, be
fore Silas E. Speckman U. s - Co™ at Spring *
field. Colorado, on the Ist day of Apr 1 1916. I
Claimant names as witnesses
Elmer S. Sutton, ( larence J. Cuspor. Charles
E. Casper all three of Campo, Colo. Joseph
B1 ackwood, Springfield Colo.
A. L. BEAVERS. Register.
Notice For publicution
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at Lamar. Colo.,
Mar. 2. 1916.
Notice is hereby given that Arthur Waldron
•Stonington, Colo- who. on March 8.
1911, made Homestead Entry No. 09325. for n’S
(North-half) Sec. 22 Township 31 S. R 43 W.
6th Principal Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make Five year proof, to establish claim I
to the land above described, before Silas E. |
Speckmann. U S. Commissioner Springfield.
Colo., on the Ist day of May 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Frank Oakes. Rob rt E. Wooley. Chas. Stoner. |
Ed. Caddick, all of Stonington, Colorado.
A. L. BEAVERS. Register.
Notice for PaOlcoloo
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Offleat Lamar, Colorado
Feb. 2«. 1916..
Notie is hereby given that Harry E. Hartm»n
Of Rodky. Colo., who, on Sept. 23. 1912. mode
Homestead entry No. 0!204» for eli
See. 7. T. 33 S-. R. *•> W.. 6th Prin. Mer. has
filed notice of intention to make three year proof
to establish claim to the land above described
before Silas E. Speckmann U. S. Com. Spring
field, Colo., on the 28th day of April, 1916.
1 Claimant names as witnesses
Charles Smith. L-H. Casteel. G. >. Ballou.
W. R. Doll, all of Rodlej, Cc 1 >
A. L. BEAVERS. Register
Department of the Intcrioi
U. S. Lhiu] OHice at Lamar Colo
Lamar, Colorado, Jan. 2S. *9lO
j Notice is hereby given that James M. Baltics
.of Sp'ingtteld < who on Aug. :.3, 1 ,
msdo Hd. entrv No. 011922 for w’s S' c. 23.
T. 33 S.. R 46 ".6th P. M.. has filed notico of
intention'to make .! ycur proof to establish clatu
to tha' land above described, before Silas E.
Speskmann U. S. Com. Springfield, Colorado, on
the Ist day of April, Will.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Elmer S. Sutton. < larence J. Casper, Char.cs
E, Casper, all three of Campo, Colo., Joseph
Blackwood, of Springfield, Colo.
A. L. BEAVKS Reg iter.
| notice FOit Publication.
I (Publisher)
Department or the Interior
1 U. S. Land Office, Lamar, Colorado.
| Jan., 24. lb]6
Notice is hereby given that Charles Smith
of Rodloy. Colorado, who on Mur. 30. 11*1 1
I made Homestc.u] Entry 0101SG
w 1 jof section 16 Twp. 33 *, R. 45 west. 6tl
| Principal Meridian, bus filed notice of intention t<
j make three year proof to establish claim to He
• land stave described before FilasE. Speck
mann U. S. Com. at Springfield. Colorado, on the
Ist day of April 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Frank Loveall, Linn A. Davis;' Campo. Colo.,
Zeal Norton G. N. Ballou. Rodloy, Colo.
- A L. BEAVERS. Rcgiotcr.
i Publisher)
lepartmont of the Intorioi
United States Land Office
Lamar. Colorado Feb 28. 11*16.
Notice is hereby given that Harry l.aßlanche.
of Springfield. Colo., who on Mur. 19. 1913.
made homestead entry No. 012’19 for
s!<« (south-half) Son on 14, Township.
|33 *outh Range 18 Went, 6th Principal
meridian has filed notice of i .lention to tnuko
I 3 year proof to establish claim to the lan.
! *byve i ribed. I>oforc Silas E. S.jeckmann
lU. S. Com at oringfiald, Colorado, on the 28th
| day of Apr., 1916.
Claimant names sh witnesses:
HarveyS. Mason, Claude E. Russell, Harry E.
B sley, Joseph T. Edler. all of Springfield, • 010-
A. L. BEAVERS Register.
i*epartn>cnt of the Interior
CJ. S. LandOffir« n t Lamar, C'do.. Feb.2B, 191*1
Notice U hereby given that Arthur E. Clark
of Rodlcy, Colo., who on Jan. 30. 1912, made
Hd. entry No. 011395 N'i Sec. 8. Township
33 s Range 45 W-.Oth Principal Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to muke ■' year pr<»cf
to establish claim to the !nnd above described, be
fore Silus E. SpeckiiKu.il- U. S. Com. at his ofilec
Springfield, Colo., on the 23th day of Apr., 1916,
Claimant names as witnesses.
