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Cheyenne Wells Record
VOL. 10
I tElje |3anfe of
(Elypgpttttp Hpllh
There Is No Luck In
Taking A Chance
I |£ YOU WISH to have money ahead with which
I **■ to do things., don’t wait for something to
happen to make you rich. It’s too long a chance, ai d
it doesn’t pay to wait.
The luck that comes to successful men is the result
of their own efforts. They advanced steadily in money
matters through thrift. You can follow the same plan
Start an account for yourself. It’s the one sure way
to advance.
Capital and Surplus $27,5000
■ - -
| Big One Day Reduction Sale on— §
[ Aluminum Wares |
5 Come and get your kitchen needs
l -.--.-T-Tggg at a | ow cost |; I
]2 We also have a large line of Enameled Ware at very j:
,3 attractive prices. Don’t miss this sale, as it will !
§ be the biggest bargain day ever in the city !
| Coal - Lumber 1
I -—Paints I
> Wc Are Headquarters For the Famous 5
8 Moffatt and Harris 2
I Routt County Coal
| Lumber
c Wc cheerfully furnish estimates on all bill of lumber, 5
V Price in line with quality 5
5 Paint Your Buildings With Mountain & Plain 5
f Guaranteed Paints “S“ |j
8 Chas- Eichenberger 8
c The Cheyenne County Lumberman 5
f Otlloo phone Residence phone 17 J
Ford Motor Company
Denver, Colorado
Branch telegraphic reports in
dicate daily retail sales of Ford
■ears and trucks increased fifty
■per cent first' week since price
reduction with corresponding re
duction in dealers’stocks. Mark
ed shortages particularly of the
enclosed type of cars are already
being felt in mßr>y sections Un
filled orders for all types of Ford
cars and trucks are rapidly ac
cumulating as production has not
been increased over vhe regular
tnonthly schedu'e of one hundred
thousand can. sdy.
Ford Me tor Company, Detroit.
How’s your subscription label?
Jas. Goodnight, of Kit Carson,
was a county seat visitor this
A. P. Tone Wilson, has been
in our city this week on court
duty. While here he enrolled
his name on the list of Record
Cbas. E. Collins, from Sorren
to, was is town this week attend
ing tha fall term of the district
In order to keep a record of all
the local happenings of our vicin
ity you should read the Record.
Oklahoma Automobile
Route This Way
Last Thursday evening a party
of about thirty strong, consisting
of the good businessmen from
Holly. Bristol and Sheridan Lake,
stormed in on us for the purpose
of informing the live wires of
this city of a new proposed high
way route that was being estab
lished from Oklahoma City to
Denver and which had already
been routed as far as Holly
These men, having a brotherly
feeling for their sister city to the
north of them (ourtown) decided
to come up here and let us know
all about this route and try and
pursuade our boys to head the
new route this way over our G.
P. C. Highway, of course that is
the only logical route for the new
highway and naturally, it must
come this way.
Help Our High
School Library!
All book3 and back numbers of
magazines donated to the High
School Library, will certainly be
appreciated by the students and
faculty of the C. C. H. S. There
are several vacant shelves in the
library and also in the magazine
stock room. If you have any
books or magazines that will help
out, call Mr. Graves at the High
School. I.
At the livestock sale held at'
the fair grounds on Friday, two
weeks ago, I. F. Jones decided
that he wanted to go into the
nog business (at least that is the
way it looks to us) as he pur
chased about ten head of those <
; fine exhibition hogs. He did not 1
I confine himself to one certain j
breed eyther, for he purchased a
few Duroc- Jerseys, a couple with
the white belt nnd two or three
Chester-Whites. Guess he fig
ured if one didn’t matte good,
the other would—hey, Ike?
F. H. Murdock, a representa
tive from the Matheson coal mine
over in Elbert county, spent the
latter pai t of last week in this
, city on business connected with
his company. The Record force
is quite well acquainted with Mr.
Murdock having made his ac
quaintance o\er in the Arkansas
Valley, nnd as a result we had
the pleasure of enjoying a very
; nice visit—talking about our old
valley friends.
Annual Financial Statement
Of School District No. Six, County of
Cheyenne, State of Colorado, From
June 30. 1920, to July 1, 1921.
