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Cheyenne Record,
I 30 '* Cheyenne Wells. Cola
CT<C. T. Booebt, Omr sad PublUW
• NblUMd mrery Thnradar In Cb*r«nn* Walla.
CWmim county Colorado, and entered at the
twtoIlM aa second claaa mail matter. April3.1913
—-*— Dm Act of March 3. 1878. •
Subscription One Dollar J>er Year
Display advertising 10c per inch
each insertion: locals 5c per line each
Memorial Sunday and Decora
tion day were very fittingly ob
served in Cheyenne Wells.
Rev. Tripp delivered the Mem
orial address which was an ora
tion on Abraham Lincoln, and
was one of the ablest lectures
ever delivered in Cheyenne
The special music under the
direction of Mrs. C. 0. Booth
was much enjoyed especially a
duett rendered by Mrs. John
Staley and her father Rev. De-
Munbrnn. Mr. DeMunbrun
also gave a short talk, his sub
ject being the "Unknown Dead”
't'he procession on Decoration
Day went to the cemetery where
the beautiful Deceortion servict
was held. The four Soldiers of
the Civil War were Mr. Wilson
Mr. Terwilliger, Mr. Ripley and
Mr. Geo. fioward under the com
mand of Mr. Turner led the
procession while the little girls
directed by Mrs, Delaplain and
Mrs." Williams decorated the
graves ot the seven soldiers hur
ried in eur cemetery. Also dec
orating a cross erected in me
mory of the uuknown.
Mr. Howard of Arapahoe, as
sisted by his little grandaughter
gavb a beautiful selection here
Which was so much enjoyed
that he was asked to repeat it at
the Court House in the afternoon
cxercisess, after the decoration
of the graves a good many went
to the I. 0. O. F. Hall wher a
committee of ladies from the
country and town under the di
rection of Mrs, E. C. Wilson had
prepared a bountiful dinner, a
table was spread and groaned
under it’s weight of good things
to eat for the Soldiers and their
wives and the speakers of the
day, Mr. Purcell, Mrs. C. C.
Turner and Mrs. J. A. Hollen
baugh had charge.
After dinner the crowd disband
ed and went to the Court House
and listened to a splendid patriot
ic address by Mr. Purcell. The
audience assisted by the Man
dolin Club and a choir of Chey
enne Wells and Arapahoe people
sang patriotic songs, Maurice
Howard also sang a solo Keep
The Home Fire Burning, which
was greatly enjoyed by many
people in the audience, remarks
about tne singing of patriotic
songs bY Mr Purcell’s two boYs
who accompanied him on his trip
here. These boYs knew everY
word of all the National songs
sang during their fathers speech
everY time a refrence was made
to the flagtheY would spread out
the foids of Old Glory showing
their love for the Old Flag. Mf,
C. C. Turner had the Cermonies
of the day in charge and they
were conducted in a splendid man
ner. The Committee feel very
greatful to all who assisted in
making this day a success and
the special mention should be
made of Mr. and Mrs Akerly who
so willinglY gave assistance to
the different musical clubs that
are such a help in all programs.
The community also desires to
thank those who gave their cars
to help carry the crowd to the
NOTICE—I own 25,000 acres
of Lincoln and Cheyenne county
lands. Will sell on easy terms.
Write me for lists and prices.
5 2m W. J. Mowehabt,
Mankato. Minn.
Mrs. William Wolf and hes sis
ter Miss Aime Frost were after
noon visitors at Mrs. J. A. Jen
kins last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Eichen
berger and son Clyde of Chey
enne Wells and Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Adams of the experiment
j tuition were recent auto callers
at Prospect Hili.
Mrs Geo. Mayfield and'daugh
terinlaw Mrs. Lee Mayfield were
afternoon guests with the writer
and family one day last week.
It will be remembered that Lee
Mayfield has been in Kansas for
i couple of years is now living
or farming the Geo. Bartelesons
Amie Frost who has been visit
ing her sister Mrs. Wm Wolf of
this neighbodrhood for several
weeks departed Monday evening
for her:t home in St Francesvill
Missouri. Business interests
there shortened her sojourn in
this country.
Grover Calvert and Kenneth
Melton of First View were din
ler guests with us last Saturday
The above accounts of calls
-vill indicate that social action at
>ur ranch has suffered no abate
Geo. Clossan and family visit
ed atthe Fuller ranch last Satur
M Nowowieyski lost a young
mule colt from rattle snake bite
last week.
Mrs. H. D. Wheeler and two
small children left Saturday, fo r
a few weeks visit at Quin ter
H. A. Ctemans has secured his
telephone and he will be visit
ing now except when he is in
the field.
