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VOL. 8
■Our jails are full of all sorts of
•criminals—except profiteers.
Yes, the airship is a wonder
ful invention-until it takes a
Have a drink, brother? Help
yourself. The cup hangs on the
.pump handle.
Why bather with swatting the
fly when the world is full of
wasps end profiteers.
Some men are born tired, some
become tired, while others are
too darned lazy to even get tired
Some day, let us hope, the
league to enforce peace, will pro
duce something besides a politi
cal scrap.
Among German generals a pop
ular past time consists of telling
each other how they von the
war by crying "enough.”
It is better to be an old rrtan.s
darling than a young man’s slave
• —provided the old man is a man
and not a silly old loo!.
Got t e clumps, brother?
Cheer up--it will be worse. When
the cost of gruo goes hig ter
your spirit will n t lower.
They say, h > vever, _th it tie
devil is much cottcerne 1 over the
future of his t 1 aim. He has no
place vile enough for profiteer.
Henry Ford, it seems, ad rut t
ed on the witness«stand that he
is an “ignorant idealist.” Well,
we’ll not dispute Henry he ought
to know.
Preside iti i bee; are again
buzzing around looking l«r t. e
entrance to the nf.i.v.nl h>v t. \\ e
suspect, haw;""/, that - is o.
them ate only Lu sale .
Women’s ul;:rt. ; , ihty tell us,
are to t>? 01 1;t s 1 >/tur, •> it let
us hope the h t ; i 1 ." V w..i re itain
full length. D/e str.ii ■> 100
expensive tlie.-e d; y s.
This b’amet 1 .-tonwch of ours
is not a bit accomodating or con
siderate. E/i‘v tim t the price
of foodstuffs takes a jump
we get a sudd n hungry spat.
We hrve a faint reeollection
that once upon a time a -man
went wabbling clown our street
and people said he was boozy.
Hut that was a long, long time
Love of country can only be
fostered where govrrnnunt is
founded upon justice and human
ity. Profiteding and greed en
genders ordy suspicion an r!isgu> t
in the mi. d ol a sufftti: g people
The writer and wife and Mrs
Sutra, the latter a Salvation
army field worker, got aboard
our spirited Chevrolet last Friday
afternoon and sped a wav t > E n s
Kiowa county. On our going we
halted for an hour in Kit Carson
That neighbo ing town was drap
ed in mourning owing to the
death of one of its m ist h'ghl.v
respected- citizens, the eider Mr.
Henderson. T.-ie pr-session was
just nsarinir the M. ltl Ciiu- cli
where a large congregation aas
assembled to pay their last trib
ute of respect Lo the depailed.
Rev. W. L F-eMnr.brttr. conduct
ed the s. ..a .-in r. 7.' »r in:
, v—<• ’ ir>a Hi <
Cheyenne Record.
text was, “Though shaltcome to
thy grave in a full age, like as a
shock of corn cometh in his sea
son.” Mr. Henderson had reach
ed the ripe age of upward of
“four score” years.
From there we traveled 21
miles south to Eads. From that
model thoroughfare we could
view most promising crops of
corn, kafir, hersey grass, as well
as fat cattle grazing on limitless
pastures of rich grass. We reach
ed Eads, which is the Capitol of
Kiowa county. This was our
first acquaintance with this fair
city to the south. We observed
this commendable feature in
viewing the town externally t'l i
mo lernly fashi >oed wide streets
After lunching at the Eads Cafe
and and heing refreshed and equ
al to another long rile we rotrir
ed our steps for honie.
We came byway of Kit Carson
and having a minor acc'Ja.nt pjl
led in their for repairs, and while
there we met Mr. James Bunker
father of oar lamented S>:d;er
boy E. W. Bi lker wiuso honor
able name is perpetuated on the
beattiful mono nent in our Court
House yard dedicated to those of
our county boys who lost their
li-ves in the great war for uni
veraial freedom. Mr Bunker in
formed the writer that ids sons
greatgrandfather evened the
land at Bunker Hill at the time
of that memorable devolution
ary battle, whence the name.
