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Cheyenne record. (Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne County, Colo.) 1913-19??, November 13, 1913, Image 3

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No sick headache, sour stomach,
biliousness or constipation
by morning.
Get a 10-cent box now.
Turn the rascals out —the headache,
biliousness, Indigestion, the sick, sour
stomach and foul gases—turn them
out to-night and keep them out with
Millions of men and women take a
Cascaret now and then and never
know the misery caused by a lazy
liver, clogged bowels or an upset stom
Don’t put In another day of distress.
Let Cascarets cleanse your stomach;
remove the sour, fermenting food;
take the excess bile from your liver
and carry out all the constipated
waste matter and poison in the
bowels. Then you will feel great.
A Cascaret to-night straightens you
out by morning. .They work while
you sleep. A 10-cent box from
any drug store means a clear head,
sweet stomach and clean, healthy liver
and bowel action for months. Chil
dren love Cascarets because they
never gripe or sicken. ’ Adv.
Charge of the Light Brigade.
Mr. Stevens noticed that the little
daughter of the family ate her cereal
in a far from enthusiastic manner.
"Don’t you like that, my dear?" he
"Not pertic'ly,” replied the child.
"Why do you eat it, then?” asked
the visitor.
The little girl paused with her spoon
on the edge of the bowl, and looked
at the guest with Berious eyes.
"Why, It’s got to be eaten," she an
swered gravely. "The groceryman
gives mother a rag doll for every two.
packages she buys, and it’s got to be
eaten every morning.” New York
Evening Post.
Qlrltl Try This! Make* Hair Thick,
Glopay, Fluffy, Beautiful—No
More Itching Scalp.
Within ten minutes after an appli
cation of Danderlne you cannot find a
qiugle trace of dandruff or falling hair
and your Bcalp will not itch, but what
will please you most will be' after a
few weeks’ use, when you see new
hair, fine and downy at first—yes—but
really new hair —growing all over the
A little Danderlne immediately dou
bles the beauty of your hair. No dif
ference how dull, faded, brittle and
scraggy, lust moisten a cloth with
Danderlne and carefully draw It
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. The efTect Is amaz
ing—your hair will be light, fluffy and
wavy, and have an appearance of
abundance; an incomparable luster,
softness and luxuriance.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton’s
Danderine from any store, and prove
that your hair is as pretty and soft
as any—that it has been neglected or
Injured by careless treatment —that’s
all —you surely can have beautiful hair
and lots of it If you will just try a lit
tle Danderine. Adv.
Making Up for Lost Time.
Clssie —Why in the name of good
ness do you keep taking out your
watch. Have you a train to catch?
Tom —Eh? Oh, no. The fact is i
haven’t seen it for a long time. —Illus-
trated Bits.
And your shoes pinch, Allen’s Foot-Hose, th«
Antiseptic powder to be shaken Into the shoes,
1s just the thing to use. Always use It for break
ing in new shoes; Bold everywhere, 26c. Sample
FREE. Address, A. 8. Olmsted, Le Boy, N. Y.
Don't accept any mbtutvte. Adr.
Thought Him a Club.
He —Do you know much about golf?
She —Absolutely nothing. I wouldn't
even know bow to hold my padd'
The Right Way.
" "Bill went all to pieces."
“What did his wife say?’’
“ ‘Bill, collect yourself.’ ”
Makes the laundress happy—that’s Red
Cross Bag Blue. Makes beautiful, clear
white clothes. All good grocers. Adv.
The fellow who falls In love at first
sight would like caviare the first time
he tried It.
Love couldn’t be otherwise than
sweet, as Its principal ingredient Is
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces inflamma
tion .allays wind colic JBc a bottlaJW,
It takes other people to see the sil
ver lining of our clouds.
Western New*pal>er Union New. Service
Four persons were killed and seven
injured when two automobiles collided
at Los Angeles.
Thomas Briscoe, a copper-colored
negro, was arrested in Chicago in con
nection with the murder of Miss Ida
O. Leegson a month ago.
Burglars at St. Louis robbed the
home of Fred Kohl, president of a
bank in Granite City, 111., of $16,000 in
Jewelry and money and $40,000 in se
A $1,000,000 fund to aid the strikers
in the coal fields of Colorado is ex
pected to be voted by the American
Federation of Labor at its annual con
vention in Seattle.
