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A Ttew Id thepelace at VenalllM during tbe signing of tho peace titaqr toy Uw Hungarian delegation, in
baeaador Wallace represented the United States. , ' ,
Bureau of Fisheries Says It Has
Been Neglected Because
Worth Is Little Known.
If It Has a Strong Odor, That Can So
Easily Rcmsdlad—Ssafarlng Folk
Hava Known of Its Valua
As Food.
Washington.—With the more fre
quent appearance of new aea foods In
onr markets, the troth of the old say
ing, There are as good fish In the
sea as have ever been caught,” Is
acquiring a.new application. This Is
especially true of a large family of
Ashes representatives of which occur
on all shores of the sea and In all
dimes—the sharks, strong, active,
gracefully shaped Ashes, varying In
length from a few Inches to fifty feet
or more, which offer a wholesome,
palstable and nutritious food, compar
ing favorably In dietary qualities with
many of the highly priced sea foods.
Many people, Indeed, have recog
nised their value and have utilized
them extensively for food. In the
countries bordering on the Mediter
ranean and In Oreat Britain. Norway
and Sweden they are well known as
valuable and nutritious foods. At
Folkestone, England, the flesh of one
of the small sharks, salted and dried.
Is marketed as “Folkestone beef." Un
til recently their'use as a food In the
United States has been limited prin
cipally to seafaring people In scattered
localities and to the Ash markets of
some of our larger cities, but with
late Interest aroused In new sea foods
they are Andlng a place In our largest
Ash-dlstributlng centers and have ap
peared on the menus of some of the
leading hotels In several cities.
Of Wide Distribution.
As already intimated, sharks are of
■ride distribution, occurring In all
seas from the equator to polar waters,
but In greatest abundance In the
tropics. Those, however, taken In the
cooler waters of the temperate zones
ire among the most desirable species
for food, and It Is from these that the
principal supply Tor the markets of
this country Is obtained.
Like the cod, aqueteague, bine fish
and other well-known Ashes, sharks
feed mainly on Ashes, crabs, mollusks
and other small forms living In the
sea. their method of foraging and cap
ture in many cases being unusual and
Interesting. The thrasher shark uses
Its whip-like tall, which Is as long as
Its body, to splash the water as It
swims round and round a school of
Ash In ever narrowing circles, crowd
ing the Ash closer and closer together
until the moment of attack.
The grayAsb, sand sharks and some
other species work In schools and do
not hesitate to attack the Ash taken
In the fishermen’s nets, the Isrger
forms tesrlng the nets and liberating
the catch.
The economic uses to which these
forms may be put are somewhat
varied. At one time large quantities
Bison on Increase Instead of
Becoming Extinct
Yellowstone National Park Authorities
Bay Thara Ara Mary Than 100
WUd OufTala In Park.
Yellowstone Park, Wyo.—-Con rind ng
irldence that the wild buffalo of Yel
lowstone national puki the last aor
ststng remnant of the treat bards
which once roamed the western plains,
ara on the Increase, Instead of dying
oat as was feared, has been obtained
In the dlecoeery of a saw group la the
southeast portion of the park.
About Sftaen animals were observed,
evidently a part Of the old herd, which
It is thought grew ae large that some
of im members were forced to break
away and seek new pasturage.
Definite information has been ob
tained by park authorities that there
are new more than one hundred of the
Signing Hungarian Peace Treaty
of tile hide*, cleaned but not tanned,
were naed tor polishing wood. Ivory,
metal and the like. With Improve
ment* In method* of preparation of
■endpaper and emery, these have
largely .replaced animal hides.
Mak* Excellent Usathsr. ~
Within the last year the Bureau of
Fisheries has interested American
tanners to experiment In the produc
tion 4tt leathers from these hides with
excellent results, and there now exists
a demand tor large quantities of raw
materials. In tensile strength leath
ers tested compare favorably with
those made from mammal hides, and
the market for these products appears
assured. In addition, the livers are
rich In a marketable oil, which Is of
value In dressing leather, soapmaklng,
paints and for medicinal purposes.
The yield varies from lees than a pint
In some of the smaller sharks to about
128 gallons In some of the larger sixes.
The meat of sharks is white, slight
ly gelatinous, resembling halibut, but
somewhat less firm, and compares fa
vorably In food value with other staple
food Ashes and meats. Russel J.
doles, who has eaten the Aesh of many
of our sharks, states that the Aesh In
Aeshly klUed example* of some
Red Cron Official Claps Envoys
Into Quarantine.
Diplomats Entering Eathonla Stripped
and Scrubbod and Their Clethoa
Beral, Eathonla—When the aoviet
commission to negotiate peace with
Esthoola recently crossed the lines In
to the city of Narra on Its way to
Serai, Its members were promptly
clapped Into Quarantine by the Ameri
can Bed Cross typhus fighters, and.
