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lone Thing To Be
1 Thankful For f
| 86968886368686888688068686 |
i That you men know 1
lof one place at least, J n ml I
1 where you are sure njg|| fj, 1
I you can buy a suit A 191 a
1 with the correct style |
I and fit in -
““ I C—yri»U«4*. K hC— [jj
1 Huppenheimer Good Gothes
1 $14.50 to $57.50 1
Sg Over.- hoe* for aU the family at the very lowest prices. Compare our prices, a
® Work shoes 100 per cent leather $2.25 and up. Work socks best grade, two |
pairs 25 Cts. Mackinaws from $4.00 up, all wool and all sizes from four years S
88 to 48 sizes. Overalls very best grade no better $1.45. Cotton gloves $1.50 doz S
g L. GUTHRIE, Mgr. 8j
w Cheyenne Wells - - Burlington - - - Limon <2
sg Colorado ffi
Public Trustee’s Sale
WHEREAS. Louis H. Millar and Nelli* Millar,
his wifa. whose address ia Arapahoa. Colotado.
grantors by their Trust Dead, dated November 11th.
1990. and recorded Nov 26th. 1920. in the office of
th* Hark and Recorder, of Cheyenne County. Colo
rado. In Book 68. at Page 878, of th* Records of
said County, conveyed to th* Public Trustee of said
County, the following land in said County, to-wit:
The North Half (N4> and the North Half of th*
Soutn East Quarter (N>< of SEH> of Section Two
(9) In Township Number Thirteen </6). South of
Rang* Number Forty-two (48). West of the Surth
Principal Meridian containing four hundred (400)
•ores, more or less, in trust to secure th* pay
ment of two principal notes of even date with
•aid Trust Deed for 84.2*0.00 and 14 000 00 ro
spectfully. payable to the order of Georg* Kkxks,
The note for 64.980.00 due seven years after date
and the note for 84.000.00 due on or before ten
rears after date wth interest thereon from date at
Om rate el SU and ooe-hatf per cent, per annum
gayabie annually.
AND WHEREAS, default has Am made by the
weM gmnteruin said Trust Deed in tho porformane*
gf the covenants and conditions imposed upon them
Apthe terms of said Trust Deed In this. »o-wit:
Ihat said grantors hate flailed to pay the annual
Interest duo on the said principal note on
Pevemberll. IBSI.
AND WHEREAS. The legal balder af tho indebt
giasss represented by esid note has fltsd with said
Public Trustee nottse and demand in writiag. da
alaring said deflault and eieoting to declare the
Whole debt represented by said notes end interest
thereon to dete ef sale duo and payable and dr
mending die sale of mid land aoder said Trust
NOW THEREFORE. Public Notice is hereby
given that, pursuant to said notice, election and dr
mend, and under and by virtue of the. authority
vested in me by said Trust Deed and the law. L R-
A. Pfost Publio Trustee of said Cheyenne County.
wiU sell th* abovo described land for cash, at public
auction to th* highest bidder, at th* South front
door of the County Court House, at Cheyenne Walls,
in the County of Cneyenne. end State of Colorado,
on Monday, the Nineteenth day of December. A. D.
1991. at 10 oxloek in th* forenoon for the purpose
of paring said note, interest to date of sale,
and the expense of this sale, end will give to the
purchaser thereof a certificate of purchase therefor
as provided by law.
Dated November 16, 1921.
Public Trustee of Cheyenne County.
First odblication Nov. 17.1921.
Last publication Deo 18. 1991.
Notice of Final Settlement
Estate of Ocorar* Mayfield. Deceased.
Notie* ia hereby given that on th* 19th day of
December. A. D. 1921, the undersigned will pre
sent to the County Court, of Cheyenne County.
Colorado, hie aceounta for Anal settlement of ad
ministration of aaid estate, when and where all
persons in interest may appear and object to
them, if they ao desire.
Administrator, Estate ef George Mayfield
Mot. 84-41
Uatvwity M«dfa»l School 0.20000 *
Total 4.3&000 *
The road petition of Paul Meier and
others, praying for the opening of a
public road upon the following route:
Commencing at the northeast corner
of section 17, twp 15, range 48, and
running from thence in an easterly
direction for a distance of approxi
raately six miles to the northeast corn
er of section 17, twp 15, range 47, and
from thence in a southerly direction
for a distance of approximately a dis
lance of one mile to the northeast
corner of section 2C, twp 16, range 47,
and from thence in an easterly direc
tion for approximately a distance of
two miles to the northeast corner of
section 22, twp 15, range 47, and from
thence in a southerly direction for a
distance of approximately one mile to
the northeast corner of section 21, twp
16, range 41, was presented and laid
over tor thirty days as required by
The following claims against the
county wore audited and warrant#
drawn in payment of the same.
