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Million Letters In the Mails Today
Bearing Magic Words "With the Colors"
Keynote of the Splendid Work the Y, M.6.A. Does Among
Our Men In Uniform Is Keeping Them In
Touch With the Folks at Home.
Multifarious Ways ia Which the Association Appeals to Your Boy,
Year Neighbor's Boy, or Come Boy You Know and Love—
Creates a Helpful Environment in Cantonment, on Way Overseas,
in Front Lino Trench and Beyond—First to Aid as He Comes
Tottering Back—Give Your Share of the $35,000,000 Required to
Accomplish This “Last Evidence That Somebody Cares.”
3T was evening on the broad
Hempstoad Plain. Long Island,
where the Rainbow division was
spending its last night before embark
ing for France It had been raining
hard in the afternoon —a cold, steady
autumn downpour—and there wa3
nothing to suggest the rainbow in the
outward aspect of the camp. Lines
and lines of sodden canvas housed
27,000 men, gathered from 27 different
states. The ground was dotted with
pools and quagmires. Under the wot
canvas it was damp and cold, with a
penetrating chill. Lit by flickering
candles, the tents were far from cheer
ful shelter for a man's last night in
bis native Icr.d.
But tu©io 7.ere seven big tdnta
where electric lights, numbers and
friendliness nr.de tho night plcr.tant.
lusic; Gance, Good Reading and Correspondence Facilities in Y. M. C. A.
In each of theso a soldier was strum
mlrg on a piano; others wore reading
books and magazlues; hundreds were
writing letters home. Behind the
raised counter at one end three or four
young men were busy passing out
notepaper and envelopes, selling
stamps and weighing parcels, which
the men wero sending home. Ono of
the soldiers said to me as 1 6tood In
the tent used chiefly by men from
Iowa; "Wo came all the way here
from Dos Moines, and we were mighty
lonely. Then we found tnls Y. M. C.
A. on the Job, and it's been a home
and more than a home to us. It gave
us what we wanted when we needed
It most We'll nover forget It The
boys’ best friend la tho Y M C. A."
Pine, Clean-Cut, Upstanding Fellcwa.
How close those benches were pack
ed with men, bending over the long
tables absorbed In their writing!
What an appeal to the sympathies
these groat groups of soldiers make!
Fine, clean-cut. upstanding fellows,
some of them mere boys, one thinks
Immediately of the sacrifice they have
made for the rest of U 3 and how pre
cious they are to some one back home.
Somewhere, in far off larm or village
or city street, there are parents or
brothers or wives who would give all
they possess for one glimpse of those
sunburned faces as you and 1 see
them on their last night before going
acroas And It was with a throb of
the heart that I watched them, bent
over their letter paper. In one after
another of those seven big tents
These were the tents of the Y. M C.
A. On that last night In America the
association was serving the soldiers
in the best of all ways—giving them
an opportunity to write home On
previous nights they had enjoyed box
ing bouts, movies, concerts, dramatics
and a score of healthy entertainments
as well as religious meetings. But on
this last night home ties were strong-1
eat. And perhaps that is the keynote
of the splendid work the Y MCA.
is doing among our men in uniform—
keeping them In touch with home
Magic Words, "With the Colors."
In these times there are soma let
ters that mean more to ua tnan any
we have ever read before /They are
written on sheets of paper stamped
with the Stars and Stripes and the
red triangle or the ¥ M. U A., and
they hear the magic words. "With the
Colors." There are many more than
g million such letters In the malls now j
while yon read this. Perhaps one at I
ContlDurr* rr pp*r c Jumn 5
least is on Its way to you. Each one
of our 1G cantonments, where the new
national army Is being trained, is
using more than a million sheets of
this paper every month. In the draft
army alone that means 1G.000.000 11 la
ments of love every month reaching
out from the great encampment wnere
the men are being trained Into the
greatest army this nation has ever
dreamed and binding tnem to the
hearts at home. Multiply that by
thinking of all the other places where
Uncle Sam has men with the flag—in
navy yards, on the high seas, in arse
nals and officers’ training camps and
“Over There” in France. In all these
places men are writing home. These
unassuming little sheets of notepaper
gladden millions of hearts a day.
