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Wsstern Newspaper Union News Service.
Premier and Madame Vivian! of
Paris have received official confirma
tion of the death of their youngest son
on the field of battle.
A dispatch to the Havas agency at
Paris from Dunkirk says a dozen aero
planes bombarded Dunkirk and envi
rons Sunday. Thirty bombs were
thrown by the airmen, but there were
Tew victims.
A dispatch to the London Daily Ex
press from Boulogne says confirma
tion has been obtained of the rumors
that the Germans have evacuated Lille
and fhat the city is now in possession
of the British.
The renewed activity of the Mos
lems, following tlieir recent defeat, in
which two army corps were complete
ly' destroyed and another seriously
crippled, is taken at London as an in
dication that the Sultan is using every
.available force to deliver a telling
blow to the Slavs.
German armies are again striking at
Warsaw from two directions. Along
the Vistula to the west of the Polish
capital heavy fighting has been re
sumed, and at the same time a new
attack has been launched from the
north. The Petrograd war office de
scribed the fighting as more and more
A million-dollar estate left by Judge
John .1. Redick of Omaha to four heirs
was partitioned by lot.
Flour reached SB.GO a barrel, the
highest in years, at Cleveland, Ohio.
Wheat was selling at sl.37 Vz.
Seventy picture brides from Japan
arrived in San Francisco on the liner
Shinyo Maruvto meet husbands they
have never sefen.
The liner Mongolia sailed for the
Orient from San Francisco with a con
signment of retfejf'supplies for German
and Austrian prisoners of war, con
fined in Siberia.
For forty-four years Jacob Rouse has
been clerk of thu school board of Dis-
No. 1 in Lyon county, Minn. He was
first elected in 1870 and has held the
office ever since. \
Charles Kinsole, charged »wHth kill
ing Henry Bergett, at New Edin, S. D.,
Jan. 4, was found guilty at Britton, S.
D., of manslaughter in the first degree.
The killing was the result of a. quar
rel. V
F. A. Sullivan, one of the oldest un
dertakers in the United States,'was in
Leadville, Colo., on bis way from St.
to Salt City. Sullivan em
balmed the bodies of Presidents Lin
coln and Grant.
The Nebraska Senate adopted a
memorial to Congress in favor of the
resolution of Senator Hitchcock of
that state forbidding the exportation
of munitions of war Jo any of the
belligerent nations of the world.
The “votes for women” activities of
beautiful Edith De Long Jarmuth,
daughter of Prof. Ira I)e I>ong of the
department of mathematics in the
University of Colorado at Boulder, and
a leader In New York's artistic and
literary circles, are made the ground
of a divorce action filed in Seattle,
Wash., by Adolph J. Jarmuth, a weal
thy owner of Alaska gold mines.
Gold in the vaults of the twelve fed
eral reserve banks increased by near
ly $3,500,000 last week, according to
the consolidated statement of their
condition at the close of business Jan.
8, issued by the reserve board.
Secretary announced the ap
pointment of Stephen T. Mather of
Chicago as assistant to the secretary
of the interior to succeed Adolph C.
Miller, who resigned to become a mem
ber of the federal reserve board.
Great Britain’s preliminary reply to
the note from the United States gov
ernment requesting an improvement in
the treatment of American commerce
by the British fleet was made public
at Washington and in London by mu
tual agreement between the State De
partment and the British foreign of
fice. The British communication con
curs in the view of the United States
that commerce between neutral na
tions should be interfered with only
when imperatively necessary.
The government at Santiago. Chile,
ordered Guillermo Billinghurst, former
President of Peru, and Dr. Augusto Du
rand to leave Chilean territory within
eight days.
The German military government in
Belgium characterized the report pub
lished in the Amsterdam Tijd that Car
dinal Mercier, archbishop of Malines,
had been arrested as absolutely false.
Russia celebrated Christmas. War’s
shadow has failed to darken the cus
tomary Christmas spirit, which is more
variously and intensely manifested in
the Russian capital than elsewhere in
the world.
