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VOL. XXX. No. 30
Free to our paid-ahead sub
scribers while they last—“ The
Presidency of thcUnited Status.”
Call and get yours,
Don’t forget the high school
editon of the Springfield Herald
on the sixth of April—and that if
extra copies are wanted for sou
venirs and to send away they
will have to bo ordered in ad
Fifty years ago on the stn inst..
the first wood pu'p fur iho manu
facture of paper was made, and
the first paper was made from it
sometime afterwards. At the
present time, without wood pulp
the big dailies would practically
have to go out of business.
“Why not prohibit meat, milk,
beans, etc.,” says the Wholesale
Liquor Dealer's bulletin Strikes
us they are almost prohibited
now. and presumedly Jno. Bar
leycorn figures that if they are
prohibited altogether we will
then take to strong drink to
drown our sorrows.
The editor was at Two -Buttes
Friday in the interest of the ne'v
county map. Two Buttes is un
doubtedly in the richest artiH
cially watered agricultured belt
in southeast Colorado, and land
will be worth $l5O an acre when
a. railroad crosses the county;
same at A rresia
We have Senator Sliafroth’s
speech on equal suffrage in the
United States senate. It is a
masterful presentation of tile
subject, and we hope that at the
next session of congress our rep
resentatives will be able to get
the equal suffrage bill through.
A tax commission representa
tive from Denver was here this
week to decide just how our
county should be taxed. It is
presumed that in two or three
days' investigation he will know
more about it than the old plugs
who have lived here all their
The editor last week took a
mail trip to Richards and ltod
ley. Richards now lias two stores,
hotel, blacksmith shop, barber
shop, and other acoutrements
of a metropolitan nature. At
Rodley we found one of the big
gest stores in the county, and a
hardware store just leady for
business. Keep your eye jn
these two democratic cities, along
with the other growing towns of
the county.
As formerly promised for
sometime in the future, next
week the Konkel boys and girls
will be the chief cooks and bottle
washers in this extablisliment —
will write'er up, set’er up nor
rect’er up and run’er oif, with
out the advise or the consent of
any other nation on earth, and
regardless ol barred zones or
submarine activities. Reason is
that next week the editor wi 11 tie
in Denver overseeing lhe making
of his new map of the county
Watch for the paper next week,
We are glad to report to our
readers that Commissioner Stin
son met the state highway
commission at Denver on the
first inst. and was successful in
securing what he went after and
Baca county is wanting—certain
state highways and dollar for
dollar for moneys put up by Ba
ca county in levies and donations.
The commission made the D C D
road from Springfield to the
state line, state highway also the
branch from Stonington to Two
Buttes and the north county line.
As estimated by the Herald some
time ago, by the state putting
up dollar for dollar the county
will have over SIO,OOO for road
working this year, and thanks to
Mr. Stinson, with the assistance
of Senator Hasty and Mr. Mark
ham of Lamar, the state agreed
to the proposition.
Printing cloth copies is a whole
lot of trouble, but if any are
wanted of the high school edition
we will print them for 25 cents
each. Cloth copies will be just
as legible fifty years from now
OS when printed.
The Springfield Herald
Some letters a j crowded out
this week fur the want of space.
After this week we will have
more elbow room.
President Wilson took the oath
privately Sunday, and Monday
was publicly inaugurated for a
second term.
The officers of the Wichita
Federal Farm Land Hank wore
anpointed last week. It takes a
h-ng time to asssemble a big ma- !
chine, and at the same speed of
the past it may be several months
yet before loans are ready to be
At the club meeting Tuesday
night the organization ratified
the ai rangements of the commit
tee at the good-road's meeting
at Boise, and voted that the en
tertainment and banquet of its
southern guests be absolutely
free to them. Committees on
banquet, program and entertain
ment \v. re appointed, and ad
journed to meet next Tuesday
Teacher’s exam at Spring, Jeld
and Stonington 15th and 16th
inst For high school teachers
at Springfield 17th inst. Eighth
grade exam 25 and 23 inst at
Springfield, Stoningtoo, Two
Buttes and Setonsbnrg.
J. A. Hut ton was a Springfield
visitor the first of the week—in
the interest of his sale on the
13th — next Tuesday. Mr. Hua
ton is going to quit farming and
will move into Stonington. For
this reason everything advertis
ed will be sold, win 'her for little
or for much. It will pay you to
be «t the lluston sale.
Dr. Nicholson informs us that
six buildings are right now
pract.icaiiy in course of construe
* tiou at Stonii gtou. Somebody
please to flag .tiiautrain.
