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Cheyenne wells Record.
VOL. 10
©lie of
Cljpgemu? HtUh
Your Best Interests First
AT THIS BANK, the customer is always
preferred. This is only natural, for
the man who transacts all his business af
fairs here should be in the preferred class
when it comes to receiving the benefits of
the bank’s equipment and personal ser
In putting the customer’s best interests
first, we safeguard our own, — the well
served customer is a loyal customer,
C 1,1 ■ "i
Capital and Surplus $27,5000
Titan Tractors
F. O. B. Cheyenne Wells
| . International Disc Harrows
IRkosier and Kentucky Drill* all sizes and style*
Columbu* and Monarck Farm Truck*
Repair Service on all I. H. C. goods
• Our Stock is Complete
val6re HD\y. co
Can You Deliver Yourl
Wheat? I
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ft, We Will Trade. Ask Us 1
Commissioners Hold An
Interesting Meeting
Commissioners and representa
tives of about eight different east
central counties of this state met
at the court house in Cheyenne
Wells last Saturday afternoon
and completed an organization
that will be known as the “Fifth
Highway District Commissionei s
Association”. This meeting was
called to order by Chairman J.
W. Shy, of the Cheyenne County
Board of Commissioners. The
first thing on the program was
the reading of a letter addressed
to the chairman from the Pres
ident of the State Highway Asso
ciation and was very much ap
preciated by the meeting.
The next important object was
the election of officers and tie
following name gentlemen were
elected by a unanimous vote:
President, Mr. W. H. Bartell, of
El Paso county; Vice President,
Mr. G. W. Huntley; of Kit Car
son, county; Sec’y and Treas , E.
A. Jackson, of El Paso coun.y.
The object of this Association
is for the purpose of real co oper
ation in the work on build ng,
maintaining and the upktepi ig
of our highways throughout this
pirt of the state and we believe
with this good bunch of interest
ed men our roads will surpass
anything on the map.
Those who were in attendance
are as follows: H. R. Stroupe,
W. H. Bartell, W. C. Robinson,
E. a. Jackson, Chat. B. Lansing,
B. A. Briggs and J. B. Fowler
ElPaso county. C. J. Buchanan,
G. W. Huntley, and C. W
Abbott, Kit Carson county. J.
T. Compton, C. M. Emerson, H.
G. Hayward, R. R. Lucore, J. D.
Peyton and F. C. Kenaga, Lin
coln county. W. J. Park and
Jack Wood. Elbert county. F.
J. Wicks, M. Edwards and R.
Quinn, Teller county. J. A.
Crook, R. H. Higgins, M. F.
Lewis, and C. D. Roach Denver,
Colo. A. Seaburg, EdG. Sieden
sticker, H. A. Dsnte, and D. W.
Stewart, Douglas county. Walt
er Ramsay, A. I. Johnson, V. H.
Johnson. I. F. Jones, E. H.
Akerly, Chas. E. Collins, and J.
W. Shy, Cheyenne county.
The next regular meeting of
;he issociation will be held at
Cripple Creek, Teller county, on
Saturday evening, September
3rd. when a big time is promised
all who attend.
State Automobile Law Is
In Effect
No longer can children drive
automobiles on the state high
ways nor can automobile speed
ers drive recklessly over the pub
lic road at a speed in excess of 35
miles per hour. The new motor
vehicle law, passed by the laBt
legislature, became effective on
July 6th and will be enforced
rigidly, according to the state
rangers and others who are en
trusted with the enforcement by
virture of their officers. The
provisions of the law in general
are as follows:
it is unlawful for any person
under the age of 15 years to
operate or drive a motor vehicle
on a state or county highway.
Speed limits: Normal high
ways, 35 miles an hour: mountain
roads, 20 Platted mountain
curves, 12; other curves, 18; on
any grade of 10 per cent or more
15 miles regardless of whether
the driver is going up or down;
on all roads, except curves and
grades specified, 20 miles an
hour when the vehicle weighs
more than 10,000 pounds includ
ing the load.
All motor vehicles must have
dimmers, and search; spot or
other lights shall be turned off
upon the approach of other
vehicles and shall not be turned
on until after the approaching
vehicle is past. It shall not be
necessary, however, to turn off
search or spot lights, if they are
so directed as to prevent their
direct light lrom falling on the
left three-fourths of the road
and at a distance greater than
30 feet in front of the car to
which it is attached.
Except when more practicable
otherwise, ascending vehicles on
mountain roads of 10 per cent
grade or more shall have the
right of way over descending
vehicles. _ _
State To Supervise Road
With the date of the sale of
$2,000,000 worth of state bonds
for highway purposes approach
ing, Att’y Gen’l Keyes has given
an opinion to L. D. Blauvelt,
state highway engineer, holding
that half of this sum which, un
der the provisions of the amend
ment authorising the issuance of
the bonds, will go to the coun
ties, will he handled by the high
way department and not by the
The impression had gone forth
that $1,000,000 would be appor
tioned among the counties ac
cording to the state highway
mileage in each county and that
the cash would be turned over
to the various boards of county
commissioners. Keyes bolds
that the money must be placed
to the credit of the counties and
that it must be expended under
the supervision of the highway
department. In other words the
counties will not receive the
cash.—Lincoln County Dem.
Notes From Old Wells
We are having cloudy weather
in this vicinity.
There will be preaching next
Sunday at Waterville.
Rupert Kennedy is working in
the harvest fields at present.
They are harvesting up at Park
era and John Wullschlegers.
Misses Myrtle and Jewell Ken
nedy was in Cheyenne Wells and
Arapahoe Monday.
Gladys and Gerald Morrelli,
Floyd and Clarence Brannon,
Elmer Warrington, John Fowler,
Annabeth, Elisabeth and Osborn
Suchland enjoyed ice cream at
Kennedy's Sunday.
