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Cheyenne record. (Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne County, Colo.) 1913-19??, December 17, 1914, Image 8

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;■ I
-of all kinds- }
+ — ♦ — ♦ —« — + —♦ —♦- —•» —* -* —* *
Forkers Drug Store l
Geo. Forker. Prop- f
| • II KV K N N !•! WKLLS. r<>l. c > It A )> (> ||
9 \rE handle a complete line of drugs and medi- |
I ’ ' cincs, also Stationery and Toilet articles that |j
i arc up ito the standard 1 ||
I Prescriptions a Specialty |
v I
WE also handle a complete line ol | jj
School supplies such as pencils, pc s,
tablets, rulers, also a fine line of Jewc ry.
Modern Convenience | j
■■ ■■ ? §
The C'hoyouuo Comity U leplnnK- Company rill * lj i
put you in u Businofis 'i ••!oplioc« for fc'i.ot) » ( ■ ;
I montha liouidcnce Telephone tor !>1 .•■>) a mouth: |
a desk sol tOo per month • • tra; extension lx u .
business, 50c poi month : extension }«>]!. residence 1 3
‘due per month. W o have :■ \.. 10 metallic to]! 1
line to Finst Ymv", .Kit t 't od Hoi.-o and i
! Anna. Cull Mam l t anything yon want. g
Prompt and ctlich.nt service at all times. g
Cheyenne Guunv Telephone Company
I vamk.k l.wyiiNo. 1■!;
I. O. «>. K. m.*«u cvt-ry
Tlmrsiiav i vrniii; nl 7ii> p. m . in tlir
.1. <.>. <>. iHull. ViMlirtp' lirulhrrs in'
ji'inxl Ntiiiuiiii" Illinois ivt'U-'mu 1 .
.1. X. Hi ll.UiMlACi.’ll. X. (1.
Ki>. i"i>*‘ s ri V. (1.
-M. r. Tltt MIIOU. Sii-'l.
N 44.
Will moot every first and third Mon-j
ti;iv of each month, at th.
J. <>.(>. F. Hall. Vivitinif n;-*;nln » :
cordially invited.
Mrs, Mattic* Met Yuinh. X. (
Daisy Klein nln i ‘.-er, See.
No. 132.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular meetings first and third
Tuesday evenings of each month at
T:.{o, sharp,. at Masonic Hall in the
Forker’ build All Mastm- Masons
in <»ood standing cordially inv’i* d.
, F. H. Si*en« i :i:. W. M.
C. O. Booth, Secy.
jea^RgaßagaEWO" l * ■wf mm put h
‘MW j Til,’ M. W. of A. Caui|» !
jPJ'fi l No. HitTo, moots every mi'-
U «s®\ mid Tuesday «»
oiu*!i month. VNitintr j
iw<»mf»er> arc cordial 1\ imiffd.
L. » M at! Jm*a n. (.’Oiinsr).
I iai oiul, t'le-ik.
KOVAL NKMKNioKS Mt.Os ./very
.'lrd WVdnt sdav fVfMiin.i* of r*arh month I
;.t ’In 1 M tisonii* I fa!!.
1 >i Kaye (ialia^en:
Kvvodrr. Kidiiih (iaha^oj.
i Anyone n H<'• '< nm! rtoperivlion nuy
•]U‘«*.l:!v r.r- t*ri:i• *i our « •M' i I*oo * ‘ •.Slior m»
i-i•*<*.»;» .‘-mi i*. ) r.ilMil ly |- »*!o. r«»*>'i»nji,irn
i;■ ■»ii.»».• i:i .• fv < •««:inlrrf:. ! I'.Mj'M.'CTA Aleut?
p.'it tree. < »!■ «'«t n.rrnrr fvi •...•ur.i.jr |>.ifr'it!». I
I'jitrct* taU n tt.i.>nr?i Mum. cj.
tprclul tiotue, nil liout cun~se, m tli?
Sdenmic Jfmencaii.
