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Cheyenne Wells Record
VOL. 10
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(Himutur HlrlUt
Save For A Purpose
CAVING MONEY is worth while, for it
makes every day profitable to you.
But first of all have an object for saving—
sot a goal for yourself. You have an am
bition—an education, a home of your own,
capital to start in business or for invest
! Start saving with a definate goal. Your
; savings will grow when you have a plan.
Then, too, as you go along, the compound
interest earned on your money will help
you reach your ambition in a shorter time.
I • 1
.55=- Capital and Surplus $27,5000
Stop! Look! Listen!
What’s the Lates? j
WHERE? Valore Hardware Co :■
WHEN? October 24, 1921
WHY? Better Prices to You AWo Service §
Your Patronage Earnestly Solicited §
and Appreciated At All Times. jj
Tell the Other Fellow! 8
Coal - Lumber 1—
Paints— 1
Wc Arc Headquarters For the Famous g
Moffatt and Harris O
Routt County Coal |
Wc cheerfully furnish estimates on all bill of lumber, O
Price in line with quality K
Paint Your Buildings With Mountain & Plain g
Guaranteed Paints -j- 8
Chas. Eichenberger 8
The Cheyenne County Lumberman o
Ofllce phone Residence phone 17 g
County Sunday School
Workers Meet
One of the best conventions
since the organization of the
County Sunday school Association
in November 1910, was held at
Arapahoe on Saturday and Sun
d iv, October 15th, and Id Arapa
hoe is to be congratub t d on the
all-pull-together spirit of the
o it which showed so plainly in
the enteitdnment given her out
side guests.
On Sunday afternoon the chap
el where the sessions of the con
vention Wre held, was more
than fu 1, while nearly half a
hundred children were entertain
ed by Madams Girdley, Johnstone
and Leatherwood over in the
new church building which is at
present used as a school room.
Clarence N. Wright head of the
young people’s work of the
state Was the representative of j
the state office present. Mr. 1
Wright and the local ministers
not only aimed at a mark but hit
it many times in their helpful
and suggestive talks.
• | The convention accepts an in
vitation from Kit Carson to me<*t
I there next year. Our sister town
will have to be on the alert if
' she is to attain the standard set
i by Arapahoe
! The following officers were
i elected for tile coming year
! President, J. W. Adams, Chey
! enne Wells; Vice Pres. J. A. Jenk
ins, Cheyenne Wells; Sec’y and
Treas. El en Norton Adams, \
rapahoe; Supt. chidrens divi
sion. Mrs. T. S. Johnstone, Chey
enne Wells; Supt. Young Peoples
division. J. W. Towner, Arena; ,
Supt. Adults division. H. Hilder- 1
brand, Arapahoe; State Director,
J. W. Adams. j
In order that we may make
the needful reports to the state
office will every Sunday school in
the county please send to the
county secretary before October
27th, the following information? .
Name of Superintendent, total ,
enrollment ot the school, amount i 1
of pledge to County Association;
the schools represented at the
convention made their pledges on
the bases of ten cents per mem- i
ber If these pledges are paid
paid before January Ist, 1922 the
county will be able to retain its
gold crown banner for another i
year. Let’s keep it. It is up to
each individual member of every
school in the county.
Bring Your School Children To
; the Commercial hotel where Dr. -
:K. C. Sapero, ihe well known
: eye, ear, nose and throat special
! ist. will examine their eyes and
yours, free of charge on Wed
nesday, November 2nd.
C. E. Eccles, of the Consolidat
ed Mortgage Companys office, of
: Denver, was in our city the latter
part of last week on business
I S. S. Wells went out toLexing-
I ton, Nebr., one day last week to
' meet Mrs. Wells and bring her i
! home with him. Mrs Wells has i
i been in Nebraska for the past 1
month looking after some busi
ness matters. They returned
home the first of the week.
Mrs. C. L. Etter, of First View,
gave a big dinner at her home
last Sunday afternoon in honor
of her father, Mr. D. W. Hart,
who had reached his seventieth
birthday. his "young man”
was a pleasant caller at this office
last Saturday and advanced his
subsciiption ahead for another
fifty-two weeks. These young
folks are holding down a home
stead south and west of First.