In spite of desperate protestations and
citations of diplomatic privilege, were
forcibly detained for thorough disin
fection before being permitted to pro
The Bed Cross quarantine regula
tions at Narra prescribed that no per
Street Boss Quits Job to
Be Better Paid Laborer
Bccaurt laborers he employed
In street work are making more
than the SIOO a month paid him
for directing the work, John
Ackley has presented has resig
nation as street commissioner
to the town council of Hacketts
town, N. J.
In an emergency the council
Increased the- pay for unskilled
labor, but overlooked an Increase
In pay for the man who bad to
superintendent the work. Ack
ley decided It would be more
profitable to quit and seek a lob -
by the'day In his own depart
wild buffalo In the park. Formerly
there were only about half that num
When discovered, the new herd was
within five miles of one of the largest
hotels In the park and a snapshot was
obtained of one of the animals, a One
bull, probably the first photograph ever
taken of a wild buffalo.
Ordinarily the wild buffalo never
are soon by tourists and only rarely by
park authorities or even by the rangers
who patrol thg most remote sections.
The appearance of the new herd dose
to the main ltnea of travel eras before
the season opened, and the animals
apparently had been lured doom from
the mountain ISelnieesa by the abun
dance of spring grass on the lower
levels. They disappeared Into untrav
eled country aa soon as automobiles
became frequent along the highways.
Forty-eight calves have been added
this year to the tarns buffalo hard of
the park which'now has e population
of EOlk -Fart of the tamo herd has
apeclea bu a peculiar odor which can
readily be removed by salting. After
several boors the meat should be
freshened,'then parboiled and cooked
as any other fish. The flesh of the
young sharks and such small forms as
the grayflsh Is particularly good fresh,
but'lt Is as a preserved product thst
the meat of sharks especially com
mends Itself. Salted and smoked or
kippered It Is excellent. It may also
be salted and dried, flaked or
In some parts of the meat the lay
ers of connective tissue are quite close
together. These parts may conven
iently be run through a meat chopper
and the meat used for fish balls,
chowders and the like. Persons In
position to smoke the flslv as needed
will *nd the mild-cured, hot-smoked
product particularly appetising.
Total of $223,384,769
Paid to Former Soldiers
Announcement has been made
by the bureau of war risk Insur
ance that aggregate payments on
awards of compensation and of
Insurance to former service men
and their beneficiaries total
A recent compilation of com
pensation payments showed pay
ments on account of death of
*16.914,735.06, and for disability
of *84,627,403.20.
son could leave the town without dis
infection and a clean bill of health.
No excepttpns have been allowed to
this rule since the Red Croon under
took the typhus fight herd. The
soviet emissaries were stopped at the
railway station and asked for their
Red Cross permits to travel. In an
swer they showed Esthonlan diplo
matic safe-conducts and demanded
that they be passed Immediately. A
Red Cross officer was called. He
waved away the safe-conducts without
ceremony and ordered the diplomats
to report at once for disinfection or
prepare to remain In Narva until the
lifting of the quarantine. Hot words
on the part of the Russians followed,
but the Red Cross official was
Finally, breathing threats and pro
tests, the emissaries marched with
their luggage from the station to the
disinfecting post. Lusty hands, little
heedful of the diplomatic sacredness
of their persons, stripped them of their
dothes, scrubbed them ruthlessly, and
rolled them In blankets to await the
disinfection of their garments and
luggage. Not until every scrap of
their belongings, even to diplomatic
documents, was thoroughly delouaed,
were the peace envoys allowed to de
part, every whisker standing on end
with suppressed rage.
Kentucky Shoet a Suicide.
Georgetown, Ky. Cavanaugh
Hughes had no Iden of butchering a
100-pound shoat, but the pig picked up
a butcher knife In its mouth and ran.
Hughes pursued, and when the -hout
dropped the knife the weapon I it the
ground butt end first and the blade en
tered the pig's throat at the point
where hogs are stuck for butchering.
Hughes finished the job.
been placed in corral at Mammoth HOl
Springs for the benefit of visitors.
Planter* Become Wealthy aa Sugar
Bring* S4OO a Ten and Banana*
Are High.
Kingston, Jamaica. There has
never been ao much moitey In Jamaica
aa now.
The sugar and banana planters are
fast becoming wealthy, and If the pres
ent wave of prosperity continues for
a few more years the Island win have
at least a dozen millionaires.
Before the war sugar brought only
HO per ten; today It le bringing SOOO
per ten In the KngHah market The
Island's inhabitants are experienc
ing gnat difficulty la getting adequate
supplies, and It to only through the
action of the food controller that S
per cent of the output Is kept for home
consumption. The prosperity of sugar
planters has led to large sums being
Invested In the purchase ad the most
up-to-date machinery for the manu
facture of sugar.