Williamß Doll. Charles Smith, 11. E. Ilartmen.
Rovcrt S. Scales, all of Rodloy. Colo.
f Publisher.)
Department of the Interior
Land Office nt Lamar, Colorado
Feb. 9, 1916
Notice is hereby given that Levi P. Stab
ford of Baker. Colo., who on Apr 20,1911. made
Homestead, entry, No. 0)0381 for Lots 6. 10,
12, 14, 17, se'4n\v!4 and nViswbl of 13, lot 21, Sec.
14, Township ~6i South- Range 12 west
I 6th P* M. has filed notice of intention to make
i Three year proof to establish claim to the land
I above described before s ilas E Speckmann U. S.
Com. at Springfield. Colorado, on the
| Bth day of April., 1916.
. Claimant names as witnesses:
C. B. Wait, John W. Anderson, both of I-am-
I port, Colo. Charlie Baker, J. E. Sanders, both of
Baker, Colo.
A. L. BEAVER-3, Register
Deportment of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Lamar. Colo..
Jan. 18. 1916. j
Notice is hereby given that Harrison s . Cline, j
of Vilas, Colo., who on Aug. 6, 191~\ made J
Homestead entry. No. 0118 0 for SE’,. Section 17 J
Township 32 S.. Range 44 W., Gth Principal Me
ridian, has filed notice of intention to make Three
I year Proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before Silas E. Speckman U. S Com.
I at Springfield. Colo., on the 18th day .of March
I 1916.
| Claimant names as witnesses.
Herman E. White, ltodley, Colo. Jesfc Feltcr
J. H. Cottrell, both of Vilas, Colo. J. C. Hendrick
son, of Colo.
A. L. BEAVERS, Register.
Department of the Interior
(J. 8. Land Office at Lamar. Colorado.
Feb. -8, 1!*.6
Notire hereby given that William Hines,
of Springfield. Colo., who on July. 11 1912.
mode homestead entry No. 01137 for
a‘a Section 28 Township 32 South Range ‘6
W. 6th Principal Meridian has filed notice of
intention to make three year proof lo establish
claim to the land übove described before
I SilasE. Speckmann, U. d. Com at his office at
Springfield. Colorado, on the '-’7tli day of Apr.,
Claimant names as witnesses.
L. B. Lcwellirg. Chas a Pratt, L. F. I.oar, Sam
Mowery. all of Springfield, Colorado.
A. L.BEAVERS. Register
(For Publication)
United Statet Land Office.
La «ur, Colo., Mai. 10, lid''.
To Jesse J. Fenlcy of Richards. Colo.. Contes'tc
You are herebv notified that James Monr e
I who Rives Richard- Col'rad >, as his P. '*.
! dress,did on M:ir. . 1916 file in t his h\; dui\
| corroborated application t<* contest ~• • -.
, cure the cancellali'n of your h>-tnc<*tp.:d Knt:v
Serial No. 013992 made Feb. I'd I. for lots LI
I S. e'-ssw* i se'i Sec. 7, Town. 34 south R.<nge 1 |
| west, Gth principal meridian and as grounds f.*i i
his contest he alleges that Jer.-c J F:
1 has wh°lly abandoned the said lari !. has never . ~. :
I tablished restden' e since date cf entry and has
J wholly failed to improve the ssm.* an I that ail ~f
I of the said default- continue to the pre-ent d:.t- .
I You arc therefore further notified that th.
I said allegation 4 will be taken a.-- confessed
1 your said entry will be canceled without furth<t
right to Ik; heard either beforo this office or on
appeal if you L'i> to file in this ollice within
twenty days a Her the FOURTH piitdicatic , f
this notice os shown below, your aiiswer under
oath specifically responding to these allega: "i
of contest together with due proof that \. .i
have served a copy of your answer on the said
contestant cither in person or by register tl mail.
You should state in your answer the name of
the postoffice to w hich you desire future notice
to be sent to yon.