They transfer more love from one
part of the wor'cl to another than sta
ti3tic3 can cxpre 3 Statistics arc
pretty poor anyway when it comes to
reckoning In terms of love and human
tenderness Let’s put it this way:
That the Y. M. C. A. is the biggest ex
press company the world has ever
seen, and the parcels it is handling
are the lovos and devotions of human
World’s Best Loved Trademark.
This war I'za made us thluk hard
and fast Your boy or your neigh
bor’s boy or some boy you know and
love has been called to do his share
; in the big Jjb of po.icing the wond for
democracy and human lioerty is it
j any comfort to you to kuow that wher
ever his duty may call him your boy
will nave a friend that will serve him
in body, mind and soal? Are you
glad to know that this triend wl.l place
books and magazines at bL3 disposal,
organize classes to teach him what
ever he wants to learn, give him a
pocket testament and Invite him to
join religious meetings of tho fait!
that he was brought up in? Did yo
| ieali :e ttat ;h • association provide
athletic equipment for his favorite
games, teaches him games if he knows
none and holds concerts, lectures.
| movies, Bible classes, dramatic enter
tainments and every kind of whole
some amusement to keep him interest
ed? Are you glad to know that this
friend will go with him overseas, help
to shield him from a score of difficult
and dangerous temptations and follow
him right up to the front line trench
ami beyond it? The last contact the
soldier has with this life he loves, so
well is a cup of tea given him by the
Y M. C. A free Just before be goes
“over the top” to a hand to hand strug
gle with the enemy. And as he cornea
tottering back from No Man's Land,
wounded, but strong enough and
plucky enough to keep ou his feet,
even berore his wounds are dressed
the Y. M C. A. is waiting for aim with
tea and sweet chocolate, the great com
forts of the man in the trenches. Do
you wonder that the Red Triangle is
called “the best loved trademark Is
the world?** One eoldior In France hae
called It ’’the last evidence that any
body cares **
If every thinking citisen could see
with his or her own eyes something
of the actual work being done for oar
men by the association there would be
no question of the Y M C A. having
to appeal to tho public for money.
Rather than let this essential work
falter for an Instant j*tcb men would
sell their motorcars, poor men would I
Public Sale
I will sell at Public Sale at my place, 10 miles northwest of
First View, 9 miles south of Oriska, on
Wednesday November 21, 1917
9 Head of Horses—l grey mare 12yr old with colt by her Cside,
1 grey mare syr old, 1 bay horse Gyr old, 1 grey horse Isyr old, 1
, bay saddle pony Gya old, 1 grey pony syr old, 1 coming Syr old
horse, 1 coming 2yr old mare.
10 Head of Good milch cows, 6 giving milk! balance will be
• fresh soon, 3 yearlings 2 shorPyearlih'gs, 5 calves.
MACHINERY—I lumber wagon, 1 spring wagon, mower, rake
lister, 2 cricket cultivators all good as new, one 6 shovel cultivator,
I walking plow, 1 pulverizer, 2 set of work harness.
HOUSEHOLD GOODS—I good safe, 1 bureau, 1 couch, 2book
i cases 1 folding bed, 3 beds and springs/* Other articles too numer
’ ous to mention. :
! TERMS Ail sums under $lO cash A discount of 2 per cent for
i cash will be given on sums over $lO
’ C. E. LONG, Owner
, Ben Brown, Auct Dave Durby, Clerk
. I
1 will sell at Public sale at the Prospect Hill Ranch, .2 1-2 miles
northeast of Cheyenne Wells, on
Wednesday November 28,1917
58 Head of Cattle 58
24 head of cows; one 2yr old Red Polled Bull; 4 yearling steers,
9 yearling heifers; 20 head of calves.