View, coming here from Neb
raska about two years ago. The
Record office extends its best
wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Hart and
hope they live to a ripe old age.
V. H. Johnson is in Denver
this week on business matters.
Ray Higenbot: am is visiting
with the home folks in Nebraska
Keep tl.e home "fires burning
this winter. The eoa! man needs
the money.
A discount will be given on all
hats in stock for ten days. Mrs.
Eva Herrick,
Don’t forget the big dance
next Saturday night at the I. O.
O. F. hall good music and good
t.imp assured all.
"’’he schools have closed for
the balance of the week while
the teachers are all in Denver
attening the institute.
Next Sunday October 23rd, at
10:30 a. m. Divine services will
be held in the school building of
Cheyenne Wells. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all.
| The farmers of the Eads com
munity met some time ago and
agreed to pay corn shuckers three
cents per bushel for shucking
corn this fall. All the farmers
at the meeting pledged them
selves to stand by this price.—
Brandon News.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Nelsin,
of Wild Horse, were in Cheyenne
Wells on Monday, coming down
from their home to get their
daughter, Evelyn, who has been
in the local hospital for the past
two weeks where she underwent
an operation for appendicitis.
Carl Peterson, who was com
mitted to the asylum some time
ago made good his “get away”
the latter part of last week and
came home. He called at Art
Browns hotel for shelter. When
question as to his returning, he
simply replied “he was tired of
that place”. An officer arrived
here this week and took him back
Record Ads Are Read
Had a letter from one of our
subscribers this week and among
other things has the following
to say:
“Just leturned from our honey
moon and were glad to see tl.e
Record of September 29th and
October 6th waiting for us. W ish
to thank you for the congratula
tions and good wishes. Your
paper is certainly very newsy
and enjoy reading it very much,
look over the ads and see what
the business men are doing as
that is still of interest to me even
though lam not there. Wishing
you the best of luck and hoping
you will continue with the good
news. ’’ Yours very truly, Emil
P. Schumm.
Franklin E. Brooke
President of a good roads or
ganization has the following to
say: "The first and moat diffi
cult milestone in the establish
ment of a great highway from
Kansas City to Denver following
the old historic U. P. trail has
been passed. Now comes the
task of conserving the time, ef
fort and money invested in the
ire motion stage of the project,
and insuring that the benefits
shall be lasting and cumulative,
through a permanent highway
organization which shall estab
listf service bureaus and keep the
road maintained, weil marked
and well advertised.
An organization meeting has
therefore been called at Hays,
Kansas, Friday, October 21st,
fur the purpose of adopting by
laws and electing officers. It is
essential that each county be
well represented and lend coun
sel to the deliberations that yue
may make wise decisions and in
sure the success of this road.
The meeting will bo held at 3
o’clock in the city hall at Hays.
Proceeding of the Board, of
County Commissioners
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado,
September 20th, 1921
Hoard of County Commissioners of
Cheyenne County, Colorado met as
per adjournment with the following
members present:—J. W. Shy, Chair
man. Waller Ramsay Commission r.
Session oj>ened as a Hoard of Equal
ization to bear complaints from those
who were dissatisfied with their as
sessments, but there bein no claims
presented, the following order of busi
ness was tuken up and .disposed of
The application of the t'hevenne
County Fair Association for a license
to conduct Boximr and Sparring ex
hihitions at what is known as the
j White City Hall, located on a portion
of tl»e northeast quarter of Section 21
j Township 14, Range 44, and a lease
iof said premises to the said heyenne
I County Fair Association, -ccompany-
I in# said application together with the
j license fee of SIOOO.OO as provided by
the Statues, being on file with the
County Clerk, and presented to the
Board, the following resolution was
offered and adopted that,
WHEREAS, The Cheyenne County
Fair Association having ful y compli
ed with the provisions of Section 17H5,
Revised Statues of 1908, of the State
of Colorado,
RE IT RESOLVED, That the license
be granted.
