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r*T a year it has become
famous; the man’s cig
arette for the men who are
working over here, and
fighting over there.
The reason? Because
it’s made of Burley pipe
tobacco and because—
m( j /
O/J Guaranteed by
/Rits JTWAJtsriecutA*
“At the restaurant the other night
Oeorge asked Miss Wrink how she
would like a little wild duck.
“What did she answer?”
“She changed color, and said, *Oh,
this Is so sudden 1* and fainted.”
It is a pessimistic cuss Indeed who
4oes not expect that the future will
be as kind as the past.
Peru was the first country to add In
struction In aviation to Its public
school curriculum.
Will the War by Preparing the Land
Sowing the Seed and Producing Bigger Crops
Work la Joint Effort the Son of the United States and Canada
MSHinn mhdkn mam powhmcnun
to wm m battui roe man
The Food Controller* of the United State* and Canada are taking for
greater food production. Scarcely 100,000,000 bushel* of wheat are avail
able to be *ent to the allie* oversea* before the crop harvest Upon the
efforts of the United State* and Canada rests the burden of supply
Every Avellabie Tillable Aer* Musi Gentrlbutei Every Available
Farmer and Farm Raad Mail Aeelel
Western Canada hat an enormous acreage to be seeded, but man power
is short, and an appeal to the United States allies is for more men for seed
ing operation.
Canada'* Wheal Fredueflen Laat Tear vraa 226,000(000 Rashelei the
Demand Frem Canada Alana far 19101* 400,000,000 Buehela
To secure this the mutt have assistance. She hat the land but needs
the men. The Government of the United States wants every man who can
effectively help, to do farm work this year. It wants the land in the United
jutes developed first of course; but it alto wants to help Canada. When
ever we find a man we can spare to Canada’s fields after ours are supplied,
we want to direct him there.
Apply to our Employment Service, and we will tell you where you can
beat serve the combined interests.
Western Canada’s help will be required not later than April Sth. Wages
to competent help, 450.00 a month and up, board and lodging.
Those who respond to this appeal will get a warm welcome, good wages,
good board and find comfortable homes. They will get a rate of one cent
a mile from Canadian boundary points to destination and return.
“* For particulars as to routes and places where employment may be had
At Age Advances the Liver Requires
Colorless orPale Faces pjjj£
wm he greedy helped by V^rterslronnils
Too know that wbw you .wB. or hoy throayh th. sal.*
KmSnSt Sfuvss*
only aatwiare, (or aa sera as you troat aU roar horns
with It yoowlll sooe ha He a* «ha mamas. It_aets SO a
Mora Data Wanted.
He (after the proposal) —Tm getting
$2,000 a year.' Now, dearest, what la
the least you think you can Uve on
She—Well, how much credit can you
get?—Boston Transcript.
More than 44,000,000 acres of coal
land in 14 states of the United States
are to be opened in 1918.
These days It Is not always neces
sary for a fellow to be an out-and-out
German spy to deserve hanging.
WMtern Newspaper Union News Service.
London, March 19.—The Supreme
War Council of the allies Issued a
statement condemning German polit
ical crimes against the Russian and
Rumanian peoples, and refusing to
acknowledge Germany's peace treaties
Ths council’s statement, which Is
issued through the foreign office,
‘‘The prime ministers and foreign
ministers of the entente assembled in
London feel it to be their bounden
duty to take note of the political
crimes which, under the name of Ger
man peace, have been committed
against the Russian people. Russia
was unarmed. Forgetting that for
four years Germany had been fight
ing against the independence of na
tions and the rights of mankind, the
Russian government, in a mood of
singular credulity, expected to obtain
by persuasion that 'democratic peace'
which It had failed to obtain by war.
‘‘The results were that the Interme
diate armistice had not expired be
fore the German command, though
pledged not to alter the disposition of
its troops, transferred them en masse
to the western front, and so weak did
Russia find herself that she dared to
raise no protest agalnßt this destruc
tion of Germany’s plighted word.
What followed was of like character,
when ‘the German peace' waß trans
lated Into action. It was found to In
volve the invasion of Russian terri
tory, the destruction or capture of all
Russia’s meanß of defense, and ths
organisation at Russian lands for Ger
many’s profit—a proceeding which did
not differ from ‘annexation,’ because
the word Itself was carefully avoided.
