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Cheyenne Wells Record
VOL. 10
lEhc ®anfe of
(Etjrpmt? UrllH
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* all your needs in money matters.
More than that, you want service
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Made at Home t
- «, :
Cheyenne Wells Dairy Mfg
& Stroage Co
- •
Gulf, Plains And
Canadian Highway
On Friday afternoon of last
week two car loads of good roads
boosters from Cheyenne Wells
motored over to Burlington to at
tend a meeting of the "Gulf.
Plains and Canadian Highway”
association which was held in
that city Friday night. The pur
pose of this highway is to get a
direct road leading north and
south from Canada to the Gulf,
through Bristol, Sheridan Lake.
Cheyenne Wellsi Burlington,
Wray, Holyoke and Julesburg.
Representatives from each of
the above named towns wete in
attendance and an organization
was perfected to push the nation
al highway. The trail will be
marked with a suitable board
with the letters "G. P. C.” mark
ed thereon.
The Lions Club of Burlington
entertained these road builders,
and all Bay that the Lions know
how to look after their visitors.
The liext meeting will be held at
Wray, Colo., on July 15th.
M. E. Church Notes
The crops through the coUhtry
are good.
Young Peoples League at 7:30
p. m. Topic Follow the Leader.
Preaching at 8:15 p. m.
Make your decision for what
is right, not expedient, and wash
your mind clean of compromise.
- The Wayside pulpit
The morning sermon will be
upon the Beauties of Christianity
Evening'The Influence of Light.
Welcome one and aii.
We made a quick trip to see
mother Konkel last week. She
stems a little better, but is still
very low and helpless.
At the forum Sunday evening
the matter of Sunday base ball
was discussed. The churches
are not in sympathy with the
Sunday as it seems incon
venient with Christian principles.
However the churches are willing
to support the game on a week
day. This would bring harmony
to seemingly opposing forces.
The forum is a place for free
speech, and everybody are wel
come whether Jew, Catholic or
Protestant; furthermore, any
opinion is to be respected upon
religious, political or community
Eating The "L” Out Of
The subject of our discourse
this week is "grasshoppers”.
The pesky things are raising
cain in the southwestern part of
Lincoln county and the northern
part of Crowley county. The
army is heading to the northwest
and is forty miles long and ten
miles deep. In their advance
the grasshoppers are destroying
virtually all vegetalicn, according
to Scott ' isner, county agent.
he hoppers are advancing at the
rate of one mile a day, the coun
ty agent said.
Agent Wisner received the
first word of the new arrivals
the latter part of last week and
went to the section in the L Sat
urday to combat against the pests
By three o’clock Saturday an
army of 200 men had declared
warfare on the invaders. Three
tons of bran, 300 pounds of ar
senic, 120 dozens of oranges and
120 gullons cf syrup were dished
out to the green devils Saturday
and Sunday. The front iintMn
this county extends over a length
of 25 miles.—Lincoln Co. -Dem.
Central Eastern Colorado
Commissioners Ass’n
Tuesday afternoon of this week
the local Board of County Com
missioners intet in conjunction
with the Commissioners from
Lincoln and Kit Carson counties
for the purpose of perfecting an
organization to he known as the
Central Eastern Colorado Com
missioners Association. On ac
count of heavy rains the evening
before, Kiowa county was not
represented as it was impossible
for them to reach here owing to
the heavy roads.
The meeting was harmonious
in every detail and it was an easy
matter for these gentlemen to
get together on the proper sub
jects for discussion and the as
sociation was completed in short
order. The object of this associ
ation is for the purpose of better
ing the working conditions of
each of the counties by co-opera
tion with one another and in our
opinion is one of the best moves
that could have been made. Mr.
J. W. Shy. of this county was
elected as chairman of the assoc
iation while Mr. G. W. Huntlie,
of the Kit Carson county Board
was elected as secretary.
' At the noon hour the Cheyenne
-county board entertained their
visitors to luncheon at the Royal
Cafe. Those who-Were present:
Jas. L. Peyton, Carr Crossing; C.
M. Emmerson. Hugo; F. C. Kane
ga, Limon; I. D. Messenger,
Stratton; R. R. Lucorc. Arriba;
G. W. Huntlie, Flagler; C. J.
Buchanan and Fred Hallett both
of Burlington; Chas. F. MeffHy,
Pueblo; H. C. Nelson, A. I. John
son, V. H. Johnson, J. W. Shy,
Walter Ramsay, E H. Akerly, C.