Mr. C. D. Vorls, representative of
the Union Pacific Railroad Company, i
being present, the resolution relative !
to the agreement for the construct'on
of a Public Crossing on the section
line between sections 19 and 20, Town
ship 14, Range 44, was adopted and
duly signed by the Board.
WHEREUPON, Adjournment was
taken until nine o'clock A. M. Sept
ember, 21st, 1921.
Attest: E. H. Akerly, Clerk.
(.heyenne Wells, Colorado
September, 21st 1021.
Board of County Commissioners of
Cheyenne County, Colorado, met per
suant to adjournment with the follow
ing members present:—J. W. Shy,
Chairman, Walter Ramsay, Commis
sioner, A. I. Johnson, Vice-Chairman
Board convened as a board of Equal
ization, but no claims being presented
the following business was taken up
and disposed of.
A resolution authorizing thu appro
priation of One Thousand (SIOOO 00)
Dollars from the Ordinary Revenne
Fund, infavorof the Cheyenne County
Fair Association, was offered and
unanimously carried
WHEREUPON adjournment was
taken until October, 3rd, A. D. 1921.
Attest: E. H. Akerly, Clerk.
Cheyenne Wells, Colo.,
October 3d, 192!
Board of County Commissioners of
Chevenne County, Colorado, met In
regular session as per adjournment
with the following members present:—
J. W. Shy, fChairman, Walter Ram*
say, Commissioner. The day was
spent in auditing bills, and attending
to.various matters of correspondence.
- WHEREUPON, adjournment was
taken until nine o'clock A. M. October
4th, 1921.
Attest E. H. Akerly, Clerk
Cheyenne Wells. Colorado
October 4th, 19 1.
Board of County Commissioners
met as per adjournment with the
following members present:—J. W.
Shy Chairman, A. I. Johnson, Vice-
Chairman. Walter Ramsay, Commis
sioner. Minutes of previous meetings
read and approved. The monthly re
port of the County Sheriff for the
month of September, was audited and
Road petition of Dave A. Derby et
el, praying for the opening of a public
road upon the following route; Com
mencing at the northeast corner of
Section 17. Township 13, Range 48'
and running in an easterly direction
for a distance of approximately Ave
miles to the northeast corner of Sec
tion 18, Township 13. Range 47, and
connecting with the Mount Pearl and
Arena road, was presented and laid
over for investigation.
Road petition of Charles Cloutman
et-a’., was again presented, approved
and the following named persons ap
pointed as viewers, Fred K Her, Chas.
Clelland and Ira Wombles. View to
be made October 19th. 1921.
Road viewers report on the pe ition
of S. J. Adams et-al. was again pre
sen ted, approved and the following
resolution offered and adopt d and
WHEREAS, said report having
been returned corrected, and the c« st
'of opening said route appears to be
! fairly estima'ed,
| BE IT RESOLVED, that the report
' be accepted and the route designated
, there in be the same is hereby declared
; a public highway towit: Commencing
No : 1
at the northeaHt <•< rner of Section V;
Township 18, Range 43, and runntMf
from thence in a southerly direction
for a distance of approximately At*
miles to the southeast corner of Sec
tion 34,"’Township 10, Range 43, to
County line.
A motion made and ancl
unanimously curried tliat county aid
u* o-e iv. A. t ully, be disconii; uetS
from this date.
The butcher bond of W. J. Richard*
o» Kit Carson, was p-esented, examin
ed and approved and ordered tiled for
A resolution offered and unummotna
ly adopt'd that from this on no furth
er aid will b extended to Mrs. Ni?«
A. Anderson without direct oid e*
from the Board of County i'ommto*
. oad petition of G. W. Hauptmdia
et-aT praying for the oi>ent;i£ of
uublic highway upon the following
route, to-wii: t;ommencing at *isa
northeast corner of Section 8, town
ship 13, range 44, thence running in'%
westerly direction on the section l:n*s
for a distance of approximately si»
miles to the northeast corner of Sec
tion 8, township 13, range 45, thenem
in a northerly direction for adistancm
of approximately 3 miles to the north
east corner of Section 21), township 12,
range 45, thence in a westerly directfom
for a distance of approximately four
miles to the nortiieast corner of Sew*
lion 27, township 12, range 47, wmm
presented, approved and laid over for
I thirty days as provided by law.