For Sale.
One span mares and oue span
geldings—Kansas raised horses,
col C. C. Campbell.
Joycoy, 16 miles west of Spring*
fi« Id.
Money to loan on improved
farms Borrow Bca county
money; then if cro,»s are bad or
there is any other good reason
you should want an extension,
the home folks would understand
the situation. C C. Campbell,
The jail contains six inmates at
the present time —two on charge
of cattle killing, two on charge of
murder, and two on charge of
burglary and thieft. In addition
close to a dozen are out on bonds.
All will have a hearing in the
June term of court.
On Friday evening ot last week
Merle Konkel and Dwight Burt
found two sacks of booze on the
creek. They carried one of the
sacks with 48 bottler, to an ol<i
well and threw it in. *The next
night Forest Gordon and Emmet
Roy asked Merle to take a ride
with them. They went to the
creek, tit d Merle to a tree, and
fired several shots at him to make
him tell what he did with the
booze The editor this week had
the boys arrested on three
charges—assault with intent to
murder, bootlegging, and carry
ing consealed weapons. Besides,
the 48 bottles, there were two,
jugs of alcohol. Further particu- <
!urs elsewhere.
Spencer and Minor
Leading Real estate Firm; quick,
liberal loans on deeded land.
List your ranch, no matter what
size, wo have good buyers for
deeded land. Call »«t Wagner Hot
el. Ist April our office will be
north of the Democrat .Office on
the D»-. Friend lot.
cO-4 Springfield, Colo.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our most
sincere thanks to our friends and
ne : ghbors for the kindnesses and
sympathy shown us at the time
of the sickness and death of our
boy, Donald Guy. Also wish to
especially thank the kind friends
who contriouted such beautiful
Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Whitaker,
and family.
j Sand Arroyo and Edler will
have star-route mail Bervice be
ginning with Tuesday next.
L. T. Cadenhead, Mrs. Taylor
and Mrs. Loar were town visit
ors Monday.
J. J. Lunty, Henry Munson and
Thos. Rand were here from Went,
worth Tuesday.
Alvin Lewis, county surveyor,
was down from Two Buttes on
the sth inst.
A whole car load of farm au- -
chinery at Patterson’s—received
this week. Patterson says “I
am here for business —come and
get my prices.”
Root. H. Dickey says he can
Ret the money two or three
weeks sc oner for you than any
one else. See his ad. this week.
C. G. Patterson says this
week’s business is the largest he
has had since starting in—the
result of fair dealing and judl-
Icrious advertising.
J. R. Easter of Sand Arroyo,
was a pleasant caller Wednesday.
Mr. Easter will make his mon
ey crop this year broomcorn and
Will Greathouse, Roy Haney
and Mr. Harlow were in town
the fi-Bt of the week.
Sheriff Long was able- to be up
and around again the first of the
The Perry restaurant is now!
supplied with a phone.
Tire Barter short-order house
is now also serving regular
Daniel Huffman, Store keeixrr
Johnson, Mr. Long, Mr. John--
ston, Bert Neal, Tibbet and oth
ers were in town Monday in the
interest of the mail route out in
that direction.
Walter Bonfetreßim In Trottl"
Joycoy Monday.
Joe Luelien was up from Went
worth Tuesday—settling up the
C. F. Lamport estate.
Merchant Patterson this week
| received a car load of Kansas 2nd
botiom hay. Now is the time
your stock needs it.
Robt. H. Dickey, who can get
the money for you in ten days,
was in Springfield over Wednes
day night on land business.
We are informed that barber
Templin sold his half section for
SI,BOO, and the other fellow turn
ed right around and sold it for
Seventeen from Springfield,
ditto Two Bultes, and a dozen
from Stonington (Kansas City)
and suberbs were at the big eat
at Elkhart Tuesday night. Big
blow-out, hallelujah time. More
next week.
Bert McGowan, formerly of C.
1., now of Hurley, Okla., was in
Springfield last week and in
formed the editor that the Em
pire Gas and Fuel company has
the lumber on the ground for the
oil-well derrick, a mile south of
the river and six east of the
Clark ranch. The derrick is to
be 80 feet high. Several claims
have been staked out and the
country is in somewhat of a hub
[ub over the prospects. We are
hoping the oil materializes in
paying quanities, and if it does,
probably our turn will come next.
The scenes of this activity is
about 35 miles south of Spring
Estray Advertisement.