A. L. BKAVEKS, Register
K. J. McGKATH Rectivei
Dale of first publication Mar 17
41 second ** ** :’|
“ third
fourth Apr 7. 1916
I 3
©tJWQK)§) fllto© (braSa
I gftagfts ftßa© roafoa I
Over-work, worry and
the constant strain of a YXLJjs.
business life are often /
a cause of much trouble. tMmvr
Dr. Miles Nervine /\
I I is highly recommended
for all Nervous disor
ders. It is particularly *
invaluable to business nervous attacks
suffered ■with nervous at
women. Kcgulate VOlir tacks and headaches. Then my
0 J liver got out of order urn! it
Hr/ licinrr seemed as though my whole
UOWeiS Dy using system was upset. I com
menced usinif Ur. Miles’ Nerv-
DR, MILES* ino and ulso took Dr. Miles’
I,lver Fills and now I feel per
¥ firTTIJ DII ¥ O feetly well in every way. My
if! V JLsI% E IL/L/O bowels also aro in good shape
Notice is hereby given that I will sell, at public
auction, to the highest responsible bidder, on the
sth day of April, 1916, at 2 o’clock. I*. M„ at the
ofllco of the State Hoard of Land Commissioners,
Capitol Building, Denver, Colorado, the following
described lands, bituated in Bacu County, Colo
rado, viz:
Beginning at Corner No. 1, tract 37, state school
Innd, which is 1.7 C chains south 0 degrees 3 min
utes west of the point of intersection of the north
boundary of section 15. township 35 south, range
•II west, with the east boundary of the State of
Colorado; thence south 89 degrees 12 minutes west
X 5.26 chains to a point midway betwean Corners
Nos. 1 and 2 of said tract; thence south 0 degrees
I minute west 40 chains; thence north 89 degrees
12 min. east 38.21 plus chains to the east boundary
of Colorado; thence north 0 degrees 2 minutes
cast 40 chains to the point of beginning; contain
ing in all 114.99 acres.
The above describes the NE 1 1 of Sec. 10. Twp.
35 S , R. 41 W., according to the old survey, which
is described as follows under the new survey.
Lot No. 2 20.38 acres in Sec. 15
" '* 4 36.24 15
" " 6 3.18 15
" " 7 3.50 15
” " 12 034 15
•' " 8 40.0 15
“ 11 3.77 15
" 10 2.60 15
” " 9 28.98 15
144.99 acres in Sec. 15
Minimum price per acre of the above $7.50.
Beginning at Corner No. 2 of tract 37. atate
fechool land, from whence the northwest corn! r of
section 15, township 35 south, range II «ve*<t of
the 6th I*. M. hears north 83 degrees 17 minutes
east 18.14 plus chains; thence south 10 cliains:
thence north 89 degrees 42 minutes east 3&24 plus
chains; thence north 0 degrees 1 minute «s*st 40
cliains to a point midway l»etween Corners Nos. 1
nnd 2of tract 37; thence south 89 degrees 4E min
utes west 30.20 chains to the point of I Cgilining;
containing in all 144.99 acres.
The above describes the NWf* of Sec. 10. T" p.
055.. K. 11 W.. according to the old survey. which
is described as follows under the new tuncy.
Lot No. 6 32.80 acres in Sec. 15
” ’• 12 32.28 10
’• ” 14 36.03 1C
” ’• 15 3.71 1C
“ “ 7 36.50 15
” ” 12 3.61 15
144.99 acres in Secs. 15 and IC.
i Minimum price per aorc of the above $7.17>. '
I Beginning at Corner No. 3of tract 37. state
I school land, from whence the SE corner of the
j State of Colorado bears south 89 degrccu 51 min-
J utes east 72.58 chains; thence south 89 degrees 54
I minutes cast 36.24 chains to a point on the south-
J cm Loundary of the state of Colorado midway bc
• tween corners 3 and 4 of tract 37; thence north 0
degrees 1 minute east 17.44 chains: thence south
39 degrees 42 minutes west 36.21 plus chains to the
westboundary of tract 37; thence south 17.20
chains to the point of beginning: containing C 2.77
Theabovo describes the N'j of the SW.'i of
Section 10. Twp. 35 S., It. 41 W.. according to the
old eurvey, which is described as follows under
the new survey
Lot No. 12 31.70 acres in Sec. 15
” ’’ 15 3_\o7 16
62.77 acres in Secs. 15 and 16.
Minimum price i>er acre of the above $7.50.
Beginning at Corner No. 4 of tract 37, state
ehool land, which ij the extreme southeast- cor
ner of the state of Colorado: thence north 0 dc-
I gices 2 minute-east 17.7 chains; thence south 84
degrees 12 minutes west 36.24 plus chains; thence
south 0 degrees i in.nutc west '7.44 chains to a
point on the south boundary of the state of Colo
rado midway between Corners Nos. 3 and 4 of
tract 37; thence south 89 degrees 64 minutes east
36.24 chains to the point of beginning: contain
ing in all 03.09 acres.
