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Sure Relief
Cuticura Soap
For the Hands
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcna 25c.
A man is as old a9 his organs; he
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
Tho world’s standard remedy for kidney,
lirer, bladder and uric acid troubles
sines 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates
rital organa. AH druggists, three sixes.
Leek fee tk« mmmm Geld Medal n mry fees
end eeeest m fcmitsHss
r Removes litindniff-HypsHeirremnj
jlßwoty to Gray and Faded Hek
Mo. end f LOO at drunrlata. *■
louses. ato., stops ell pain. ensures comfort to the!
fret, makes welkins ease. lbc. by mail or at I>rug>-I
Klsta. tliscoz Chemical Works. Falohogno, H. X. •
Mitdiell" c *" s -Mercer
Graham Speed Truck
High grade lines of low depreciation.
Tho most <lrea<le«l dlaease of humanity—
a Nuro death If not relieved.
My expiTli-nce and treatment a positive
relief. I’rlr«» s•_’ 00. My treatment relieved
m*-. what It ha* (lone for me It will do
for you. or your money back.
Cluweon Pavla, Ypslliinti. Michigan
PITCRITC Watson K. Coleman,
| IS I r IV I I‘aUMit UsoT.Waihinuion,
w 11. O. Advicn and book free
Ratals ri>M<mat)l« 11 lirhrsl reference*. itoetnervlcea
rnrni/l n POSITIVELY RrMOVIDbv t*r. li«rrr’s
■ ■■•wiafcfcW Co.. 2975 Michigan Avenue. Chicaso
British Ships to Chile.
Tin* British battleship Canada has
been handl'd over by Captain Tomlin,
on behalf of the British admiralty, to
Admiral Sir Louis Gomez of the Chile
an navy.
The Canada will now he known ns
tin* Almirante Lntorre. It was built In
England for the Chilean navy, hut was
commandeered by Great Britain flur
ing the war. The Chilean navy has
nlso taken over the British destroyers.
Broke, Botha and Faulkner, and the
tug boat. Stoic.
The destroyer. Broke, earned fame
in the channel In April, 1917, when It
and the Swift attacked and defeated
six German destroyers, sinking two of
Ho —Isn’t that a beautiful girl?”
She —Oil. yes! She’s vogue on the
outside and vague inside. —Cartoons
VmiIDINF koml.<.
•Xr/t/G/ /T C Haem Strom, HmmUlxf
//•’ACt'Sis. £ >**- 11 Tire,ltch,
you Smart or Bum, ii Sort,
lrritated. Inflamed or
TOUR tllv Granulated, use Murine
often. Soothu. Refresh**. Safe for
Infant or Adult. At all Druggists. Write for
Free Eye Book. RrinlfttadvC^OlMi
W«st«ra Nswipspsr Union Hs«i Mrvlos.
The National Rural Letter Carriers’
Association voted unanimously against
affiliating with the American Federa
tion of Labor at their meeting at Dal
lus, Texas.
Miss Ella Pratt, 22, of Walla Walla,
Wash., a senior at Cornell college, has
been ordained a minister by the Duven
port district of the Upper lowa Meth
odist Episcopal conference.
Flying from Laharpe, 111., to Bir
mingham, lowa, to visit a friend, L. C.
Stout was instantly killed when at
tempting to land. One wing of his
plane crumpled when 300 feet from
the landing field.
Suit for $1,700,145 inheritance taxes,
interest and penalties alleged to be
unpaid was filed in the United States
district court at San Francisco by the
government against the estate of the
late Henry Miller, millionaire Cali
fornia cattleman.
Raw alcohol that cost him sls a
quart was watered by Pete Konwinsky
and sold in pop bottles at $0 the bot
tle, Konwinsky told the judge at Al
bion, Nebr. His only expense was a
commission of 50 cents a bottle, which
ho paid “agents” who attended to his
sales of the “50-50” concoction.
The Santa Fe railroad handled 25
by per cent more business in the first
eight months of this year, represented
by carloads, than it did in the corre
sponding period last year and 11.2 per
cent more than for the same period In
1918, according to n bulletin just is
sued by the railroad’s general office at
Topekn, Kan.
Bodies of two unidentified men, evi
dently slain by being beaten over the
heads with a hammer and shot in the
backs, were found in a field near Rol-
In, N. D., by a farmer boy. The men
were about 30 years old. The authori
ties believe they were murdered and
their automobile stolen, as tracks of
a machine led away from the scene.
While Jake Kramer, a farmer liv
ing near Fort Morgan, was trying to
fix a tractor, his left leg became
caught in the moving machinery and
was torn off above the knee. Kramer
and another man were using a tractor
to pull their plow. Something went
wrong with the tractor, and Krainer
left his plow and climbed to the top
of the tractor to adjust it. The motor
was still running, and as he stooped
over he slipped and his left leg was
thrust into the machinery.