Notice is hereby given to whom
it may concern that the following
described estray animal was
taken up near Richards, Baca
county, Colo., on or about Feb
ruary 26, 1917, to-wit: —
Two black horse mules, one
bay horse mule, about- three
years old. Both unbranded.
Said animals beingunknown to
this Board, unless claimed by
owner on or before March 24,
1917, said estray will be sold by
this Boa id for the benefit of the
owner when found.
State Board of Stock Inspection
Commissioners, Denver, Colo
rado. col
The Amarilla, Springfield and
Denver State Highway Trail,
Planned and Projected by
Springfield, now an Assured
Thing. ,;j
Monday of tills week u hur
ried call waa made by phone for
Springfield to attend n pond
roads meeting at Boise at 1:30
p. m. Of that day, and E.iner
French, Elmer Zirkle, Herbi
Homsher and S. M. Konkel, on
hour after receiving the word, I
bit the trail for the trysting!
place, where wo found Dallmrt|
and Camix) already assembled.
We found the commissioners
of Cimarron county in session |
and wrestling with the problem
of their part In promoting the
trail through their county, and
as we understand it, it was very
largely for the pu ipose of im
pressing the commissioners of
the importance of the new trail
that the good roads meeting was
The Commissioners’ mooting.
was addressed by Dalhart, Boise i
Campo and Springfield parties, l
after which • meeting was held in
the con rt room for the purpose
effecting a peruianant organiza
tion and considerir.g plans lor J
opening np the route and to put 1
it iu condition for this summer’s 1
tourest travel.
Alter talks by Dalhart parties,
Editor Thomas of Boise. Wheel- j
»r and Loveall of Campo and S.
M. Konkel of Spripgfield, on mo
tion of the latter a meeting was
1 called at Springfield on Tuesday,
April 3rd, for the purpose of ef
fecting a permanent organization
- and completing plans for logging
■ the route and putting it in the
. beat possible condition for this
i season.
i On motion, also of S. M. Kon
kel, AmariUo, Cbanning and Dal
h»rt Boise and two
other towns on this side of Boise
in Oklahoma, and Campo, were
, invited to send three delegates
each to act officially at this meet
J Cimarron and Beaver are the
two obstacles across the path of
! this highway trail. Eventually
they will each have to be bridged
i across the main channel and gyp
, ped through the sand, but for the
temporary purposes of this sea
son’s business the crossings and
sand will be put in fair shape by
■ altering with straw and manure.
This Amarillo-Springfield-Den
ver trail is going to be a big
thiug for our town and county.
' Our people are alive to the situa
tion and wilt do everything pos
sible to make it a grand success.
Commercial Club
On Friday night a special
meeting of the qlub was held at
the court heuse, intended special
ly to get the club harnessed for
the new life and business of tie
The following new members
were taken in: Dr. Culp, Jno.
Minor, Herb Homsher. Ben
Spencer, Rev. Dittmarr, L. H.
Alberti, W. R. Garvie, Chas. lio
weth, Elmer French, Charles
Doughty, Earl Denney.
TV. M. Stewart, Sam Holt and
S. E. Speckmann were appoint
ed a committee on court house
block improvements.
L. H. Alberti, Herb Homsher
and Earl Denney, committee on
old SpriLgfield incorporation.
Rev. Dittmarr, Eldon Allen
and Elmer French, committee on
The meeting then adjourned to
meet in regular session Tuesday
night. j
Dr. Nicholson informs us that,
the first baby in all the world tol
come by parsels post was’
promptly claimed by Mr. and J
Mrs. L. V. Campbell. It was j
born in the postoffice at Stoning,
ton Sunday evening.
Marion Christ was taken sick
near the Chimneys the first of
the week and sent for Dr. Nich
Last week Clyde Mort forgot
to drain the radiator of his auto,
with thea’tendant resultof some
thing like a S3OO loss by its freez.
ing and bursting.
North Flats
We arc sorry to hear of the
death of the infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. H W. Crouch.
Alva Adams and wife arc hold
ing down that claim. Alva’s
parents arc here witli them.
J. M. Stewart lost onu of his
hor es a few days ago.
Ira Chenow -th’s baby is re
ported better.
E. H. Chatham lias been bed
fast with rheumatism, but is able
tu lie up again..
Prairie View
Had a li-ie snow Friday md
The Preston boys and Mr.
Bunco made a trip tc the cedars
the last ot' the week and got 350
tine posts.
Grant Blevans and i«ririe ar
rived here last Wrifck. They in
tend to move on their homestead
soon. They were accompanied
by Mr. Blevens grandfather and
Dave Johns fiorn near Reg
nier, spent a few days with
Frank Davis.
