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Some Heat Required.
Kitty—My brother Cornelius has
been calling on Miss Chlllelgh for
over a year.
Marie—ls he going to marry her?
Kitty—l don’t know. I'm 1 afraid
she’s rather too cold to make Corn
A Queer Case of Thrift.
The native thrift of the Vermonters
was under discussion and a story was
told that was held to illustrate it per
There was a man in one of the inter
ior Vermont towns who had an old
horse ringboned, spavined, with the
heaves and every other horse ailment
—a mere shadow of a horse. He used
to drive the horse to town every day
and was Jeered by the neighbors for
using such a miserable beast
One day he walked into the store
at the corner. "Where’s your horse,
Jim?” a friend asked.
"Sold him."
"Sold him! How much did you
"Rot a hundred dollars!"
“Who in thunder did you sell that
horse to for a hundred dollars?”
“Why," replied the Vermonter, as
he exhibited a roll ofw bills I sold
him to mother."
President Designates November 28th
and Tells of Prosperity
of Nation.
Washington.—President Taft has is
sued a proclamation setting aside No
vember 28th as Thanksgiving Day.
The proclamation follows:
By the President of the United Statens
A Proclamation.
A God-fearing nation like ours owes
It to its inborn and sincere sense of
moral duty to testify its devout grati
tude to the All Giver for the countless
benefits it has enjoyed. For many
years it has been customary at the
close of the year for the national exec
utive to urge upon his fellow-country
men to offer praise and thanks to God
for the manifold blessings vouchsafed
to them in the past, and to unite in
earnest suppliance for their continu
The year now drawng to a close has
been notably favorable to our fortu
nate land. At peace wthin and with
out, free from the perturbations and
calamities that have afflicted other
peoples, rich in harvests so abundant
and industries so productive that the
overflow of our prosperity has
advantaged the whole world, strong
in the steadfast conservation of the
heritage of self-government bequeathed
to us by the wisdom of our fathers, and
firm in the resolve to transmit our
unimpaired but rather im
proved by good use, to our children and
our children’s children, for all time to
come, the people of this country have
abounding cause for contented grati
Wherefore, I, William Howard Taft,
President of the United States of
America, in pursuance of long-estab
lished usage and in response to the
wish of the American people, Invite my
countrymen, wheresoever they may so
journ, to Join, on Thursday, the 28th
day of this month of November, in ap
propriate ascription of praise and
thanks to God for the good gifts that
have been our portion, and in humble
prayer that His great mercies toward
us may endure.
By James Barton Adama.
Do I like the climate, stranger, in these
mountains? Well, I guess
There ain’t anv other answer to your
question ’ceptin’ "yes”;
An’ it be a-stretchin’ o’ the
honest truth to say
That I wuship it, an’ tell it so a dozen
times a day.
Llssen to my wife a-slngin’, voice as
clear as any bell,
See the spring that's In her action,
drawln’ water at the well;
See them youngsters playin’ yonder an’
a-hollerin’ in glee.
Then switch ’round yer eyes a trifle till
you focus ’em on me.
Jes’ two years ago to-morrer, If my
mem’ry’s got no flaw
Since we clum into the wagon fur to
leave ol’ Arkansaw;
Faces all about the color o’ the yaller
est corn pones.
An’ the ager havin’ shaken all the flesh
off of our bones.
Sca’cely looked like human bein’s, more
like skeletons we were.
Wife a-hackin' with consumption that
was ketchin’ hold o’ her.
An ’the younguns both a-coughin’, me
a-worryin’ till—well.
Got discouraged till I wasn’t wuth a
pinch o’ salt in hell!
Tuk a ranch here in this valley, and
we wondered if the same
Mightn't some day bo our grayeyard as
a wind-up o’ the game;
Slep’ with doors and winde’rs open fur
to let the climate in.
An’ we observed that somethin’ was
a-paddin’ out our skin.
Wife got skittish in her action; kids be
gun to romp and play,
’Stead o’ mopin’ ’round an’ cryin’ an’
complainin’ all the day;
As fur me. I quit my frettin’ an’ begun
to take OVI meat.
An’ ’t’d make a lean hog jealous fur to
see the way I eat!
