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Cheyenne Wells Record
mti. h>
{C of
(Hljpgenn? Hells
Save For A Purpose
CAVING MONEY is worth while, for it
~ makes every day profitable to you.
But first of all have an object for saving—
set a goal for yourself. You have an am
bition—an education, a home of your own,
capital to start in business or for invest
Start saving with a definate goal. Your
savings will grow when you have a Dlan.
Then, too, as you go along, the compound
interest earned on your money will help
you reach your ambition in a shorter time.
Capital and Surplus $27,5000
Coal - Lumber
j -Paints 1
We Are Headquarters For the Famous !
Moffatt and Harris ]
Routt County Coal
We cheerfully furnish estimates on all bill of lumber, i
Price in line with quality ]
Paint Your Buildings With Mountain & Plain ;
Guaranteed Paints
Chas- Eichenberger
The Cheyenne County Lumberman
Ottice phone 29 Residence phone 17 j
m -m; ,BE
i Effective Immediately t
$830.00 Now Buys A
10-20 TITAN I
| F. O. B. Cheyenne Wells, Colorado ||
! TO EVERY FARMER, a three-bottom P. I
1 r ißv &O. 12 inch plow with every Tractor [
I purchased for delivery on or before MAY Ist, 1922; or •
1 if better suited, we will give an 8 foot tractor disc harrow |
I We are fully prepared to give our customers good |
1 field services and have on hand a complete stock o
Repairs For I. H. C. Made Tools II
i Valore Hardware Company g
. IL—.
Old Timer Gone
This community was complete
■y shocited last Sunday evening
when me news was spread that
Mr. •TDeophile Trahan had passed
away at the Kaufmann hospital
•> here he had gone the day be
■ ore to be operated upon tor ap
Mr. Trahan had been ailing for
several months from his trouble
but would never give up that he
nad to be operated on to be re
lieved of his pains and troubles
until it was too late. Mr. Trahan
nad been in the hospital at sever
al different occasions taking
medical treatment and each time
l.e was asked to remain and have
the work done up in the right
way. Just a week ago he was
entered into the institution for
treatment and a couple of days
later returned to his home telling
the superintendent at the hospit
al that he would return the next
, day. It was while he was at
nome this time that he was taken
down with a severe attack ai d
had to be brought in for aid, but
he had waited too long, his ap
pendix had bunded and his hopes
tor recovery after the operation
were one in a hundred.
Mr. Trahan has been a resident
ol mis county for the past fifteen
years and was well and favorably
known here by all and has a
host of friends who join at this
'time in extending their heartfelt
I sympathy to the sorrowing
I widow and children in their sad
I loss
1 f uneral services were conduct
ed trnm the Catholic church last
Tuesday morning at 10:30 and
the remains were laid to rest in
the Cheyenne Wells cemetery.
Grabbed Another Victory
Last Friday evening at the
White City hall the Cheyenne
County High School basketeers
met the strong High School team
Itrom Burlington in one of the
fastest games ever played on the
court The C. C. H. 8. champs
p ayed rings around their visitors
from start to finish and held the
lead to the end The score stood
twenty-nine to twenty-four in
favor of the champs.
Mr. and Mrs. John Burke, re
turned home from Coorado
Springs on Monday after having
spent the past two months in the
millionaire city on account of
Mrs Burke’s health, whom we
have the pleasure of stating has
recovered her usual good healty
and is again feeling fine.
Editor, Arthur Wilson of the
Burlington Call, was a Cheyenne
! Wells visitor on Saturday last and
while in our city made this office
a fraternal call
County Commissioners Proceedings
Cheyenne Wei In. Colorado
February 7tb, 1022
Boar I of County Commifliioners of Cheyenne County, Colorado, met in reg
ular session as per adjournment with following members pre-ent:
Walter Raiuaay. Chairman,
Anton I. Johnson, Commissioner,
J. W. Shy
Present also E. H. Akerly, Clerk.
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. The forenoon was spent
in looking over bills and attending to various matters of correspondence,
in the afternoon the Board drove to the Pant Meier proposed road and
made viow ol same.
Whereupon adjournment was taken until nine o'clock a. hi., Februar. Bih.
Attest E. H. A'.early. Clerk.
Cheyenne Welle, Colorado.
February Btb, 1022.
Board of County Commi6Bione*s of Cheyenne County, Colorado, met as per
adjournment with all member? present.
A list of one hundred names was drawn from the resident taxpayers of
the three commii-sioner districts of the countv as being eligible for jury service
for the March term of court.
Tax refund petition of the Cheyenne Wells Dairy, Btorage and Mfg. C »•
which wh4 presented to the board at their January meeting, and referred to
The Colorado Tax Coami'Bcioii, has been returned by the Commission, -said
commission not recommending the refund.
