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Cash for poultry. City Meat
P. 0. Hedlund, of Hugo, was
in Cheyenne Wells, Tuesday on
» Uncle Joe Robinson is here
this week assisting in the post
office department.
Mrs. Jennie Ross went to Den
ver, Tuesday on a. week’s visit
and for a little vacation.
I. L. Mayfield of the Arapahoe
neighborhood, orders the Eastern
Colorado Times sent to him at
Manhattan, Kan.
Frank Mann, the leading hard
ware merchant of Burlington
was transacting business in
Cheyenne Wells, Tuesday.
Lester Beverage, one of the
largest stock dealers in the
county, was attending court at
the county seat Tuesday and
Bert Seip, who has been at
home helping harvest his father’s
big corn crop, returned to Chey
enne Wells for his school duties
Sunday morning.
Mrs. Tom Scott, of Kit Carson,
Colorado, came in Saturday
morning and surprised her home
folks, R. W. Ferguson and fami
ly.—Odessa Mo., Democrat.
Chas. Eichenberger, the new
lumber and coal man is getting
the business. Charley is a
straight forward honest dutch
man, and you can depend on
what he tells you.
Bids wanted on contract
for construction of wells.
Call on Mrs. W.C. Schultz
for plans and specifica
With Governor Shafroth and
Governor Thomas in the United
States Senate, Colorado will be
to the front and its people will
be represented by the two tallest
political spirits in the mountain
states country.
A cold wave struck this part of
the country Monday about noon
and by night the storm was in
tense. Snow fell in the north
west part of the county. By
noon Tuesday the storm had
passed and the past two days
have been balmy.
Miss Maud Winder returned
from Lincoln county where she
had been teaching school for her
mother, Mrs. Della Winder, who
had been campaigning and who
was elected on the democratic
ticket to the office of Superinten
dent of Public Schools of Lincoln
A corn crop of 3,137,000 bush
els or 281,921,000 bushels more
than the greatest crop of corn
ever grown in any country of
the world, is the feature of the
country’s most remarkable agri
cultural year in history, accord
ing to the November crop report
of the United States department
of agriculture. The report compet
ed the government’s preliminary
estimates of the nation’s princ
ipal farm crops. This great crop
of corn was worth on November
1 to farmers $1,850,776,000.
Mrs. S. C. Hill is visitir ir rela
tives in Easton, Kansas.
Dr. H. C. Homer was called to
Cheyenne Wells, Sunday on
professional business.
John Longley left Monday
night forAva and other south
Missouri points on a business
Mrs. Harold Woodrow, of
Sharon Springs, was here the
first of the week on a visit to
Tom Lunn, of the northeast
part of the county, was in the
county seat on business Tuesday
and Wednesday.
The Catholics are contemplat
ing the erection of a house of
worship in the west part of town
in the near future.
L. S. Wilson left Monday eve
ning for a months visit in Osceola
lowa and other eastern points in
search of land buyers.
For Sale:— A good buggy (half
spring wagon.) Just the thing to
take the children to school in or
to do your shopping. Apply at
this office.
Henry Kusel, of east of town,
delivered a load of extra good
com here Monday. The corn
crop in Cheyenne county is the
best in years.
The public drinking cup is to
be abolished on all trains and
vessels, hotels and other public
places. The Interstate Com
merce Commission has recently
taken this action.
Louis Vogt, Representative
elect of this territory, was elected
by about 1,000 votes. Mr. Vogt
is an able lawyer and will render
his district acceptable service in
the state legislature, and after
wards we can send him to con
John Oberlander is languishing
in the county bastile, having been
given thirty days for stealing
fence posts from A. M. Wood
and boards from Wm. Lange'
Oberlander lives northwest of
First View. He had buried the
posts in a sand bed.
The women will get to vote in
Kansas at the next election.
Women’s suffrage carried in the
recent election in that state by a
majority of 60,000. Eight states
now have woman suffrage as
follows: Kansas, Colorado, Utah,
Idaho, Arizona, California, Ore
gon and Washington.
