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Tlm Itefirirements Boiled Down
for Busy Mb.
BMona moat B* AM <m or Ntow
due may ba pMmo or op or
totote Jub* 1& lftia
K joa war* olngto and your not In
come tv MIT waa HOW or moro you
anut file a retain.
If jrw were married aad Urine with
wife (or bnaband) and had a net la
coma of 92,000 or more for 1917 you
moit file a return.
Hoahaad'a and rrtfe'i income moat
be considered jotatty, ptna income of
minor children.
Income of a minor or incompetent,
darlrad from a separate eataie, most
be rvparted by Ida leyal represeata
Serere penalties are provided for
those who neglect or evade the law.
For false or fraudulent return there
Is a penalty not exceeding 12,000 fine
er year's Imprisonment, or both, plus
Tt)o per cent, of tax.
For failure to make return on or
before April 1, 1918, fine is from S2O
te sl*oss, plus 00 per cent of tax doe.
Returns must be filed with the Col
lector of Internal Ravenna of district
to which you live.
An sgent may file return for a par
son who is ill, absent from the country
er otherwise incapacitated.
Each return must be signed sad
sworn or affirmed by person execut
es It.
Single parsons are allowed SI,OOO
exemption In computing narsml tax.
A married person Using wKk wife
tor husband) la allowed HOW amp
lm, plus 9200 far each dependstit
child under 18.
A hand of family, though single, fa
allowed $2,000 exemption If actually
supporting one or more relatives.
Returns faukt show the entire
amount of earnings, gains and profits
received during the year.
Officials and employees are not taxa
ble on the salaries or wages received
from a state, county, city or town In
the (totted States.
Interest on state and municipal
beads Issued within the U. 8. la ex*
umpt from federal Income tax and
should be omitted.
Interest oo United States govern
ment bonds Is also exempt, except on
individual holdings of Liberty Fours In
excess of 90,000 par value.
Dividends are not subgret to* normal
tax, but most ha reported and lAduded
lu net Income.
Gifts aad legacies are not income
and should not be Included on the re
turn of the beneficiary.
Life insurance received as n bene
ficiary or as premiums paid back at
maturity or surrender of policy to not
Payments received for real or per
sonal property sold is not Income, but
the profit realised thereon Is income
i’ot the year of sola.
Amounts received in payment of
notes or mortgages Is not ln<fe>tne, but
tfco Interest on such notes hr mort
gage* Is taxable Income.
Prom the entire gross Income* cer
tain allowances are made In arrlYfng
at the net income.
Necessary expenses actually palfl Iff
the conduct of business, trade or pro
fession may be claimed.
A fstmer can claim payments for
labor, seed, fertiliser, stock feed, re
pairs on buildings, except his dwelling;
repairs of fences and farm machinery,
materials and smay tools for tanned!-
ate see.
The amount of rent paid tor a farm
may f lin be claimed as a tenant farm
er's expense.
Payments tor ilve stock are allowa
ble if bought for resale. But If bought
for brooding purposes cattle are an In
vestment, not an expense, and cannot
be allowed.
A storekeeper can claim amounts
paid for advertising, clerk hire, tele
phone, water. Ugbt and fuel, also dray
age and freight bills and tost of op
erating and repairing wagons and
A physician can claim cost of his
profeastonal supplies, rent office help,
telephone, expense of team or automo
bile used In making professional calls
and *■ attending medical con
A dentist esn claim similar items,
except team or auto expense, which
are not necessary In bis profession.
Expenses thst are personal or con
nected la any way with the support or
well being of a person or family arc
not allowable.
The coots of machines, instruments. ;
vehicles or implements thst are more
or loss permanent in character are not
anawabU uan •spans*. Thmj are in
Intorett piM on . mortg.it. or other
joreo.,l UtMrtotaooo U allowable on
a personal return.
All taxes paid within the year can
lie te*en not on • federal return, ex
rept federal Income taxes. Inheritance
taxes aad aaaaeaaianta far local Ira- |
Loanee eutahnd la busmens or
through Are. Mona or ohlpwrerk or by
theft, except whoa compensated by la
tniniaca or etherwlee.
