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Lumber Prices Greatly Reduced
In order to clean up our yards we have reduced the prices on lumber to the lowest level that has been
reached since the beginning of the war.
These prices are cash prices and we shall positively make no book accounts at these figures
See us before buying your lumber for house or barn this fall
Remember we always carry a full and complete stock of shelf and heavy hardware, lumber, implements, well pipe
casing, windmills and pipe fittings
Dodge Brothers announce a
substantial reduction in the
price of their cars, effective
June Bth.
r . ' '
■t-tl .
All Work Guaranteed - - 24 Hour Service
how youll take
a pipe—andP.A.! V\ r 5
Before you’re a day older
you want to let the idea slip
wader your hat that this
vi the open season to start
: -..-. within," with a joy’us
y pipe and some
. " : d Albert!
.'...".’.use, a pipe packed
- . Prince Albert satisfies
- ■:: as l’.e was never satis
' »d before —and keeps him
nttisfied! And, you can
prove it! Why — P. A.’s
flavor and fragrance and
coolness and its freedom
prince Albert
tho national joy smoko
from bite and parch (cut
out by our exclusive pat
ented process) are a reve
lation to the man who never
could get acquainted with a
pipe! P. A. has made a
pipe a thing of joy to four
men where one was smokad
Ever roll up a cigarette
with Prince Albert? Mian,
man but you’ve got a
party coming your way!
Talk about a cigarette
smoke; we tell you it’s a
With Our
(FOR Our Corvoopondonta Only.).
We said last week that our I
third chapter of the hen story I
would be about cows.
When making that announce
we expected to start the cow sto
rv at about the time of the hen- |
story events; but instead we erc-
K oing baek.to an old brlndle
cow by the name of Ull, having
her existence contemporaneous
with the frollicsome dayu of our
boyhood juvenility.
“Old Lill” that’s what we
'called her after she had quit be
ing a heifer, bad two 'qualifica
tion 8 as a eon that made her fa
mous in her day and generation
in all the land round about, and
a third qualification that heat
the other two put together.
Tho one qualification that con -
cerned the narrator of this story
more than all tho others was the
! marvelous ability of said Old Lill
to reach around after a feller
just as the milk pail was at
, the point of effervescence —with
one of her rear-end extremities.
You didn’tthink a cow would
do that, did you?
No, we,’re not going to tell you
hoe that old cow kicked the
stuffin’ out of us and everybody
else—‘cenin’ one frostv morning
when we undertook to milk Old
Lill barefooted at corn shooting
time with fingers sore and some
of them half oraeked off irt
some of the cow’s tit. the .ame
Well, just »* the foam on that
bucket of milk was making it
look like a mrg of 21 per cent.
Old Lill reached a round with
that rear-end extremi’v of hors
aforesaid, and
Well, as we had just recently
been reading the Good Book and
pondering its teaehings and ore
cents, the first thing-we thought
of on regaining our conscious
ness was « elnb
Pmr V.'ll! A'l that s.ved her
hide and hair and bone- on that
erld and frostv morning was
that b. for*' «aid clhb had been
r-qnisitioned and broiieM into
phv the -aid cow h.d j •—red
over the ccw-i * fe-c and at a
aaf distune .tend lock
ing for al) the world just as if
she was sorry for b I 1 - of us •
And—-“ Jumped over the fence’’
remind* ns of the second mar.
velous qualification of Said 'ld-
Liil, she being the cow old Mo
ther Gho.e to id about in her
jingle book.
You know after all the best
etoiie* goine are to r|‘ H of
1 “facts,’’ or aileast have a fact or
Prlnso Albort to
ooU In toppy rod
fora, tidy rod tins.
Handsome pound
and holt pound tin
kumidoro and in tho
mound crystal glam
humidor with
gpongo moistonor
Tobacco Co.
Wlaotoa-9 al
mi asiembage of fact* for their
The story we are here relat
ing of Old Lill is one of actual
fact, and has to do really more
with the cow’s sagacity than
with her ability to kick jour
i block off or to jump over the
j moon —as per Mother Goose’s
rhiming yarn.
Knowing by experience Old
Liil’a failing (luecess, re should
]s«y) in both these directions,
.he said cow lot aforesaid was
stake and riderod, which in the
rail fences of those days was
the last word in fenca building. ,
Andonedny a neighbor said|
to the owner of Old Lill —
“Bro. Konltel, I believe it’s J
Old L'll tliat is eating up my j
cabbage and garden stuff.”
“Impossible,” says dad “Old
Lilt is put. in the lot at night
with the rest of the cows, and
she’s there every morning.’’
"Well, every night some cow
jumps over ray garden fence (it
was a pailing fence), teas what
1 she wants and then jumps nut
■ again, and I believo it’s Old
Tilth a watch was put on Old
Lill She lay peacefully down
with the other cows and pre-j
sumealy went to sleep: and j
about the time tho old town j
i deck (which there wasn’t any)
wa striking the ho”r of mid
’ nig.it "and nothing w»»stirring,
not even a mouse,” that saga
1 cions old cow rose up, jumped
: over 'that stake and ridered
■ fence, walked half t mile down
the lace, jumped over the pail
s ing fence into the neighbor’s
garden ate what she wanted, j
jur :pod out ag.tin, walked down
the lane, jumped over the cow- 1
lot fence, and
That's all of O'd LiH, ’cepin’
i rti sav that that was Old Lilt’s
last ju inp, 'cause sh was then
put into » shed, fed all the fat- I
’ tening stuff that could be thought
-f r.nd she could eat, and —
The second chapter of this
, *ow story next week may be
about steers —
, F-cr u" C'C-r-snondents only.
J, .VI. tViilums, hanker and
i stockman of Lamar, came down
i t.he tit -t of the week to visit and
on bn- in ess.. and will probably
n main a c «u, le ol weeks.
Yo t g woman tvpo wants job
•on itrMu’.t matter, and clinical,
work, and Would - also like to
learn on a machine. AdUrgss
Democrat Her al d, SprirglMri,
H. Rull >r Aiv,
son-in-law nf Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Long of Stoniogtor,, was in
Springfi- Id the first of the week
Fred Riddle was in from Lone |
St >r Monday.
p..si .• .r lyt --vs of 3p iugfieid, :
5 CL., t-troud’s. J
Here’s Real News
Have you looked over j
our Corduroy Suits for
School Boys. They can’t
- treat ’em too rough.
We have men t and
boys sheep lined vests
and coats at a price
thaY&nT&rGear 1
We always carry a com*
plete line of fancy and
staple groceries.
i * —♦
Likewise aute tops, er anything in sewiig or pegging.
You'll ke pleased and casie back. First-Class Wark
W. A. Wilson T.™ Springfield Colo.
Bring Us Your
I have consolidated my cream ata’iou with the
Truax Mercantile Company Cream Statiou and aak
all my old customers tn b-ing their poultry, eggs and
Cinam to me at. th» TruiX Mercantile Co
J. C. Clifton
Tony Barler
The Old Taylor Back on the Job
Cleaning, Dying and Pressing. WiU io r°” r
First Door West .1
PALACE HOTEL Springfield, Colorado

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