Do I like the climate, stranger? Likin’
ain’t no proper word.
Fur I wushup it, by jingo! nex’ to wush
ippln’ the Lord,
Fur it’s rid the hull caboodle o’ the
freezing breakbone chills
An* the Arkansaw attachments shape o’
country doctor’s bills.
An’ the lungs my wife's a-usin’; well,
jes’ llssen to her sing:
They’re as sound as ary dollar in their
clear an’ silv’ry ring.
An’ there ain’t a man a-livin’ in this
hull long mountain stretch
That kin flop me in a rassle, any holt
they want to ketch!
Specimen prices: Gold, silver, lead, tl; cold,
silver. 75c; cold. 50c; zinc or copper. SI.
Mailing envelopes and full price list sent on
application. Control and umpire work so*
llclted. Reference: Carbonate National Rank
“The Royal Gorge-Feather River
Caflon Route**
Taken together form the most beauti
ful line of continuous travel Denver,
Salt Lake, City, San Francisco,
k The marvelous scenic attractions of
' the Rockies, the Great Salt Beds of
Utah and the wonders of the Sierras
can be seen from the car windows,
without extra expense for side trips.
For Illustrated descriptive matter,
write Frank A. Wadleigh, General
Passenger .Afirent, Denver & Rio Grande
Railroad, Denver, Colo.
I When S
I Buying I
I Baking I
j Powder |
| For thi* li the g
£ baking powder a
5 that "makes the ■
I baking better." g
5 It leavens the V
I food evenly g
■ throughout; puns A
5 it up to airy light- ■
■ ness, makes it de- g
f lightfully appetii- g
S ing and wholesome. 5
5 Remember, Cain- 5
■ met is moderate in ■
■ price—highest in g
I quality. a
»" Ask your grocer for 5
Calumet. Don’t take a ■
f substitute. g
World's R«rd FmS EzzaalUM. ■
I ■"**"•* »
jy N °T MADE BY THE TWjfJigl
Yoa don't save money when yoa bag
cheap or big-can baking powder, Don i
be misled. Buy Calumet It's mom
economical more wholesome gives
best results. Calumet Is fat superior to
sour milk and soda.
A Change.
She —Mr. Scrappington and his wife
were riding In their auto yesterday
when It skidded and they fell out.
He —Well, that was a little variety
for them. Usually their falling out
takes place at home.
Constipation causes and aggravates many
serious diseases. It 13 thoroughly cured by
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets. The favorite
family laxative. Adv. .
Political arguments lose us more
friends than they gain votes.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing' Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces inflamma
tion, allay s pal n, c urcs wl nd col Ic, 25c a bottle JAk
A woman is always trying to im
press upon her husband that she isn’t
feeling as well as she ought to.
Don't be misled. Ask for Red Cross
Bug Blue. Makes beautiful white clothes.
At all good grocers. Adv.
Unfortunately charity doesn’t seem
to possess any of the qualities of a
Just what you need
after a hard day's work
Sustains and cheers
Westsrn Newspaper Union News Service
Following a quarrel over the own
ership of a litter of. pupß, William
Zlrnheld, twenty-six, shot and killed
Fred Bauer, twenty-three, at Louis
vllle, Ky.
Tony Jannus started on an aero
plane flight from Omaha to New Or
leans, carrying a message of greeting
to the New Orleans mayor from May
or Dahlman of Omaha.
J. A. Weyland, owner of the Appeal
to Reason, a Socialist paper at Olrard,
Kan., shot and killed himself at his
tome In that city, according to a tel
ephone message received at Kansas
In the partition of a large part ol
the estate of the late Colonel Thomas
H. Swope at Kansas City, Mrs. Fran
ces H. Hyde, wife of Dr. B. Clark
Hyde, received property valued at
Alfred Sorensen, charged with the
murder of Thomas McGillis, formerly
of Denver, whom he shot and killed
in Sorensen’B jewelry store, April 20,
following a quarrel, was found not
guilty at Salt Lake.
