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Eastern Colorado times. (Cheyenne Wells, Colo.) 1912-1913, November 15, 1912, Image 5

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Arapahoe i«-3 Colorado
No. 103 Westbound 1:10 a ra
“ ]0() “ (!:30 a m
“ 110 Eastbound 5:50 p m
: 101 “ 12:33 a m
Song of the West.
I sing- you a song of the Westland wild
Where the plains are like a floor,
Where heavens by smoke are undeflled
And the tempests rage and roar;
Where the sky is like a great blue bowl
Above a stretch of white,
And wide the tumbleweeds run and roll
Unhindered in their flight.
1 sing you a song of the level lands,
Where the winds are fresh and free,
Where never a hut in the silence stands
. And never a leafless tree;
Where wolf and coyote roam the snow
And scud through the sullen night
To hunt for the wounded buffalo
That has vanished away from sight.
I sing you a song of the boundless west
Of its great blue roof, the sky,
And the tide of pride that fills the breast
When prairies greet the eye;
Of trackless wastes of snow that gleam
In the smile of the western sun,
Where grasses lash the frozen stream
And the snowdrifts scud and run.
Baked Jack Rabbit.
Baked jack rabbit according
to Assistant State Game and
Fish Commissioner Rudolph
Boacherdt of Colorado, is t h e
finest game dish that can be put
on the table.
In a discussion as to game as
food, Borcherdt championed the
rabbit, the big long-legged jack
of the plains. He says it is all a
matter of cooking.
“It beats cotton tail all hol
low,” he said. "If the people of
the eastern part of the state only
knew how to cook rabbits they
would be eating them right
All is quiet after election.
Everybody is busy hauling in
feed now days.
Mr. Haney and Ayers were
selling apples here Saturday.
Mrs. Sealy and Mrs. R. C.
Lewis were callers at the Wal
ker home last week.
Lou Birn has discontinued his
store work and has gone back
to farming and hatching.
Mr. Orth had a fine drove of
turkeys who came to spend the
day in Arapahoe, Saturday.
Mrs. C. D. Sawyer spent last
week at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Joe. Abernathy.
J. Henry Nelson, the new as
sessor, had the misfortune to
break some ribs after election.
W. H. Faye expects to leave
for lowa next Tuesday with a
load of horses. Mrs. Faye will
start later.
Miss Anna Tuxhorn who is
attending school a t Cheyenne
Wells spent Sunday at her home
near Arapahoe.
Mr. Rice wife and two children
arrived Saturday to visit with
the former’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Rich north of town
Mrs. Dickson and son Mur
ray, and Misses Emma Blyfield,
Alva Minor, and Lillian Walker
were callers a t t h e Tuxhora
Bernard Bidinger began work
for J. C. Ford, Monday, who re
cently purchased the Charles
Diagger stock of goods. All wish
him the best of success.
They are talking.
Do we care?
We are here and they are there.
Are they mocking?
Do we mind,
If its good or the other kind?
If they are praising,
We are content.
With the pressure we have spent.
If they are hazing,
We are glad
That we have made the cusses
We are here,
Because its right
We should follow our foresight,
And keep our sphere
In the race,
For this good and noble place.
Let them talk.
Do we care?
We are here and they are there.
Let them mock,
We do not mind.
They know we’er here and not
They are talking about us,
who? Everybody. Why? Be
cause we are alive and realize
that we have best the country on
earth and the best town in east
ern Colorado, and eastern Colo
rado is our country, where we
live, think and get three squares
a day, sleep ten hours at night
and feel that we can look any
man in the eye and tell him to
go to our house and enjoy
Why shouldn’t we talk about
our town and country? We
came from Missouri and had to
be “showed” and now that we
can see we are willing to show
other people. Then we have
plenty of room for dairymen,
farmers, stockmen and a good
place for an ice plant, a creamery,
a sorghum mill and a broom
We take advice from our neigh
bors, draw conclusions and then
follow our own plans. We like
to have people talk about us, for
they must say good things. Do
we boost? Why not? We would
either boost or move. The boost
er lives, thrives and is happy. He
who does net boost needs a par
cel of ipecac, for he is out of fix.
Harry Pike left Tuesday morn
ing for lowa. |!
Delos Curtis was in Cheyenne
Wells, Monday. |
O. Garvik was a passenger to :
Cheyenne Wells, Monday.