The above describes the N.’ j of the SE'vj of sec
tion 16, Twp. 35 S.. R. 11 W„ according to the old
survey, w hicli is described as follows under the
ly.t No. 10 25.57 acres in Sec. 15
•' ■’ 11 35.05 ” ’ 15
’* ” 12 3.07 ” ” ” 15
63.69 acres in Sec. 15
Minimum price per acre of the above $7.50.
Subject to any or all casements or rights of way l
' heretofore legally obtained and now in full force
| and elfcct, if any there be.
Reserving, however, to the state of Colorado all!
rights to any and ull minerals, ores and metals oC
• very kind and character, and all coal, asphaltum.
oil, and other like substances in or under said land!
und the right of ingress and egress for the pur
pose of mining, together with enough of the sur
face of the same as may lie neccessary for thei
proper and convenient working of such minerals,
and substances.
Noland will lie sold at loss than the ininimusii
l pi ice per acre, as given above-. The pare* In will
,I • • ii in the above order, and each tract will be
''• Id as doncribcd alsjyg. -1. ■ »tio saino more or less,
i Terms of payment shall lie ns follows, viz; On
| lands tolling for $3.50 to $25 per acre. 10 per cent
I of the purchase money on the day of sale, the
I baian. o in i cuual annual payments at « per cent
per annum. latnds selling at more than $25 per
••“ re and lets than $75 per ucre. 20 nor tent, cash
on »i •• •!.!> of tale, the balance in fourteen <s|iial
am. .al payments at 7 per cent, perannom. Lands
• oiling for $75 and upwards. 3»i percent, cash, and !
balance in 7 •••pial annual payments at 7 per cent. 1
.m. . < -t. If the purchaser docs not own the im
provement f. he must pay for the same at sale.
rurch.au r will execute bond, as provided in See- 1
lion 28. Actot July • . .905; must tie a nitir.cn of
the I.'nitr-d Stites, or one who has declared hi in
tention of Incoming such; must pay appraisement
and advertising fees.
The Board reserves the right t, re.ect am and
all bids. i
No sale shall Iccumc effective untd approved by >
the State Land Board.
Application No. A4906.
Date -ale ordered by Board. I -!». 19-6.
Date of sale. April sth. 1916.
Bt '.!.vi »:k Statk Boakook Land Commissionki:.s ,
First I’ub.. March 10. last Pub. March :
Of the ownership, manage
ment, circulation, etc., required
by the act of congress of Aug. i
24, 1012, «*f the Springfield Her- 1
aid, published weekly at Spring
field, Colo., for April 1st, 19ifi.
State of Colo. [
County of Baca \ s
Before me, a U. S. Commis
sioner, in and for the state and
county aforesaid, personally ap
peared S. M. Konkel, who having
been duly sworn according to
law, deposes and says that he is ,
the editor and owner of the!
Springfield Herald, and that *he
following is, to the best of nisi
knowledge and belief, a true
statement of the ownership and i
management of the aforesaid |
publication for the date shown in i
the above caption, required by |
the act of Aug. 24, 1912, embod- 1
ied in section 443, Postal Laws I
. and Regulations, printed on the'
i reverse side of this form lowit: I
1. Thai the puplislier, editor, I
• managing editor, business man-1
ager, is S. M. Konkel. Spring j
field, Colo.
2. That the owner is S M. |
| Konkel, Springfield. Coin..
3 That the known bond hold
ers, mortgagees, and other se
curity holders, owning or hold
ing one percent or more of total
amount of bonds, mortgages,
« and other securities are: E.
Emerson, S. E. Speckmann, W.
M. Stewart of Springfield, Colo.,
and N. G. Jones of Two Buttes,
S. M. Konkel, owner.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me this 21st day of March,
(Seat 1 ) Silas E. Speckmann,
U. S. Commissioner 1
Yours for the asking and two
cents for postage—package of
premium squash seeds, raised
by H. A. Caswell, Regneir. Took
the premium at the fair last fall.
For subscribers of the Herald
only, as per Mr. Caswell’s de
sire. Send for them now.
C. Frost Liggett, ex-receiver
of the Lamar land office, was
here and at Carrizo last week.
Mr. Liggett still lias full faith in
the Carrizo copper mines. He
was greatly surprised and pleas
ed at the great strides Baca
county and Springfield have
made since he last saw them.
Geo. Woods, old time Carrizo res
idem, accomnained him.
March JO
Loyd Schurman has establish
, od residence on his place.
There was a dance at .ioe
Guod's Tuesi ay night.
We saw t!ie announcement in
last week’s Herald of the wed
ding of Miss Sadie Davis- to Mr.
F’red Twyford, Jr. Miss Davis
lias a claim in this neighborhood.