Lee Thomas, a former Chey
enne Wells boy but who is now
located in Denver, was an arriv
al in our city Monday evening on
a visit to his relatives, Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Thomas and family
also his little daughter who is
making her home here with her
uncle and aunt. Lee is one of
the engineers at the Brown Pal
ace hotel, which position he has
held for several years.
Some of the calico girls have
long been fostering an appetite
for fine silks and when they get
you for the family provider, look
out for your thirty-day statement
John Pauls is hauling grain
for Mr. Hassell.
The John Ekhoff family took a
spin to Hugo Sunday.
Miss Sylvia Driscoll is visiting
at the Geo. Rothmeier home.
Mrs. Towner and son John
-visited at Elliot’s on Sunday.
A large crowd attended the
dance here on Saturday night
Mrs. Geo. Patterson and daugh
ter were Cheyenne Wells callers
on Saturday.
The neighbors sprung a Sur
prise dinner on the John Lowe
family on Sunday.
O. B. Fry and Harold Wood
row were over Sunday visitors
at their homes here.
Archie Stranberry who was a
very sick man last week is some
better at this writing.
Mrs. Angline Ruck and daught
er Pearl returned Sunday even
ing from a fortnights visit at
Mr. and Mrs. Will Richards
and son Harold of south df Kit
Carson transacted business in
our burg on Monday.
Mr. Bt-ffrey, Roy Derry and
Mrs. Lyaia Rainwater were din
ner guests at the G. H. Woodrow
home on Saturday evening.
Messrs. S. P. Butler, S. M.
Lennox and D. W. Freeman from
El Paso, Tex., were week end
guests at the O. B. Fry home.
Although the farmers have
been laboring diligently for over
two weeks there yet remains a
large acreage to wheat to be cut,
Mr. and. Mrs. C. S. Woodrow
and daughter Lucille and Mias
Elizabeth Spencer of Cheyenne
Wells were First View visitors
on Sunday.
The Lewis Hanson family have
the sympathy of their many
friends for the death of their in
fant boy who tarried with them
for less than a week.
Mrs. Wash Smith who has been
the guest of her daughter, Mrs.
G. H. Woodrow went to the
county seat Wednesday for a
visit with her brother aud sisters
there. ______
Fred Goodier has recovered
sufficiently from his recent op
eration to return to his home at
Wild Horse. When Mr. Goodier
entered the Kaufmann hospital
in this city a few weeks ago he
carried with him what you may
term a “death certificate” as he
was in his last stages and hie
case was a serious one. He sub
mitted to an operation and came
through with colors flying high
and Sunday morning he left the
“certificate” with Dr. Kaufmann
and went hocpe practically a
well man. Good luck. Fred.
M. E. Church Notes
“In the battle of life he who looses
Courage and Faith, haa lost all things'*
-The Way side Pulpit.
We are glad to hare Mr. and Mrs.
Straubs and their two girls, June and
Pearly, with us eaeh Sunday. They
are from Schuyler, Nebr We hope
they will deeide to make their perman
ent home in this community.
The Her. Dr. Flneh, of the Anti-
Saloon League, of Colo , came to us
Bunday morning and left Monday,
but he left with us the influence of two
inspiring addresses on “Law Inforce
ment and Soul and Body Healing"
that will hare their influence felt for
much good. He assisted in the or
ganisation of a Law Abiding and In
forcement League, whose purpose it
is to assist the officers of the law and
the courts of justice to rid the com
munity of the law breakers and the ill
effects thereof. $270.45 were pledged
to support this work. That shows no
little concern for an interest in this
clean-up work which appeals to any
and all real Americans.
Next Sunday is to be a day of spec
ial interest as Dr. Henderson, D. S..
will tie with us There will be special
interest in the Wednesday evening
services from now on. If you can
help come, and if you need help, come
also and welcome. The Dr. preaches
at Watervillo at 2:3") p. in. He comes
byway of Burlington auto route.
No 18
$6- 50
Here’s an unusual value;
you can't help but see the
advantage they offer in
quality, style and value.
Try them on
. $6.50
I also do shoe repairing in
a satisfactory way, A
trial will convince
you. •
You'll find 100 per cents |j
value in ea-h one of your |
dollars if you spend ttuafl|
with us. This is “ulU|
some” but we're able,pw
willing to back ouf lffiri
We have * large general
stock of ’’
bought with cash and good*
This stock has been marked
down—not up. Well pay
our war taxes—we’ll
not take them out of
you. Now, make us
eat our words or
prove them
Cheyenne Wells, Col*
Note* From Diatrkt No. 7
Mr. H»rrj Sheeley wee to Dona
over Suadt/.
II, B. Anderson «M 1b Cbagreto
Walla Saturday
Mr. Jobs Snyder. Irvin Rahe to
Joa Float are away harvesting.
Mr. and Mrs. Bair reported a gee
time at the danoa last Saturday a%l
Mr. Olave Sherman, of Alamosa,:
visiting bis parents and sisters hen
Word from Mr. Charlie Wilson I
ports that he is recovering as rapid!
as could be expected.
Cream was quoted at31ote thle Bees
ing at the Farmer's Union station. "
The Ladles Auxiliary to the Aseto
can Legion, will bold a meeting at I
Legion hall on next Tuesday eveato
July 26th. You are urged to come. -
Until further notice, Mrs. Brat
man will give no more photo sltttol
at her studio, but will devote her e
tire time to kodak finishing.
A little squint around -with the eh
vator men Wednesday evening revel
ed the fact that twenty-four ear iOM
of wheat had been shipped out of to
during the past week. Mgr. KelCbi
also informed us that his elevator.w
full, there being about fourteen Cl
loads in it at this time.

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