A few of our subscribers owe
this paper on subscription. It is
not our desire to force this paper
upon anyone, and we will not do
so We would appreciate your
support and if you haven't the
subscription price just now, we
would like to hear from you to
the effect that you still desire
this paper and will pay for it as
soon as you get the money.
The democrats have won an
overwhelming victory. During
the coming four years they will
become so firmly intrenched in
the political field that it will be
difficult to oust them from power.
With their present vantage, the
combined strength of both pro
gressives and republicans would
even then present a difficult task
to bring about a democratic de
feat four years hence.—Rocky
litountain Herald.
P. G. Hudson and wife are
located at Coalinga, Calif.
Mrs. John Longley left Sunday
night for Labson, Kan,, on an
extended visit.
Mrs J. C. Turner, of Excelsior
Springs, Mo., is here on a visit
to her parents Mr. and Mrs. D.
M. Marr.
For Sale— A good Peninsular
Oak cook stove and a Gee Whiz
washing machine; also a buggy.
Walter L. Bales.
Miss Lucille Sears, who had
been ill for more than a week,
returned to her duties as central
at the telephone office Monday.
Everybody in Cheyenne county
is happy over the big majority
received all over the state by
Congressman at Large Edward
T. Taylor,
Stepping on a piece of glass one
day last week which cut through
her shoe and into the flesh, Mrs.
Chas. Eichenberger suffered a
painful injury.
Bring your Cream to
Trumbor & Counts and
get your cash for it. We
test every Tuesday and
Mike Purcell, candidate for
District Attorney, for this dis
trict was elected by something
like 2,000 votes. Mike is a good
man and will make a good official.
Mrs. A. B. Smith and children,
of north of town left Monday
night for La Crescent Minn.,
where they will spend the win
ter. Miss Ruth will attend
school at La Crosse, Wis.
A dance was given at the home
of Ben Tight west of town last
Saturday night that was enjoyed
by a large crowd. Several auto
mobile loads went out from Chey
enne Wells and report a plasant
time at this hospitable home.
A crowd of his young friends
surprised Billie Cahill last Friday
night November 8, 1912 at the
Cahill home in this city it being
his 16th birthday. About sixteen
were present and a good time
was had. Refreshments were
Elbert county is going to cel
ebrate the completion of its new
court house at Kiowa on Thursday
November 28th. A big barbecue
is planed at which two beaves,
eight sheep and a bear will be
slaughtered and fed to the im
mence crowd that is expected to
be present.
With Texas showing 3,699,124
bales, a greater quantity than
ever before ginned to November
1 in any year, the census bureau’s
cotton ginning report announced
8,894,898 bales had been ginned
in the United States prior to that
date. Oklahoma’s ginnings, 593,-
366 bales, also exceeded any
previous year’s report for that
H. H. Seldomridge, represent
ing eastern Colorado in the na
tional congress will probably
bring more general satisfaction
to the people than any other man
either of the parties could have
selected. Harry Seldomridge is
an able, competent, experienced,
astute business man and Colorado
will be ably represented with
him in congress.
Pat Stapleton was here from
Wild Horse, Tuesday,
Hooley Davis has been visiting
Billy Brewer the past week and
attending court.
Guy Ross came in from lowa
Thursday morning for a three
week’s visit with his family.
Pry Phillips and John Owens
are arranging for a trip to Miss
ouri and lowa, and will start
about the 18th.
Wanted— at the Albany Hotel
a woman for general work, good
wages are offered for the right
person. W. L. DeMunbrun.
W. F. Wyant, of Arapahoe,
was in Cheyenne Wells, Tuesday
and Wednesday and incidentally
lecturing on some of the scientif
ic problems of modern times.
There are some men who
want to be on the winning side,
regardless of principle. They
are ready to jump the fence any
time their neighbor’s grass ap
pears to be the longest
E. C. Wilson received a card
from his son Ed, who is living at
Dodge City, Kan., asking him
how he liked the result of the
election, and seems to indicate
by the tone of his note that hu is
very well satisfied with Mr. Wil
son’s election.