Westsm Newspaper Union News Service.
Washington.—Participation by tha
United States in any conference of
representatives of Russia and the si
lled governments looking to a restora
tion of p<8te between Poland and the
soviet governmnt is regarded here as
Improbable, but In the absence of all
but the scnntest of official Informs
tion, most declined to dis
cuss the matter.
President Wilson is understood to
be keeping in close personal touch
with the new European crisis and the
question of American participation in
the-proposed conference will be for
his determination.
The only official information the
State Department has Is that nego
tiations are in progress regarding the
time and place of the conference be
tween the Russian and Polish repre
sentatives. No intimation had come
from the American embassy at. Lon
don or the British foreign office that
Russia has suggested a conference of
allied governments.
London. —George Tchitcherln, Rus
sian minister for foreign affairs, has
addressed n note to the allies and the
United States dealing with alleged
crimes supposed to have been com
mitted by the Poles, for which the
soviet government declares will
hold them responsible.
The- note was sent to Great Britain
at the same time ns the communica
tion which stated that the soviet gov
ernment was prepared to attend a
conference In London on the general
terms connected with peace.
The note declares the workers of
Poland are not held responsible, but
asserts that they have been misled by
the dominant class. The tone of the
note rather suggests that this matter
will be included in the armistice
terms, made with Poland.
Terre Haute, Ind.—Indiana's coal
field is partially paralyzed by an un
authorized strike of day laborers and
drivers following a similar action in
the Illinois field. Fifty mines near
Terre Haute are idle.
Pittsburg, Kan.—Returns from over
the Kansas coal fields were in con
flict. Alexander Howat, president of
the Kapsas miners’ union, said that
half of the district Is on strike, 6,000
miners being out. At operators’ head
quarters it was said that materially
fewer miners than half were idle.
The strike Is a protest against the
deduction of fines from the pay of
miners who refused to work on Sat
Howat said that miners who were
working would dean up the mines and
quit work.
Incoma Excaads Expenaa.
Washington.—The government’s In
come for the fiscal year ending June
80 exceeded expenses for the first
time in three years. Secretary Hous
ton declared In a statement. He an
nounced a reduction In the gross pub
lic debt and forecast a further 4,lm
portnnt reduction” for the next twelve
/ $550,000 Company for Danvar.
Denver.—With the filing of article*
of incorporation of the Federal Glass
Company, capitalised at $550,000, and
the closing of a deal for the purchase
of a five-acre site for the erection of'
a $250,000 factory building, a new and
important Industry will find establish
ment tn Denver, financed by local cap
ital and headed by Denver men.
Experts say they have developed the
fact that the necessary raw materials,
glass sand and a certain quality of gas
coal, are easily available in unlimited
Villa Still Active.
Eagle Pass, Tex. —A report reach
ing Eagle Pass says that Francisco
Villa has taken Carl Haegelin, an
American, president of the Sabinas
brewery, and is holding him for ran
Ad rianople” Taken by Greeks.
London. —The Greeks have occupied
Adrianople, according to .an announce
ment made In the Athena newspapers.
King Alexander has entered Adrian
Lloyd George Seriously IIL
Paris. —The health of Premier Lloyd
George of Great Britain 1s earning se
rious uneasiness, according to n Lon
don dispatch. The British prime fbln-
Ister’s physicians are said to have or
dered an Immediate absolute rest for
Big Shark Is Clubbed te Dsath.
Edgemere, N. T. — A shark weighing
450 pounds was captured and killed on
the bathing beach hers by George
Weiss, a life-guard.
Name “Bayer” on Genuine
“Bayer Tablets ef Aspirin'* la genu
ine Aspirin proved safe by millions
and prescribed by physicians for over
twenty years. Accept only an unbroken
“Bayer package” which contains proper
directions to relieve Headache. Tooth
ache. Earache. Neuralgia. Rheumatism.
Colds and Pain. Handy tin boxes of 12
tablets cost few cents. Druggists also
aell larger “Bayer packages.” Aspirin
la trade mark Bayer Manufacture Mon
aucetlcaddester of Ballcyllcacid.—Adv.
“Why did you disguise yourself as a
plumber when you went after that
safe?” Inquired the ‘master mind.*
“Because,” replied Bill the Burg, “I
wanted to be able to account offhand
for having all that wealth on me.”
To Have a Clear Bweet Skin.
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or Itching, if any. with ttatlcura Oint
ment, then bathe with Cutlcura Soap
and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and
dust on a ll||)e Cuttcura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragrance on skin.
Everywhere 25c each. —Adv.