There being no applications presented for the position of County llenlib
Officer, it was moved an I seconded that the present i>icumbent. Dr C V Had*
sell, bo appointed to bold over for the ensuing year, and at the earns comp ulsa*
Viowers report upon the road pstition of Paul Meier and othors was pre
sented. and the following resolution offered and adopted, Mr J W Shy and Mr
Walter Kautsay voting yea; Mr a 1 Johnson voting nay, and
Whereas, the report app w urs to bo mmpleta.
ll* It Koolved. that the report be approvod and the mute us designated In
(he peti til l <n b), and the same is declared a public highway
The printer’s bond of 0 K Gwathmey was presented, examined ami ap
The following claims against the county were audited and warrants drawn
inpayment thereof.
J W Shy, Commissioner’s sslary ard expense $l2B 50
t 1 Johnson do o 119 66
Elizabeth Spencer, Assistant’s salary 75 00
Bert Woodffn, dra> age 7 00
Cheyenne (. ounty.l’el phone Co,'phone rent and toll 24 40
(’ F llueckel B B «fc Litho. Co., legal forms 1 00
.lull & Son, light fixtures 1 75
W E Yore, r-alarv and i>ostage 150 00
10 11 Akerly, mileage and expense to and frem Denver 23 20
| E 11 Akerlv, freight, express and postage paid '2l 44
G K Gwathmey, county printing 70 03
V II Johnson, coumy judge’s salary 100 I*o
EH Akeily, clerk and reeor 'er s salary 166 00
Mildred Pie-singer, assistant’s salary 76 <0
Bernice Pie.-smger, doputy treasurers salary 90 CO
U A Frost, treasurers salary and postage 160 52
A J Kaufuinnn, registrar of vital statistics 5 76
Esther IJ Weir, superintendent’s salary 125 cO
Esther B Weir, mileage, postage an J telegrams 43 2>
CA lludanll. coroner’s sir ices i 29 >*o
Out West Pig & Stay Co., tax receipts end legal forms 239 ttl
Willis L Straohan. dist. alt’s salary and steno. fees 21 B 0
Town of Cli* yenne Wells, light and water 37 76
K J Cm dsworihy, stationery lor assessor 15 50
Suto Co. Couimi*Hi>>nurs, dues for 1922 20 00
Florence Owens, Assistants Salary $ 75 00
Art Brown Sheriffs salary 150 00
Art Brown Sheriffs expenses for January 153 25
I w. j. McUinty Janitors salary and laundry 126 00
Mattie Trimble Deputy clerks salary 125(H)
State Com Ins. Fund Workmans premiums 23 25
11. C. Nelson Clerk of Dfst Court salary 60 00
v. h. Johnson Expenses attending Commissioners conv'n... 29 50
\V. E. Boltz Hauling coal 3 26
W. I). Coe " . “ 3 25
Walter Ramsay Commissioners salary and expenses 104 00
C A. Brakeman Justice fees 4 25
L. M. Dickson Supplies for Mrs. Anderson 10 00
W. W. Howard “ “ “ I 8 18
W. D. Coe Expenses to and from Denver 23 20
A. C. LaSalle Viewing road and mileage 7 00
Paul Giebler Viewing road 4 00
Nilsen & Holte Machine repairs 12 62
Nilsen &. Holle Labor 24 85
Geo. Rothmeier Transportation of Commissioners 2 70
Grover Horton Labor on Alls 80 00
ArtStansbury Dragging 14 00
State Highway Dept Unpaid portion Fed. aid No. 51-115 1145 32
Lawrence Kibbee Dragging 6 00
J as. T. Hogan Viewing road 4 00
Kit Carson County Joint road work on county 1ine...., 630 37
F. A. Schnlder Work on fills 34 10
W. D. Coe Maintenance 22 50
W. E. Belts “ 1 25
Chas. E C'olltnß Land purchase 409 00
R. Hardesty Mfg Co Culverts 248 10
W. F. W plains Hauling 2 00
Adolph Frolich Transportation of Commissioners 1 30
State Highway Dept Truck and merchandise 377 98
Walter Ramsay Rond inspection 600
A. C. LaSalle Spark plug 1 00
E. H. Akerly Freight paid on repairs 23b
John A. Cstblom General maintenance 40 00
G P Meters Grader tongue 3 Cki
Continental Oil Co Gasoline and oils 107 90
C C Reese Machine repairs 13 20
Harris Motor Co Truck repairs 14 0.