‘‘Meanwhile,, those very Russians
who had made military operations im
possible, found diplomacy Impotent.
Their representatives were compelled
to proclaim that while they refused to
read the treaty presented to them, they
had no choice but to sign It; so they
signed it, not knowing whether In Its
true significance It meant peace or
war, nor measuring the degree to
which Russian national life was re
duced by It to a shadow.
“For us of the entente governments
the Judgment which the free peoples
of the world will pass on these trans
sactlons would never be In doubt. Why
waste time over German pledges when
we see that at no period In her history
of conquest—not when she overran
Silesia nor when she partitioned Po
land —has she exhibited herself so cyn
ically as a destroyer of national Inde
pendence, the Implacable enemy of the
rights of man and the dignity of civil
ized nations.
“Poland, whose heroic spirit has sur
vived the most cruel of national trage
dies, Is threatened with a fourth parti
tion, and, to aggravate her wrongs,
devloes by which the last trace af her
Independence is to be crushed are
based on fraudulent promises of free
“What Is true of Russia and Poland
Is no less true of Rumania, over
whelmed, like them, in a flood of mer
olless passion for domination.
"Peace is loudly advertised, but un
der the disguise of verbal professions
lurk ths brutal realities of war and the
untampered rule of a lawless foroe.
"Peace treaties such as these we do
not and cannot acknowledge. Our
known ends are very different. We are
fighting, and mean to continue fight
ing, in order to finish onoe for all with
this policy of plunder, and to estab
lish In Its place the peaceful reign of
organized Justloe.
"As incidents of this long war un
roll themselves before our eyes, more
and more clearly do we perceive that
ths battles for freedom are every
where Interdependent; that no separ
ate enumeration of them Is needed
and that In every case the single, but
all-sufficienL appeal Is to Justice and
"Are Justice and right going to win?
Insofar as the Issue depends on bat
tles yet to toms, the nations whose
fate is in the balance, may surely put
their trust In the armies, which even
under conditions more difficult than
the present, have shown themselves
more than equal to the great cause en
trusted to their valor."
Advisory Board en Farm Products.
Washington. Twenty-four repre
sentative producers of farm products
and livestock have been named to
form the advisory committee recently
authorised by Secretary Houston of
the Department of Agriculture and
Food Administrator Hoover, and which
will hold Its first meeting here March
IS. The list of committeemen lncludee
Marion Sanson, Port Worth, Tex.;
deorge C. Weeding, Fresno, Cal.; C.
W. Hunt, Logan, Iowa; and John
Ora’tnn. Golden, Ola.
HI* Armless Joke.
That all misfortune Is only relative
Is Indicated by the philosophy of the
armless man who, for many years, has
been carrying "copy" from a down
town news agency to the uptown news
papers at night. An editor on his way
to his midnight luncheon had washed
his hands when he discovered that the
towel was missing. As the armless
“copy” carrier passed he heard the ed
itor say something more forceful than
elegant. “You onght to be like me,
and then yon wouldn't need any
towel,” said the armless one, laughing
contentedly.—New York Times.
Better Than His Press Agent.
“George Washington was a most
truthful man."
"I have always thought so. An evi
dence of his truthfulness Is the fact
that he never gave any personal In
dorsement whatever to that cherry
tree story.”
If a man would have a good moth
er-ln-law It Is up to him to make good.
Swift & Company
At a recent hearing of the Federal Trade Commission there
was introduced correspondence taken from the private files of
Swift & Company .which showed that the Company had been con
sidering for some time an educational advertising campaign.
The need for this publicity has been apparent to us for sev
eral years. The gross misrepresentation to which we have
recently been subjected has convinced us that we should no longer
delay in putting before the public the basic facts of our business,
relying on the fair-mindedness of the American people.
The feeling against the American packer is based largely on
the belief that the income and well-being of the producer and
consumer are adversely affected by the packers’ operations,
resulting in unreasonably large profits.
Swift & Company’s net profit is reasonable, and represents
an insignificant factor in the cost of living.