I This is a c> i icid ;ic j worth
while connecting ui unwittingly
with the war of Independence.
Mr. James Bunker, father of this
only so i lives, at Wild Horse.
Cne an.ie cju try and hss our
I i .ing sympathy i.i his irrepar
-I■■ ..! loss.
Wo arrive 1 at Cii syenna Wells
L.v <lara w-i- ph- *. o I with our
outing tn r. »f; in >on and like
the Queen u. Bmb is visit to
King Solomon "Hull has not lai n
Bun day vve nut c.I to Arajvi
j hoe to attend Church, IKv. Kadi •
j the new Frosbytcii.m ntinisUr
j ; r..£ clu datll a. m. A good
j Cut.gitgatinn greeted l.iin, lie
i will supply that chutch half the
time a at at Sheridan Lake half
for the ensuing half year. We
( then : ccepted a kind invitation
|to dine i t Mr. and Mrs. William
j Wolfs It is neediest to say we
enjoyed a line dinner there and
a very enjoyable at'tern<>on-~with
these old Mossuri lh lends.
J. A. J.
Cheyenne County High
School Opening.
Thp Cheyenne County High
School will open on September 1.
It is very essential that everyone
pian on stalling in at the very
first and that plans be mane for
continuous attendance front that
ime. Statistics show that on H e
average tin individual’s earning
capacity is increased hy going to
school to such an extent that ev
ery day spent in school is worth
ten dollars, beginning with the
first grade rod continuing thiu
college. This result can only be
s.cured by attending to the work
of th- school as peisistently as a
man tends lo Ins business.
Tie principal will be at the
High School between 9 and 12
o’clock and 1:30 and 4 tin Friday
|and Saturday August 28 and 29,
land will be glad to have as many
' pupils as possible come in and en
roll. He Wou'd also be glad to I
hove parents come with their;
children so that he can meet t.hi in j
'lt would, be especially profitable!
for parents of pupils j i.t enter I
i c High Fch"ol to nm at that!
time. Fupii-i c. it * lionet ca...j
on those days can enroll on Mon
day September 1st. .
Dormitories will be run for
both the bo.\s and girls as last
j year. Mrs. Gwathmey will again
I have charge of the dormitory for
the girls. The Albany Hotel has
been secured for this purpose.
Mr Akerly will have charge of the
boys dormitory and at the same
Notice is hereby given that in
accordance with spetion 213 chap
1 ter 3 of an act in relation thereto
I approved March 22, 1302, the
| board of county commissioners
of Cheyenne county, Colorado,
will meet in the cf thecoun
ty clerk in the Court House in
Cheyenne \Vell3, Colorado, on the
| first and third Tuesday of Stp
j tember, 1019 to sit as n Hoard of
I Equalization, for (he purpose of
j hearing cnmp'aint; from those
| who are dissat.vfi I with flier
| assessments and to i qualize the
same among the* taxpayers of
| the county, as in tin; judgment
of the Board is just and proper
All persons aggrieved are her
! by notified to appear before the
| Beard on those dates, and sh( \v
| cause why their assessments
should be changed.
j Witness my hand and the seal
'of said county at my office in
Cheyenne Wells this 7th day of
August 1919. E 11 Akerly
t County Clttl,'.
Call For Bids
Dids will be teceived August
15, 1919, by the liard uf L>ir< c
teas of frbo< f district No. 4 for
moting the schn I building, out
buildings, and ft nces of the Ba-
I or sclicol In ure from its present
site to the KE ci ri or of no. 32-
12 43; also the SunnyriT'e school
bcuse rrd ( uil i i’dii ;;•;■! d fen
ces fitm ii.s pi 111 id It c. : ion to
the NV7 center cf the ecu tit 1 2
sr c. 2S 12 fZ
Both LuildirgsJo U set cn solid
content foundations, r.d Lei'dings
to 1 e reset at d ft nets in t.
At d fer the 1 ui'tMt g i f new
school l.< use cn the N\Y oricr
of. the NE corner See. 1-M 1-43
file Board reset ves 11 :e right
lortjectanj at I all bids.