| ’i he following claims against tbm
county were audited and warrants
drawn upon the various funds In pay
ment of the same:
J. W. Shy, Com. sal and exp. .9 00 34
A. I. Johnson * * .. 2 (VI
Walter Ramsay * 1 .. 68 80
Bertha Yore, dep Assessor stl. 90 oth
W. E Yore, Assessors salary. 15'» Oh
R. A. Pfost, Treat, sal & p’ge. 150 Oh
Ester Weir, tel’gma, ml’ge “ 512 ft
Art Brown Sheriffs expenses.. 147 4ft
Town of Cheyenne Wells, light
water 29 4ft
State Compensation Ins. Fund
premiums 132 3ft
C. F. Hoeckel, B. R. Litho Co
Office supplies 32 9ft
Indianapolis Blue Print G 0....
map material 0 3ft
Chas Eichenberger, material... 2ft
Out West Printing Sc Stat’y Co
Legal blanks 29 'ft
W. F. Williams, freight on cots 12ft
E. H Akeri.v, box rent, post'ge
and map 9 3ft
Elizabeth S|>encer, salary as
assistant to County Junge... 75 Oft
E H. Akerly, Clerks salary... 150 oft
Hildred Plessinger, salary as
assistant to County Supt..... 75 Oft
B* mice Plessinger, dep treas.. Of* Oft
Art Brown, Sheriff salary 150 oft
Ester Weir, < ounty Supt sal... 125’0ft
W J. McGinty. Janitor ft laun 128 Bft
Mattie Trimble, Dep Clk St R’d 12511 ft
Florence'Owens, Ass’t to Cl'k 90 oft
Chey Co. Tel Co. Phone rent.. 39 Oft
H. C Nelson, Clk Dist court... 80 Oft
G. K. Gw* hmey, Co printing.. 1000 ft
Cheyenne Countv Fair Ass'n..
prem on exhibits, live stock.. 9880 ft
Cheyenne County Fair Ass'n..
Appropriation 1000 Oft
V. H. Johnson, legal ser 3e qtr 125 (ft
V. H. Johnson, Judges salary. 100 Oft
J O Ramsay, grading sad Ailing 119 Ift
▲ 1 Johnson, expense supervising
road work € Oft
Waller Ramsay, same 3 2ft
J W Bhy, same 21 Ift
James Bunker, labor on tt11u.... 24 9ft
Ckss A Wilson - "...18 4ft
Harley Olaon *' M .... 13 2ft
GuyFChaa# " " 49 Aft
J *e Iverson " " .... 13 2ft
Valor* Hd* Co., mach. aupplles 2 Ift
Advance Const’ Co. f reeno 25 Oft
Harris Motor Go* lubricating oil 10 4ft
Quinn A McGill Supply Co.,
truck repairs AMI
R B Nyr, Grading 29 2ft
U F Starr, land purchase 275 Oft
Lyman Waltmai, labor on A115... 14 Aft
Art Staneoury, dragging and Ai
ling 57 OR
Henry Kueel, labor 31 3ft
M F Gorman " 84 sft
II VV Moore St Co. road t 0015.... 13 4V
W D Coe, re-gradiog 43 IS
Same •• 01 7ft
J J Siebert •* 01 7ft
Same ** 43 Jft
W D Coe. repairing truck 6 GO
A C LaSalle, repairing .... 7 Sft
Hardman Lbr. Co., material for
machinery 1 fift
Chas G Beeler, moving fence
I om right of way 50 Oft
E H Akerly, frcght paid 42 SR
M C Owe •«, labor 54 99
Chan O Beeler, labor ?o fills .... 17 Ift
John Wyant •* 12 Ift.
F 1 Boyne k •* 00 ft
W O Walker •• 24 Ift
Joe Dwyer “ 7ft
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