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WMUru N*wav«p*r Union mw Sorvlco.
A strike ot 7,000 miners in the cop
per fields of Bingham, Utah, may be
Mrs. Gutmede Cells, the oldest wom
an in California, died in Richmond.
She was 106 years ol(J.
The famous ax murderer killed Mar
tin Thompson, his wife and little child,
six miles from Council Bluffs, lowa.
The city of Fargo, N. D., has de
clared a dividend of OV4 per cent,
which will be paid in cash on March
1, 19i3.
' For the third time in a week beeves
broke the high price record when a
carload sold at $10.90 on the Chicago
Duluth citizens walked to work, for
the strike of street car employes hail
effectually tied up the system and not
a car was run.
Miss Effie Tanner, nineteen, acci
dentally shot and killed her father, J.
B. Tanner, at Hookersvllle, nine miles
south of Caldwell, Tex.
The Progressive convention of
Washington nominated a state ticket
headed by Robert T. Hodge of Seattle
for the governorship.
The clans of the Boyces and Sneads
gathered at Amarillo, Tex., as the re
sult of the sensational killing of A. I*
Boyce by John Beal Snead.
The Progressive party of Utah held
its first convention at Ogden and nom
inated a state ticket headed by Nephi
L. Morris of Salt Lake for governor.
Mrs. Francis W. Axtell of Balling
ham won a Republican nomination in
the primary election in the state of
Washington for member of the Legis
The contest brought by the Taft
presidential electors to get the Roose
velt electors off the Republican ticket
was started before the state contest
board at Topeka, Kansas.
Judge Alfred B. Beers of Bridgeport,
Conn., was elected commander-in-chief
of the G. A. R at the Los Angeles
meeting. The selection of the next
place of meeting was left to the execu
tive counciL
Wesley Bromwell, age twenty-five,
and his seventeen-year-old wife, resi
dents of Cul de Sac, Idaho, shot to
death A. Neeves, stepfather of Mrs.
Brownell. Both the authorities say,
have made confessions.
The infatuation of the Rev. W. T.
Dunn, 46 years old and married, pastor
of the Dewey Avenue Presbyterian
church of Granite City, 111., a suburb of
St. Louis, for Miss Estelle Massey, 19
years old, his organist, cost him his
If the Roosev ilt-Johnson electors
named by the Progressive state cam
paign committee are elected at the
polls in November, Mrs. Florence Col
lins Porter of Los Angeles will be the
first woman in the history of the na
tion to vote for a President of the
United States.
Captain Charles Young, Nintli cav
alry, the only negro army officer grad
uated from West Point, has been pro
moted to the rank of major.
American troops may take a hand in
the fighting at Agua Prieta", if bombs
fall in Douglas, Ariz., or lives are men
aced on the American side of the
Mexican boundary.
Robert G. Valentine, commissioner
of Indian affairs, has sent his resigna
tion to the interior department, to
become effective at the discretion of
Secretary Fisher, now in Hawaii.
The United States is about to inter
vene in Santo Domingo. Warships will
be dispatched at once to the island.
A revolution has broken out which
threatens American and other foreign
Promotion for 13,000 railway postal
clerks on October 1 will be provided
in orders to be issued by Postmaster
General Hitchcock. More than $1,000,-
000 will be expended in making the
Mrs. Joseph Letter, wife of the mil
lionaire and former wheat king, has
eschewed the pleasures of Bar Har
bor and Newport for the delights of
her million-dollar glass palace in the
woods on the Virginia hills.
*■ ■
--CLUBS. Won. Lost. Pot.
Denver 87 80 .66$
Omaha 84 64 .668
St. Joseph 88 66 .684
Dea Moines 76 69 .681
Lincoln 78 77 .484
Wichita 71 78 .477
Sioux City 68 76 .476
Topeka 48 98 .389
The American team won the Palma
trophy, representing the military rifle
championship of the world at Ottawa,
Steve Ketcbel, Chicago lightweight,
won the decision over Eddie Clabby of
Hammond In a ten-round bout at Ham
mond, Ind.
Two world’s records were broken In
the shooting tourney at Overland park
at Denver. W. R. Crosby broke 98
out of 100 birds, despite his handicap
at the 23-yard mark.