Mrs. Antone Enzler, who confessed
writing improper letters to Alta Roseu
stiel, was sentenced at Freeport, 111.,
by Judge Landis to thirty months’ im
prisonment at Leavenworth, Kan., and
to pay a fine of $lO.
Endeavoring to trap blackmailers
who again had demanded money from
Ralph E. Bristol and Leroy Eccles un
der threats of shooting, Dave Ed
wards, special detective and expert
gunman from Bingham, Utah, fell on a
lonely road in the northeast part of
Ogden, his body riddled by bullets.
Mrs. Hope L. McEldowney of West
Salem, Wis„ told a Jury in Chicago
how “Prof. Charles T. Crane,” a clair
voyant, made love to her and then
took $15,000 of her money to make an
Investment. The “processor,' 1 whose
real name is James Ryan, is now on
trial with C. P. (Barney) Bertsche,
charged with swindling the woman.
Mrs. Sarah Todd, 103 years old and
a sister-in-law of Mrs. Abraham Lin
coln, walked to the polls at Eugene,
Ore., and cast her first vote in the
referendum election. Mrs. Todd was
born in Kentucky when that state was
a wilderness. She went to Oregon
twenty years ago. This was, there
fore, her first opportunity to enjoy the
right of suffrage. She will be 104
years old March 29, 1914. Her hus
band’s sister was Mrs. Abraham Lin
Turning their peaceful harvest
dance into what is known in the white
man’s tongue as their “blood dance,”
the 500 Navajo Indians in the vicinity
of Ship Rock, in the extreme north
western corner of New Mexico, have
within the last few days become so un
ruly that Agent Shelton of the Ship
Rock reservation, fearing a general up
rising, with danger to settlers, has ap
pealed to the United States marshal
for an armed force to cope with the
situation at Albuquerque.
. “Mail your Christmas parcels early,”
says the Postoffice Department, in a
Notwithstanding intimations that
Provisional President Huerta would
refuse to resign, administration offi
cials said Saturday night that his elimi
nation would be accomplished “in one
way or another.” They asserted that
every opportunity would be given him
to retire peaceably, and' that drastic
steps would be avoided if possible.
The reclamation service has ac
cepted the offer of the Grand Junction
Mining and Fuel Company to furnish
the power needed during the construc
tion of the Grand River diversion dam
and tunnel No. 3, Grand Valley irriga
tion project. Under the terms of the
contract to be entered into the govern
ment will pay approximately $30,418
for the power service.
The Pacific and Atlantic terminals
of the Panama canal will cost a large
part of the remaining $37,000,000 to be
appropriated for that waterway, esti
mates of the bulk of which already
have been submitted to the house com
mittee on appropriations. The $37,-
000,000 will make up the total of $375,-
000,000 contemplated as the total
cost of the canal.
Secretary Lane and Indian’ Commis
sioner Solis held a conference concern
ing the recalcitrant Indians on the
Navajo reservation in New Mexico.
They directed Major McLaughlin, tire
veteran inspector of the Interior De
partment, who ts widely known as the
"Indians’ friend,” to proceed immedi
ately to the Navajo reservation as the
personal representative of the depart
General Felix Diaz was stabbed by
a Mexican at Havana. He was wound
ed twice.
Alfred Russell Wallace, ninety-one,
an eminent British scientist, died at
The guns of seven American war
ships were trained on the fortress of
Vera Cruz Friday night, following the
arrival of the battleship Rhode Island.
A cordial greeting was given by the
authorities and populace of Genoa to
the American battleships Connecticut
and Kansas when they arrived at
Genoa, Italy.
Great throngs of spectators, who
had gathered on the bastions, admired
the American battloship Wyoming, the
largest and most powerful warship yet
sen at Malta, when she arrived in the
Theodore Roosevelt recited his polit
ical creed before an audience of Ar
gentines at Buenos Aires, and out
lined, in a speech lasting more than
an hour, the work that he and his fol
lowers had set themselves to accom
plish in the United States.
General Huerta, according to per
sons in his confidence, intends to
continue as president of Mexico until
some time late in 1914; intends to car
ry out his plan for organizing the new
congress and will defy the United
States, even to the point of war.