A fl'ustrfltprt yyoohlr. J.ntvest cl*-
«iiliili.ii: nf mi? sricntlUo Journal. 'Jenin*. |3 r
v«*:ir: (mit* M.ont lia, fl. gold by all V 0 «•.•*« leu I «r*.
f\]UNN XCo. 3648r0a,18a) New York
llu.C*~.<.o, €,15 V t’t., Wa:!:t;a:ion. J>. C.
tttt: rrrnrrvNT rrrnpn.
|] Legal Notices \\
Notice For Pitoliecition it
Department of the Interior. U. S. Land OfDce n* 1
I Huso, Cole. Decembers, 1914.
j Votice is horeby fai /en that James L. Tidey. c' 5
i.i Fir:l View. Colorado who on August 10. tplk •
made Homestead Entry Serial 013731 for Lets No
I fi-4-5-6-11-72-13 and i-1 V/| ; section 20 town;!,if i
J 13s range 4 6w. 6tn principal meridian has filed I <
! notice of intention to make final three year proofi .1
jto establish claim to the land above described be- <
fore the Clerk of the District Court at Cheyenne ■
Weils Colo., or. the 27th day of January 1915
Claimant names as witnesses:
Dor. R Wolf, Wm Wort, of Dheyenne Wells Colorado <
John Ellis, John Hoilman, of First View. Cc'.o.
cec 10 Jan 7 J. R. Beavers, Register v
Notice t v or Pul>llc? c\ tion
| Department cf the Intel lo U. S. Land Office I
! et l.amar. Colo., November 17. IS! 4.
Notice is hereby given that Edward C. Winters,
of Stockholm. Kansas, who on Jtne 3. Ji>! 1
made Homestead er.»ry serial No. olo6c9for Lots (
j 1-2 A. v» J v of section2o new dtsciibed as Lot!
3-4- 5 and 6 sodion 20 township 16s ran>e 4!v*
sixth principal meridian, has filed r.ctice cf intention
! to make final three vtar proof, to establish cJaim to * ?
the land abov» described. before the Clerk of the
l District Court v. Cheyenne Wei's. Colo. cr» the sth ■
■ day of January 1 9. 3. j
Claimant iiames as witnesses: %
, Conway Albert winters. both cf Stockholm,
i Kansas. Joim Sheperd. Clvarlea C. Ajjsd. coth ol 1
Towr.tr. Golorado
nev Co dec til *'t ELpe;:*? M whitaker. Register J
: I
; noth’l-; koi: miurATiaN.
1 Dor -til Of rhe Interior. U. S. Land offVceai!
' Hose. Cc!o„ November 30, *9!4.
\tt;ce is 1 .er-iby given that Charles H Merril '!
*’ of hirst \ iew. Co:a who on MsTy 21. I9iu:
! rane Horr>stead Entry No. OH 920 and on r 5
j August !8 1914 made add'! H E. No. 0i3?33 fer 1
jSw or a Lots 5-4-5 and 6 section 32 fownsi.tr '
j • 3-i ■: }£*• sixth prircipai meridian ins fi'ed f*
oi.r.e o’ • .ter** ■; to make final three yta- heme (
I tOHi - -.r •• rta'oli.h claim to the land acov*
• lorotef-re ?•-.« County Jucge of Cheyenne I
| r.«-.. r C*. at Cheyenne Wells. Colo. or. the j
; la* «v ,a jar. 19 15.
! C.an a.'* -»a res as witnesses:
! Li iS . Hugh Roberts. A C Ohnrur.dfi C C ’
| Cinveft. a ! of First V.ew. Colo.
I dec 3 arc 3 t JR Beavers, Register •
! i
I .vor/f/i TOM IWIUctTIOX !
t Dtg.vtmo ;'.t cf the Interior, U. S. Land Office a* , *
Lamar. Coio November 27 ISIS. 1 j
Vo ce thereby given tnet John L. Ke : sttn of : <
| Mod ill. Colo, who on Deceir.oer 1. i 011 rnaue •
j Homestead entry seiial No. 011510 for E'-s section
■-') township 10s 'ange 4Cw sixth principal meridian .
' has filed n:t*ce of intention to make Anal three year I
| pi oof. to establish claim to the hand above desalt- (
l ud. before ti.e Clerk of tire District Court at Chey |
| enne Wells. Cc'o.. on the 12th day of January IDiC. • (
f Claimant names as witnesses: ' |
| A N Elshw Srandsr.. '.olo. !1 A Rarfdoli], H C Rad
j tichl. J V Haney, all tr-.rev c* Cheyenne Wells, Cole. |
I doc 3 decnl Eugene Whitaker, Register,
! Department of fi.a ! .terfir L’. S. Land Office I
' Hugo. Coio., November |914.