A warrant charging murder in the
first degree was issued at Sedalia,
Mo., for Mrs. Pansy Lesh, who con
fessd at Los Angeles to having poi
soned Mrs. F. M. Qualntance of Green
ridge, Mo., and Mrs. Eliza A. Cole of
Martin Coggin, 522 Sibley street, a
night watchman, and Harry Thurston,
021 South Halsted street, a cook, shot
and probably fatally wounded each
other In Chicago, following a quarrel
over the arrest of a girl supposed to
be Christine Miller, 16 years old.
A representative of a glove factory
at Gloversville, N. Y., has found a
practical use for prairie dogs. The
hides from half a dozen were shipped
to the factory, where they were made
up. The result was a glove soft and
pliable as kid, waterproof and never
cracking or roughing up.
The reign of King Pip V. began at
Spokane when Governor Marlon F.
Hay and Madame Johanna Gadskl,
formally opened the National Apple
Show. Millions of apples had been
arranged for exhibition and judgment
and the problems of the orchardist
were discussed at daily meetings
throughout the week by men promi
nent in the fruit-growing industry
throughout the country.
Carlisle defeated the Army at foot
ball by 27 to 6, at West Point, N. Y.
Purdue and Illinois battled to a tie
at Lafayette, Ind., the game ending
9 to 9.
Cornell brought Its local season to
a close at Ithica, N. Y., by a defeat
of Dartmouth, 24 to 0, in the best
played game of the year.
With less than five minutes to play,
Erehart, in a sensational run the full
length of the field, saved Indiana from
a shut-out in the game with lowa, at
Indianapolis. The score was: lowa,
13; Indiana, 6.
Joe Mandot, the local lightweight
who fought a ten-round, no-decision
bout at Dallas with Ad Wolgast, left
foi Los Angeles, where on Thanks
giving day he will again meet Joe
Rivers in a twenty-round contest.
Richard Klegin of Sioux City, lowa,
who five years ago took several prize
fighters to Paris for the purpose of
giving br xing exhibitions there, now
proposes to introduce the game of
baseball in France.
Boulder’s superior weight told to a
marked degree at Colorado Springs,
and State university won the annual
football battle from Colorado college
by a score of 10 to 7. The college has
not won from Boulder in eight years.
When the new Players’ Protective
Association feels strong enough to sit
up and demand more nourishment
from the club owners, one of the first
matters to be adjusted will be that
ct remuneration during training trips.
Clark Griffith of Chicago has the
promise of Pendleton, th-e - great
Princeton athlete, that he will give
the Senators first call on his services
when he finishes college this year, if
be decides to enter professional base
Cleverly Contrived Trap That Led to
the Downfall of One Forget
ful Hueband.
He had returned home in the eve
ning tired and ready for a restful hour
or two.
"John, my love,” said his little wife
sweetly, "did you post that letter I
gave you this morning?"
"Yes, my pet,” said John, hiding his
conscience-stricken face behind the
"Well, what is your answer?" still
more sweetly.
"Wh-what Is what?" gasped John.
"What Is your answer, dear?” said
his little wife, clearly. “That letter
was addressed to you.”
"Addressed to me?” exclaimed John.
"I didn't notice It."
And then, like a foolish man, he
fell into the trap and produced the
letter from his pocket to see. The
envelope waß not addressed to him;
but a long and Bevere lecture was
shortly after.
Box 183, Downey, Cal.—“My little
boy of eight years had what they
called ringworm on his shoulder and
the back of hla neck. It started In a
small pimple like a blister and kept
getting larger till It was the size of a
dollar. One place was as large as
three silver dollars. They were round
and a mass of watery blisters. Wher
ever the water would touch It would
cauBe another blister, commencing an
other sore and so on. It was very
red and angry and would itch and
burn so badly that he could not sleep
or, in fact, sit still at times. He
would cry when I would touch it.
When he would rub or scratch it It
would look like chopped meat. His
clothing irritated it. I tried many
remedies, but it kept spreading and
Itching. This was all before I used
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment on It.
After the first treatment with Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment he was much
relieved, and they cured him in one
“My husband Is a plumber and his
hands get scratched and cut, which
means sores if not treated, so he
washes with Cutlcura Soap and puts
Cutlcura Ointment on his hands every
night, and that keeps them fine."
(Signed) Mrs. Harry West, Apr. B, T2.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
poet-card "Cutlcura, Dept L, Boston."