C' D. Sawyer, Arap: hoc, Colo.
To whom it may concern— Im
accordance with the Session Laws
of 1831, wh : ch provide? that all
fees for recording tnus be paid
for in advance, and in compliance
with the new Salary Classificat
ion Law, passe 1 at the last -ses
sion of tlie Legislature, which
provides that all fees earned
must be reported and turned over
to the County Treasurer before
any salaries are paid. lam ask
itiß that you assist me in comply
ing with these laws, by enclos
ing with your papers for record
the necessary recording fee.
If you should s?t d more than
the required amount, the balance
will be refunded to you when
ynur recorded papers are return
ed to you, or sooner if you wish.
Very respectfully, .
E. 11. Akei l.v.
Clerk and Recorder.
Tiie Pianola Flayer I'innoisthe
standard i»sti urnent. of the world
and by which all others-ire meas
u.ed. A card will h'iogyou the
Weight of Ev dei co. All types
of i’.st; uments delivyied charges
naid a: d satisfaction guaranteed.
Te .ns if desired, investigate
t.'OA.i’ANY. Denver, Colo 18 Bfc
E. A. Maiolf, of Sheridan Luke
was in Cheyenne Wells last Sat
VV. E. Williams, of Avap hoe,
was a business visitor at Chey
enne Wells last Saturday.
A. 8, Ellis, sold his piece of
land last week toL. G. Shumway
of Nebraska. Mr. Ellis left last
Friday evening for his home in
Mrs, F. E Frisbirand daugh
ter, Mrs. C E Riddle of Missouri
are visiting their daughter and
sister, Mrs. R. G. Warrington
and Mrs. G. D. Hutton, and fami
ly this week.
Miss Nellie Cahill, came home
from Denver the first of the week
to assist her father in invoicing
his stock of goods, and will also
take a needed vacation, after
finishing invoicing.
Mr. and Mrs R. E. Reynolds,
of the Arapahoe country are the
proud parents, of a pair of twins
a boy and a girl, born Monel iv
morning August 11 1013. A' 1
parties d >iug nicely.
Strayed —3 stray lror -es. span
of bay fillies 3 year old, star in
forehead, each one has wire
scratch on front foot. So .el
yearling horse cole. Notify
J. S. M yers, Bethune Colorado,
Lioer.il reward 20 4ti
Russell r.paeh, of Nebraska, a
former Cheyenne c; only boy. a
nephew of Mis. C. A. Maguire,
arrived in Cheyenne W. .la Wed
nesday morning for a brief viaii
with relatives ana old time
The following letters remain
iinck ime.l in the Cheyenne Welh
pofti'ifice August 11. In cubing
for them please state Ui.it Lbev
are adve; tised.
F. Ralph King 7. Mrs.
Roll.. u-! S. Downing. A. G Rie
del 2. Fred I ewe , W. N. Rone 1
Vivian trV.ui tin, I*. M.
Te r.chc- "u Li:: krr. irllti j.r,
The regular Aurust Examinat
ion for teachers will he held ;it
the Court House, in the Office of
County Superintendent of sciiools
August 21 22 All teachers who
are to teach in this county an I
do not bold certificates from this
state are expected to take t! is
Agnes Nickerson, County Sup
t lintriiderit of Schools.
The follow i '.v parties Vn ve ie
newi d their subscriptions to the
Record s n.e o.ir last issue.
Pat Filzjerald Aug 1 20
L G Slnimwuy Feb 7 20
C J Guder June 1 20
A B Ellis Aug 29 20
Anton P; uls July 12 20 '
11G May 3 20
Vein Hill Jan . 20 ■
Mrs Henry M Smith July 26 20j
HStl.uber . lii“■ 0 (
Albert H Peters A •■£ 11 20!
