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Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Samuel C. Wyatt, 74 years old. and
Mrs. Susan Pettijohn, 72 years old,
wero married in the Probate Court
at Topeka, Kan.
To save the life of her eight-year-old
son, Mrs. J. A. Cross of Newton, Kan.,
ia giving skin from her legs that if
may be grafted upon the child’s body.
At Omaha two boys held up in u
spectacular manner six motor cars and
robbed the twenty-two occupants of
. their valuables, getting several hun
dred dollars.
Art Smith, 19, an aviator, and Miss
Amie Cour, 18, of Fort Wayne, Ind.,
eloped in an aeroplane and were mar
ried by Justice of the Peace Weaver
in Hillsdale, Mich., seventy-five miles
The nude body of a woman, appar
ently 40 or 45 years old, was found
hanging in the celiar of an old man
sion on Locust street in St. Louis. The
woman had been gagged before she
was hanged.
Merchandise and Jewelry valued at
more than 825,000, has been stolen
from the mail pouches and express
packages on Burlington trains be
tween Chloago and Denver during the
past six months, the police say.
The Republican state central com
mltee of Montana named W. R. Allen
of Anaconda, to fill the vacancy on
the congressional ticket due to the
death of W. F. Meyer. Mr. Allen is
lieutenant governor of Montana.
Robert L. Harris was held up and
robbed both of money and clothing
Just after ho had left a Chicago the
ater. Harris was taken to a police
station In his undergarments and sent
home in a patrol wagon, wrapped In
a blanket
When told at Coeur d’Alene,
Idaho, that the Indiana Superior
Court has sustained his action
in Quartering state troops at the
Porter, Ind., race track, Governor
Thomas R. Marshall of Indiana, ex
pressed deep satisfaction.
Two thousand people, all that could
be Jammed Into the church, witnessed
the dedication of the Cathedral of the
Immaculate Conception in Denver by
His Eminence, John Cardinal Farley,
and the assembled dignitaries of the
Catholic church. Thousands were
turned away.
Apparently one of the most interest
ed listeners in the audience addressed
by Eugene W. Chafin, prohibition can
didate for President, at Joplin, Mo.,
was Chafin’s nephew, C. R. Fordham,
a Joplin saloonkeeper. Before and
after his speech the dry candidate was
entertained at the Fordham home.
Oklahoma university’s team was de
feated by the University of Missouri,
14 to 0, at Norman, Okla.
The football team of the Agricul
tural' College of Utah defeated the
University of Montana by a score of
17 to 0, at Logan, Utah.
Iron Man Joe McGlnnity, former
manager and part owner of the New
ark club, is negotiating for the pur
chase of the Terre Haute club of the
Central league.
Colorado College continued its
march of football progress by defeat
ing the big, rangy Nebraska Wes
leyan eleven, 24 to 13, on Washburn
field, at Colorado Springs.
An offer to rent the St. Louis Na
tional League baseball team next sea
son for 8100,000 was made by Rich
ard Klnsella, scout for the team and
former owner of the Springfield team
of the Three Eye League.
Packey McFarland of Chicago was
given the popular decision over Jimmy
Duffy of Lockport, at the end of a ten
round bout before the Queensbury A.
C. at Buffalo, N. Y. The fight was
witnessed by about 1,000 spectators.
According to Guy T. Rockwell, trot
ting expert, the season of 1912 will
-ue remembered as one in which nine
teen world’s records were lowered. It
also was productive of the largest
money-winning trotter, Baden, and the
largest winning pacer, Joe Patohen
11., that ever graced the light harness
A special Rome dispatch says ad
vices were received there that Scu
tari had capitulated.
Berlin dispatches state that Ger
many Is arming for the greatest clash
In the history of the world.
Emperor William's fourth son,
Prince August William, has for his
hobby the designing of women's dress
es, domestic furniture and fittings.
Premier Berntzen at Copenhagen
Introduced a franchise reform bill
whereby women will be allowed to
vote and will be eligible for seats in
the Folkething.
General Felix- Diaz, leader of the
revolution recently inaugurated in
Vera Cruz, and three of his confed
erates have been sentenced to death
by court martial, before which they
were tried.
In another clash between Radicals
and Conservatives at Havana, two
persons were killed and a number
wounded. The riot took place in the
suburbs and details were slow in
reaching the city.
The capture of Uskup by the Ser
vian and Bulgarian forces is con
firmed. The town fell without resist
ance. The foreign consuls at Uskup
have requested the Servian army to
protect the inhabitants.
A Bantu tribesman has been dis
covered at Johannesburg who has for
ty-six wives. He is only thirty-five
years old. He 1b believed to be the
champion polygamist of the Britlsn
empire. His nearest competitor for
the record has only twenty-eight
One thousand soldiers were report
ed to have been killed when the troop
train in which they were riding was
derailed and plunged into a deep
gorge near Maltrata. It is thought at
Mexico City that the number reported
killed is greatly exaggerated. Guer
illas under the command of General
Aguilar, the report adds, were re
sponsible for the disaster.
President Taft left Cambridge
Springs, Penn., for Washington, his
vacation over, his last engagement
kept, to begin the winter's work.
The latest candidate mentione to
succeed Dr. Harvew W. Wiley as chief
of the bureau of chemistry Is Dr. Cail
L. Alsberg, chemical biologist in the
bureau of plant industry.
