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Cheyenne record. (Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne County, Colo.) 1913-19??, March 11, 1920, Image 4

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With tv/o 14-inch bottoms, under The secret of the speed anc! power
average plowing conditions, the new of the Moline Universal lies in its
Moline Universal Tractor, Model D, perfected ovcrhetid-yalve engine and
plows 0 acres in 10 hours, as much two-wheel construction. The engine
as ordinary 3-plo\v machine. The su- develops 13 horsepower at the belt,
perior efficiency of the Moline Uni- and oat the drawbar, every ounce of j
vcrsal is due to its higher speed, Sj4 which is available for pull. There •
miles an hour, two bottoms at 3/3 are no dead wheels to drag along
miles giving the came number of that only carry weight and steer,
plow-miles as three bottoms at 2hi For plowing in extremely soft
miles. ground," the Moline Universal is 1
Plowing at Z'A miles an hour gives equipped with a differential lock that
ideal results, the ground being pul- enables the two drive wheels to be |
verized more thoroughly .than at locked together, doubling their pull- j
slower speeds, with less air space. power. 1
'lough sod that cannot be turned at Yvhen plowing the land wheel is I
ah at 2 'A miles an hour is plowed yri _ cd so * Uiat lhc trtlctor is i CV eI. |
will ears. ...... The" wheel Is very easily and quickly I
Perfect work is assured with the . -._ d or lowered 1
Moline Universal through Ine auvan- *. i .. ;
tageous position of the operator, who 7T A . he % ! l c^ eig,lt , of tn f Wh 11
sits on the implement, where lie must Umvcrsal, 3flB0 # pounds, and its high ,
sit in order to do good v.crk. The clearance, „0A inches, malce it adapt- I
Moline Universal is easily handled, e( } lf ? r ail other field work, besides <
turns short, and backs as readily as plowing. With it one man can plant .
it goes forward dO acres a day, cultivate 20 acres a {
Waste of time in the field is elimi- day, harvest 25 acres a day, or do ;
uated and the tractor kept at produc- any other work with equal speed. It |.
tive work a maximum number of » the ideal tractor for any sized
hours a dav through a complete elec- *»«n. practically ehminating horses (
trie starting and lighting system. The and solving the farm help problem. ~
Moline Universal is the only tractor Call anc let us show your this re* j
thus regularly equipped. fnarkablc machine,
-xsj ci^n/.T nO'rM . i*rc .amp
F. J. Shindler, Agent
Chevenpe We Is, Colorado |
■=t- ' '.! I
► ►
► ►
t Huey’s Electric Supply Shop l
► ►
► b
i All kinds of Electrical Supplies, Wiring a spec £
; laity Farm Plants Furnished. ►
► c
i Office in west front room of Fleming's Garage r
ft b
ft b
ft b
If* Dr. A, J. Kaufmann j
« t
Strictly Ethical Institution „ I
| MajOr Surgery of All Kinds |
1 No contagous, or tuberlocus patients admitted. For rates t
* and information apply to Miss Anita Strong, Supt. f
♦ Phone 5 Cheyenne Wells, Colorado ♦
***************** ****************
f 1
I ' ♦
J Hoosier drills first began working for the farmers of +
* America 50 years ago. They have been on the job ever since ♦ !j
* and they have been doing g'>od work. They neverjeouid have * j
J lasted 5o years if they had not. nor could they 'have grown t i
4 in popularity as tliey have done. Experience counts when it *
* comes to-huilding good grain drills just the same as it counts *
J in everything else. J
4 Hoosier drills are designed and huiit to meet every soil +
* condition. *
f +
t Yalore Hardware (o J
<i ♦
*. ♦
v. *
«•>** ************* *****************
rmugqttlWNK wktobd
We are making Farm Loans
We write Fire Insurance •
We have Safety Deposit Boxes to rent
We pay the highest legal rates on
Time Deposits.
We solicit your business
The Bank of Cheyenne Wells
Carroll Brown, Cashier
Capital and, Surplus, $27,500.00
I* 1 >
| *
Opened For Business
!| Sss B4NG! I
Yes, I thought it was coming, so, I put her in low in or- It
j f der to be near the
i < e
1 H. Fleming Garage
I f When it hapoened. They do all kind of repair work there
1 1 and it is guaranteed. So we’ll just switch into their shop L
I and save the virgin wear on a new (ire by having the old ruji- o
I ning one healed up in no time. All work under the super- ;;
| vision of an experienced man in the auto business. i
f Their work is thorough and it lasts longer than the rest < >
X of the tire. Ask any car owner about us. ; J
e < >
| . Garage opposite Dr. Homer’s Office
—4 * • • • 4 ►— -4- 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4

W. T.HolleribaugftL
' * "t
n —■ —
■ I ■ I I
Dodge Brothers Motor cars and Repairs
.. Cheyenne Wells, Colo
* —»■ - ♦ 4 •* ♦ 4 4 » -» 4 » —4 -» ♦
| Fresh Sausage and |
| Hamburger and ||
j Home Rendered Lard j
I Sell
Lots of Land
I sell land because I have every fa
cility for so doing
Those who want Land should come
to me fo find it.
Those who have Land to sell should
come to me to find purchasers.
I Bring Buyer and Seller Together.
It’s as simple as A. B. C, but it re
quires a system. I have that system,
and it rarely ever fails to work.
Don’t wear yourself out trying to
find what you want. See me, tell me,
I will do the rest.
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
■ Most of the Gas Companies throughout the!
■ countiy use a fleet of Ford Runabouts. The ! '
I i same is true of other big corporations. The i -
reasons are very practical. The Ford Runabout j
is the most economical solution of quick trans- 1
portation from manufacturer to retailer. For j. '
soliciting business, for the Collector, for the
Doctor, Contractor, Builder, and almost every 5
ether line of business activity,' the Ford Run- !
| about is really a necessity. We solicit your order
| for one or more. We ask your repair business. |
We would like your motor accessory business. I|
We can serve you, we believe, to your best jj
< ►
< $
'We anticipated the high prices and protected
i > ourselves and customers on a large purchase of
! i the high grade brand of
“Pearl White”
i ►
Laundry Soap
' ►
! I We have just received our shipment
‘ > and will make
« ►
< ►
6.29 Per 100 Bar Box
While the Supply Lasts
I . . :
This price is positively 1e3.-s than we can pur- <
; j chase the same product today, and we strongly ■
;; recommend that you supply yourself with one or <
more boxes at this extremely low price. •
■ > ■
p ’ The Cheyenne Wells
j;: ' • :
ill Co-Operative Merc Co ji
1 ;: < >
| Advertise hi the Record for
! quick Results

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