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We have been appointed agents
in this county for the Waseca
State Farmers Hail Insurance
Company. For good Hail Insur
ance. see us.
Traders State Bank
Telephone No. 0
(Successor to Dhride Farmer)
Cheyenne Wells, Colo.
Published every Friday In Cheyenne Wells,
Cheyenne county Colorado, and entered at the
postoffice as second class mall matter, April 3,1912
under the Act of March 8, 1879.
Subscription One Dollar the Year
Tarwater <ll Bales, Owners
11. Y. Tarwater Walter L. Bales
Only Wilson and Harmon, on
the democratic side, contested for
delegates in the Ohio presiden
tial primaries Tuesday, and the
returns indicate a victory for
Harmon. Roosevelt carried the
state over Taft by a big majority.
A nice clean-up has been made
of the vacant lots near the depot.
Many vacant lots have not been
touched so far, including some
where buildings have burned and
left a pile of trash. Next week
we shall give the names of par
ties owning these vacant lots and
who haven't enough of civic
pride to have them cleaned.
An Organ Wanted.
The Owen Sunday school six
miles south of Arapahoe wants
to buy an organ in good condition.
If you have one to sell, write
Miss Lottie Abernathy, Arapahoe
Church Notice.
Friday, May 24th an address
will be given on “Deaconess
Work” at the Day school house
at 8:00 p. m.
Sunday, May 26th at 11:00 a. m.
preaching at Day; Kit Carson at
7:30 p. m.
Sunday, June 2nd, Sorrento at
10:30 a. m.; Kit Carson 3:00 p.
m.; First View, 8:00 p. m.
Deaconess Miss Cummings in
Prominent Bankers.
D. W. and Wesley Staley, of
Arvada, were here Monday vis
iting their brothers John and
Roy, of the Cheyenne County
State Bank. These gentlemen
wear a very unassumed air of
nonchalance, which, coupled with
a genial independence of manner
Rooms with Bath $1.50 and $2 a Day
Albany Hotel
This is something new for a Denver
Hotel. Larger rooms with bath $2.50
and $3.00 per day. Try one of these
moderate priced rooms with bath and
you will be pleased. -§*\ -s*•
New Fire Proof Annex; Every Room
With Bath; Completed July i, 1912
and liberal conversation, be
speaks good character and re
ciprocal views.
The presidential primary held
in Ohio, Tuesday was the hottest
contest that has so far been in
dulged in. Taft and Roosevelt
did a great service to the country
in this campaign. They gave
elaborate testimony against each
other showing that their admin
istrations were controlled, body
and soul, by the trusts and cor
porations. No honest and self
respecting republican can follow
the lead of either Taft or Roose
velt in the coming campaign.
Program For Decoration Day.
At 10:00 o’clock a. m., Thurs
day, May 30,1912, the procession
will form in front of the court
house, and will proceed to the
cemetery where the graves will
be]decorated. Then the process
ion will return to town.
At 2 o’clock P. M. the follow
ing program will be rendered:
Song America
Recital on “The New Rosette’’
Zelda Jones
Song Quartet
Recitation “All Quiet Along The
Potomac” Nina Snydall
Duet Misses Lelah Thompson and
Mabel DeMunbrun
Recitation “Forty Years Ago”
Dorthea Wilson
Solo Mabel DeMunbrun
Address Judge W. S. Morris
Music Quartet
Dorthea Wilson
Lelah Thompson
People Are Aroused.
The election of Henry J. Ar
nold in the Denver city election
held in that city Tuesday by a
majority of nearly 20,000 votes
marks the beginning of the rule
of the people over gang methods
and corporation control. Throug
out this graft-ridden state the
people rejoice with the good citi
zens of Denver. The entire Cit
izens ticket was swept into office
by this great tidal wave. This
is only the beginning, but it is
an encouraging sign of the times.
Here in Cheyenne county the peo
ple have been buncoed and robbed
for 10, these many years by an
organized gang of political para
sites. There are enough good
people in this county to roll this
gang this fall, and they’re going
to do it. The Eastern Colorado
Times is going to play a conspic
uous part in this clean-up and we
earnestly solicit the moral and fi
nancial support of every voter in
the county of whatever political
faith you may be.
Notice to Remove Dead Stock.;
Something must be done re-j
garding the dead animals lying
over the country, these carcasses
are endangering the public health |
besides they look bad and smell
worse. I
It is unlawful to leave a carcass
or any part thereof in any lake,
river, creek, pond, road, street, j
lot’ alley, field, meadow, common'
or in any place within one mile
of the residence of any person or
persons except the same and
every part thereof be burned or
buried at least two feet under
the ground.
Please take due notice and be
governed accordingly.
Carl O. Booth, Health Offi
cer, Commissioner District No 2.