Mrs. Irene Root Gordon of Ran
Francisco has obtained an annulment
of her marriage to James M. (Blue
heard) Watson, confessed murderer
of nine women whom he had married,
and who is now serving a life term in
San Quentin state penitentiary. Mrs.
Gordon said she was married to Wat
son at Sacramento, March 18, 1019,
and that he left her shortly there
Establishment of a new supervising
prohibition agents’ department, con
sisting of the states of Arizona, New
Mexico ami Texas, was announced by
the bureau of internal revenue.
News that Roberto Pesqueira, finan
cial agent of the Mexican government
at New York, called on Under Secre
tary Davis at tlie state department to
urge immediate recognition of the new
Mexican regime, caused something of
a stir at the Mexican embassy. An
official statement issued by the em
bassy said that it was the only agency
authorized to speak for Mexico in the
United States.
Officials of eight foreign countries
and seventeen states, as well as the
Philippines and Porto Rico, contem
plate drafting bills similar to the Kan
sas Industrial Court law, according to
letters of Inquiry filed In the gover
nor’s office at Topeka. Kan. A draft
of a similar act, proposed for lowa,
has been forwarded to Gov. Henry .1.
Allen for comment.
Consumption of wines and liquors in
the United States in 1919 was less per
capita thun during any year since 1870,
according to estimates of the depart
ment of commerce. In 1870 the amount
was 7.70 gallons per capita, rising to
22.79 gallons in both 1007 and 1911
and falling to 9.17 gallons last year.
The totnl consumption of wines and
liquors in 1919 totaled 992,394,720 gal
lons, compared with a total of 1,701,-
827,271 gallons.
Secretary Colby has refuted to grant
the request of antl-suffrngists from
Tennessee that he rescind his action in
proclaiming ratification of the federal
suffrage amendment on the basis of
favorable action on the amendment by
the Tennessee legislature.
Gradual return to the law of supply
nnd demand as governing influence
over prices and the end of “war
charges” for necessary commodities
hns been predicted by government of
ficials In explaining the government's
attitude on credit extension.
An official report Issued at Dublin
castle shows that the attack sn a mo
tor lorry containing six policemen
dear La Hinch was more serious than
announced. Six constables were killed,
while soldiers assert they saw four of
their assailants drop.
The Poles have reached Zbraes river
along the entire line, according to
Tuesday's official communication, and
Ukrainian troops have crossed the
river. In the Pruaana region prison
ers takeu number 2,250. The communi
cation adds that cavalry fins occupied
Oysterog, Bubrin and Derazono.
France will pay every dollar of the
$250,000,000 loan due In New York
October 15th, M. Francols-Mnrshal,
minister of finance, officially an
nounced to the cabinet council at Par
is. This sum is France's share of the
$500,000,000 Anglo-French loan floated
fn the United States during the war.
The suggestion accredited to Pro
visional President de la Huerta of
Mexico that a “dry” zone be estab
lished in Mexico within slxty-flve
miles of the United States border will
be discussed at an International con
vention of the border chamber of
commerce at El Paso, Oct. 4, 5 and 6.
It was stated on reliable authority
that the Jewels belonging to the Ro
manoffs, Hnpsburgs and Hohenzol
lerns, deposited for safety with Swiss
banks and private firms, are worth
£87,000,000, while the Jewels sold or
pawned In Switzerland since 1911 by
these families amounted to double this
Twenty-five persons were killed in
rioting at Gensan, Korea, when Korean
students attacked and destroyed or
damaged branches of the Korean In
dustrial bank and the Oriental Devel
opment company and seven Japanese
houses. The following night there was
further shooting with additional cas
Canada Is settling its housing prob
lem by government action. The do
minion government agreed to loan the
provinces $25,000,000 at 5 per cent,
the loan to be repaid In twenty to
thirty years. The provinces were em
powered under certain simple condi
tions carrying responsibility to lend
money to municipalities and munici
palities were empowered to lend money
to builders or to housing organiza
tions, which are forbidden to pay divi
dendn In excess of six per cent.
In order to make hoarders of gold
coin bring them in to the treasury, the
French finance minister has announced
that when gold coinage Is resumed
those which were in circulation before
tlie war will not be recognized. The
announcement, the legality of which is
contested, has given the French gold
louls a new value In the eyes of col
The Supreme Court of Maine has
decided that a woman should not be
required to tell her age in order to
qualify as u voter.
J. Milton Smith, as counsel for
James O’Brien of Mount Vernon, hm?
filed a suit for $50,000 against the
city of New York for injuries received
In the Wall street bomb explosion.