j (. Ramsay Transportation of Commissioners 720
V 13. Pendleton Blacksmith work 15 50
Logan-Moore Lbr Co Repairs 533
Con Hogan Maintenance 34 00
\V D Coe “ and repairing 30 50
W*. E. Belts “ , “ “ 29 50
Sinclair Refining Co Motor oil 12 47
Valoro Hardwaro Co Machine repairs 510
W. D. Coc Maintenance and repairing 14 50
W* E. Bel z “ 14 14 50
t mnn-Mnorc Lbr Co Bridge repair material 832
Til- County Clerk’s semi-aunual statement of llie receipts and disburse
ments of Cheyenne epunty for the six months ending December 31st, 1921,
aU The Clerk's serni-annual statement to the Auditor of State, of the condition
of Stale Revenues in Cheyenne county for the six months ending December
.Jtst" 1921, audited and approved by the Board
•‘ Whereupon, adjournment was taken until February 15th. mi
(Attest) "• “• AKBAvLiYi Cleric
No 4S
Revenge Of A Man
(By Earl Baker. Who Deserve* Honorable NoMo*
In the Story oniest ot the Aropoho# High sn oo*
Moving along the old Snma
Fe trail »■»•> nnei stward bound nnyna
train drawn by six yoko of oxen and
as It wan nearing dusk the riders and
guards were coming In closer to thf
wagons, a man mounted on a large
horse rode to tl e front of the trald
and gave the order to make camp, let
less than an liners time the camp was
made and fires built when an excited
guard came in exclaiming “Indian*
they are earned just over the ridge***
Other guards weie sent out, who cam*
back to report that a very largo part?
of Arapahoe Indians were encamped
about six miles distant in a ravine nib
the Smoky river. They were dancing
a war dance, b asting and painting
aud this, Bill Horne, tbo boss, knew
meant death to all the party unless
they succeeded in securing help.
Quietly he gave the order to brealt
camp and with all possible haste they
pushed on down the river towards tha
trading post culled “Denver”. Baft
the Indians w« re soon to discover
this move of their enemy and in tlis
grey of the **uny morning they too
took their few he.ongings and followed
the waiton train, for the chief of ths
Arapahoe’s was bound to see th*.
scalp of Bill Horne swinging from
his belt and just as determined was
Horne to keep it safe. The slow oxda
hod little show with tho fleet footed
Indian ponies and the next afternoon
the guards came in to report tha*
moving objects could ho seen on *
ridge some ten miles back and tbn
belief soon grew that these objects
were Indians.
The wagons were formed into fc.
square so to foi m a little shelter and
the ponies were brought inside of this.
The leader went into tho wagon and
soon returned dressed as a woman*
Indians came und the fight lasted for
a very short period until the littlS
band of people were surrounded and
taken. Little did tho great Chidt
know as he and his men set flro to ths
wagons that Horne for whom he had
long sought for the killing of his
father lay among the bodies dressed
In women's outfit, bis heart faintly
After taking the scalps of tho men*
the Indians rode back to their oamfi
where the squuws received them. In
the camp that eight a great dance wan
held and the Indians were happy.
Out on the prairie a man opened hia
eyes, closed them again, & short tim*
more he opened them ugain and sat
up; he was weak, he tried to stand but
was too weak so ou his bauds and
knees he crawled over the heaps ot
ashes uud slowly down the trail.
Ten years elapsed, once more over
this same trail, only in a coach pulled
by a steam engine down the shining
track came a man and on his hip 1m
wore a large forty-five caliber revolver
It was the young Iloruo of long ago*
he wes older now but Ills steel graj
eyes still hod the spark of fire as ira
neared the station of Arapahoe. A*
the train stopped he got off, went to
the nearest co**rall and hired an outfit
which consisted of a horse and food
for a long journey for it was he who
had sworn so long ago, when lying
bleeding on the ground watching swig
horse and bis young savages mar
sac re his comrades. JSarly the nfet
morning this man was seen riding
over the hills to the westward. Bfc
rode right and it did not take long Wr
him to cover many miles and soon Jfr
the distance he could see the smoke oi
the camp fires. It was dusk and h*
made camp. The next morning fife
rode tow ards the camp as Bb
neared it he saw a lone man, an Indlafei
coming throngh the woods t ward ijjSg
as ho saw hits, the Indian stopped
short and raised his bow and arrotr
to shoot, for he recognbted him. The
Indian never forgets. Hut the tnaa
was too quick for the Indian and he
shut from the hip and the red man fell
A month later the news hod rcocliedl
all the settlements and a large band:
of riders led by Horne chased the last
of the Arapahocs into Wyoming hlllb
where they would never return. Horcua
had his revenge.
The County High School Committee
will meet in special Session at my
office next Friday, February 17th, 4b
ten o'clock.
The object of the meeting is to re
cover 9500 paid to J. N. Hoilenbaujfc
March 21 st, 1920 for rental; and $1 Jv
paid to J. N. Hollenbaugh April 2lU*»
1920 for rental. We are registering
warrants on the County High School
Any other business of interest to th»
County High School will be In order.
Esther B. We IT* Co. Supt. of Schools
Secretary County High School Con*»
mittee m

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