Mrs. Wray bought eight head
of cows last week.
Hobart Pearce returned to Em
poria, Kan., sifter spending a
few day? with his parents
Roy Watkins spent Saturday
night Frank Davis
Abe Mizzles and Jpf* Shelton
went to the eed u s c.n M-mdav.
Salem and Floyd P*me went
to Lamar last Wednesday,
We have a very lengthy letter
from Mis. Mary Jones, explana
tory of ilie auto episode recently
mentioned in the Herald. Mrs.
Jones explains that she under
stood she had ten days to pay
the bill, and tiiat before the lapse
of tHj time she paid it? ,Thd car
had been a great expense to her,
and the bill was rather high.
Mrs. Jones was sorry the matter
got into the papers, and so wants
to give the public her side of the
story. Mrs. Jones is one ot the
prominent teachersof the county.
FOR SALE —Pairmare mules,
3 years old; also a few red milch
cows, 4 years old. Sec. 21, 32,
44. B. Patchen,
do 2 Stonington, Colo.
Last week Thos. Scott of Two
Buttes bought the Burton pool
hall. Mr. Scott has the proud
distinction of recently having
auctioned off one of the largest
sales in the county, and the larg
est in attendance. Mr Scott and
sons will conduct a real estate
business in the pool hall office.
See his ad. elsewhere in the Her
Pie Supper—at Neville school
house Monday night, Mar. 12.
Benefit of new school hous*\ Ev
erybody couie —bring pie s—
bring money.
A most interesting article last
week by Claude Jones on assess
ments was crowded out. This
week we are giving that part of
it directiy concerning Baca coun
ty to-wit:‘Along with our prob. of
valuations and taxes we have the
dry, arid and grazing problem;
the priority rights and reclama
tion problem; the transportation
of our products to railroad prob
lem; the deep water and dry
farming problem; the mortgage
and interest problem. With other
perplexing problems o f lesser
magnitude, but perhaps just as
j vital. Most if not all, of these
| great problems, I believe, will be
satisfactorily solved induecourse
jof time by the great working,
thinking majority of intelligent
! manhood and womanhood who
I have homes in this great and
| good county on the Eastern
j slope.”
i We shall have special oil-well
talk next—Cimarron river oil
Springfield delivery, about
April Ist. Fruit, shade, and or
namental trees, vines, shrubs,
small fruits, etc.
E. Emerson
We organized the Rodley Sun
day school as announced. It is
to be held at the homes of our
members until warmer weather.
(At Fern Nixon’s next Sunday).
Mr. Tate is Supt, Bro. Wilcox,
Asst., Mrs. Hawkins Sec. and
Treas., Newt. Ballou, teacher of
bible class, Mrs. Ballou, teacher
of young folks, Mrs. Nixon, p
mary teacher, the hour is 2 p. in.
sharp. Everybody come.
Prayer meeting is tu bo held
at G. A. Shultz’s this week.
Tliern is to be a school meet
ing at Macy’s this afternoon to
lay off the site for the new school
Diamon d Ridge
A. Shutford made a trip to
Elkhart this week.
E. P. Wray and A. Shufford
made a business trip to Stoning
ton Tuesday.
J. H. Henson and George Ghd
yet hove returned from the ced
Floid Elliot called on L. D.
Wray’s Friday.
Grand View
L. F. Berry and family, spent
Sunday, with E. B. Clapp and
Fred Collins and E. T. Lilly!
made a business trip to Spring-1
field Wednesday.
Bailey Wells of Pride spent a
few days with his sister, Mrs.
Fred Collins, this week.
Arthur Garvie spent Wednss
day night with Oral Hankins.
L> Dunivan was taken to Two
Buttes Saturday where lie will
receive the care of Dr. Verity
Claribal Beckman called on
Leou i Dunivan Saturday even
Tall Pine
Mrs. T. W. Nugent and sister
were called to Texas to their!
mother’s bedside. She was re
ported better at present.
M iss Looney closed hoi school
till she returns.
Mrs. Vunderpool and mother,
Mrs. Osborn, wera calling on
Mrs Kenney Sunday.
Lanrance Gaston and Wait
Caldwell are at Elkhart this
Ms. Rhoads is out on his claim.
He built a new house and went
back to Elkhart after his wife
and children.
Bmn to Mr. ar.d Mrs. Charles
Ketchuin, Feb. 27, a baby boy
Dr. Nicholson in attendance.