\ c.txe i, hereby y > ver that Piyr.y B Hcff o! ' (
.1 Ai apal'. Oe. uc.c. v..,0 on kJn.’ch 'O. 1909''
j n.tv. lc Homestead entry seria! No. 07i33 for Nw' 4 j .
j 2? t mrrship as -a-, e42 v. sixth principal 1
■ iriMidian has filed notice of i .tendon lo make flna; i |
j - 1 re * I‘Mi proof :c establish claim to the land abovt
described, before the C'erk of tne D : sirict Cour 1
! Cheyenne CtJt;y Coiorsdo. at Cheyenr.e Wells ! !
Colcradc or. the 3Clh c<-., c' D*.c-rr.ttr 19 14.
Claimant ntrr.ts as wit:
; A. L. White ms. T. E new W. S. Ajc.-«. V.. A >
; ■ atf-.-.d. of Arapal.ce, C .it aj.'.
, "d».t i'7 •• * Fj .. . Rcgirt.
»11 e lri 1C CW. PUHI .4 oA.IU ; N * \
I trpartment ci the interim. U • 1 *rd OT.-.j : \
llbf’o. Colo. Nov 7th. 1914.
Kotici- i:.htieby u»ven find Flm.-» C» Myeis o'
Wicytimc Wells. Colorado who on Feb 2 i Ivh. t '
mule lloinesleud entry 0ll»?7V and or. August 17 't
1914 made Add*! Homestead entry No. 013737 oi j •
I oil* 1 V i* 4-D-6-7-8 (Nvv!-4 and NuD Scctioi Ju j *
township 12s Range 43»y sixth prinr.ipul m«ri i
cli.Lt> has filed notice of intention to make final*,
time, year ft col. to tslablsh c’uim to the land i
above desaitv I»c.ore the Judge of the County Court 1
t*lu>« titii cuurty, Colo, at Cheyer.na V* --■ s oio o: • <
' tne2lst. day cf Decamber. ,jl4.
| Clarraint names as witnesses:
J S Baber, Julius Ktes. 3 '.V 3-oce - Jack
; son «!i of Cheyenne Wells Cclo.
j i.■ vl2 dec U P. 0. H-diund. R> r :
j Xo'l'llT. ]•'■ »!t IT Ul.lt ATK >N.
Tepditment of the Irter.cr. U. S kar.c Cff* i a ■
lii'p:, Colorado. Nov 7, »’9l .
N'otice is hereby given that John Fafc-t i.i ui zol
Arapahoe, Colorado v.hc, or Mnr> h 29 I'd ;
. :uad-_ homestead entry seriai No. 01507 for r.ed
>jct on 32 Township 12s. range 42 west €th p Ir.ri
; pai Meridian, l:*s filed t.otcie of intention to make
( final three year proof, to iih claim ts |iaiu:
' above descr'.rt-d. before the .adge c' ;i',e County
roert iJheyei*- • county Coio.. at Cb.c y» r.re V. c!!>
. Ccio. cn the 21 st day of Decer* be 94
1 Claimant names as whr.csses.
J M Nesbitt. R N Collett. W Q Hunter. J !! :;.>u r
u,! ;I Cr.lc.
: n.v - 2 dec 1 ' F. O. Hediund.
NoTK 'K I'. IP. PL'ill.H 'ATU >N
I.inpnrtmtnt of ih«" Interior, L .** 1.f.ml Ofiiec at 1
Hugo Colo Ncv. 7. IM4
; t
V otioe i.-vJmn hy given t>mt Jchn H Miller
- . ot Arupuhoe C*do. wi.o on November 4 lyl*'
made Homestead entry serial No. 0117*49 for Lots
; 3 s»*.'tjon 25 tawnship lj.s rang?
I :2%v .'Uxh principal meridiar* h&«t filed not:c.e o:
. intention to make iimil "irjree yea: - proof, to estab
ii.sh claim to the land above described, before the
Judireof the County Court Cheyenne couifty,
C'olo.. at Cheyenne Wells Colorudo on the 21s;
’ <L.y of December lt‘l4
1 Claimant names os witnesses: ;
J M Nesbitt. It N Collett, W. C Hunter. John
| i 'ahrer holt?, a l l of Aracahoe. Colorado.
in»v /2 dec JO I* O liedlur.d, Register
Read the Record each week.,
Derartmcr.! cf the li'torrar. U S. Land CflP.cc at
li»*Ko, Colo. December )2. 1 914.