Sixty-three men are In a hospital,
twelve seriously hurt, including five
sufferers from bullet wounds, follow
ing a desperate fight between Protest
ants and Catholics at Celtic park foot
ball grounds at Belfast, Ireland.
Aviator Howard W. Gill of Balti
more was fatally hurt on the Cicero
aviation field at Chicago. George
Mestach of France, whose monoplane
collided with Gill's biplane when they
were participating In a race, seventy
five feet in the air, was picked up un
conscious, but later revived, and his
condition was found to be not serious.
The federal garrison at Ojinlga, Mex
ico, surrendered to the rebels.
Franz Koetsch, a laborer of Vienna,
was put on trial at Graz for his action
In saving the life of a would-be sui
Oaxaca, capital of the state by that
name, is reported to have been at
tacked by Ixtejpano Indians, number
ing 6,000.
The Italian fleet has bombarded
Scalanuova, a port in the vicinity of
Smyrna, Asiatic Turkey, according to
a dispatch received In London.
The municipal council at Cologne
has appropriated $12,500 to carry out
a plant for the Importation and sale
of meat to reduce the high cost of liv
Five thousand Macedonians, present
at Sofia at a meeting of the national
congress for. the liberation of Mace
donia, resolved to seek the aid of the
powers to become self-governing.
The Duke of Grafton, who Is in his
ninety-second year, fell off a car in
London and fractured hts left thigh.
In February the duke slipped on the
Ice and suffered from concussion of
the brain.
Marie LaSalle-Rablnoff, an American
opera singer and the wife of Max
Rabinoff, the Russian Impresario, died
in a hospital in London after an opera
tion. She was formerly Miss Jessie
Richmond of Beatrice, Neb.
The second part of the ceremonies
In the funeral of the late Mutsuhlto,
emperor of Japan, took place at Tokio,
when the casket containing the body
started on- its journey to Aoyama,
whence It will be taken to Monoyama
for burial.
Gen. Count Maresuke Nogl, supreme
military councillor of the empire, and
his wife, the Countess Nogl, commit
ted at Tokio in accordince with an an
cient Japanese custom, as a final trib
ute to their departed emperor and
friend, Mutsuhlto.
Another double aviation fatality, the
second in a week, occurred at Oxford,
Eng., to members of the army flying
corps, when Lieut. C. A. Bettington
and Lieut. E. Hotchkiss, both of whom
had just been given commissions on
probation, .were killed while flying
It is reported at Juneau that the
White Pass & Yukon railway, which
operates between Skagway, Alaska,
and White Horse, Yukon Territory,
140 miles, has been sold to the Grand
Trunk railway system and that the
actual transfer will take place Janu
ary 1, 1913.
Directors of the Southern railway
declared a dividend of per cent on
the preferred stock.
Mrs. David Terry of New York,
mother of Mrs. Jack Johnson, is pros
trated over the suicide of her daughter
in Chicago.
After waiting for ten years for his
wedding, Robert P. Chappell of Louis
ville, died on the day he at last won
his bride.
Walter Johnson, Washington’s pitch
er, proved himself a hero when he led
a group of his fellow players in the
rescue of thirty men and women
trapped in the historic Cadillac hotel,
at Detroit as flames swept the lower
“Gyp, the Bio id" and “Lefty Looie,”
the missing gunmen indicted as two of
the actual slayers of Herman Rosen
thal, the New York gambler, were
found by the police living with their
wives In a Brooklyn flat. They were
arrested and locked up.
Ten-Year-Old Julia data Into Bad
Qracee of Mother by Giving
Tramp a Half-Dollar.
“Be not forgetful to entertain
atrangers; for thereby some have en
tertained angels unawares."
The foregoing quotation Is from
chapter 13, verse 2, Book of Hebrews,
and It is Introduced solely because It
constitutes a vital part of this story.
Julia ls'ten years old and she goes to
Sunday school. It appears that on a
reoent occasion the Sunday school
teacher had considerable to say about
this matter of “entertaining angels
unawares." Anyway, It made a deep
Impression with Julia.
A few days after the lesson Julia's
mother left her In charge of the house
for a few hours. When the mother re
turned she went to a particular cup
in the cupboard to extract therefrom
one-half dollar. In this cup Is kept
the family pin money, and Julia's
mother knew that she had put fifty
cents there before she had gone out.