Margret Long N aomi and Her
bert Mason and Marie Clossen
returned home from school the
last of the week.
The Misses Marie and Leah
Clossan are in Cheyenne Wells
this week, the latter is under the
care of Dr. Homer.
Mr. and Mrs E. B. Mason and
son Evans went to their farm
stead the first of the week, to do
some repair work. While away
they spent one night at the stew
art ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Nowowieyski re
ceived word last week that the
formers sister had died at the
hospital at Levenswooth, Kans.
They have the sympathy of their
neighbors in their sad bereve
Mr. Herica has purchased the
improvements on the N, E, Sec.
from Walter Clossan. He mov
ed the house from his mothers
claim near Kit Carson on his
land and willsoonji rail/ t>
homestead right.
A nice rain fell in this vicinity
Sunday evening.
Claud Shriner says his “Tin
Lizzie” is ready to wait on a real
W. W. Howard was on the sick
list last week with a severe at
tack of La Grippe.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L, Grubb ac
companied by Mrs. Storment au
toed to the Jim Church home
Saturday was quite a busy day
for the Arapahoe merchants, all
enjoying their share of respect
ive trades.
Quite a large delegation from
Arapahoe, was represented at
the Decoration exercises last Tues
day at Cheyenne Wells.
Benton Armstrong has hired
out to the Union Pacific railroad
to “paddy” for the summer un
der the supervision of John
Our lumber merchant, W. F.
Wyant, waa very busy shelling
corn last week, and also shipped
a car load of the cereal from the
Arapahoe station.
The dance at the Auten Ranch
last Saturday night was well at
tended and an enjoyable time
was had by all. Mr. and Mrs.
Auten are sure on the entertain
ing list.
While making a home run dur
ing the base ball game on the
Arapahoe diamond. Fay Bid
inger met with a a very painful
accident, through some unknown
cause, his left foot turned with
him causing him to break his leg
just above the ankle. He was
hurriedly taken to Dr. Homer’s
office by John Owens in his car
who rendered immediate assist
ance, and our last account Mr.
Bidinger was resting nicely. A
speedy recovery is hoped for.
Money to Loan
On improved Farms, fcr
particulars see
W. C. Schultz.
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
The following parties have re
newed their subsriptions to the
Record since our last issue:
Mrs. Geo, Frederick June 1 17
J. W. Shy Apr. 117
J. R. Groff
Virgel Hull Mar. 2 17
S. C. Hill Apr, 1 16
A. E. Smith Apr 1 17
E. Petty was in Arapahoe Sat
John Hillard ann father were
in Towner Saturday.
Rosa Johnson is visiting her
brother Frans Carter.
Ed Fleming visited at the Piatt
home the first of the week.
Frank Carter and W. H. Potts
were in Arapahoe Monday.
Grace Petty spent several days
in Cheyenne Wells last week.
L. T. Waltman and family vis
ited at the Potts home last Sun
Pearl Dennison is home from
Cheyenne Wells where she has
been attending school.
Mr. and Mrs. Lakin are visit
ing at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Denison,
Merna Skale left Tuesday for
Atwood Kansas, after a weeks
visit with Chester Anderson,
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Piatt and
Mr. and,Mrs. W. H. Skinner vis
ited E. A. Flemming south of
Towner Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D, Piatt Eva
Ireland, Grace petty and E. A.
Fleming visited Sharon Springs
Mr. and Mrs. John Norland
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Piatt and
Dickey Robison attended Com
mencement exercises in Chey
enne Wells Friday night.
Mrs. and Mrs. Arnett enter
tained a number of friends last
Saturday evening in honor of
their son’s birthday. Music,
games, and refreshmepts made
the evening pass pleasantly for
those in attendance.
While Mrs. W. H. Skinner
and Mrs. W. H. Potts were re
turning from Towner last Satur
day the team became frightened
and started to run throwing Mrs
Potts, Adah and Lucille from
the wagon. Mrs. Potts shoulder
was hurt but not seriously.
There will be an Auction sale in
Wild Horse, Saturday, June 10th, at
1 o’clock p. in. of 30 head ol cattle, a
food team ot live and four-year-old
1400 pound horses, hogs, ect. There
are ten head of high grade Holstein
cows, all fresh; Three two-year-old
Holstein heifers, will be fresh; six
Parties seeing stray stock with any
of the following brands, Please notify
the party to whom the brand belongs.