A. C. Ohrmundt was in Chey- !
enne Wells on business Tuesday. :
Miss Lelia Hill is visiting at -
the home of her brother W. S. -
The Ladies Aid Society met
with Mrs. G. C. Calvert, Wed
A. B. Ellis and son were in ;
Cheyenne Wells, Wednesday af- ;
ter coal.
I have a good, round, 17-barrel ;
galvanized steel tank for sale. :
Guy Robinson.
Miss Lyda Marshall came out •
from Cheyenne Wells and is '
visiting Mrs. Geo. Atkinson.
These are busy days at the ;
postoffice with lathing going on
besides the regular business.
Mrs. E. Still and daughter
Anna and Miss Ina Oaks expect
to leave for Goodland, Kan., this
Claud Smith, the land man, :
has a new motorcycle with which :
he will run down land buyers and :
Mrs. J. Ramklu and son Con of ■
northwest of town, were in ■
Cheyenne Wells on business ■
Mrs. A. Griffin came from
Cheyenne Wells, Friday and is
spending the week on her ranch
southeast of town.
Several acres of flax, which
had been raked up on the F. G.
Prubsner place, was blown away
by a high wind recently.
Several families from this sec
tion have gone back east for the
winter, but will return next year
in time for spring farming.
Mrs. Tom Dwyer and children
returned last week from Water
town, South Dakota where they
visited a couple of months.
B. R. Hiatt and family left
last Saturday night for East Peru,
lowa, where they will spend the
winter. Forrest Harr and family
will occupy Mr. Hiatt’s property
this winter.
H. L. Olson and family left
this week for South Dakota
where they will spend the winter.
A. B. Ellis and family who were
occupying the Walter L. Bales
place, have moved to Mr. Olson’s
Otto Fenner and other boys
from Golden Valley attended a !
dance in Kit Carson last Satur- !
day night. Some one stole a big !
lot of groceries from Otto’s !
buggy and he has been fasting
the past week.
Up at the Golden Valley school
house, ten miles northwest of
here, a big free masquerade
dance will be given on Thanks- ;
giving night. Lunch will be ;
served and every thing will be ;
free, A big time is expected. ;
There will be a pie social at I
the First View school house the J
coming Friday, Nov. 22d. Pies
will be sold and the proceeds go ;
toward a school library. It is
also planned to organize a !
literary society that evening. J
Everybody welcome. Bring pie J
or the where with to buy one. !
R. G. Sollenbarger, of Wood- !
ston, Kans., has purchased the 3
relinquishment of the southwest 3
1-4 of 14-47 in the same section 3
with B. R. Hiatt and Barney 3
Schmitz and will move here with 3
his family shortly. The deal !
was made by Claud Smith, who 3
is bringing a number of new !
settlers to this section. 3
!f Annour|ceinent |
J I have purchased the entire stock of Lumber, T
X Cement, Coal, Wire Etc., of Sears & Son, and |
♦ will be glad to figure with you on anything in X
♦ my line. A share of your partonage solicited. ♦
f Phone No. 17. I
4 4
| Chas. Eichenberger Ch <Zl We "“!
| (Tjetrles O. Turner!
X Land A.ttorr|ey X
I i
J 4-
X W\W practice before Vn.e local and General Land 4
X Ollices. Filing papers made out and executed £
T 4
4444444444444444444444»*»4 444444»4444444444» ♦♦♦♦♦♦44
4 4
4 4
4 4
4 4
4 4
f The most dependable hotel in town for comfortable X
4 beds and good table. A good clean bed in a good ♦
J room for 50c. A good apetizing meal for 35cts. £
4 4
|W/ L. DeMunbrun - - Proprietor |
4444444444444444444♦♦♦♦♦♦4 44444444444444444444444444
Rooms with Bath $1.50 and $2 a Day
Albany Hotel
This is something new for a Denver
Hotel. Larger rooms with bath $2.50
and $3.00 per day. Try one of these
moderate priced rooms with bath and
you will be pleased. -#*• -f*-
New Fire Proof Annex; Every Room
With Bath; Completed July i, 1912
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ » »»»»»▼» wwwwww WWWWWWWW ?V?

1 Perfect Fitting Corset !
j ■■ ♦
1A perfect Corset makes an or- ♦
dinary dress smart looking, and a X
smart dress simply perfect. The ♦
♦ “WARNER” is of that kind. It % |
X is a Rust Proof Cornet, made for
4 tall and medium figures. It is X
Iwell boned, medium bust with |Aih%rS\:Pßp 1
long hips and back, front and side OH ipAC vR X
supporters, All sizes. Prices V\ X
J from 65c to §1.75. ~ ♦
I Come in and select your new X
Rugs. We haye a good supply RustPrjof~ ♦
on display. We would also call your attention to our • X
Inew samples of Carpets, Mattings and Linoleums. T
We have a complete line of samples. ♦
| Trumbor & Counts I

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