George Gorman, Juror's Fees. .1 9 16
G. L. Coe 4 .... 960
Ben Brown 1 .... 10 50
R H. Collins * .... 6 25
J.W. Adams * .... 7 65
Henry Kusel 1 .... 8 25
M. L. George * .... 9 40
C. G. Fox * .... 9 40
Dan Barnes * .... 9 75
H. B. Loomis * .... 930
L. L. Grojean 4 .... 12 85
Joe Liesen 4 .... 13 00
Harve Hale 4 .... 12 00
Howard Cheney 4 .... 7 65
P. Halde 4 .... 9 00
Abe Jackson * .... 10 50
J. E. Goodnight * .... 11 25
Gus Benson * .... 13 00
James Bunker 1 .... 14 25
Matt Becker 4 .... 14 40
Ed Kennenberg * .... 13 50
G. C. Calvert ....10 60
Clark Wright 4 .... 9 25
C. A. Brakeman, Justice fees... 860
Joe Dwyer, installing culverts..llo CH
V. H. Johnson, expenses attend
ing Castle Rock meeting 25 00
Tom Dwyer, repairing washout
Dieckman bridge 83 48
Joe Dwyer, labor on fills (back
pay) 19 30
Joe Dwyer, culverts and fills... 60 00,
Elden Platner, Unloading bridge
material 6 30
V. H. Johnson, t’onnty Judges
salary for October 100 00
Ester B Weir, County Superin
tendent of School salary 125 00
Ester 3. Weir, mileage for Oct
ober 52 95
Whereupon, abjournroent was taken
until December 6th, 1921
Attest: E. H. AKERLY, Clerk
Lost:—A brown Fox fur between
Arapahoe and Cheyenne Wells
Return to this office. 36-lt
The Boosters class of the 11. E.
church invites you to join them
Sunday dt 10 a. m. The hustlers
will have charge of the opening
exereiaea. There will be a
special number every Sunday
morning, staying away means you
will miss something worth while.
The Record has a perfect right
to express thanks on this day and
it goes to the »•<»rson of Dr. Kauff
man for the dandy Thanksgiving
turkey which he kindly presented
us Accept our thanks doctor.
Thus our paper goes to press one
day early.
The Cheyenne County Scale
have issued calendars to their
customers this week.
Just received a new stock of
Mid-Winter Millinery and Dress
Trimming Mrs Eva Herrick
F«d Is About a. Important aa Breed
in Creating Mora Highly
Developed Animal.
Feed, as a source of development, Is
about as Important as breed, not lu
creating Impossibilities, but In better
ing the possible; so thnt the heifer
If well bred, If well and properly fed
and with dlscrlmlninatlng Judgment
will be a more highly developed cow
No. 103 East Mail 1:11 a n ‘
No. 7:2U ° B
No • S:ltoam
No. 104 2:03 p n
No. u: i a p
No. 10? Mail.... . - : s|i)Op^> 1
Public Trustee’s Sale
WHEREAS. Claude U Shrln.r whose addross Is
Arapahoe. Colorado, srantor by his Trust Oecd.
dated May 20th, 1916. and recorded in the omce 01
the d.rk and Recorder ol Cheyenne County. Colo
rado. in Book 40. at P«ce 110. cl the records ol
said County, conveyed to the Public Trustee of sai
County the following land in said County, to-wi .
The North West Quarter (NW‘*) of Section 19. in
Township 19. S.. of Range 42 W. of 6th P. M.. in
t.ust to secure the payment of one principal J] 0 *!
of even date with said Trust Deed for $400.0*
payable to the o der Viggo H. Johnson, one year
after date with interest thereon from date at the rate
of Ten per cent per annum payable annually.
AND WHEREAS. Default has been made by the
said grantor in said Trust Deed in the performance
of the covenants and conditions Imposed upon him
by the terms of said Trust Deed in this, tc*w t.
Tnat said grantor has failed to pay said principal
note when due and has failed to pay the ' ntar «‘‘
due on said principal note from May 20th. 19
AND WHEREAS. The legal holder of the indebt
edness represented by said note has filed with said
Public Trustee notice and demand in writing, de
claring said default and electing to declare the
whole debt represented by said note and interest
theroon to date of sale due and payable, and de
manding the *ale of said land under said Trust
NOW. THEREFORE. Public Notice is hereby
given that, pursuant to said notice, election and
demand, and under and by virtue of the authority
vested in me by said Trust Deed and the iaw. 1. R.
A. Pfost. Public Trustee of said Cheyenne County,
will sell the above described land for cash, at public
auction, to the highest bidder at the Soutli front
door of the County Court House, in Cheyenne Wells
in the County of Cheyenne, and State of Colorado,
on Monday, the 28th day of Nov.. A D. 1921. at
ten o’clock in the forenoon for the purpose of pay
ing said notes, interest to date of sele fees and ex
penses of this sale, and will give to the purchaser
thereof a certificate of purchase therefor as pro
vided by law.
Dated October 25th. 1921.
Public Trustee of Cheyenne County, Colorado
First publication Oct 27. 1921.