Mrs. Ellen Logie, who for sev
eral years conducted the o 1 d
Cheyenne Wells Hotel, came up
from Ellis Kan. last week to
vote and after spending a few
days here with friends left Mon
day night for Scotland to see her
husband who is very ill.
In the recent election in Routt
county. Steamboat Springs won
the county seat contest The
county seat has been at Hahn’s
Peak, having been removed from
Meeker during the Indian up
rising. Later, Rio Blanco county
was formed and Meeker was made
the county seat.
Our good friend Joe Baber has
been serving on the jury panel
this week. Joe buys more cattle
in this part of the country than
everybody else put together, and
it has been frequently remarked
that barring W. C. Schultz, he
has made more money for the
small seller, than anyone who
has ever bought stock in this
Judge Morris, one of the most
polite and affable judges on the
Colorado district bench, has been
holding court in Cheyenne Wells
this week, and cleared the docket
up to the May term. Judge
Morris is one of the most com
petent jurists in the state, and
his elevation to the supreme
bench is considered by his party
to be only a matter of time.
Bon Voyage and may the gods
be propitious.
That flagrant peiceof human
shape known as James B. Pearce,
is an example of how the enlight
ened can be governed by the
ignorant. Voters over the state
that were unacquainted with the
infamy of this offspring of the
feigned heiffer; unknowingly
voted him back into office as a
tail ender and with innocent ig
norance put the stamp of ap
proval on the blackest piece of
social infidelity ever catalogued
in the history of Colorado’s per
fidious negligence.
A slight change in the Union
Pacific time table is made this
If you are indebted to this pa
per on subscription, now is a
good time to pay it.
Grand Lecturer Cooper, of
Pueblo attended a meeting of the
Masonic order here Wednesday
Wm. Moldenhaur is erecting a
garage for Chas. Hargleroad.
Chas. Eichenberger is furnishing
the material.
Jack Tinsley left Wednesday
morning for Wray where he has
joined the government surveyors
in their work in Yuma county.
Miss Alice Sears was visiting
in the country the first part of
the week. The guest of Mrs.
Walworth south of First View.
Miss Maude Rohrbaucher, the
accomplished school teacher from
the Golden Valley country visited,
Lucille Sears last Friday and
Saturday, returning home Sun
day morning.
Recently a bunch of duck hunt
ers went up near Arena, and in
the crowd was E. J. Snydal and
Charlie Hargleroad. Some time
before Denver nimrods had been
down and left a lot of wooden
decoys on the lakes. Hargleroad
and Snydal sneaked up on a gang
of these decoys and put enough
lead in them to sink nine before
they discovered their mistake.
M. W. Purcell, District At
torney Elect, by a majority of
over 2,000 votes for the fourth
judicial district, has been repre
senting the people, before Judge
Morris in the District Court, this
week and acquiting himself with
the usual honors that always at
tend his efforts. Mike Purcell is
one of the most competent and
successful attorneys, both civil
and criminal, in the state.
Judge Morris opened court
here Tuesday morning for a two
day's session, discharging the
jury Tuesday afternoon. Argu
ments for a new trial for W. O.
Compher and Adolph Hargis
were argued Tuesday afternoon
after which Judge Morris refused
a new trial and sentenced Com
pher from three to four years and
Hargis from two to three years
in the penitentiary. They were
convicted of stealing cattle. The
case of Frank Compher, charged
with the same offence, was con
tinued until the May term of
Go to the Methodist church
and hear Brother Scott preach.
Incidentally, while you are there
look over the front seats three
or four rows back and see if you
can recognize the deacons and
pillars that support that instution
and see if you can recognize any
one of them who assisted in call
ing the city council together to
vote Geo. Forker a saloon license
three days before his regular
license expired and three days
before the city election to vote
the city dry. If you can recognize
any of them, make a mental note
of it and remember them, when
they go on the ticket for re-elec
tion next spring. You can fool
part of the people, but you can’t
fool all of them. Next week we
will give you some of the names
of these high up city officials,
ar d challenge their denial.
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