Our farmers an getting ready
for farming.
Lewis Eaton’s took dinner at
Prichards last Tuesday.
Win. Waldroupe is helping
Tom Konkel build a stone chick
en house.
Big Flat.
Mrs. Greenlee has returned
from Oklahoma, where she has
been visiting.
Will Crawford went to Lamar
one day la t week for freight.
Dewey Jaqkman intends to
work for Mr. Ate-* of south of
Two Butte* for a while.
Walter Conner has a car.
J. P. Jackman is able to sit up
in a chair. •
Frank Lacey returned from
Kansas a few days ago, where he
has been for most a year.
Mr. Burt has bis well complet
ed—lots of water at 210 f et.
O. H. Smith bulk a wind tower
for Mr. Burt and and Louis Sey
fret last week.
A crowd gathered at Roy Bos
ley’s one evening last week and
spent the evening in music and
pulling taffy.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Finkle and
Nettie, O. H. Smith, Flossie Ter
ry and Peail Calhoun spent la->t
Sunday at E. Bussard’s.
Lively brothers entertained
company last Sunday.
Uncle Wm; # Curtis was in town
SJ. 50 Per Y ear.
Pleasant Valley
Mi s A v (Jbamber’ bt other
and wife arc visiting hi- sister
j and family.
Virgil Suttiu marketed F
ol hogs this week.
The farmers i..eet at tin
school house ties com in;.; S' .<
day to orgai ize a teh ol om . -
Wc uhd tand our luir.fi
I Route is to i, daily ro’•
in the n< i itu xt-nd<
a mile farH;< :
S. 11. Mi .i. 1 re< ntlv ii-r.c, 1
the rest ol‘ hi.- >1 •••«■.
Tom Mendenhall Iras ban: •••
ed for Xrl <)u r] ’ ck field a
is pasturing it this week.
Literal 1 } :
Friday night.
Soap v.(ed cutting is progi < •-
ing fine. .Most fanners seem t
bo about 1.1 do;if.
John Neihart
now. He
raised it. tin* latter part of 1
Zion Chapel
The late nows are fine on the
Lincoln Pruitt is home alrw
being a*.' ay several months
Harve Ridder went to I a mar
lrst week after freight.
.Jacob Robin’s i,nd wife an
here fr< in Ok ahoma. They are
erecting a large barn on their
place and lat :t lild
The Dillon’s and Thompson’s
and Mr. llskew a i Vvifeof .fi y
coy spent ini h Mr.
Rockhiil :d :■ il
There wa
Sunday h 1 • • the Rev. 1
All were w.-il i•'i..* d .-.ith his
appeal and* am ii. wM 11. will
be with us a , lirst Sun
day in April, it ..ir'h .v .!
lime to come mi' ; d h* .ir him.
i H. E Tti; n-r and wile , v
I ,1. Li. Tu rn<
Little VY ’ ;<_•« fit n • t
been quite si L.
S. M. Ko fiel o S’ rn. • fi-!<
was a pleasant « a !«■ i• in fin I .
T. 0. Mayn ird and famil
have mo\
Bam* Smith and 'an, .. i i
in Richards Shmda v.
I Grandpa Hnncocu wo
I been very . up. for ••.*.> •• <• -
is slowly Improving.
M rs. J. .
Florence utter d c 1 .
Welcome Sm < ay and Mrs Sweet
ami Mi-s J. o»urn. <! ! .c
with them.
Rock View
The pi« -
ter was on jo . d i.v ;. 11
Mrs. C -
day at tl • ■ dam •
Rev. J n fi .m Stt
spent Tui 1
J McAdams h-> i, .
Louis W
nice team T es ay.
Ory.lle McAdams sull’ei i ;g
fr >m a v-ry > r- a rm.
Mr. Mi t- i as a tine well of
wat'fju tc> p feted. %
A. Gibbons has begun plow
Willie • hapman is suffering
from a toil on the side f his
I face.
Prairie View
j Had a tine snow Frida;, and
I The P t n be.l
Hunce mad- a t i > i • :
this week.
Mr. Fergus • and sons Ra
«11onrl and Ha- lid
I the ceda s ill- last of hist \v\ ck.
and go* 35't tin sts.
. Grant B eve and bride ar
rive d here lav week. They in
tend to move nth homes i
i soon. They were ac o ; > .iiedby
1 Mr. I levens .randmof : . i
. lister.
I Mrs. Fchrtc i* sta\iig with
Mr-. Hancock while her folks are
'back in Oklahoma,

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