Hard to See Under Water.
“There is no scientific instrument of
the "scope" character which enables
one to see down to 50 or 60 feet under
water. When the sun shines vertical
ly over water, a box or bucket with a
glass bottom is often used to look
into the water. A cloth covering to
exclude light from the box or bucket
is sometimes employed. But without
electric or some other light in the wa
ter these devices are not very satis
Its Kind.
“What is a voice from the tombs
“It must be a skeleton's articula
Most of our so-called good inten
tions are base imitations.
> >
The Stomach
Is the ysM)))
Aim to make that strong—and digestion good—and you
will keep well I No’chain is stronger than its weakest
link. No man is stronger than his stomach. With
stomach disordered a train of diseases follow.
pr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery
makes -the stomach healthy, the liver active and the blood pure. Made from
forest roots, and extracted without the use of alcohol. Sold by druggists, ia
liquid form at 91.00 per bottle for over 40 years, giving general satisfaction.
If yoa prefer tablets as modified by R. V. Pierce,.M- D., these can be
hsd of medicine dealers or trial box by mail on receipt of HOc la stamps
W* Faultless Starch Twin Dolls aiP
M K/E.ffiS'iSS febftsS sltiffASSt
I p 1 J 1 and atoffl will be sent to any address, postpaid. pa re- I T. ±±4- +£ 4f f
i bJ I oclptof six fronts oflO cent Faultless Starch packages, \ itfff J J
x. 7 or twelve fronts of 5 cent Faultless Starch pack axes X '*m77VWmjgr f
TmZiP//t¥/mml3k and 8 cents la stamps to eover postage and pocking* liTTfUfisri 1
_ rTßljiTTii "» Or either doll will be sent on receipt of three 10 cent
jr f I • 1 i 1 x. fronts or six 6 oent fronts and 4 cents la stamps. Out
I aw oat this ad.. It will be accepted la place of one 10 \U
| : oent front, or two 5 cent fronts. Only one sd will SiTrjjv?
Sjkflß be accepted with esoh application. I 1 |
L*|£Tjl FAULTLESS STARCH CO., las Oy. Ms. kalki
dhm ii i ii ■ 11111 rfh ESffla^EßH
mßst Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use Q
M la time. Sold by Druggists. Kl
I Lameness
I Sloan’s Liniment is a quick
I and reliable remedy for lame-
II ness in horses and other farm
" Sloan's Liniment surpasses any*
thing on earth for lameuess In homes
and other horse ailments. I would
not sleep without It in my stable.”—
Martin Doylk,
432 West 19th St., Mew York City.
Good for Swelling and Abscess.
Mr. 11. M. Ginns, of Lawrence, Kan.,
R. F. D., Mo. 3, writes:—” I had a mare
with an abscess on her neck and one
60c. bottle of Sloan's Liniment entirely
cured her. I keep It all the time for
gal Is and small swellings and for every*
thing about the stock.**
is a quick and safe remedy
for hog cholera.
Corsrwor of Georgia usee
Sloan's Liniment for Hog Cholera.
" I heard Got. Brown (who is quite a
farmer ) sav that he had never lost a
hog from cholera and that his remedy
always was a tablespoonful of Sloan’s
Liniment in a gallon of slops, decreas
ing the dose as the animal improved.
Last month Gov. Brown and mvself
were at the Agricultural College
building and in the discussion of the
ravages of the disease, Gov. Brown
gave the remedy named as unfailing."
41 Observer."
Savannah Daily Mews.
At All Dealers. 25c.. SOc. A •1.00.
Sloan’s Book on Horses. Cattle,
Bogs and Poultry sent free.
Addreii Dr. Earl 8. Sloan, Bolton.
The Army of
Is Growing Smaller Every Day.
responsible they
•tipatioa. lIVER
lions u s |PI lAS,
them for \\_ IRan^H
Indigeitioa. Sick Hiadacki. Sallow Skin.
Genuine must bear Signature
f of this paper de-
tised in its columns should insift upon
having what they ask for, refusing all
MI'sCtLLANEOUS electrotypes]
In great variety for sale at the lowest pr ces by
W. N. U„ DENVER, NO. 46-1912.

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