Contributions totaling $591,030.20
and expenditures of $558,311.25 in the
Republican presidential fund were dis
closed in the financial statement of
the Republican national committeo
filed with the clerk of the House of
The customs court has granted the
government's application for an indef
inite postponement of the wood pulp
and paper case involving the right of
European countries to send into this
country pulp and paper free of duty.
Former Senator Albert J. BeveriJge
of Indiana, before the. Clapp commit
tee, corroborated other testimony that
in his 1904 campaign for the senate
he received $30,000 from George W.
Perkins, $25,000 from Edward L. Mc-
Lean and $2,500 from Gifford Pinchot.
Cholera again is sweeping India, ac
cording to a report to the United
States public health service. In Au
gust, in the province of Madras alone,
there were 21,306 cases and 10,260
deaths, and in other parts of tho em
pire an equally ominous mortality pre
October 27th was Theodore Roose
velt’s fifty-fourth birthday, and he
celebrated it quietly with his family.
Father Bernard Vaughan, tho fa
mous English Jesuit exhorter, is miss
ing, according to Chicago dispatches.
J. P. Morgan, at Hartford, Conn.,
announced a gift of $200,000 to Trin
ity college for a new library and ad
ministration building. Morgan had
previously given $170,000 for new
William J. Bryan will soon begin
tbe erection of a home at a cost of
SIOO,OOO on his 200-acre farm at Mis
sion, Texas. The plans for this res
idence have been finished for some
The funeral at Grand Rapids, Mich.,
of 10-year-old Robert fepotwood, was
the scene of a wild disturbance in
which two men were floored by r
chair In tho hands of an irate wom
an, and the corpse knocked from the
casket. It all arose over a matter of
religion. Mrs. Elizabeth Spotwood,
grandmother of the lad, who Is a Cath
olic, was the aggressor.
The second annual convention of
the International Dairy and Milk In
spectors’ Association, In a banquet
and closing session at Milwaukee,
elected the following officers for the
ensuing year: C. J. Steffens of Mil
waukee, president; A. N. Henderson
of Seattle, W. H. Price of Detroit, D.
J. Jordan of Boston, vice presidents,
and Ivan C. Weld of Washington, D.
C., secretary-troasurer. At the ban
quet the guests drank milk.
-Wa«tern Newspaper Union News Service.
Denver.—At the general election on
Tuesday, November 5, the voters of
the state will find upon the ballot. In
addition to presidential electors, state
and county officials, five constitution
al amendments submitted to the peo
ple by the legislature, nine constitu
tional amendments initiated by peti
tion under the initiative and referen
dum, eleven laws initiated by petition
under the initiative and referendum,
one law passed and submitted to the
people by the Legislature, and six laws
passed by the General Assembly and
referred to the people by a petition in
State-wide prohibition.
Search and seizure.
Women’s eight-hour day.
Public service commission.
Public utilities court
State fair appropriation.
Levy of 1-20 of a mill annually for
state Immigration bureau.
Requiring one publication of sub
mitted measures, with arguments pro
end con. In two newspapers in each
Home rule for municipalities above
Recall of all electlvp officers.
To reduce the cost of publishing
Initiative and referred measures.
Requiring publication of initiated
and referred measures, with argu
ments thereon, in tmmphlet form.
Abolishing constructive contempt
Bnd granting trial by Jury In contempt
Headless ballot; disfranchising illitr
erate voters.
Making social centers of school
Recall of decisions.
Support of dependent children
(mothers’ compensation).
Strengthening and extending civil
So-called eight-hour law for miners.
Abolishing legislative "pork barrel"
by placing all road moneys with state
highway commission.
Bight-hour law for miners and smcl
Transferring department of brands
to state livestock commission.
Requiring state officers to pay col
lections into treasury daily.
Requiring that all summer normal
schools for teachers be held at Gree
ley and other points to be designated
by trustees of State Normal school at
Raising educational and experience
qualifications for teachers.
Carpenter reservoir bill.
Proposed Constitutional Amendments
Submitted by Legislature.
Giving state power to regulate smelt
ing charges, etc.
Validating creation of state tax com
Abolishing fee system in many of
Increasing Indebtedness counties
may incur for public buildings or
Bonds of $10,000,000 for highways.
Proposed Law Referred by Legislature.
Moffat tunnel bill.
Cranks End Life by Gas Route.
Chicago.—What is believed to have
been a conspiracy against the life of
Col. Roosevelt was ended by the death
of Maximilian Caxello, twenty-four
years old, and Miguel Ortez, the same
age, both of the United States of Co
lombia. The men were asphyxiated
by gas in their room in the Fifth
Avenue hotel. That these men planned
to kill Roosevelt and that they even
visited Mercy hospital for that pur
pose Is an established fact, say the
police. Those men, ft Is said, have fol
lowed Roosevelt for monthß. They vis
ltod the Mercy hospital in company
with Luis Mobllla, son of a Colombian
senator, whose whereabouts are un
known. They insisted on seeing
Roosevelt but were turned away. A
letter was found In their room warn
ing Col. Roosevelt that "the time had
come for you to mediate on the black
est spot In the hißtory of your life.’’
“Remember,” added the men In the
letter, "that although you are and
have been a great world citizen, the
homage you received when you came
back from Africa was marred by the
refusal of the Vloar of Christ to see
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PATENTS srassj^BMiC:
W. N. U., DENVER, NO. 44-1912.

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