We wish them a long and pros
iTerous life.
VVril Mitchell and his two sons,
ILermau and Arnold, and the lat
er’s wife arrived from Cunning
ham. Kans., Tuesday.
Miss Minnie Wilay surprised
her friends by getting mai ried a
few days ago, Mr. Younker be-
I lng the lucky man. Best wishes
j to them.
' Mrs. W. H. Donney Monday
I met with the accident of a wag
■nni passing partly over h>-r, re
Ceding some bad bruises.
i —
The . c cl ’Pi‘z-r sale on *.h
27th —next Monday. Look over
the bill in *his issue and hfc
what it. is that you w int.
A Fpark start < fire Tuesday
it the FjcUlfn burr, and ra«
about a mile beyond th a crook,
when it was put ou' No (iam
ago clone.
Somebody has ordered his pa
per from Stonington to Baiter,
but as no name was signed to
the letter we will have to wait
till further orders.
H. K.Ellis,the insurance ii a",
and W. A. Thompson, the auc
tior.ee r, wore Herald sanctum
callers on the 18th- -on their wa.y
down to the Can Smith sale.
Ohio Barter knows the dirtW
•mco now between soap render
ings and api.le preparations.
About two weeks ago lie tried it
—swallowed i\ mixing spoon full
of lye soap, supposing it o be
apple preparations, both of
which were being made at the
same time. It was hard on his
throat, and might have her-i.
more serious than that. Is mm
able to get out, and is getting
along alright
In connection with bolster _ ng
! up a paper with darning neeofes
and the like Bro. Jones wants to
j know how about “them, spoons,”
which he insinuatingly clubs as
puter- The how is that th<- lb*'
aid has never given any spoon-,
or anything else, to bolster • >
j either itself of its ciiculaj.:
The Herald has a clubbing comb:
nation with certain Capped’ pub!:
cations, and in this clubbing of
fer Capper gives a set of silver
plated teaspoons. The Herald
now has a ekibing combination
i with Mack’s m gazine National
| Monthly, b> which arrangement
- every subscriber to the combina
j tion will get ten Wilson ’‘Ameri
ca First*’buttons; but it. is Na
tional Monthly that is giving i be
j buttons, not the Herald. Tn< re
is a difference; what the Hunt d
has to give : “the papei the p»*o-
IpKs want.”
Benjamin F. Lamport was of
English and German pare; b-g*-,
i was one of a fami'y of t-o
I children, and was bin i at W«»i»d
--| stock, Canada West, Aug. 30,
When one year old his pincwi.-
with their family moved from
Canada to Motrience, lib, where
they made their permanent home
—and Benj. F. grew to manhood
Dec. 25, 1170, Mr L'linpinl
was united in maud ago to Mi s
Nancy A Crew.-. One mu , I*’
E. Lamport, now deceased, v.\c»
the result of this union.
When Elmer was in bis s*»v. . 1 1 1
i year Mr. L.nnporr h.mvil fr m
: Momence to Vine* nn. I i .. :n 1
was associated with his brother,
|T. V. Lamp rt, for mo four < r
five yrs. in the h lb . business.
While in this city he was c.mi
| verted, and united with the first
j Babtist church. His member
jship was transfered to the churdi
lat Lamport some four or fiv
years ago. +
In 1881 or 5 Mr. l/rnport
| moved to Winfield, K ".s f \\:, k r«*
| they lived for about t wo y«-:»rs.
In the spring of 1887 he came
jto Baca county, and located, rc
j turning to Winfteld in the fail of
jsame year for his wife and so*
| who came with him to the n* •
horn®, where they have n* !e
j their residence to the pi l
I time.
! He was a kind, loving, anu
duige.it husband ami .
ioyal .o neighbor i"fl i'r a
j like.
He was sick about <m«hi o -y>
with pneumo.pa. -■ll * J p>--
peacefully away Suridav
the 12Mi inst.. rt 2:40 o’ciccs.
The funeral services were held
at tiie residence Tuesday oft ••
noon, the 14th, at 3 o’clock.
Hazel presiding. The nr
were followed iO its hist. re>.
, lace by a Lrgo coiu ouise r
-ympathetic --elanves and l• ie .
Among those Iron
were Mrs .1. Ii hr> 1 1« • ' f
>r ar M A. Dayton and
U Gurrett n
the deceased 1
The interment was in the f m
. • lot at t*.*• Stoni? gt«»n «• •: •. •
ie y y.
l R• , on • r
Ci i i v’s big n er. li . • i
i . ; i ting bu-in '•
I J 4 . ’ .

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