* M H. E. Robertson
» fUI Cheyenne Wells,
5 ■ Colorado
I Geo, Marolf Cheyenne Wells,
Co lo
■ Jamex McElroyf
Cheyenne Wells,
■ Horses left shoulder H Cattle left
C. J Mitchek, ■ side.
Chenenne Colo
• Qm Herman Delaplain,
* Cheyenne Wells, Colo.
■ BilM H. A. Richardson
Cheyenne Wells, Colo
SJ. A. West, Cheyenne Wells,
Herman Beek
13 Cheyenne Wells, Colo
BM. Lenihan
Cheyenne Wells, Colo
B. B. Piatt Arapahoe, Colo.
HH J S Baber Cheyenne Wells
Sg3§! J. R. Groff gfl
Cheyenne Wells ffß
|gSa D. W. Simpson
Cheyenne Wells
Huron Brothers BSM
Cheyenne Wells

Wj James Johnson
Cheyenne Wells
Win. Wolf Cheyenne Wells
ESS Geo. Jennings
Cheyenne Wells, Colo.
J A Denly
Cheyenne Wells, Colo
OT| Henry Hink
bjjfl Cheyenne Wells, Colo
gjgSfl Bert Loper,
Cheyenne Wells, Colo
D llobertson Cheyenne Weils,
> MB E E Fleming
Ss Cheyenne Wells, Colo
3 §§£j| D 1 Hollywood
Arapahoe, Colo
C. T. Pfost Arapahoe
Fred Paulson
j Wm Arapahoe, Colo
5 888 J* H. Ambrosier Arapahoe
ops W. S. Ayars Arapahoe, Colo.
3 Ea
L. T. Waltman, Arapahoe.
L. L. Wiedinan, Arapahoe, Colo.
g Jesse Dunton, Arapahoe. Colo
t«6|| Clarence Auten
Arapahoe, Colo
j H Hid inger, Arapahoe Colo
A E Howell, Arapahoe, Colo
Claus Beek Jr Arapahoe, Colo
mOj C. R. Hcckert, Arapahoe, Colo
S Patrick IJ Fitzgerald
Brandon Q Colorado.
QIQ J. IS. Hassman
.First View, Colo.
Qm John Younger, Arena, Colo
QQQ Tosten Durby, Oriska, Colq,
yearling Holstein heifers: one regis
tered holstlen bull. Six bead of red
cows, fresh, one Holsten yearling bull
and several bead of Holstein and red
' calves. These cows are all young,
from three to six years old, and are
from the best herds of Holstein cows
in Wisconsin. Six months time will
be given on Bankable notes, 5 per
cent discount for cash. The First
| National Bank of Hays, Kansas and
[ Mrs. Addle Williams will hold the
I sale for the purpose of closing up the
, estate of Charles Williams. Here is
j an oportunity for you to get some first
I class milk cows, watch for bills for
, particulars.
: w. f\ 3
P \ 4
► i ■ ■ i i ,i ■■■■■ ■■A 4
P "■ 1 • = 4
J Some farmers are wise They know that every new Improvement in J
► machinery or implements makes easier work, leas outlay for labor, 4
» and greater profits. We carry a full line of «
► . .4
► "Listers, Harrows, Cultivators, Flexible*
£. Harrows, Com Binders, drain Binders,*
*' Wagons, Etc. \
When you want a bill of :
► 0 <
► Do not fail to see me as I carry a full 'line of 2
! Building Material, such as Lumber, Lath, Ce-*
ment, Wire, Posts, Etc. \

iiwaa— nawaaiaai—bm
| and Embalming
I carry a complete line of Undertaking goods and
Funeral Supplies. A licensed embalmer and all
of the most modern equipment for taking care of
and directing funerals, see to the securing of pall
bearers, preparing grave, furnishing steel vault
if desired. Phone 20.
!J. N. Hollenbaugh Cheyenne Wells
j I 308,218 Ford cars were sold last year.
• | “The Universal Car.” Your necessity.
19 They serve everybody, please everybody,
0 save money for everybody by reliable •
service, economical operation and main
tenance. Why experiment? Watch !
the Fords go by! Talk with the owners
t)f Ford cars, Investigate for yourself.
[ Price is within reach of everybody.
B Runabout $390; Touring Car $440;
Town Car $640, f. o. b, Detroit,
Why pay more? On sale at I
j Overland Garage
Itollenbaugh and Co., Props.
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado,
Why This Drug Store?
Purity of drugs
Accuracy in prescriptions
THAT’S Freshness of proprietary medicines
WHY! Best of toilet articles
Durable rubber goods
Variety in school supplies
Latest styles in stationery
Tasteful confectionery
Prompt and efficient service
Forkers Drug Store
Geo. Forker. Prop-

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