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Sobacco makes 50
gaed cgaretios o
Bz scc
Kill That Cold With
Col‘s.n(?mh ’QOM\& La 3'3".
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Tabe no chances. Keop this standard remedy handy for the firet sneese.
Breks mp o cod n3O bours— Rellevse
With Spring comes the Rush Season
for Ford Cars
' E— :
Each year thousands have been cbmpelled to wait
for their cars after placing their orders: Sometimes
they have waited many months.
By placing your order now, you will be protecting
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ably prompt delivery on your Ford car. And you will
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k G
Julesburg Motor Co.
Mrs. T. E. called at the
Jlt. and Mrs. M. Allen were
ulesburg shoppers Monday.
The -lntdughurul Mr. and |
ill with paoumenia, but is much im-
Mr. and Mys. E4d Pi called
at the Allen home Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Eastlack called at the
G. C. Benson home Sunday evening.
Misses Lelah and Margaret Benson
uu.-’nhd them home for a few
d.cin Lee of Deam‘u-;. !;din:‘-
{eveningtoene or is
ml:c&n:?t:e“ pliafio‘::'iu‘
ir com
‘Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Richards Vil“-‘
ed at C. C. Richards’ Sunday. |
The little six-r-old boy of Mr.
m':l")t.et: illpgpinnotnuh
improved a s writing.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Allen called at
G. C. Benson’s Saturday evening.
The Farmers’ Union held their last
open meeting in Dist. No. 3 Tuesday.
A number from the south side at
tended the picture show and program
at Sedgwick Saturday night.
_Pngl meeting will be held at the
Mike Cloud home next Thursday eve
ning. Mrs. Dillehay is the leader.
Mrs. Menike is visiting at the 8. A,
Munson home at the present.
Mr. Stockham and Mr. Sellers at
tended Sunday school at the Prairie
View school house Bumlai‘.i
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Edwards and
mice over ot the Oshkosh canens |
teok dinmer st the Walter Kenmey
itors in Chappell and Oshkosk Sus
Sunday school Sunday was §7.
took part in program given
Saturday evening.
~ Several of the neighbors were em
tertained at the Frank Pampel home
Sunday. ey
" The South Side Mail Route out of
Dustin Millet as the man.
Mike Cloud and family were Jules
burg visitors Sunday.
. Women are M;"M to be more
::cialdc:nn men. . uthq never
ve done so muc so
cial life in clubs and m\
clubs are prineip-l‘K.;c study, and
community work. hold periodi
cal meetings at which tll;y hear lec
tures and make plans for further
activities. They are more or less so
cial, yet that lid‘;Q‘:ot predominnt.
It is interesting note that in
England, where mens clubs can scarce
ly find members enough to pay their
bills, women’s clubs have long wait
ing lists of applicants eager to join.
These clubs are mot like m’l‘
clubs in America. They have club
houses, and are run more like a man's
club in this country. This raises the
question whether women in American
l":“ go more into this form of club
Two difficulties have prevented
their doing this in the past. First,
their lack of sufficient incomes. Second
their home ties and the occupations
!of women having children.
" The more civilization advances, the
more care and time mothers feel they
must give to their little flocks. This
keeps tied up at home a multitude
of women who would enjoy the lndo-‘
Endent club and lodge life that men
have so long conducted. In these
times an increasing number of women,
have independent incomes They are
likely to develop social clubs on a
basis much like those of men. |
In many places women’s clubs or
ganized orginally for literary stully
and community work, are now estab
lishing permanent club houses. Such
establishments will not merely con
stitute a favorite haunt where women
will meet. More than men’s clubs,
they will be centers of progressive
community movements, and will be
a force working for public advance.
The modern woman wants to see the
world move, as so mn{ of her sex
have demonstrated in Julesburg. |
e e |
For the 8’“" calves use Mutus)
Calf Meal for sale at Cleveland &
Law’s. l
It is a surprising fact that in spite
of the aggressive campaign conduct
ed by the Socia“li:‘tnrny. they cast
only a few tho more votes in
1920 than they did in 1912. During
that period the number of voters has
sbout doubled, owing largely to wo
man suffrage. To have held its own
the Socialist vote should have doubled.