Wav aad Mar at ranted buildings or
maddatnt naod to business may bs
To. can also claim tbe aronnnr pale
,o the Bod CTooo aad lo other i hsrlts
i,. raOgtoaa or educational oritanlsa
Men to the extent of IS par coat, ot
year net l»comet__
Farm For Rent
20 .ores in cu dvation: 100
more of good A 1 Sandy loam |
bottom land; 2 room house; 40
f nco i; will fence balance. Rentj
for f, delivered, with 20 acres
crop t nt. Farm at No. 12 wind
nil!. Renting on account of be- i
j rig in next call. 1
dl-3 P. F. Colaon,
Uttleyvllle, Colo. 1
Tlirobi'iitirv Js. lo .!.
be published next we K
K. E Vineyard of Vineyard
mured in town last to wore.
Archin Konanl and fatnil
Here up ;rom Rridley Tuesday
Uncle .l ike Haney of Stoning
ton was in Si ringfield Tut aday.
J. H. D. Terral and family re
turn, d in Springfield Wednes
day. -
H. t lenient of Blaine was in
the county seat the fi ist of the
Trees, vines, small fruits for
spring delivery. Will appreciate
your order. E. Emerson.
C E. Houghton of Missouri,
an old acquaintance of Dr. Dick
erson, is here lookiog for a locu
Julia Stillwell of Browusville,
Ind.. last weeek had her name
put up another mile post on our
A movement of 05,000 draftees
will begin on Mar. 29, and con
tinue for five days- Colorado is
to send 323.
Robt. Dickey, the farmer land
man, soon lo become garage man
in Springfield, was in town
Tuesday on business.
Henry Yeager and neighbor
Cotton were in town Monday,
the former with a skunk hide
sold to Reginald Konkel.
Roy Davis was haled into juni
or court the first of the week oo
a charge of forgery, and case
was set lor the 15th prox.
Chas. Elmore of C. I. jumped
right into the band wagon last
week and will help out in the
good cause of building up the
T. Y. Williams of Ottawa,
Kans., this week takes the Her
ald Special for the desired pert
of a greater Baca county—
through train—no return-
Salesmen Wanted to solicit
■ rders for the lubricating oils,
greafces and paints. Salary or
comuiision. Address THE
HARVEY OIL CO., Cleveland,
Ohio. dl.
John Hargis of Lamport, one
of the parties wanted in Justice
Jones’ court for crap shooting,
came to Springfield Saturday,
pled guilty in the county court,
and left $76.60 on the court’s
desk to square things. We hav
en’t learned how much he won
in the crap game.
H. A. Knoobel of Sunbury.
Pa., writes stating he hadn’t re
ceived the Herald for a month.
He has been taking the paper
since 1088, and doesn't want to
miss a copy. 1“ his letter he
ffiveß ** streak*
shall hereafter use an< * **
paper fails we ask him to #,i '
vise ue. We want our subscrib
ers to get the paper every
Made li st week by John Min
or, Heal estate agent. Springfield,
Sold the Ralph Nicholis 320
acre ranch for ssoCO.cash
Sold a 320 tract southwest of
town for SSOOO.
Bought two quarters of land
of T. E. Barr in the artesian
belt for cash.
Wi'h these sales I also leased
25 qo -r'ers of land for the Car
te Oil s* d <5- f" T os. u' ••
W lilt o e- ? . d.
Minor lor pm "I'Ulars- oil the nil
p.-Oi-p 1 c's in Baca 30.
PILOT POINT 26-29-46
Three - ind . n w-ft no l n
week in this part of ii.e * oun r:.
S. L Hickcox has been li *|» !
ing Jim'lce do some work this
Rov Hickcox help' d K. T.
.1 oh nail ■1" t out me iret-s r r
••ay. I
Ross Wrigh returned from j
Pueblo Saturday, where lie ha*
been working for some tinje.
Notice of Adjustment Day
E-tate of Gillard Dock Qnx.