Amount on hand June 30, 1920, held
by County Treasurer:
General fund $ 196 53
Special fund 481 00
Received from general fund by
apportionment 1030 05
Ftom special tax for school
purposes 2690 94
Total....$4398 22
For teachers’ salaries 93095 00
For fuel, rent, insurance and
all current expenses 554 07
For interest on reg. warrants. 22 04
For rebate taxes and fr*es 20 51
Total amount paid out during
the year 4398 22
Balance in hands of County
Treasurer to credit of Dist.
General fund 583 19
Special fund 1323 04
Total....91900 83
Balance in hands of County
and Dist. Trees’ as above.. 1900 89
Amount of District warrants
registered and unpaid 1908 77
J. S. Johnson, Sec’y D st No. Six
Arapahoe School Notes
The old booke«,5ire beintr ex
changed for new ones which have
Mrs. A. J. Matley and child
ren spent, the week end in Chey
enne Wells.
The girU and boys organized
their baske’t ball teams last week
The captain of the boys team is
Orvilfa Harmon and the girls
captain is Jessie Williams. The
teams are very good. The first j
game will be with Kit Csrson a 1
week from next Friday.
Harold Kibbee, Earl Williams
and Forest Wheatley were pro- 1
moted from the fourth to the 1
fifth grades.
The Manual Training class is '
fitting up the Domestic Science ,
rooms and the D. S. class will
start cooking in about a week.
Murray Dickson had the mis
fortune to fall and sprain his
ankle badly last week. We hope
he will soon be in school again.
Last Thursday and Friday the
monthly exams were held. In
the future short tests will be
held every two weeks so that the
regular school work will not be
On Friday, September 30th,
the Ladies Circle entertained the
faculty, the school board, the
minister and Mrs. Weir, the
County Superintendent. The
evening was enjoyed by all. Dr.
L M. Dickson showed ability as
a toastmaster. Sandwiches, cof
' fee. punch and fruit were served
The following program was
given by the Arapahoe Debating
Society last Friday afternoon:
Song School
I Reading Fern Hoff
Journalist Newell Harmon
! Read it. g Marguret Arnold
Reading Elbert Leatherwood
Reading Esther Williams
Duet.lvan Ambrosier-Scott Alexander
Reading Ervin Olson
Reading Clifford Kibbee
Funny Story v. Arthur Fritton
Reading Oma James
Critic Earl Baker
Son g School
| The following officers were elected
I for the following month.
President Marguret Arnold
Vice-President. Russell Harmon
Secretary Mary Louise Rheetn
Reporters. .Fern Hoff-Jessie Williams
Journalist Elbert Leatherwood
Critio Ivan Arabrosier
At Journeys End
Wednesd ,v night, September
28th. Mrs. Allie McCown, of
Clinton, Mo., died in this city
very unexpectedly from tuber
culosis. The deceased, in com
pany with her husband and two
or three small children were en
route to Eaton, Colo., where
they expected to join their rela
tives and make their future home
The party were making the trip
over land and had camped for
the evening at the local camping
groun 'a as thousands of others
have done this summer. During
: wee small hours of the morn
ing the all mighty called upon
her to answer well done. Cor
oner Cox, took charge of the re
mains and prepared them for
shipment to Eaton where they
were laid in final resting.
Notes From District No. 7
1 Mr. and Mrs. S W. Bair gave
a dance at their home Saturday
' night.
! Mrs. T. M. Martins is home
j from a visit with her father and
friends at Wakeeney, Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Piatt, of
north t'heyenne Wells, visited at
Riley Hilliards on Sunday
Jewel Spronle. who attended
Hie Waltman school entered H.
S at Pratt, Kansas, this year,
j Geo Hileman and brother will
' entertain their friends next Fri
■ day night with a dance at their
1 , home.
{ Misses Lois and Lucile Katie
and Freda Ware entered High
School at Cheyenne Welle last
i week.
The Mew Home Sunday school
held an all day meeting last Sun
> day. A basket dinner was serv
i ed at noon.
The Freshies are thirty-one
strong this year, and more yet
are coming.