Why did it fail to do so? o
One reason is, that most Socialists
are not able to look at facts in any
broad way, but their minds firmly
fixed on one conception of life, and
they make everything bend to that
conception. They do not seem to
weigh or consider any arguments that
‘may be presented to them.
If you presented properly compiled
reports to a competent business man,
‘lhowing that in 20 repme-utwe‘
‘eities, municipal ownership of street
railways had proved profitable to the
public he would weigh those state-.
ments for just what they were worth.
He would carefully look into the
accounts and see thilt all htelle charges
Properly made against the operation
of such roads had been made in these
cases Then if the facts indicated
such municipal ownership to be a
success, no previous prejudice would
prevent his R)min‘ at least a tenta
tive opinion that public operation of
trolley lines may be a very good pro-
Pposition -
But if you presented the eontn?
fro]msilion. with figures from 20 dif
erent cities clearly showing municipal
ownership of street nilvliy to be a
failure, it would make no mmliou
on the mind of the ordinary list.
Most of them in fact do not have a
good head for business, and could not
Nz yfme
SR Brunswick
IR R - Brunswic
2L i x
_ % AN :
I SN RN IR Y + t
| tkf‘ S/ Phonograph
(I 17 1520 ODY (AR
A R i
| ,f:‘f:.rz’ A = e s
AL is what it is—
b i l{'a I AN
j iy
) : 71“:{5-"}'!‘;1
3 .
! ) )
While we rely entirely on the inherent merit of the BRUNSWICK to prove its
own case, as it has always done—yet, it in a source of great satisfaction to occasion
ally reflect on the wondefful organization and resources back of it which has not only
been responsible for the present unique position of esteem in which the instrument is
universally held, but which also furnishes us and our clientele of BRUNSWICK own
ers with the satisfying assurance that the BRUNSWICK will always be the most de
sired of all phonographs.
A few facts concerning
the manufacturers of the
Brunswick Phonograph
They are capitalized for $56,000,000.00.
—have branch offices in twenty-five cities in the United States, five in Canada, one in
France, one in Cuba and one in South America.
—operate their own timber lands in Northern Michigan.
—make every part of the Brunswick Phonograph in its entirety.
—are the onl{ phonograph manufacturers in the United States, and we think, the only
one in the whole world, that actually does this.
—have at the present time seven factories devoted to the manufacture of phono
graphs and parts, and two factories to the pressing of records.
—cut their own veneer logs and slice their own veneer. ™
j —manufacture their own panels and are just completing a plant to manufacture ship
ping cases for their phonographs. ; v
Ponder over these facts and you will readily discover the reason of our
enthusiasm for Brunswick Phonographs and records.
Hear, then compare
The way to fully appreciate the superiority of The Brunswick is to
hear it, then make comparison. Your ear will quickly decide in favor of
The Brunswick.
All we ask you to do is to come to our store and investigate it.
Colver Bros. Music S
olver bros. IVlusic dtore
make 8 cervect smalysis of figures
for or aguinst any propesitioa.
Before can expect to im
a spirit of open mindmess, and will
are worth. the Socialists be
gin to show this tendeoncy the Amer
ican people will begin loliflub'
them. ’
Get Ready For Spring
Now is the time to bring in your clothes and have them
r:mlnd,cleanedanglpmnedforthgnprium O
8! made to look like new by experienced tailors, at rea
sonable prices.
Men’s Hats cleaned and reblocked and ladies’ and men’s
suits dyed.
How about a new suit? Let us fit you out in a new
suit, made-to-order. A fine line of spring samples to se
lect from. Out-of-town orders solicited.
~ Lundell & Nemec
Tailors and Cleaners
Located ome doer nerth of Hippodrome Theatre
| We have a strictly high-grade piane
,hmnurJ-’lubuz. No rea
mlbleg’(a nluedl‘torq-bkdb
; sal. y terms if responsible.
: wm st once if interested to The
| Denver Music Company, Deaver, Colo-
Indo. A2B-M2¢

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