But the half dollar was gone. There
was an expression of anxiety on
Julia’s, face and mother scented
“Did you take that money?" asked
the mother, somewhat severely.
Julia broke into tears. “I gave It to
a man that came to the back door,"
sobbed the little girl.
"Gave it to a man!" exclaimed the
mother. “What for?”
“I thought he might be God.” tear
fully replied Julia.—Kansas City Star.
Sang for Sultan.
Mulal Hafld, the ex-sultan of Moroo
co, while staying at Vichy, In France,
made an excursion to Les Ardolsleres,
says the “Matin," where Napoleon 111.
used often to go for rest Three young
girls, sisters, timidly approached the
sultan and asked him to sign post
cards. Mulal Hafld consented on con
dition that they would each sing a
song to him. Two of the girls at
once compiled, and the delighted Mu
lal Hafld wrote on their cards words
which, translated, mean: “Like Na
poleon 111., I have visited Les Ardoi
sleres, where I have enjoyed, together
with the calm and freshness of na
ture, the grace and charm of the
voices of Allies. Paulette and Clo
tilda.” The third girl did not know
how to sing, but one of her sisters
having sung for her the sultan added
the name of Gabrielle.
Wild Ones.
Charles Grafly, the noted sculptor,
was talking at hts summer home at
Folly Grove, near Gloucester, about
the quaint humor of the Gloucester
“In Gloucester one day,” he said, "as
I idled among the shipping, an old
salt began to narrate his experiences
to me.
V 'Wunst,' he said, 'I was ship
wricked In the South sea, and thar 1
come across a tribe of wild women
without tongues.’
‘“Wild wdmen without tongues!’
said I. ‘Goodness! How could they
Crime to Kiss.
In Russia It Is a crime for lovers
to kiss In public, and not very long
ago two young men and two young
women were arrested in Odessa for
having been guilty of this offense.
They liad all been dining together in
a restaurant, and kissed on parting.
They were condemned to short terms
of Imprisonment, and the sentences
were confirmed on appeal. The gen
eral fine In Russia for a kiss in the
open street is 15 shillings, but In a
tramcar it may cost anything up tq
25 shillings.
The Educational Stepladder.
We know what kindergarten Is for:
It is to educate children for the
primary grades.
We know what the primary grades
are for: they are to educate children
for the grammar grades.
We know what the grammar grades
are for: they are to educate children
for high school.
We know what the high school is
for: it Is to educate children for col
lege. _
But what does college fit you for?—
A Pen and Ink Shakespeare.
Woodrow Wilson, on a recent visit
to Atlantic City, referred good humor
edly to his rather llleglblle handwrit
■'But my hand Is nothing,” he said,
“to that of Horace Greeley.
“Poor Greeley once quoted from
Shakespeare In a leading article, 'Tis
true, ’tis pity, and pity 'tls true.’
“This appeared the next day:
“ Tis two, ’tlß fifty, ’tis fifty, ’tis
fifty-two.’ ’’
Unless you have met the mother
just after her first baby has cut Its
tooth you have no Idea of real excite
is. S I I jl
Duke's Mixture Presents"
K Among the many valnable presents now given away Vk
1 with cS?* Duke’* t ure there issomethlng to
J snit every taste —and in this all-pleasing satisfaction the
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e|L7 Coupons from Duke's Mixture may
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Fast Color Eyelets. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass,
Faultless Starch Twin Dolls
If you will or© the beat starch made both of thooe " ttxC?-Y
res dolls, each 121-2 Inches high and ready to cafe oat I #fft± ! ±n f I
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out this ad.. It will be scoepted In place of one Ml \AfaifcH+ . fIWCf
cent front, or two 6 osnt fronts. Only ono ad will
be aooeptod with each application. I M I
Improved Vacuum Cleaner.
A new vacuum cleaner, designed to
oe operated by water power in a
sink or bathtub, consists of two suc
tion pumps driven by a water t wheel,
and a chamber In which the dust is
collected, to be washed away by the
waste water.
Ten smiles for a nickel. Always buy
Red Cross Bag Blue; have beautiful clear
white clothes. Adv.
The man who shoots at random
never hits the target.
Some men work over time to earn a
dishonest living.
One Party is for W. H. T.
But the Tea for all Parties
W. N. U. t DENVER, NO. 38-1912.

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