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We have been appointed agents
in this county for the Waseca
State Farmers Hail Insurance
Company. For good 'Hail Insur
ance, see us. %%*•%%%*•*•*•%
Traders State Bank
- Telephone No. (i
(Successor to Divide Farmer)
Cheyenne Wells, Colo.
Published every Friday in Cheyenne Wells,
Cheyenne county Colorado, and entered at the
postoffice as second class mail matter, April 3,1912
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Subscription One Dollar the Year
Display advertising 10c per inch
each insertion; locals 5e per line eacli
insertion; cards of thanks, resolutions
of respect, memorial notices, etc., 5c
per line. :; '.
Announcement of Candidates
Announcements under this heading will be (6,
and must behind for at the time the announce
ment is made. Our columns are open to candi
dates of all parties and none will be barred.
■For S^erOT
We are authorized to announce
. Peter Keegan
as a candidate for Sheriff of Cheyenne
county, subject to the will of the dem
ocratic county assembly and the dem
ocratic voters in the primary election
to l>e held September 10, l»12.
We are authorized to announce
Frank Williams
as a candidate for Sheriff of Cheyenne
county, subject to the will of the dem
ocratic county assembly and the dem
ocratic voters in the primary election
to Ik* held September 10, 1012.
Campaign slogan suggested for
Roosevelt’s new party: “Give
’em hell!”
“I shall accept the progressive
nomination on the progressive
platform. And we shall fight the
battle through to the end, no
matter what is the outcome of
the Baltimore convention.”—
Theodore Roosevelt.
In anticipation of the big in
crease in business at the local U.
S. land office, owing to the new
three-year homestead law, the
register and receiver have been
authorized to employ two more
clerks for the present, so Miss
Vivian Humiston and Clarence
Headlund are now employed as
correspondence clerks. The local
Rooms with Bath $1.50 and $2 a Day
Albany Hotel
This is something new for a Denver
Hotel. Larger rooms with bath $2.50
and $3 00 per day. Tiy one of these
moderate priced rooms with bath and
you will be pleased. -s** -I* 3je-«-
New Fire Proof Annex; Every Room
With Bath; Completed July i, 1912
land office has also received in
structions in regard to the new
law, and is now prepared to re
ceive applications for final three
year proof.—Hugo Range Ledg
Heavy loss of sheep is report
ed in the Hugo locality during
the recent rainstorm. It is said
that 500 head perished at the
Hamp ranch and another party
lost2oo.—Limon Express.
The farmers and stockmen of
Colorado are planning for a con
vention at Glenwood Springs,
July.. 22-24, for the purpose of
considering the many new laws to
be submitted to the vote of the
people next fall under the in
itiative and referendum.
Republicans are making every
effo.-t to minimize the opposition
shown by Secretary Fisher of the
Interior Department to the pass
age of the Three Year Homestead
Bill. It was not with his assist
ance, but in spite of his opposition
that the bill was passed. In fact
the hardest work congressman
Taylor had in connection with the
bill was to keep out the obnoxious
provisions of Mr. Fisher, who,
when he saw it impossible to de
feat the bill, endeavored to load
it with nullifying and obnoxious
We can not too strongly urge
the screening of doors and w in
dows to prevent the. ingress of
flies, and we should be very care
ful to prevent the egress by
killing any fly caught inside the
house. A perfectly reliable fly
poison, which is harmless to hum
ans, is this: Dissolve one dram of
bichromate of potash in two
ounces of water, and add a little
sugar; put in shallow dishes and
set about. A spoonful of formalin
or formaldehyde in half cupful
of water and expose in the room
will kill all the flies. Or heat a
shovel or other article and pour
thereon twenty drops of carbolic
acid; the vapor will kill the flies.
“The republican party is op
posed to special privilege and
monopoly.” This, an excerpt
from the republican national
platform, would be funny, if it
was not so serious. j
The republican national con
vention held in Chicago last week
renominated Taft and Sherman
for president and vice president
respectively. These two worthies
have given us four years of re
publican administration almost
as disastrous to the common peo
ple and as satisfactory to plutoc
racy as the administrations of
Theodore Roosevelt. I
He is a Good Official.
James B. Pearce, Secretary of
State is one of the most competent
and reliable democrats that has
ever served the people. Mr.
Pearce has conducted his office
with great credit to our present
adiministration and it is our be
lief that the people could select
no better man for this office than
Democratic Campaign Fund.
We are in receipt of a letter
from Hon, M. A. Skinner, of Den
ver President of the Colorado
Federation of Democratic Pre
cinct Clubs, asking for a sub
scription from the loyal demo
crats of Cheyenne county to go
into the general campaign fund
for the purpose of making the
most vigorous campaign ever
made in the state. The Eastern I
Colorado Times starts the sub
scription with $25.