For the fiscal year 1917 the total sales and net profit of Swift
& Company were as follows:
Sales '
Profits _
$34,650,000. ■
This is equivalent to a $3,465. profit on a business of $87,500.
®lf Swift & Company had made no profit at all, the cattle raiser
would have received only one-eighth of a cent per pound more for his
cattle, or the consumer would have saved only one-quarter of a cent per
pound on dressed beet
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Too Muoh.
A playwright and an actor were In
conversation when the former, who
has been none too successful of late,
exclaimed gloomily:
"People will praise my work after I
am dead."
"Well," said the actor. In a consol
ing tone, "perhaps you are right, but
don't you think It's a great deal of
sacrifice to make for a little praise?”
—Everybody’s Magazine.
Smile on wash day. That’s when you use
Bed Qrosa Bag Blue. Clothes whiter than
snow. All ameers. Adr.
Too True.
Ellen—" Cheer up, old top, you'll get
her yet.” Lea —“ You’re always look
ing on the dark side.” —Panther.
In Mew Zealand the men outnumber
the women by many thousands.
How to Make Oatmeal Bread
Healthful to Eat —Saves the Wheat
1 cap flow 1 cup cooked oatmeal or raM
lScapa com ——l otU
1 taaapoM aalt 2 lafclaepoons ihorttaiaf
5 !■■■»•—i Dr. Me>*> Cream BaHf Powder 1% cape milk
ItaUaipMMNftf Ntena
Bift togttbw floor, corn moot, aalt, taking powder and sugar.
Add oatmeal, malted ahorttoioi and milk. Bake in greased
■hallow pan in moderate oven 40 to 45 minutes.
This wholesome bread is easily and quickly made with the aid of
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder
If used three times a week in place of white bread by die
22 million families in the United States, it would save moro
than 900,000 barrels of flour a month.
New Red, White and Bias booklet, "Beet War Tima Reeipee”, eon •
tainlng many other recipet for making deiicioat and whoteiomo
wheat earing foode, mailed free.
PR. PRICE’S CREAM BAKING POWDER, ltU iaiegmieace tolvmi, CUtego
Five Bottles Peruna
Restored Me To Complete
Health- r
I Have
Been In
The Best
i Wg&msM Since. And
Feel That I
;'C Owe My
IlmEar Health To
Good 8ubject.
“What are that couple over at yon
der table scrapping about?”
“I think, sir, they’re fighting over
the war bread.”
Important to Mothors
Examine carefully every bottle ol
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta and children, and see that It
Signature o
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Quite a Record.
The Oulf stream is more rapid than
the Amazon, more Impetuous than the
Mississippi, and its volume more than
1,000 greater.
New Hampshire was the first state
to establish a railroad commission.
Mr. C. N. Petersen, denier In fine
boots, shoes and cigars, 132 S. Main
St, Council Bluffs. la, writes: **X
cannot tell you how much good Pa
rana i>«« done me. Constant confine
merit in my store began to tell on my
health and I felt that I was grad
ually breaking down. I tried several
remedies prescribed by my physician,
but obtained no permanent relief
until I took Peruna. I felt better Im
mediately and five bottles restored mo
to complete health. I have been la
the best of spirits since, and feel that
I owe my health to It,"
Our booklet, telling yon hoar to keep
well, free to all. The Peruna Co,
Columbus, Ohio.
Those who object to liquid medi
cines can now proouro Peruna Tab
Of Course.
“He entered the aviation corps.”
“Wanted a chance to rise quickly, I
Nsv Is the Tws to Get Rii ef These Ugly Sfstl
There’s no longer the slightest need #t
feeling sshamed of your freckles, as the prs*
sorlptlon othlne—double strength—is guar*
anteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othlne—double
strength—from your druggist, and apply S
little of It night and morning and you shoul4
soon see that even the worst freckles have
begun to disappear, while the lighter onei
have vanished entirely. It is seldom that
more than one ounce Is needed to completely
dear the skin and gain a beautiful deal
Be sure to ask for the double strength «th*
Ine. as this Is sold under guarantee of money
back If It falls to remove frecklea—Adr.
The man with a good appetite never
wastes time speculating on the ele
ments of war bread.

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