Nctice fs hereby siren f bat Thomas A Dodds of
Arapahoe, Colo, whe on January 29. 1908.
made Homestead Entry No. 8703 Serial No. 00«*32
for S;v*i section 10 township l*s range sixth
principal m< tWian has filed octree of intentun *o
traxe final five year proof* to establish claim to the
land r.bc«o described, before she Clerk of the Dis* ,
;'rtet Court, c f Cheyenne County, Colo, on the 3. tU !
’day of January 1915.
Clairmnt nameses wrfnanses:
C. V/ Raven. W. r. Wyant. G. W. Walker. W. -W. J
, Howard, all of Arapanoe. Cciorado.
dec 17 Jan-14 J. R. Beavers, Register.
Good skating on Eureka creek
: Sunday.
The post office has a new desk ,
for the rural carrier. ,
Rev. Grur.wald \yas a caller in
oar burg Monday evening.
The school will gi ve a Christmas !
program, on next Tuesday night. !
M. F. Nowovvieyski was a bus
iness caller in Colorado Springs
last Saturday.
Several of the young people
gavp Carol Kiitzine a surprise
last Wednesday night, this being
Ids 39th birthday.
H. D. Wheeler returned bi ne
last Thursday from Q linterKnns
and Kansas, City, Missouri. Mi-
Wheeler look his second son,
; Glen to Kansas, City, for an
operation for adenoids and thro it
trouble. The little fellow stood
the operation heroically and was
able to return with this fin'd/
Tuesday, morning.
Through the courtesy of county
superintan lent of school wfe re
ceived a copy of the Holiday
programs as prepared bv ■ State
Superintendent of schools.
We believe each teacher shou'd
make an effort to observe each
of our State and National Holi
• days that pupils may became
1 better acquainted with affairs of
our country which prompts these
days lobe established.
Our mail cairier infoims i s
that the weighing of route mail
during October made a credit
able showing, from which a slight
increase in his salary was made
for November. II- says he has
an enthusiastic and appreciative
list of patrons, who read and are
well pleased with the affairs of
the country.
The Farmers Union of this
place, have accepted the terms
of the Franktovvn, Creamery, •
and will shir* their cream to this
c-ompany. A station has been
'established here an 1 C F. Healy
is doing the testing. The Union_
has a membership of forty, and
more applications. D.\ Bodwell
was elected presidin', for the en
suing ye-.c. H. II K itz .ng, V,.-e
, President, an 1 O. X P.-Y.sj.
Secretary an.l Treivim-.
, The territory north of here h..s
had quite a building boom. H.
H. Klitzing built a circ lla- e c.v
barn, around his silo, G. W.
Williams a stock barn 21x4(1,
Yavorsky brothers a stock barn
2-Ix7o. J. H. Tompsjn a stock
and feed burn 2-Ix4' ». Art Brown
a stock and feed barn 48x48.
Chas. Hibbard an adobe house
14x28, a stock shed
12x40, Messrs Post and Darby a
large barn. The citizens of that
community reai.zs that the way
to handle stock successfully is to
piovide shelter and feel, and
the stock industry a st>::ess
There will be a box supper at
the I. O. O. F. Hall Tuesday eve-1
ning, Dec. 2bth under the direc
tion of the I. O. O. F and Rebek
ah lodges. Every body invited, 1
Ladies bring the supper, and ;
gentleman bring money to buy it.
A genera l good time after sup
i M. U MeCluakey; o i: 1 !> re' er
1m? so i/ir roov >r •), h'-
able to ma!;y as a siei-tl vkt
Wednesday. W e believe be le. !(-
ing better than h.’ di l l> j
getting down.
! All parties haviig proof iin
i bees in this paper .will receive a
| copy of each issue during the
! file of the notice, and should
1 you notic.' any mistake in your
notice please notify us at one.- so
Iwe can make the correction. Al
so remember tnai these notices
; should be paid in advance, or irw
! mediately after first p i di :.»*,i 1.1
For 1915
Sports and
" Keeping
„ rcrase mmanmmammmm
52 Timet a Year —not 12
it. ■ ' • zamamae——thiti ‘irji
Sending this advertise
ment with $2.00 for 1915,
and receive the rest of
this year’s issues Free,
and The Companion
Home Calendar for 1915.
• Li- E2BBm , ■ l
Boston, Mass.
■ I
For Father and Son
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absorbing interest Everything in it is
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