A. Brakeman and the writer.
Building New Quarters
New, handsome and perman
ent buildings will adorn Hie Colo
rado State Fair grounds before
the opening of the big show of
1921 on September 26th. The
liiest.ck pavilion will be large
and artistic, it will be in every
particular modern, convenient
and comfortable, it will be roomy
and designed as a show pi ce for
the cattle and horses and will
contain every accomodation for
exhibitors and visitors. This
building is already under way,
the contract having been let to
the lowest of six contracting
firms for approximately $36,000.
Paul Ringsmith came down
from Denver the latter part of
last week and spent several days
here on business.
Geo. Pfalzgraff of Wild Horse,
brought his son, George, Jr.,
down from that place on Sunday
last to the Kauffman hospital
where the young man was oper
ated upon for tonsilitis, referr
ing home with him the fitst of
this aeik;
We extend our thanks to Jerry
Messemer, of the Lincoln County
Democrat,' for the beautiful
bouquet he handed us in the last
issue of his va uable paper and
promise, upon oath, to save him
a nice, juicy drum-stick—rot
Cheyenne Wells now possesses
an institution that in our mind
has been a long time need in our
town. It is in the form of an up
to-date bakery in every respect
where the house wives of our
homes can go and purchase a)
nice fat pie or a nice cake for
lunch and not have to bother
about building a big hot fire in
their I ernes. This bakery will!
in a short time have all their j
machinery hitched up to the j
electric currant and be “hie td■
turn out their work much easier. I
Cheyenne Wells
Takes Two Games
Last Saturday morning the
Sheridan Lake ball team came
over and crossed bats with the
locals that afternoon. The game
was a mighty good one and the
S. L boys tried hard to get away
with the bacon, but at the end of
the ninth inning the score re->d 10
to 8 in favor of Cheyenne Wells.
On Sunday the Towner team
was here and they too, had some
thing tip their sleeve they wanted
to deliver to our boys but when
time was up our boys had suc
ceeded in putting about four
more men over the pan than the
visitors, result G to 10 in favor of
the locals.
The Fourth of July game be
tween Cheyenne Wells and Kit
Carson had to be called off on
account of the rain and will be
played at some future date.
Howard Cheney spent Sunday
at the old homestead.
Wallace Courtney is binding
wheat for John Eahoff.
The heavy ruin of Monday de
layed harvesting a couple of days.
Peter Halde wrought home a
new twelve foot header on Sat
urday. >
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rothmier
were Sunday dinner guests at 0.
B. Frys.
H. L. Boggs was a business
visitor at Cheyenne Wells on
Mrs. Edwin Jordon returned
from her visit with home folks
in Nebraska.
Mrs. C. S. Woodrow and son,
Glen, spent Saturday at the G.
H. Woodrow home.
Geo. Burkins of Schuyler,
Nebraska, visited at the Patter
sen home last Thursday.
The community dinner here on
the Fourth was well attended
and everyone had the usual good
Mrs. Elliot is spending a few
days with her mother at Arena
while John Towner went to Vic
tor for over the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Stranby of Schuy
ler, Nebraska, are here looking
a ter their, wheat. Mrs. Stranby
and children are living at the
Mrs. Harry Suter and children
of Cheyenne, Wyoming are visit
ing with home folks, the Strong
family and with her sister Mrs.
Ben Ross.
The Tom Mansfield family re
turned to Denver on Friday.
Re intended to return for the
harvest on Sunday. He will
work for Mr. McCants.
Mrs. Tom DWver entertained
the Joe Dwyer family the Geo.
Patterson family and the Messrs.
Ed. Crain and John Halde with
ice cream Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John Driscoll
and family drove to Denver Sat
urday to consult with Mrs. Dris
coll’s doctor for her hay fever.
They were accompanied by Mrs.
Angeline Ruck and daughter.
Pearl who will spend the week
First Viewites at Cheyenne
Wells Saturday were: John Pauls,
Ed Crain, Roy/Jerry, John and
Peter Halde, \/Q. L. Mouse), Mr.
and Mrs. JfjA Dwyer, Mrs. Tom
Dwyer, arid daughter, Bernice,
Mrs. Geo. Patterson and children
the Frys, .1. Holtman and
wife and Mr. and Mrs. Leach.
No 16
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trial will convince
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value in ca~h one of your'
dollars if you spend them
r with Thi. ;«
some” but we’re able and
willing to back our word.
We have a large general
stock of everything for
bought with cash and good
This stock has been marked
down— not up. We’ll pay
our war taxes—we'll
rot take them out of
you. Now, make us
eat our words or
prove them
ciirtis & anil
Cheyenne Wells, Colo I
Letter Heads
Or Any Other Job
Give its a
■■■■■■■ —————a mm

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