Manager J. M. Winn announced at
Lexington, Ky., that the Kentucky
Jockey Club would offer $75,000 and
a gold cup valued at $5,000 for a race
to be run in Kentucky this fall be
tween Man o’, War, Sir Barton and
Jail for not less than six months
nor for more than one year will be
the penalty for landlords who refuse
to rent apartments to families with
children, under a bill Introduced In the
assembly by Assemblyman O. J. Smith
of New York.
Substitution of metal for wood in
making shipping cases would increase
tho annual output of newsprint 4,000,-
000 pounds, E. W. Morgan of the
Pneumatic Scales Corporation declared
In an address before the American In
stitute of Chemical Engineers in New
All tills talk about tiie horse becom
ing extinct because of the universal
use of automobiles is idle gossip, ac
cording to the delegates who assem
bled ut Chicago for the twenty-ninth
annual convention of the Master
Horseslioers’ National Protective Asso
tlon. Not only are horses Increasing
in numbers, but ulso in value, accord
ing to official statements, and trans
portation by horsepower still costs less
than by motor truck.
A million-dollnr endowment fund for
an institution where, speakers said,
the world’s most scientific bakers
would be developed, was started by
the Amerienn Association of the Bak
ing Industry in annual convention at
Atlantic City. More than $400,000 was
pledged. “Cheaper, better bread,” will
be the slogan on which the institution
will be founded, it was announced.
Japanese troops are to be withdrawn
from Nikolnievsk this winter. Minister
of War Tanaka Ims informed the gov
ernors of the empire. This, however,
does not necessarily mean a permanent
evacuation, lie added. He explained
that insufficient preparations had been
made to winter the troops, but that
such arrangements probably would be
completed by the succeeding winter.
The careful watch kept on trana-
Atlnntlc liners owing to recent reports
that passengers have been losing valu
ables, resulted in the recovery of a
SIO,OOO ring, and a valuable brooch
from a seaman of the Olympic when
the liner arrived at Southampton. The
ring was the property of Mrs. Boomer,
wife of one of the principal owner* of
the Waldorf Astoria hotel. New Yoiit.
The authorities also found on the man
a brooch reported to have been stolen
from Miss Singer of New York, on the
previous trip of the Olympia.
Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Cleveland, Sept. 28.—A parade of
20,000 former service men, witnessed
by approximately 800,000 people, in
cluding about 50,000 out-of-town
visitors, closed the second annual con
vention of the American Legion.
The day started at Convention hall
when the convention was called to
order by Commander Franklin D’Olier.
After the routine reports had been
dispensed with, tho credentials com
mittee and the committee on perma
nent rules nnd regulations retired to
begin their deliberations.
When the report of the permanent
committee on rules and regulations
was submitted to the convention, it
recommended the adoption of the unit
rule of voting. At this point Mrs.
Julia Wheelock of New York declared
that “she Insisted on retaining her in
herent right to think and vote as she
She was supported by many men
delegates. A member from Minnesota
presented a minority report which
asked that the unit rule be defeated.
The minority report was adopted.
The credentials committee had for
its principal question the matter of
delegations from the states nnd terri
tories of the United States. The re
port as submitted recommended that
each department be given five dele
gates-at-large and one additional dele
gate for each 1,000 members or frac
tion thereof.
One feature which tended to enliven
the session cnme when Col. J. It. Mc-
Quigg, commander of the department
of Ohio, in replying to the address of
welcome by Mayor W. S. Fitzgerald,
stated that France was one of the
most loyal friends of the American
Legion. Cheering started and cries
for Francis H. Drake, commander of
legion post No. 1, Paris, brought him
to his feet. At this juncture every
body arose and cheered for several
minutes. Mr. Drake is representing
the legion posts of France, England,
Belgium nnd the Rhine.
Just before adjournment was taken
the national commander asked that
any Civil War veterans who were
members of the legion to come for
ward. M. W. Woods of Idaho was
given a seat on the stage. Mr. Woods
was wounded twice during the Civil
War. The other Civil War veteran at
tending the convention was Dr. Win
field Thompson of California.
Philadelphia sent 125 legion mem
bers In three box cars, painted as the
cars were in France: "Hommes forty
ot cheveaux eight.”
The insignia of each division was
in evidence In the parade, practically
everybody marching In uniform. There
was also several hundred Americans
In the uniform of Canada, England and
France, this contingent having a kiltie
band to furnish music.
As a result of the rainstorm the
American legion expects to collect $15,-
000 rain Insurance. Some days ago
the management of the parade took out
lnsnrunee against rain for $15,000. To
collect this Insurance it was necessary
for two-tenths of an inch of rain to
fall. The weather bureau reported
that the rainfall for the day was 37-100
of an inch.
The delegation from Centralia,
Wash., carried in the parade the flag
which was fired upon by the I. W. W.a
on Armistice Day, 1919. The flag was
cnrrled by J. E. Murray, the same man
who carried it when It was fired upon.
Four men marching by Murray’s side
at the time were killed.