The Cheyenne County High
School has the largest (Enrollment
in the history M/the schoo'.
Thirty-one' Freshnwn are already
enrolled and scleral others are
coming in lateK ' *■
Miss Clara Seymour, a gradu
ate of the class of ’20, is teach
ing branches of the seventh and
eighth grades also modern and
medieval History and English in
the High School at Summerset,
Last week the stores were all
raided for empty boxes used by
the girls in the domestic science
classes. One of the merchants
made the remark that if his full
boxes sold as fast during the
winter us empty ones went last
week, his battle with the "hard
times” was sure won.
A happy crowd of students
crowded into the assembly hall
Wednesday morning for the first
meeting of th • year. Some rous-'
ing yells were given and then
the usual order of exercises was
followed. Sponsors to the class
ee were announced as follows:
Seniors Miss Kob
Juniors Mr. Gravatt
Sophomores... Miss Kenyon
Freshmen....lira. D. M. Corliss
Do not forget the Versatile
Four at the Princess theatre
Tuesday, October 11, these four
young gentlemen will certainly
make a lively evening for any
audience with impersonations and
novelty Btunts. This is the first
number of the lecture course this
season. The lecture course is
entirely different from years past
as the course has been purchased
from an entirely new bureau.
The High School faculty is the
same this year as Inst year with
two exceptions. Miss Florence
Kob and Mr. Gravatt. Miss Kob
is in charge of the Commercial
work and Girls athletics. Miss
Kob is not only prepared for her
work theoretically but practically.
She graduated from Glenwood
High School and later received
her degree at the Denver Univer
sity. She is a member of the
Gamma Phi Beta sorority at the
University. She received her
commercial training at Porks
Business College. While in the
University she was assistant sec
retary to Chanceller Buchtel.
During the war she served as
secretary to the Director of Field
Service of the Red Cross in Wash
ington, D. C. Miss Kob has also
had seven years experience in
physicial training work. Mr.
| Gravatt the new science teacher
and boys atheletic coach comes
to Cheyenne Wells from Walsen
burg, Colorado where he was
science teacher and atheletic
1 coach last year. Mr. Gravatt is
a graduate of Emporia High
School where he received the
highest honors ever awarded to
: a graduate of that institution.
He later took his degree at the
I Kansas State Normal. During
the war he was an instructor in
the Signal Officers Training school
I at Dodge City Iowa.
’ The Senior class was organized
Tuesday afternoon at the class
meeting. Glen Hickey was elec -
■ ed president; Madeline Gregg,
> vice president; Mildred Shy was
I then elected secretary-treasurer.
The class colors are emerald
I' green and gold; the yellow rose
- j being chosen as the class flower.
- { “Tonight we launch, but where I
i do we anchor”, was the class
No 89
At ■
$6“ I
Here's an unusual value; I
you can’t kelp but see the I
advantage they offer in 1
quality, style and value. I
Try them on 1
I also do shoe repairing in
a satisfactory way. A
trial will convince
Are Nearly Here
We are ready to fit
out the boys and gjrls
in everything needed.
Shoes, Shirts, Stockings,
Underwear, Dresres,
Suits, Overalls
Percales and Ginghams for
school dresses
School - - Supplies
Wh.r. Yon Buy . Little More Fee
A Little Lea.
Cheyenne Wells, Colo
motto decided upon by the Sen
iors and their class sponsor, Mies
Kob. The members of the class
are planning .on spending a very
pleasant, as well as a successful
year with their sponsor. Tbs
class this year consists of eleven
members, one more member than
in the class of ’21, and it is ths
great hope of ever<one that*
with swh asplendid school build
ing ancTthe faithful help of tbs
teachers, the Senior class of next
year will be doubled in number. ■
M. E. Church Notes
Services at the M. G church.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. A good
live school and you are urged to
attend. Preaching service at 11
a m. Subject, Devoted attache
ment to the church. Junior
League 3 p. m. Let all the child
ren cone. Epworth League 6:4S
a good attendance last Sunday
night, let all the young peopko
rally. Preaching service at 7:99
subject. The Leprosy. The pot>-
lic is invited to all these services
M. P. Dixon, PaeMr

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