All persons having claims
against said estale are her* b.v
notified to present them for ad
justment to the county court of
Baca county, Colorado, on the
18 day of April, A. D. 1918.
Nation T. Cox Administrator
of the Estate of Gillard Dick
Ist pub. Mar. 16, 1918.
Last Pub. Ape. 5, 1916.
Suffered Several
lire. Elisabeth Reutber, IMS 11th «. «i
St., N. W.. Wuhiacton. Ol C„ write*: jtUMOy
'1 endorse Peruse ae a splendid
medicine for catarrh and stomach {g* m
trouble, from which I suffered SOT- I
oral rears. I took It far several /vjj
months, found my hsaitti was re* vHW* iWWWiI
stored and hsva fait splendidly aver
since. I now take It when I con- ————————
tract a cold, and It soon rids tha era* Those who object to liquid modi*
Ism at snr catarrhal tesdoncSoa." sines can procure Peru no Tablets.
Farmers’ State Bank
Of Springfield
Loans and Discounts Unsecured $14,707.21
“ Secured by Collateral 26,398 18
Overdrafts 34.42
United States Bonds 1,054.22
Other Bonds and Securities 1,548 75
Furniture and Fixtures 1".423.32
Banking House 4,213.70
Due from Banks (not Reserve Banks) 6,333.20
Cash Items (not including Checks on other Banks) 12.75
Due from Reserve Banks 32,061.63
Checks on Other Banks 173.31
Cash on Hand 2,987.31
Net Loss 431.39
TOTAL 90,379720
Liabilities *
Capital Stock 15,000.00
Surplus Fund i 1,500.00
Individual Deposits 68,037.33
Due to Banks (not Reserve Banks) 1,719 00
fime Certificates of Deposit 2,022 00
( ertitled Checks 400.00
Cashier's Checks 800.00
TOTAL 90,379.20
Co a unty f of'°Baca I ss We > J ' A Stinson, President, and R. E.
Hooker, Cashier, of the above named bank do stlemniy swear that
the above statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief
J. A. Stinson, President. R E. Hooker, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before Attest
me this 14th day of March, 1018, J. A. Stinson,
My Commission expires Jan. 31, Will Spurgeon,
1918. 8 6 si Herbert E. Horn- W. M. Stewart,
her, Notary. Public. Directors
(Under New Management)
Everything Neat,
Spick and Span
Opo4 Chuck - • Good Service i
I will sell at Public Auction at my
place, 6 miles north and 8 east of
Springfieid, 4 south and 4 west of Two
ftuttes, at 10 o’clock.
7 Horses and Mules 7
■ ■
1 l-lin. John Deere gsng plow,
with sod bottoms, almost new.
1 Osborn Disc.
1 Jap riding cultivator.
1 Bradley com planter.
1 Bradley mower.
1 Bradley Rake.
1 R I. Walker Plow, 14 inch.
1.1 1 n D" ■ Sod Plow.
11 'ally ntw.
15 h cultivator.
4 S' Is leathey harness.
1 set train harness
1 -ot d'.uole buggy harness.
I- - arid Oil rai ks.
3 wagons.
1 hay rack.
1 wtrod rack.
Some alfalfa hay in the stack.
Dn.roc brood now
Lunch Served by Bnptist Ladies* Aid of Springfield
Usual Terms
kURSELL and HYNES, Aucts. Sam Holt, Clerk
Strayed—Three head horses.
Two are large bays One black
saddle horse—shod all aroundj
When last seen two had on rone
halters and one buckskin halter.
All in good shape. Notify.
Ruby Reynolds,
cl— Springfieid, Colo.
Rhone collect, in care of Flinl
& Hagerman.
llarge black mule, 5 .vrs.
1 large iron gray mule, 2 yrs.
1 small sorrel mule, smooth mou
1 gray mare in foal.
1 black mare smooth mouth.
2 bay horses wt 600 each, smooth
• Household Goods
1 Kitchen cabiret.
1 cupboard.
Ice box, Keg churn, Heating
Stove, Ice criiaoi freeter, and
other things not mentioned.