After a conference at Nogales, So
nora, betwe enGeneral Carranza and
delegations from Cuba, headed by Pab
lo G. Menocal, brother of the president
of Cuba, and from the camp of Zapata,
it was reported that two war vessels
had been offered to the constitutional
ist leader.
Ludwig III., the new king of Bava
ria, who replaces the mad king, Otto,
took the oath of office in the throne
room of the palace with the simple
formula prescribed by the Bavarian
constitution; "I swear to rule accord
ing to the constitution and the impe
rial laws, so help me God and His holy
Yale easily defeated Brown at New
Haven, Conn., by 17 to 0.
Iowa outpointed Indiana, overwhelm
ing the Hoosiers, GO to 0 at Iowa City.
Denver university defeated Univer
sity of Wyoming at Laramie In the last
game of the season 2G to 0.
Packey McFarland agreed to meet
Spike Kelley in a ten-round bout at
Kenosha, Wis., early next month.
The University of -Wisconsin won
from Ohio State university at Madi
son, Wis., by a score of 12 to 0.
Frank L. Woodward of the Denver
Country Club, for president, heads the
ticket of the nominating committee of
the Western Golf Association.
The West triumphed over the East
at Ithaca, N. Y., when Michigan de
cisively defeated Cornell, 17 to 0. Cor
nell was outweighed and outplayed.
For the first time in its history the
Pennsylvania State college football
eleven was defeated on the home field,
Notre Dame university winning, 14
to 7.
The Giants trounced the White Sox
at Douglas, Ariz., 14 to 5, Leverenz
being touched for seventeen hits.
Wiltse went ail the way for the New
Yorks, allowing nine safeties.
Joseph Carney of San Francisco out
played Alfred de Oro, the three
cushion billiard champion, in the sec
ond block of their match for the title
at New York by a score of G3 to 34.
Dr. Charles McBirnej', New York
surgeon, died suddenly at his home.
Cherry Hill, at Cambridge, Mass
When Mr. and Mrs. John J. Glover of
Kansas City, Mo., arrived from Liver
pool on the Franconia Boston customs
inspectors confiscated a heron aigrette
on Mrs. Glover’s hat.
The safe in the State bank at Wal
tham, six miles from Austin, Minn.,
was blown open and $3,936 in cur
rency and promissory notes for $70,-
000 taken. The safe blowers es
A mob smashed in the doors of the
Dyersburg, Tenn., jail, removed John
Talley, a negro, eighteen years old,
and lynched him In the courthouse
yard. The negro was accused of at
tacking a woman.
Dr. David A. Arter, believed to be
the last surviving delegate to the con
vention which nominated Abraham
Lincoln, the first Republican candi
date for president in 18G0, died at his
home at Canton, Ohio. He was 'ninety
four year old.
Edward Hulbert of Marshall, Minn.,
was smoking a pipe when it exploded
Investigation revealed that a .22 cali
ber cartridge got Into his pipe of to
bacco unnoticed, when the pipe was
filled. The bullet fell to the sidewalk
and Hulbert was not hurt.
Governor Felker of New Hampshire
honored the requisition of the state ol
New York for the extradition of Harry
K. Thaw. The case is now trans
ferred automatically to the Federal
Courts where a writ of habeas corpui
on behalf of Thaw ll pending.
| The Kind You Have
8 Avertable Preparation for A*- #
Bears the ZxA.
Signature /Am
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful- M If IP'
nessand Rest Contains neither qj /ft A lT
l> Opium .Morphine nor Mineral VA lr
Si NotNabcotic (Luy
totprtfOM OrSAMVa/mWE/t I Ay
JW- i IX
IS - 1| I
JfaMU S*th -1 A w
*£££*. . f\i In
ill* in
& *fe=*=L_' JJL r 1 Hon
in A perfect Remedy for Conslipa- /AT Alt II S H
fill lion. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea. I II Hr www
I*o Worms,Convulsions .Feverish- I Ifc/ _ A
SjjS ness and Loss OF Sleep y i Lni* Hype*
Facsimile Signature of
If Thirty YpsrQ
4? The Centaur Company. 1111 l If I Ulll O
Exact Copy of Wrapper. oiutaus oommnv, ni« vo*« oitv.
New to Him.