The gratitude of the people of Ant
werp for the relief extended by the
United States to the war sufferers of
Belgium, is expressed in a resolution
adopted by the intercommuual council
of Antwerp.
General Villa gave General Scott his
word that he would prevent further
border fighting which, since the Ma
dero revolution in 1911, has been a
menace to residents of American
border towns.
The archbishop of Canterbury and
Dr. Dryander, the German court chap
lain, have refused to sign an appeal
addressed to Christian churches urging
them, among other things, “to serious
ly keep peace before their eyes in or
der that bloodshed soon may cease.”
A dispatdh to the Amsterdam Tele
graaf from Brussels says a court mar
tial at Liege has sentenced the re
tired Belgian general, Gustave Fife,
and Lieutenant Gille to life imprison
ment on a charge of assisting 350
young Belgians to reach Holland and
join the Belgian army in France.
England is to reap benefits from the
agricultural skill of the Belgian farm
ers who are exiles in Great Britain. As
a token* of their appreciation of Brit
ish hospitality, the queen of the Bel
gians has suggested that the agricul -
turists from her country instruct Eng
lish farmers in the system of intensive
cultivation which has made Belgium
famous the world over.
Warren, with a score of 994 out of
a possible 1,000, led in the third week’s
matches of the Inter-Club Gallery Rifle
Championship league, reported at
A1 Anderson, heavyweight boxer of \
Everett, died at Seattle, Wash., from j
the effects of a blow delivered by Ike i
Cohen of San Francisco, during a i
scheduled four-round bout.
Earl Cooper won the 305-mile Pana- 1
ma California exposition automobile j
road race at San Diego, Cal. W. H. '
Carlson was second and Tom, Alley
third. Cooper’s time was 4:40:10 4-5.
At Colorado Springs the Colorado
College faculty officially declared that
basketball was a good intercollegiate
game and gave the Tigers permission
to enter the schedule drawn up for
The United States government will
be an exhibitor in the breeding horse j
section of the National Horse Show (
and Midwinter Fair to be held In Den- j
ver, Jan. IS-23. Uncle Sam will be
represented by the entry of Percherons
from the federal school at Genoa, Neb. I
A flat one-fare rate for the round
trip to Denver from Colorado points
and Cheyenne, granted by the Union
Pacific, Burlington, Colorado & South
ern and Rock Island railroads assures
a record attendance at the National
Horse Show and Mid-winter Fair at
Denver, Jan. 18-23. in the opinion of
its managers.
Senator James Hamilton Lewis of
Chicago is seriously ill at the home of
Governor Dunne .in Springfield, 111.,
with an attack of acute indigestion.
Rag Apple Korndyke, eighth, a
Holstein bull, was sold at auction at
Syracuse, N. Y., for $25,000. Oliver
Cabana, Jr., of Buffalo, was the pur
The next meeting of the American
Bar Association will be held at Salt
City, Utah, on Aug. 17, 18 and 19
next,-stbe executive committee decided
at its meeting in New York.
Harold Lee Judd, 11, one of the
wealthiest young men of New Britain,
Conn., where’he is prominent socially,
will be married January 30 at Minne
apolis to Mrs. Charles G. Gates, 27,
w ; ldow of the son of the famous John
W. Gates, who died at Cody, Wyo.,
Oct. 28 of last year.
One giant wave smashed the life out
of the little coasting schooner Eureka,
and she piled up on the rocks at the
San Francisco harbor entrance, a total
loss. Her second officer, James Bol
ger, was lost off the boat; the remain
ing seventeen of the crew escaped.
There were no passengers.
The rapidity with which they con
structed a new cell house in the feder
al prison at Leavenworth, Kas., was
one of the arguments set forward by
seventeen structural iron workers
convicted in the ‘‘dynamite con
spiracy” cases at Indianapolis, who ap
peared before the Federal Parole
Weatern Newspaper Union News Service.