R. B. Kerr of Stonington lias
bought the News of his brother
I and stdrts off with an increased
quanity of fresh news. We are
hoping for R. B.’s success.
Dr. Dickerson of Missouri has
located in Springfield and ready
for bjsiness or calls in his pro
Samuel Schuyler Reynolds
was born in Watson, Effington
county. 111., March 2, 1862 and
departed from this life the even
ing of Feb. 26, 1918, at 11:16,
age 56 yrs. 11 mo. and 26 days.
He was the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel A. Reynolds of
Watson, Ills., who have both
preceded him to the Great Bey
He has been in poor health for
the last eleven years, but the
last three years he has been rap
idly failing, and last four monthß
he has been very poorly, his
worse suffering being a severe
He was stricken with apooplexy
the evening of Feb. 23, and was
unconscious from 1 o’clock that
morning until he departed for
his eternal home the Right of
Feb. 26, at 11:15 o’clock.
Samuel Schuyler Reynolds
was united in marriage to Mary
Elmore Tucket Feb. 17, 1885,
in Watson, 111. To this union
were born five children—Rolive
R. Reynolds of Wetumka, Okla.,
Archie G., Noble D., Benjaman
F„ Vera 8., of Maxey, Colo.
He and his family have soent
-everal years in Illinois, Nehras
ka, Oklahoma, At the time of
his departure he was living on a
homestead near Maxey, in Baca
county, Colo.
Besides bis wife and five child
ren he leaves to mourn bis loss
three sisters and two brothers
and a host of relatives and
He is the first one of the six
brothers and sisters to depart
lor the Great BcyODd.
The brothers and sisters are
Mrs. Orville Oliver, Bogaluea,
Mississippi, Mrs. Mattie Lay
Clinton, Oklahoma, Mrs. Dora
Bardpack, Mason, 111., Mr. James
Albert Reynolds, Porgan, Okla.
He was a good Christian man,
and loved by ulltvbo knew him.
His belief was the Primitive
Baptist. He did not fear death
and was a firm believer in our
Merchant’s wife Ad
vises Snringfiled Women
“I had stomach so bad I could
eat nothing but toast, fruit and
hot water. Every thing else
would sour and formed gas.
Dieting did no good. 1 was mis
erable until 1 tried Buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in
Adler-i-ka. ONE SPOONFUL
• benefited me INSTANTLY.”
! Because Adler-i-ka empties both
jlarge and small intestine it re
lieves any case of constipation,
sour stomach or gas and pre
vents appendicitis. I> has quick
est action of anything we ever
sold. S. E. Sueckm.inn.
Drug Company.
I— —■——MBS
Swift & Company
At a recent hearing of the Federal Trade Commission there |
was introduced correspondence taken from the private files of |
Swift & Company, which showed that the-Company had been con- I
| sidering for some time an educational advertising campaign. f
I The need for this publicity has been apparent to us for sev- 1
I eral years. The gross misrepresentation to which we have |
I recently been subjected has convinced us that we should no longer I
H delay in putting before the public the basic facts of our business, |
I relying on the fair-mindedness of the American people. |
I The feeling against the American packer is based largely on 1
I the belief that the income and well-being of the producer and 1
I consumer are adversely affected by the packers' operations, ffi
I resulting in unreasonably large profits. < I
I Swift & Company’s net profit is reasonable, and represents 1
I an insignificant factor in the cost of living. |
I For the fiscal year 1917 the total sales and net profit of Swift |
I & Company were as follows: , W
I Silei |
I $875,000,000. fIHHHHHHHBHHHHfIH
I Profits _
I $34,650,000. ■
I This is equivalent to a $3,465. profit on a business of $87,500. |j
H y/i If Swift fle Company had made no profit at all, the cattle raiser |
■ would have received only one-eighth of a cent per pound more for his H
H cattle, or the consumer would have saved only one-quarter of a cent per (M
I pound on dressed beef. Bl
I Swift & Company, U. S. A, |
Sam Dunbar Sr., has the bean
'hrqsher threshing his Deans.