Let every resident of Cheyenne
county that wants to see the dem
ocrat party win this fall, send to
Walter L. Bales, editor of the
Eastern Colorado Times, what
ever subscription you can afford
to make and it will be sent to Mr.
Skinner at once.
Taft Nominated.
I 4
Last Saturday night at 10:00 (
o’clock, Taft and Sherman were .
nominated for president and vice i
president respectively by the big
republican convention at Chicago,
after the jnost disgraceful pro- ,
ceeding ever indulged in by any ,
other convention of any party in
the history of the United States.
No midnight assassin, hard on ,
the hunt for blood money, ever
resorted to such a disgraceful
steal as did Taft and his national
committee when they seated in
the convention (through the com
mittee on credentials) for Taft,
delegates that were sent to the 1
convention instructed for Roose- j
velt. All semblance of honor
and courtesy were totally aband
oned by Taft rnd his crowd, and
the most riotous" disorder marked
what was supposed to be their
Roosevelt was robbed of the 1
nomination by a gang of the I
most desperate thieves ever per
mitted to affiliate with any party.
One on the Fly.
Oh you fly. You little scrap of
polluted dirt; scavenger of a
1 million sluices, truck depositories, :
slop barrels, stench ponds, stable
receptacles and dead carcasses. |
■ You truant mixer of the high-,
est and the lowest society. You,
who can adapt yourself to the
sod shanty with one room, or the
mi I lionaire’s mansion with its pro
fusion of parlors, laboratories, j
closets and ancient and modern
furniture. You, who can play'
your tune on the idler, the laborer j
and the bald pated professor j
alike. You, who can eat your fill'
in the most detestable place, then.
| take your dessert on the finest
Arapahoe nmema Colorado
assorted table without ever tak
ing time to wipe your feet.
You are a “peach,” a “dandy,”
and all the other pet names you
have ever been called and then
some more. Your presence is
more acceptable by your absence.
The human race could exist better
were you exterminated. They
might be too healthy for their
comfort but a trial would be
greatly appreciated.
We have adopted the "swatter”
and ask you to sit still while we
use it. We have made traps and
ask you to use them as your
Be decent. But if you cannot
be decent, die and get out of the
Republican Gang Seek to De
The republican gang of Chey
enne county realizing that they
are beaten to a standstill, are
urging the socialists, through the
columns of their kept newspaper,
and otherwise, to put a ticket in
the local field, the result of which
would be a great benefit to the
gang. %
Some of this desperate band of
political counterfeits are using
every means within their knowl
edge to induce the socialists to
walk into their trap, that they,
the socialists, may be certain of
destruction. When you are ap
proached by this gang, or any of
its henchmen, you may be certain
that it is for their benefit they
want to use you, and not for any
good they are going to do you.'
I They are not putting themselves
( to any cost or trouble to do good
i for anyone, much less the social
ist party. You have a fine ex
ample of their love for the social
ist party in the last city election.
Review what this gang of politi
cal butchers did to the leading
member of the socialist party in
■ Cheyenne county. When they
] realized they had been beaten in
| their own convention, they tried
When you Meed Lumber
or Building Material of any kind, come in
and look over our stock and quote
you prices. Our stock is complete and will
give entire satisfaction. Have you seen our
Mew Stock of Screens?
we have them on exhibition and for Bale.
Also handle some of the best grade of Coal.
A. D. Schultz Lumber Co.
to draw the socialist vote to their
support by openly repudiating
their own acts and putting the
good name of Don Sears on a
ticket there was no legal author
ity for and wholly without his
knowledge or They
drew enough support from peo
ple who were attracted by the
stability and character of a man
like Mr. Sears, who, when they
realized he was going to be elect
ed, drew their knives and stabbed
him in the back by voting against
him and defeated him for a place
on the city council that they are
afraid for a man of the honesty
and integrity of a man like Don
Sears to fill.
A fine argument indeed, to try
to’placate you with promises of
their support, if you will put a
county ticket in the field. They
have promised their support to
every candidate of every party
for the last ten years. They will
pledge you or tell you anything
to deceive you. All they want
is your vote, and as soon as they
get that, you can go to work to
make ends meet the best way you
can, while they will go to the
court house and levy enough
taxes on you to support them
selves on for another two years.
It isn’t for any good that can
result to you that they want you
to put out a ticket. It’s the good
that such action on your part
would bring to them.
They know that if they can
take from the democrats the 24
socialist votes in the county that
I were cast two years ago, and
a few that might have been add
ed since, that it just lends them
that much help to re-elect the
same old gang that has raised
taxes every year and that will
continue to raise them year after
year, as long as they can remain
your masters instead of your
servants -and they will be your
masters just so long as you keep
them in your county offices and
in the court house.

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