Schiff Worth Fifty Million.
New York. —Jacob H. Schlffs pri
vate fortune will exceed $50,000,000,
according to an estimate made by one
of the partners in the banking firm of
Kuehn, Loeh & Co. That estimate was
generally understood by well-informed
Wall Street to menn that the estate of
the dead banker would be something
over $50,000,000 and considerably less
than $75,000,000.
Two Children Die in Fire.
Everett, Wash. —In a shack built of
cedar stakes nnd paper, two children
of Joseph Chully, near Machias, were
burned to death and a three months’
old baby received burns which it Is
feared will prove fatal. The fire was
started in an unknown manner by the
children while their father was milk
ing. His wife was with him. The
paper and cedar shack went up almost
In a puff.
Get Opium Smugglers.
Nogales, Aris. —Customs inspectors
believe they broke up one of the larg
eet rings ever operating from Mexico
to the United States when they arrest
ed three men here and seised a trunk
containing sixty cans of opium. The
trunk was packed and ready to be
sent as bnggage to San Francisco,
where the opium w’ould have sold In
Chinatown, according to customs In
spectors, for SIBO a can. One of the
men arrested is s Spanish sailor from
•an Francisco*
aids to good looks* sound
teeth* eager appetite and
digestion are only 5 C a
everv mwljjico
Feminine Progress.
“Has Gladys Twobble abandoned
her plans to enter the movies?”
“Oh, yes. Gladys Is now passing
through the second stage of soul de
“She’s thinking seriously of being a
slum worker or a missionary. In an
other year she’ll be about ready to
marry some likely young fellow who
Is earning a decent living and settle
down to a normal existence in a bun
Stops Hair Coming Out:
Doubles Its Beauty..
A few cents buys “Danderine.”
After an application of “Danderine”
you can not find a fallen hair or any
dandruff, besides every hair shows new
life, vigor, brightness, more color and
“The gentlemen who came to see
papa while you were away said I was
the smartest child they had ever
known, and each gave me a quarter.”
“Oh, that pleases mother very much.
You recited for them all the nice
pieces you know?”
“No. I said I knew a lot of pieces,
and then I didn’t recite any.”
Folly of Selfishness.
To be selfish is to be ignoble—to
repose on a lower platform for lower
gain, when you might choose a high
er. To be selfish is to sacrifice the
iiobler for the meaner ends, and to be
sordidly content.—H. R. Haweis.
Look Out for Rheumatism |
As Winter Approaches |
So many cases of Rheumatism
come from a tiny disease germ that
infests the blood, that physicians
are beginning to realize that this
source of the disease is becoming
quite prevalent. Of course a dis
ease that has its source in the
blood cannot be reached by local
remedies applied to the surface.
One remedy that has given splen
did results in the treatment of
yhernnatism is 8,8.8., the fins eld
John, age five, had put in an un
pleasant evening trying to keep him
self amused, while his father and
mother were entertaining company.
The evening wore on with no one pay
ing any particular attention to John,
who, in desperation, finally approached
his mother and said:
“Mother, we’d better go to bed.
These people want to go home.'*
"Pipe's Dlipspsin" Comets Stonek
•’Pape’s Diapepsin” is the quickest, sur
est relief for Indigestion, Gases, Flatu
lence, Heartburn, Sourness, Fermentation
or Stomach Distress caused by acidity.
A few tablets give almost immediate
stomach relief and shortly the stomach
is corrected so you can eat favorite foods
without fear. Large case costs only fO
cents at drug store. Absolutely harmless
and pleasant. Millions helped annually.
Best stomach corrective known—Adv.
Curb on Profanity.
The following sign was noted in
the pool room of a combined soft drink
parlor and pool room in Crawfords
“Gentlemen—Please do not swear
loud enough to be heard in the front
purt of the room.”—Indianapolis
Buy only “Diamond Dyes”
Each package of “Diamond Dyes’*
contains directions so simple that any
woman can diamond-dye worn, shabby
skirts, waists, dresses, coats, gloves,
stockings sweaters, draperies every
thing, whether wool, silk, linen, cotton
or mixed goods, new, rich fadeless col
ors. Have druggist show you “Dia
mond Dyes Color Card.”—Adv.
Unconsciously True.
“Mollie met a skin doctor who say*
he can take away wrinkles and make
old faces as good as new.”
“I guess he does it with one ol
them new-fangled things they call
wrinkle prevaricators.”
1 ’? lood remedy that has been «old by
t druggists for more than fifty yean,
i fa y driving out of the
blood the disease germ that causes
■ Rheumatism, thus affording real
[ relief.
- Begin taking S.S.S. today and if
? you write a complete history
* oi your case, our medical director
win give you expert advice, with
; cat charge. Address Chief Medical
S *£*»•& 161 Swif t laboratory. At.
i lanta, Ga.

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