Last publication Nov. 24. 1921-
V. H Johnson. Attorney For Beneficiary
Sheriff's Sale
By virtue cf a special writ of execution issued
out of the Clerk’s office of the District Court of
Chenenne County end State of Colorado, and to me
directed, whereby lam commended to make the
sum of Six Hundred Fifteen Dollars. (615.00) and
costs of suit, the amcur.t of a certain Judgment
recently obtained against Henry Stark, in favor cf
Ed A. Johnson, out ol the lands, tenements, goods
and chattel is of the said Henry Stark. I have levied
on the following property, towit:
Section 9. in Twp. 1 3. Sof R. 46. W.. in Chey
enne Couuty. Colorado.
THEREFORE, according to said command. !
shall expose for sale, at Public Auction, all the
right, title and Interest of the above named Henry
Stark, in and to the above described property, on
Monday, the 28th day of November. 1921, at ten
o'clock A. M. at the Front door of the County Court
House. In Cheyenne Welis, Colorado.
Dated at Cheyenne Wells this 27th day of Octo
ber. 1921.
Sheriff of Cheyenne County
V. H. JOHNSON. Attorney
First pub Nov 3rd. *2l
Last pub Nov 24th. *2l 4t
Coming To
Burlington & Limon
A Specialist, Not in Name Only, But
by Experience of Almost A
Quarter of a Century
Will give free consultation on Wed
nesday, Nov. 30th, in Burlington at
the Montezuma Hotel. Tuuksday.
Dec. Ist. in Limon, at the Litnon
Hotel, from 10 a. in. to 5 p. m.
nv Cmm lh« MiU. to 3m Hum
Dr. Doran li a regular graduate la
medtelae and surgery and I. licensed
by the State ol Colorado. He visits
professionally the more Important
town* and eitlea and offers to all who
sail on thie trip consultation and ex
amination free, except the expenae of
treatment when deelred.
According to his method of coming '
to your nearest city to see patients he
gives all the sick people an opporlun
ity to obtain the best that medical sci
ence can offer right at homo. He does
not operate for chronic appendicitis,
gall stones, ulcers of stomach, tonsils
or adenoids.
He has to his credit many wonderful
results In diseases oi tliestamach, liver
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, kidney,
heart, bladder, bed wetting, catarrh,
leg ulcers and rectal ailments.
Tfjou have been ailing for any
length of time and do not get any bet
ter, do not fail to call, as improper
measures rather than disense are very
often the cause of your long standing
trouble. R
Remember above date, that oxamin
ation on this trip wil] he free and that
his treatment is different.
Married ladies must come with their
parents^ 8 ' an<l ehUd " n thch '
Address: Medical Laboratory „f
Dr. Doran, 335-338 Boston Block,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Rialto Theatre
. Programs Worth While .
Constance Talmadge in “Dangerous Business"
Another one of -Connies” comedy dramas that you can’t keep lroo .
Added:—Two reel Toonerville comedy «■(
Enid Bennett in “Hairpins’*
She had tried so hard to be a good wife, but with a husband liho bn, .
plan didn’t work. Oh, Uoyl You’ll say her now plan worked, a
things in married life not told the family next door. *"*1«
Added:— -Wedding Hells Out of Tune”, a two reel comedy.
Buster Keaton in “The Saphead’*
A seven reel comedy drama—heavy on the COMEDY. Just one stateaim L
regal'd to this picture and that is: It is as funny, if not the funnieitnuJ
you ever saw. If you miss this one you miss one of the best of the
Remember, seven reel# of nothing but laughs.
Wm. S. Hart in “Sand”
A picture of the west, made as Hart wanted It, of the west as Hsrt kaon t
and acted os Hart likes to act. The stirring tale of a man, a maid, a sba
pony and a robber band in the great southwest. ’ ***
Added:—One reel of pictures of "Travels in Foreign Countries”
NOTICE: The above program is worth the money, but as a special ind
ment we are going to make a special mid-week price, thcrefonfc
price of admission on this Wm. S. Hart picture and the oh m
of travel pictures will be:
Children 10 Cents
Adults 2d Cents
firing the wife and kiddies and tell the neighbors about this siwcial mid.**
price on a program worth more.
Coming- Dec. 4, Wallace Reid in “Always Audacious”
Dec", Hany Carey in "The Wallop”
No Shows on Tuesday and Friday Nights
I am prepared to do hualing of any
Any thing that can be hauled by TRUCK
Call Hollenbaugh Bros Garage, or Harris Motor Co
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado:
I Are You 9
|| GUILTTY •11
A FARMER carrying an express package
aS from a big mail-order house was accosted
by a local dealer,
tB “Why didn’t you buy that bill of goods from
tB me? I could have Baved you the express, and be-
B >des you would have been patronizing a home jj
ffi store, which helps pay the taxes and builds up R
9B this particular locality.” 5
m The farmer looked at the dcsler a moment and a
80 then replied: »
cB “Why don’t you patronize your home news- 1
paper and advertise? I reed it and didn’t know 9
8$ that you handled the goods I have here.” I
i hollenbaugh brothers
Agents For

Dodge Bro’s Motor Cars

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