There are people who, instead of
listening to what is being said to
them, are listening already to what
they are going to say.—From Impres
Hardly ever does a woman’s voice
prevent her from believing that she
can sing.
Perfect Health is Yours
If the Blood is Kept Pure
Almost Every Human Ailment opening, a few bottles of S. S. S.,
Is Directly Traceable to 1m- the *reat 'vegetable blood medicine,
parities in the Blood. wiu "vitalise your blood end give
liiuiuco in you new strength and a healthy.
Too should pay particular heed vigorous vitality. Everyone needs
to any indication that your blood it just now to keep the system in
supply is becoming sluggish, or perfect condition. Go to your drug
that there is a lessening in its store and get a bottle to-day, and
strong and vital force. if you need any medical advice, you
By keeping your blood purified, can obtain it without cost by writ
your system more easily wards off ing to Hedlcal Director, Swift Spe
disease that is ever present, wait- cine Co- 112 Swift Laboratory, At
ing to attack wherever there is an lanta, Ga.
Anniversary of Birth of Christophe
Plantin to Be Appropriately Com
memorated in August.
The four hundredth anniversary of
the birth of Christophe Plantin, the
noted French printer of the sixteenth
century, will be commemorated with
appropriate ceremonies in Antwerp
during August.- Plantin was a son of
Belgium only through adoption. He
was born somewhere in historic
It was the peculiar achievement of
Plantin to bring honor and glory to
the printer’s trade in the days of Its
infancy. With a keen appreciation
of the beauties of literature, Plantin
delighted in perfecting his workman
ship In order that these beauties
might be published in the most at
tractive form possible, although his
tools were those of a common work
man. His chef-d’oeuvre was the fa
mous Bibl* a polygotta—published -in
IWHMS73 fin attempt at a scientific
revision of the text of the Old and
New Testaments. It was published in
the Greek, Hebrew, Syrian and Chal
dean languages. As a result of this
monumental work Plantin received
from King Philip of Spain the title
“prototypographus regius,” and the
right t*> print all the liturgical books
for Ihe states embraced In King Phil
ip’s far-ffttng empire.
Alda in Fighting Forest Fires.
Fifty of the 54 forest-fire stations
of the state of New York arc
equipped with steel towers to facili
tate the operation of quickly discover
ing and locating fires in the woods.
During the last year ns a result of
the operations of this department, the
number cf fires and the extent of the
damage was greatly reduced in that
But few' men never live long enough
to realize their own unimportance.
Good Judgment
leads thousands of
housewives to serve
in place of foods that reauire
hours of drudgery in a hot
kitchen. JVeeas Afo
Comes ready to eat from the,
“There's a Reason" for Grape-Nuts
6 J3tLP»Ne
Sure Relief
FARM* EXCHA.MiKD Ql f.'KLY. Peraom
attention given every property bandied. Give
full description, value and what you prefer.
We vet you what you want. Kubat A Hart
man, SI 7 .V. Y. Life Bid*., Kansas City, Mo.
Denver Directory
■BS Diamonds
**%?*.'fl "* **Tm* «hjtt
v-; jos. i. schwaitz
IHi tout, imuAh
Eastern Shoe Repair Factory
(Reflate red)
lSUCksswsSt D eaves. Cels.
Mall your shore to tie. Work delivered
anywhere in the U- 8. at Denver prices
Stop Wasting Milk
Bell your milk and raise calves on
for one third what milk sella for.
Order from feed aud grain dealers.
Guest at Banquet Must Have Some,
what Astonished the Rest of
the Gathering.
There was to be a banquet at an
Indianapolis church and one of the
parishioners felt sure that he would
be called on for a speech. Realizing
how poor lie was at impromptu
speeches he accordingly made ready
for this occasion by writing one and
then memorizing it.
The night of the banquet came and
after rehearsing his speech to hla
proud wife the parishioner went to
church, elated over his forethought.
The crowd assembled and gathered
around the table. And then —then the
minister called on the parishioner to
say “grace.’*
For a minute he was appalled—also
his wife. But bravely he rallied and
began to compose a grace. He gave
one sentence, hesitated and then, to
his wife’s horror, plunged into the
middle of his speech. He finished It,
too. Of course every one was amazed,
bis wife most of all, for you see ho
even used his practiced gestures.
Electrical Sterilization.
In a new report on electrical steril
ization, Professor Beattie and Lewis
of Liverpool university, concluded that
milk can be freed from disease germs
without heating above 143 degrees to
147 degrees Fahrenheit. At this low
temperature, the state of the milk la
not altered and its properties seem to
be in no way Impaired, while the elec
tric treatment greatly increases tho
time of keeping. The tests were made
with two types of apparatus, different
degrees of current and severaj qual
ities of milk.
Knicker —What are the graduate's
Booker —He will take a rest before
resting.—New York Mail.

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