London. Jan. 12. —An official dis
patch from the Berlin war office says:
"Vienna reports state that It has been
ascertained that the French dread
nought Courbet was hit by the Aus
trian submarine No. 12. The Courbet
was rammed by her sister ship, the
Jean Bart, which was attempting to
tow her. The Courbet sank. The
Jean Bart docked at Malta, badly dam
"The French pretend that only the
Jean Bart was slightly hurt by a tor
pedo, concealing the loss of the Cour
The Courbet was of 23,467 tons dis
placement, and was armed with twelve
12-inch guns, twenty-two 5%-inch guns
and four 3-pounders. She was built in
1911 and carried a complement of 998
This is the first modern French war
ship lost during the w .r.
The cost of the Courbet was $12,541,-
940. and the vessel carried four tor
pedo tubes.
Only a change in the weather or the
entrance into the war of ltoumania or
Italy, or both, is likely to bring about
any marked change in the military sit
uation in Europe for some time to
What turn the weather will take no
one can predict, but the belief is grow
ing in those countries allied against
Germany. Austria and Turkey, that
ltoumania, with her well-trained army
of not less than 400,000 men, will
throw herself into the conflict at an
early date.
This in effect, would link Roumania
with the extreme Russian left now
forcing its way into Hungary through
U. S. Officials See Effort to Avoid
Shipping Issue by Citation of
Washington. —Great Britain's pre
liminary reply to the American note
of protest concerning neutral com
merce, while gratifying in the con
cessions it makes, has in many re
spects failed to satisfy the United
States government.
Officials confidently hope that the
second and complete answer from
England will give the specific inform
ation requested by the United States
and clear up the uncertainties which,
according to the Washington govern
ment, surrounds the commerce of
This disposition on the part of the
Washington administration was re
vealed in high official quarters Mon
day although there was no formal
When the British ambassador
called on Secretary Bryan to inform
him that the British supplementary
note would not be forthcoming for sev
eral days, the secretary told him that
the American government would make
no comment until the note arrived.
Oklahoma Installs Governor.
Oklahoma City.—Robt. L. Williams
(Dem.), was inaugurated governor oi
Delegates Gather With Stories of Rich
Gold Strikes.
Denver. —The dawn of a new era it
the mining industry in Colorado is at
hand. - The camps which in formei
days throbbed with activity and re
turned millions in wealth to the met
whose initiative backed them are tc
take on their old vigorous life. Colo
rado is to be raised to first rank ol
prosperity among the states of the na
This was the message which 16C
delegates from all parts of Colorado
brought to the second annual conven
tion of the Colorado Metal Mining As
sociation, which opened in Denvei
Monday. Enthusiasm for Colorado
and confidence in the future of the
mining industry prevailed.
Headed bv the Cresson strike at
Cripple Creek —a discovery of such
phenomenal richness that conserve
tlve estimates dace the ore In sight
at a valuation equal to the entire for
mer output of the Cripple Creek dis
trict for a year—from all parts of the
state stories of the disclosure of new
ore bodies were told.
Senate and House Name Employ6i to
Serve During Twentieth Gen
eral Assembly.
Western Newspaper Union Nsws Service.
Denver, Jan. 9. —New members of
the Twentieth General Assembly of
Colorado were sworn in on Wednes
day by Justice Garrison of the Su
preme Court.
The House met and elected Philip
D. Stewart speaker, and the Senate
named Leroy J. Williams president pro
tem after being called to order by
Lieutenant Governor Fitzgarrald.
Governor Ammons’ message was de
livered Friday afternoon, and it was
arranged that the inauguration cere
monies for Governor-elect George A.
Carlson and all other state officers
elect, including Justice-elect James H.
Teller of the Supreme Court, be held
in the city Auditorium at noon Tues
day, Jan. 12.
The inaugural ball, given under the
auspices of the Sons of Colorado, will
be held in the Auditorium, with all the
retiring and incoming officials and all
legislators and scores of delegations
from all parts of the state present.