We have in Cheyenne Wells a
high grade piano which if taken
at once wiU be sold at a punitive
bargain. Terms to responsible
pally. Ii interested write quick
for particul.i-s to "I*HE DEN VEK
Colorado. 174 t
August 14, 1919
The following School warrants are
' due and payable at the office of Coun-
Ity Treasurer and will cease to bear
I interest twenty days from above date.
Special School bist No. 0 j
Sclied War Amt j
52 1318 71 40
53 1317 71 40
51 1321 *5 04
55 1322 0 30
50 1319 2 33
57 1323 25 00
53 1320 0 00
59 1321 3 m
0O 1325 71 40
01 1320 114 24
02 i.;29 71 40
! i:._>r ti tu
| lit t.T.i'l IT oil
iiO !:;:u ti to
(i.> 2 i"
tV kj.s Tt to
03 1355 17 50
CJ 1533 71 4u>
70 l.il 71 40
i 71 1535 7140 |
75 135 I 749 i
74 1340 7otoj
75 -41
I 75 1315 *'i o |
77 1544 LO 1 0l
7 4 1545 sloj
,9 1352 55 00 *
80 IJSI 1 t 20 j
81 15. 4 70 00
82 1 .-A 70 00 |
83 13. j i 25 50
84 1./52 8 01
.Tack YlnC.t y
21 . County Treasurer
Annual Financial Slatcmsni
Of School District No. 5, county of j
; Gh. ycnne Stsit? of l)o!onil«, frem J
| ./uno 30. 19i8 to June Jd, 1) 1 » r
Il'cei red {
j General Fund .S 3 1."
j Special Fund IJ7 i.
Ilcceived from general fund bv
apportionment 1.109 05
From special tax,for sclujo.l
! i '
I ± otal u.»)-l> l.)
I ’aid
! For 0 .\ehers sabu it s 2. 17U 00
] For fuH. re..!', i 'isuranc* and
1 Mil Ci.rii nl <>x;t«-nsi>s 1 117 w 2
For mt rf.-'l on : ed war
rants ! -i.S
•■’or i i> :;. !:;xe.*• and fees !.) i.m
i i‘ >t:• I ainu.iir: . aid out during
i the year 1 7*> .71 !
11 a! :i ru* ■ in hand of c umG tr-xts- I
; Special fund 2 *G > ;
Total < .• i.i '
• Balance in hands of countv
i * ‘
am district, iteasurcr '_\7' s 51 ;
Sam Snyder j
Fecr« tai y district No. 5*
| Annual Financial SlaUmsnt
of School district No (I county of
i Cheyenne Strie of ;)olor&do from June
JO, 1918 to June JO, i 919
General fund 804 27
Special fund* 2,790 <>3 j
Interest lurid In J 9 |
Total J,..2G .111
1 'aid
For teachers .salaries 859 50
For fuel, rent, insurance and
all cui re.it ex (tenses I.JOI 97
For rebate taxes and fees 21 90 j
Total amount paid out duti.i*'’ j
year j
General Fund SoJ 04
Special fund 899 '.2
J.52G GJ
Balance in hands of county and
(district treasurers us above J,520 G 9
Amount of district wui rants rey
' i.stered and unpaid 1..5G7 II i
J S Johnson. {
Secretary district No. G j
_ " j
Noi.ca of Adjustment Day |
.'.stale oj Elizabeth M. Church, Deceased
A'i «• .-,olls havintr claims a«ni'’st s .id v.-a:e ;
hic ! «'• •' to iiicd io p>r.i«iit i bent lur adjuitou nt
» ie o- .;t> (.outlet Ch*fjr«Min«f ••oun , >. Cj.o .to
l on *i« »«.l d_y «i oei itnitei. A % l>. iyi9
_»> jAJSII.' L. '-HLIIC'H. . (
Atitiiiiiist- ..tor j
Practice in all Courts also le
ft re ilit U. S. Land Office. |
TVephom* 91, Burlington, Colo
Read the Record each week I
Te'ephone olt'ee o.V Residence OR
Waiting l oom open ni&'lil c n d day
for use of phone lo my patrons.