L. M. Dickson, Health Officer,
Commissioner District No. 3.
F. P. N. Van Landeghem,
Health Officer, Commissioh er
District No. 1. I
Bones Broken in a Runaway.
James McElroy, residing south
of town, was badly injured in a
runaway accident about six
o’clock Tuesday evening.
When he left town for his home
he had his wagon loaded with
empty barrels. Going down an
incline at the creek near Wm.
Campbell’s, the barrels became
dislodged' and rolled off behind
the mule team, carrying McElroy
with them. The mules ran away
and the wagon passed over him
breaking both bones in the left
leg below the knee, breaking the
left arm bone above the elbow
and otherwise injuring him in
ternally and externally. The un
fortunate and suffering victim
was found by Pete Eiby who
brought him to town about 10:00
o’clock. He was taken to the
Commercial Hotel where his in
juries were dressed by Dr. Booth.
Several pieces of shattered bones
were taken from his leg and that
member may have to be amputat
ed. He will be a cripple for the
rest of his days if he escapes
with his life. We will have
something further to say about
this later on.
Political Discretion.
The coining campaign in Chey-1
enne county for the election of
county officers is a situation that'
must be faced by the democratic
party with the most thoughtful
care and discretion. j
This fall there will be a cam- '
paign Cheyenne county, the
like of which has never before 1
been waged, and the result of .
which has never before been
dreamed. I
You will be confronted, Mr. j
Taxpayer by many propositions '
both in the political and the so- ■
cial calendar, and it is going to'
require the exercises of your dis- j
cretional faculties to circumvent
the arts and the wiles, the argu
ments and the, pleadings of a
gang of organized political fora
gers who have long been pen
sioners on the bounty of the tax
payers, and who are enjoying the
last hours of legalized official
plunder before a righteous pun-'
ishment of defeat and demise. |
| Every subterfuge and snare
Arapahoe Phoneys Colorado
known to chicanery and deceit
will be used to throw you off your
guard and seduce your intelli
gence by any argument possible
to raise that will induce you to
vote for the continuance in office
of men who have fed so long and
lavishly at the public crib—that
they refuse to look in any other
direction for the means of liveli
hood that you and I are following
every day, for it calls for exer
tion and the performance of labor
to which they are unwilling to
accustom themselves.
They think they are the only
ones fit to hold your county offices
and will show a pretended insult
if you take issue with them on
the proposition that they are the
only ones fit or capable to run
your county institutions and gov
ernment They will tell you they
have been in office so long that
the people don’t want any one
else. They are afraid for the
people to vote for anyone else,
for fear they will be caught in
their vice of displeasure and
called into the office of the high
lord chief executioners for pun
ishment and a virile lecture on
“how to take medicine when
you’re not sick,” or “thedifficul
ties of a homesteader after elec
tion,” who has manhood and in
dependence enough to vote for
officials that are not bent on plun
They will tell you to bring your
family and come spend the day
with them, and then they will
return the call and ask you to
support them at the election for
old friendship’s social sake, when
they haven’t been acquainted
with you two weeks. They will
tell you of the many kind and
charitable acts they have done
J. F. Me Carthy J. P. Peterson
President W. R. McCarthy Vice President
Traders State Bank
Cheyenne Wells, Colo.
Wc will cash all County Warrants without discount.
We have banking connections in all large European cities I
and can sell you drafts on Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia K
for less than a postal money order costs. , Phone-G. B
since they were elected to office
and how the people appreciate
their efforts for them and their
desire to see them re-elected.
You will be told anything to
suit the occasion, and as soon as
the election is over and they are
safe in office, you will be thrown
into the alley. They wont need
you any longer then and you can
go to farming for a living while
they sit in your court house and
levy taxes on you, off of which
they feed, and buy whisky for
the next election. There is one
thing you can always get from
the “ring,” and that is whisky.
They will give you all the whisky
you want or cap drink, for they
know that whisky degrades, and
they want to get you down to
their level.
They will tell you they will run
you for office next time and that
all of their gang will stand by
you to a man, and guarantee
your election, if you will help
elect them “this time.”
They will solemnly promise,
with their hand raised to high
heaven the very same thing to
twenty different people, when
they know they can’t and don’t
intend to try to do it All they
want to do is to deceive you into
supporting them at the coming
election. No government mule
ever had the unbridled gall pos
sessed by some of Cheyenne
Wells' republican aspirants for
office. One in particular, a
ruffian of the sacred order of
pluto, who is scratching himself
to pieces with the itch in his de
sire to remain at the public crib.
Gall, unadulterated and chemi
cally pure is as nothing compared
to the superating, festering fus
tules that line the carcass of this
gall-ridden plunderbund. H. T.

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