The following were the House em
ployes whose appointments were con
firmed by resolution:
Henry A. Luther (Weld), chief
clerk; Simon S. Dow (Phillips), assist
ant chief clerk; W. A. Spooner (Park),
reading clerk; Lee D. Baton (Monte
zuma), docket clerk; Charles H. Nor
man (Cheyenne), sergeant at arms;
W. R. Stephens (Boulder), assistant
sergeant at arms; Rev. Cyrus A.
Brooks (Morgan), chaplain; Ed Smythe
(Denver), chief enrolling clerk; Wil
liam Shubert (Denver), assistant en
rolling clerk; George Chappell (Pu
eblo), chief printing clerk; W., E.
Trott (Douglas), and C. E. North (Den
ver). assistant printing clerks: John
L. Noonan, Jr., (Rio Blanco), and Fred
Girard (Conejos), messengers; N. C.
McNew (Logan), doorkeeper; E. A. Ma
her (Las Animas), and Samuel Rose
(Denver), assistant doorkeepers; Sol
Schwed (Las Animas), janitor for
chamber; Ed Johnston (Denvor) jani
tor for committee room; Jerry Hallo
ran (Arapahoe), Janitor for cloak
rooms; Orel Wilt (Rio Grande), tele
phone messenger; J. D. Wohl (Denver),
night watchman; Mrs. Isabelle Stew
art. matron of ladies' gallery; George
Dennis (Denver). Geo. E. Cook (Den
ver). Samuel Martinez (Rio Grande),
Dexter Keezer (Denver). W. W. Young
(Toller), and Carl Monahan (Denver),
tinges; Geo. Moscript (Idaho Springs),
clerk of the Judiciary committee; Mil
dred Vickerman (Gunnison). Mrs. M.
E. Knudson (Logan), D. W. Turner
(Pueblo), T. F. Williams (Elbert), and
J. Carruthors (Denver). assignable
clerks; Felix Garcia (Costilla), watch
man. cloakroom; Jessie Apple (Fre
mont), secretary finance committee:
Helen Galloway’ (La Plata), secretary
corporation committee; E. J. Kindred
(Weld), secretary agricultural com
mittee; Gerald O’Bvrne (Pueblo), sec
retary appropriations committee; Har
riet Connors (Denver), house reporter;
Mrs. L. Price (Denver), mail clerk;
Mary Starsnick (I'ueblo). cloakroom
girl; Grace Royce (Montezuma), as
signable stenographer.
The following employes of the Senate
were appointed and those present
sworn in by the lieutenant governor:
Secretary of the Senate, J. J. Laton;
assistant secretary’. Henry J. Stahl:
chaplain. Rev. John Fike; reading
clerk, Lee F. Patty; bill clerk. Salome
Montez; docket clerk, Mrs. Ella Lee;
Senate reporter, Mrs. Marie E. Legge;
assistant sergeants at arms. David G.
Robinson, Smith Cummins; doorkeep
er. L. G. Carpenter; telephone messen
ger, James E. Dolan; messengers, Elf
en Quintana, Oliver Weldman; chief
supply’ clerk. Dexter McConnell; chief
enrollment clerk, Mrs. Norman Camp
bell; assistant enrollment clerk, Aug
ust Kirchoff; revision clerk, Samuel D.
Brosius; assistant revision clerk, Hel
en R. Marsolf; chief printing clerk. R.
W. Bradford; assistant printing clerk,
Ed S. Gregg: pages, Casimlro G. Cha
con. Paul Berger; custodian of the
cloakroom. Mrs. H. H. Heindell; matron
of woman’s gallery. Gussie Mosconi;
janitor of the Senate chamber, C. E.
Lindeholm; night watchman, L. E. Ul
- corporations, banking and insur
ance. Leopold Abeyta; Judiciary. Beat
rice Simpson; finance, Lulu Rollstone;
banking and insurance, Milton E. Tem
ple; assignable stenographers and
clerks, Anna Spears. Maud Mills, Haf
fer G. Bowman; lieutenant governor's
stenographer. Ethel Lewis.