OFFICE HOUI ; S Btolo A M 2ti5PM
?!o;ice of Dctermiration o. -!eir»l»'P
State of Co’orado >
County of Cheyenne >
In The LUtrict Court
In the ma:ter of the pel.lion of Noah H Guth
rie for the determination of hei-sh : p jn 1 interest*
in fie lands and tenements of Albert J Stieet, de
Not ce is hereby given that the above peiiCon
wi 1 be heard before the Di- trict Court ofChty m.e
county Colorado, in Cheyenne Wells, at 10 o’c.ock
A M on tha 7n d-y o* October. A D iais»
Thi.t said hearing is for the purpose of deter
mining the descent of section 25 in township I*-®
r 4,-iw t h P M Cheyenne county. Co on-do.
' the petition ha.;v.z siven the name of Mntie E
1 Stieet. the w.ilow o’ s-ria deceased as his so. i r.d
i only he r. That s..id deceased died more than - -to
. ' y*ai 5a to and that said estate has never b. e d-
T.iat snia Noah II Guthrio petit, a*
Hj a grantee of said above named heir.
• aujr U H.C NeLon.
i V H Johnson. Clerk Lus.r.ct Co-, t
, i Attorney
foi’c- cf DNc r. i nation c£ il;i :—.p
< !
! sa
'j In HistrYt G-« i t
I I", ho mat er cf the pe.it.* n»f E J Nor.cn r
| .r th-s dwn i u-ion f h I.shipano int n
jtie 1 uds and ten-nr -nt» of Cu l .s Ll. ie rr. ce
I reused
N -the is 1 e.*«.l y giv -*n tl at the r.brve i ts li
b-i pe. ti .a wi.l.h nea.d h- fjre ;h • i'ttrct
Co i’ i of i ii ye-ine eoun ’ , 1 o;or<.ilo .n Chr; n.e
i Wells, at 10 o'clock A .vl oi. the V.h cay of Ci b r
A D 19 i 9
That paid hearing is fo- the purpos s o del. r
min ng the descent of iHe N »h of se< ;n tJ in
township 14s range 42w M Cheye n county
Colorado, ihcs .id petition having g.v.. •ho • nice
of Aura idiller, the Widow of s d deceased as i.i»
col. atd only h i . Thn» m'dd eat «i died inn e
th n tmee years . j-.o and that s-id estate has nev- ]
e bern udminsUreu. jn..tc..iu h. J No ui.uct*
j peti ions as grantee of s .id above hame heir
• lIC.N -luu:i
y aug 1 1 Cler! o.‘ the D at. ;ct Cccr t
J V ri Johnson, V G
Attoi ney
£3: o .Tvt SB
rye. gap, no-e ft t;:;: j.at ■
Captain CF - H. Ecelsr I
iAttort: \ &Coi:nseloiH
; Civil a» d Ci .i.‘ .J. nmUcis care^H
i - -
UT3H (Jj 27] ■
Meets every Second anti Fourth : aturdsys
each month at the ourt House at 1.30 P. M.
Vi.'itißg members cordially invited.
W. J. Van Dorn. Pr»s.
J. A. West. Secretary.
Sunday School H’ a v^^H
I Sermon 11
Pt avi r meeting Wednesday night
1::«) !•■
We invite you and your friends |||||||j
llev. A. U. Dennis, P.tst^^H
jSundat School (DV) a^Bll
Preaching lldX)
Son^ra*nd preiicui.iir erviee... Tr.’M
Set viei-s <;i tit*-* Mat held school lion
p. m the 1?ml Suntiii;- of ei «-:i
; The fifth Sunilav to beheld own
visitino other i«»ints on teettc l
[lev. Geo. McNab. Pe i. r
From 8 ?. m. to 7. p. tt>.
j week days.
Sunda\ s. from 0 to 30 a.
and from 6 to 7 p. m. Hmfi
Lejal Holidays same as
days. S. W. Baber, F.
OliOl FfGFiQ ill C ■
No. 10.1 Ms I -.00 BB
11» S:Ui
“ 101 Ki.it Mail 12 is
“ 10? CHI
J»9 21

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