17 Head of Horses 17
2 mares, 9 and 10 years old 3 mares 6 year old with colts
1 three year old grey mare 2 yearling fillies
3 yearling geldings 2 geldings X
2 2 year old fillies 2 older work mares
MACHINERY, ETC. 1 wagon, 1 buggy, 1 surrey, 3 set of
i harness, buggy harness, Ssection harrow, 1 walking cultivator. 1
| riding cultivator, 1 curler disc weeder, 1 disc. 1 drill, 1 self binder,
II disk gang plow; Soma household goods and numerous articles not
! mentioned here.
. j
Lunch will be Served under the auspices
; of the Y. M. C. A., bring 1 cups.
TERMS All sums of $lO and under cash; Sums over $lO i
: months time will be given on bankable notes bearing 10 per cent
interert from date, a discount of 2 per cent will be given for cash
BEN BROWN, Auct J. E. HAYES. Clerk
I wili sell at my place, 7 1-2 miles southeast of Arapahoe, and
12 miles southwest of Weskan, Kansas on
Friday November 30, 1917
Commencing at 10 o’clock, ■A. M., the following property:
My improved half Section Farm containing 327 acres,
I *
22 HEAD OF CATTLE 7 head of milch cows, 3 two yr old heifers
3 yearling heifers 9 spring calves
1 gelding 12yr old 1 gelding Byr old
1 mare Uyr old 1 mare 9yr old
1 mare Syr old 1 mare 4yr old
1 2yr old mare colt 1 2yr old gelding 3 spring colts
One Poland china, male hog; some turkeys and chickens
1 farm wagon, 1 iron wheel truck wagon, 1 spring wagon, 1
single buggy, 1 double row disc weeder, 1 walking cultivator, two
section harrow, 1 mowing machine, 1 walking lister planter, Ire
verrible disc 1 sled cultivator, 1 sod and mouldboard plow, 1 header
barge, 3 set of double farm harness, 1 single buggy harness, 1 sad
dle 1 Beatrice cream separator, 1 well pulling outfit Some feed in
stack; household goods and other articles too numerous to mention.
Tannc nf . All sums under $lO cash. A cred
1 CIIUS VI ‘Jtttv - * it of 10 months will be given on
sums over $lO purchaser giving bankable note bearing 8 per cent
interest Ircm date. Lunch will be served on grounds, bring cups.
Wm. HEDEN, Owner
I Sell f : :
Lots of Land
I sell laud because I have every fa-
I cilky- for so doing
I Those who want Land should come
| to me to find ii.
| Those who have Land to sell should
1 some to me to finnd purchasers.
S 1 Bring Buyer and Seller Together.
1 It’s as simple as A. B. C, but it re
| quires a system. I have that system,
and it rarely ever fails to work.
Don’t wear yourself 7>ut trying to
find what you want. See me, tell me,
I will do the rest.
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
1 '■ i-i-lfr' 1 ■■■■ ...■]
and Embalming
I' carry a complete line of Undertaking goods and
Funeral Supplies. A licensed cmbalmer and all
of the most modern equipment for taking care of
| and directing funerals, see to the securing of pall
bearers, preparing grave, furnishing steel vault §
} if desired. Phone 20. |
]. N. Hollenbaugh .Cheyenne Wells
In busy cities or the country road, the Ford
i 3 a favorite among motor cars. There are
< strong reasons why half the buyers of America
demand Ford cars. They have proved their
;i worth under the most trying conditions in all
parts of the world. People buy Ford cars be
| cause they know what the have done and will
I do. They have become one of the everyday
p necessities. Will you not place your order for
f! one at once? Touring Car, $360; Runabout,
• $345; Coupelet, $505; Town Car, $595; Sedan,
($645; One-Ton Truck Chassis, $600; All J
f. o. b. Detroit.
For Sale at the E. J. HARRIS GARAGE.
Cheyenne Wells, Colo.-ado.Q
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