Alvie Fn-eric and mother came
home this week frbm Rocky Ford,
where he has been working for
some time.
J. W. Gibson has moved onto
the Evans place south of town
until he can build on his claim.
The play party at Will Sharp’s
Thursday night was well attend
C. Morrison has just got
through threshing his cane,
which turned out well, liaising
e&ne is sometimes a uaying crop,
if we raise the right kind.
Walter Brown has gone to La
mar for freight for Homer*, also to
bring the load which Ed Brown
left on the road.
Horseshoe 24-23-46
Harvey purchased a
team of mares fiom Claude Rus
sell. /
Wendle Golden is back home.
He has been running the engine
for Jent’9 threshing crew.
Evert Brum met is home from
the hospital at Lamar. Getting
along a 1 right now.
Farmers are listing and claim
they have more moisture now
than we have had for two years.
Ora Mason and Fred Bosley
delivered cattle at Warren Browns
for Mr. Leigh tou this week.
Several of the schollars went
over to No. 4 school house to take
the eighth grade examination
this week.
640 Acre Designations
The following letter to Mr.
Keating explains itself:
My Dear Mr. Keating:
I have your letter of Feb. Id,
1918, inclosing a position dated
Janurary *25, 1918, signed by a
large number of residents of
Baca county, Colorado, request
ing that lands in that county be
designated under the provision
Of the stock raising homestead act:
During the past field season
the Ceological Survey examined
all lands in valid applications un
der the stock-raising homestead
act, not only in Baca county, but
in the entire Lamar land district.
Thaae reyor*s are now beingcon
piled and considered and it is ex
pected a decision regarding
the applicability oi the stock
raising homestead act to tin sc
lands will he reached without un
necessary delay.
Yours very Truly,
“ Franklin K. Lane.
E F. MaCi of Roil lev, after a
year’s trial ol the m* d that i
making Baca famous, orders an
additional $3.00 worth to be sen
to him in weekly doses.
Prairie 28-21-49
Our school cle d Ma'-fh fth
[Ev-tyf'n I
plena-u. lil .* ■ i* -■(.?]
Mr. unci Mrs. Ti. i-.wa- re
|tn riiT-/, Mono Inst week from
K Vt v, -. ■ they
were celled lu tne s.iie of
tier mother.
Cecil Morrison threshed cane
seed last week. Had a poor
yield, but made him about $35.00
per acre.
Dr. Patterson and Mr. Ter j
have started ’< listing. They
'.will have oui abou 400 acres.
Our school teacher intends to
start to Arkansas soon, will gu 1 J
the way of of Lib-rai, Kins., to
see her uncles, T. M. and L C.
Jojcoy, Colo.
Mr. S. M. Konkel.
Dear sir:—
As I liavW taken 52 doses it
the Great County Boomer, I
wish you would mix enough up
for me to take two years bh I
feel ,it will improve me very
much by that time.
Yours truly,
F. Y. Dorn.
Our merchant, J. W. Wray,
was called to Garder City Friday
night on account of the of the
Serious illness of 'h-dr son Elmer.
Ben Boss's sale is to he held
next. Saturday. The community
will miss these excellent people.
Clay Moody has sold his half
lection, and is preparing to move
hack to Wisconsin.
Tom Drivers will move on the
Ken Boss diace soon.
I. G Luellen vas merchant-in
chief Saturday in Mr. Ray’s ab|
Rev. J. J. Long spent most of
last week with his parish in the
Rodiey neighborhood.
Big Rock
Elmer Chatham is listing his
ground. E'mer Knows how to do
things and does them.
Our srhoolma’m, Miss Mary
Clayton, spent Monday night at
Mrs. Melon Yiover’s
Mr. Hecox bought some good
milch cows from Roy Bender
F riday.
Rov Bender is hero to got his
goods. He his trad.-d his home
stead and will live near Puelilo
Sorrv tolose the Bender family
from our midst, hut good luck to
you Roy.
Jack Minor la.st .week bought
twoqusiter ol and in the ar
tesian belt of T. E. Barr.
Les Denney left Wednesday to
join the aviation cores.

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