"Do you owe your downfall to de
mon rum?” asked the prison visitor.
"I never heard of the brand," re
plied the convict. —Buffalo Express.
Quite Royal.
Rebecca—l don’t pelieve you lofo
me. You never think of anything but
Sllverstein (appealingly)—Vould you
vant a man dot vas all der time
chanching his mindt? —New Orleans
Doctor's Treat.
“I tell ye, the new doctor that’s Just
moved to Torpldville is an upty date
feller!” declared honest Farmer Horn
beak, upon his return from the near
by village. "You know, whenever a
new establishment starts up it Is cus
tomary for ’em to hold a sort of a
grand openin’ and distribute soovy
neerß. Well, this doctor, he held a
reception in his new office this after
noon, and gave everybody that attend
ed a dose o’ pills.”—Portland Specta
Gallv< tr y-
Two miners were returning from a
lecture at the village institute when
one of them after a thoughtful pause,
remarked: “Say, Bill, I don't see the
necessity o’ bringing chaps frac Lon
don to teach us about manners in the
’ome. We ain’t so bad as that feller
made out!” "O’ course, we ain’t!”
replied Bill. "Not by a long way,"
went on the first. “I never swears be
fore my wife—” "No more don’t 1!”
put in Bill. "I alius sez ladies
fust! That’s me.” —Cardiff Western
And Studies at Night on Grape-Nuts
Some of the world’s great men hav#
worked during the day and studied
evenings to fit themselves for greater
things. But it requires a good consti
tution generally to do this.
A Ga. man was able to keep it up
with ease after he had learned the
sustaining power of Grape-Nuts, al
though he had failed in health before
he changed his food supply. He says:
"Three years ago I had a severe at
tack of stomach trouble which left me
unable to eat anything but bread and
“The nervous strain at my office
from 6 A. M. to 6 P. M. and improper
foods caused my health to fail rapidly.
Cereal and so-called "Foods” were
tried without benefit until I saw Grape-
Nuts mentioned in the paper.
"In hopeless desperation I tried this
food and at once gained strength, flesh
and appetite. I am now able to work
all day at the office and study at night,
without the nervous exhaustion that
was usual before I tried Grape-Nuts.
“It leaves me strengthened, re
freshed, satisfied; nerves quieted and
toned up, body and brain waste re
stored. I would have been a living
skeleton, or more likely a dead one by
this time. If it bad not been for Grape*
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to
Wellville,” in pkgs. “There’s a Rea
Elver read the above letter? A new
oae nppeara from ttme to time. Thor
are genuine, true, and full of human
The bunko artist never wastes any
time on the hobo.
Every girl wants to marry rich.
Girls don't believe in love as much a*
men suppose they do.
The most effective, yet simplest remedr
for coughs is Dean’s Mentholated Cough
Drops—5c at Drug Stores.
This Is a free country, which may
explain why the politicians always
help themselves.
Dost thou love life? Then do not
squander time, for that is the stuff
life is made of. —Franklin.
Don’t be misled. Ask for Red Cross
Bag Blue. Makes beautiful white clothes.
At all good grocers. Adv.
A Temperance Note.
"I hear the temperature is going to
take a drop or two.”
"Oh, naughty, naughty!”
Pain In Back and Rheumatism
are the daily torment of thousands To ef
fectually cure these troubles you must re
move the cause. Foley Kidney Pills begin
to work for you from the first dose, and ex
ert so direct and beneficial an action in the
kidneys and bladder that the pain .and tor
ment of kidney trouble soon disappears.
Your Liver
Is Clogged Up
That’s Why You’re Tired—Out of Sorts
«—Have No Appetite,
will put you
in a few days. WITTLE
their I PILLS.
CureCon-jjr W JbmSl
stipation, ~ —•
Biliousness, Indigestion and Sick Headacha
Genuine must bear Signature
I Send postal today for Catalog SO
■ 1302 Fllbirt St. PhiliMpfeli ,
jk*. Famous
Thompson Saddles
Buy direct from the m*.
Iff#fol ker. Special designs to or
der. !: * en d for complete!
(j) 1 Illustrated catalog.
r— lift w. R. ThontMoa Co.
1 ‘I >1 «>n* Colorado
W. N. U, DENVER, NO. 46-1913. •

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