Miner Fatally Crushed in Mill.
Colorado Springs.—Joseph Fulker
son, thirty, was fatally injured in an
accident at the Portland mill, and died
four hours later at a hospital. He is
survived by a widow and child.
Joint Session Canvasses Vote.
Denver.—A Joint session of the Leg
islature was held Thursday’, and the
vote cast in November counted. Fol
lowing are the totals:
Carlson 129.096
Costigan 33.320
Ilosman 2.057
Marions 10,516
Patterson 95,640
Lieutenant Governor.
Kidney 14,155
Lewis 109,311
Ohmar 2.898
Tobin 96,681
Troutman 24,695
Secretary of State.
Billings 3.798
Brake 85,796
Ramer 114,638
Riddle 32.289
Williams 12,888
Buck 23,611
Hummel 14,134
Herwitz 2,285
Leckenby 94,826
Mulnix 109,191
Cretney 19,348
Kenehan 101,001
SJangberg 2,414
Stocker 111,457
Wood 12,245
Attorney General.
DeWitt 15,705
Farrar 115,062
Gobin 80.566
Vincent 30,780
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Bradford . 106.976
Craig 102,171
Dick 21.134
Gunther 2,658
McGee 12.610
What Do YOU Pay?
Some men, thinking
to economize, pay 5
cents for cigarettes.
They might enjoy real
quality, if they real
ized that 20 FATIMAS
would cost them only
15 cents.
Not Tooth Powder.
They were having a clearing house
on domestic subjects.
“What kind of tooth pow, . ■ is that
In the bathroom cabinet?” the head of
the house asked his wife.
"Tooth powder?”
"Yes, that stuff in a tube. It makes
my teeth black and It tastes like asa
"Why, that’s not tooth powder. That
Is rheumatism paste we use on moth
er’s back.”
As to Your Hair and Skin, Cuticura
Will Help You. Trial Free.
The Soap to cleanse and purify, the
Ointment to soothe and heal. These
fragrant super-creamy emolllente pre
serve the natural purity and beauty
of the skin under conditions which,
If neglected, tend to produce a state
of irritation and disfigurement.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Seven by the Average.
Knicker —How big is your boy?
Docker —He takes a ten-year-old suit
and a four-year-old car seat. He aver
ages seven.
Try Murine Rye Remedy for Red. Weak, Watery
Ryes and Granulated Hyellds; No Hmartins—
iUßt-»Eyo comfort. Write for Book of the Bye
by mall Free. Murine Rye Remedy Co., Chicago.
But the male of the species is never
too hoarse to Bing his own praise.
If you wish beautiful, clear white
clothes, use Red Cross Bag Blue. At ail
good grocers. Adv.
The Hague peace tribunal was
formed 15 years ago.
of yoi it skin.
if used regularly will beautify and
preserve your complexion and help
you retain the bloom of early youth
for many years. Try it for 30
days. If not more than satisfied
you get your money back. 50c
at druggists or mailed direct.
Zona Company, Wichita, Kan.
wnsAr insurance nM 1
is constantly growing in favor because it
Does Not Stick to the Iron
and it will not injure the finest fabric. For
laundry purposes it his no equal. 16 01.
package 10c. 1-3 more starch for same money.
DEFIANCE STARCH CO., Omaha, Nebraska
“The Law of Financial Success”
a book with real Bread and Butter value, complete
26c postpaid. May mean thousands of dollars to yon.
The Fidelity Company, Box 603, Fresno, CsL
FOD GAI F Shetland Ponies. Registered stock
■ Wit dHLL Gan be shipped by express at small
cost. Shetland Pony Farm, Amarillo, Texas
WANTFH to hear from owner of rood farm
1 SUkJ for sale. Bend description and
price. IwtkwMtara B—ln— Affamey, Urpi.A.lUn—r#*l«^Hnn.

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