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Sheeted Klansmen Appear at a Funeral
■ring suddenly and mysteriously, six white-sheeted Ku Klux Klunsmen nlnreii n cross ...
K Turley, ex-sol,Her, who died In the streets of Blrn.Ingham. Ala. nfter huvIne
Kbospltul doors. The crowd maintained an awed silence during the present of the Klunsmen inrt tamem
las, volley by the firing squad the white-gurhed llgures vanished Tthey'2«S Zm*
Victims Rush to
Meet Swindlers
Ikts Certificates Are
berly Grabbed Up by
| Innocent Dupes.
Klnventlons Help Crooked Sales- 1
kload Stock on Unsuspecting ’
Kqrers—“Wildcat” Brokers j
| Make Fortunes.
Ilork. —In years gone by, the
Mek artists and oil stock sales
jvtre so successful that F. T.
L once remarked that a "sucker
L every minute.” Today, with
L inventions and a public just as
[to be "stung,” the "sharpers”
L birth rate even higher, and
profits are so much the greater,
[tu been estimated that In the
Ur more than $800,000,000 has
Grown away by the people of
U«d States on “wildcat" schemes
iange from oil stock to making
I from horses* hoofs and extract
ed from sea water. According to
(da, there are more "suckers” In
Wintry today than Mr. Barnum
ling the last year, hundreds of
[brokers have been arrested in va-
Idtles for selling “wildcat” stocks,
my cases, however, the "brokers”
(tipped off that they were being
fed and. like the Arabs, they
M their tents and silently stole
l With them went the money
talsters, department store clerks,
Rnphers, telephone operators,
inrlves, and staid business men.
kre are at the present time, It
attainted. approximately 1,000
U shops" In the United States.
F* 1,000 shops are to remain
k they must have SIOO a day each,
B, In a year of 300 days, means
pome of $30,000,000 annually for
Inpense alone. This Is to meet
nense of wire and ticket services
hkckbonrd boys, with the gullible
PK the cost.
A Favorite Trick,
llnorlte trick of the bogus stock
■« Is to secure from the tele
kllst or directory the names of
IkUnn, ministers, and school
kn. The salesman makes a call
m his persuasive voice, Is usually
Ito tell ut least ten shares of a
■» «tock for $1 a share. A few
I later another agent calls and
kl 2 u share for the stock, but
(toyer, instead of reselling, buys
from the second sulesman.
I afick salesmen then disappear
*tk buyer realizes that wax»paper
Wi cheaper than the pa'pd* lie has
Innwhroom hucketshop In Phfladel
.lago played a. wonderful
* It lasted. Out of the tele
k directory the operators took’
* names, and to these addresses
laent trade letters. To 1,000 of
'Mdresses these so-called brokers
: that a certain stock was due
•kdden rise. To the
went similar letters stating
this self-same stock was due for
“•In this manner, the bucketshop
rj* made 1,000 friends who
b ♦ tu ie brokers knew what they
talking about when* the stocks
np. This was followed by
ca,,s f°r orders and many
The 1,000 per-
;jT® Were told the stock would
jkWB were not bothered again.
F Allowing day out went 1,000
L,. *‘ ,e ones to whom the "guess-
Lw ivln ,Ul<l een fien ** * n this
l"' tetters predicted an ad
|JU s,oc k and tp the re
rj'j'rent word of a decline. This
mtoniers who would by this
k.„ by the “prophets” When
COn, Pleted,’and the brokers
nice haul, new'names were
IL- tl>e telephone directory and
Ejjjj nent Names a Factor.
|U» ? *rlek of the stock swlnd
■u. 8 the mushroom variety
Er® .ovenught, fleece the "ln-
BU, 3 tl,en depart either to a
■Qte » purtß unknown—is to
K raUe name of pryfninent de-
ceased bankers, or the name of a build
ing In which they establish luxurious
ly furnished suites. Then they sit back
and listen to the dollars clinking into
their coffers from the pockets of the
unsuspecting, who believe they are
dealing with the sons of the financial
wizards of a generation ago.
Any secret process to manufacture
anything is one of the favorite founda
tions on which to construct a swindle.
It seems to cloak charlatanism and fur
nish a tempting appeal to human
credulity. Not long ago a company
was formed in one of the large east
ern cities to make cosmic bearings for
automobiles and airplanes. The proc
ess was to be kept secret. It being
decided not to even patent the process
because of the danger of its being
When the secret was revealed at a
directors’ meeting, after the proper
amount of stock hnd been disposed of,
It rend ns follows: “To 100 pounds
of metal ndd four ounces of horse
hoof parings, three ounces of borax,
two ounces of powdered glnss, and
one ounce of sen salt. After copper,
lend, and tin are fluid, put In horse
hoof pnrlngs and stir well, then ndd
glnss, borax, and sen salt combined,-
then stir.”
A Good Formula.
Not the least ninuslng thing In rela
tion to the formula wus that It Is all
right. The compnny expected to make
the concoction nt a cost of 18 cents a
pound, nnd sell It at 85 cents, but a
subscriber to the stock who could not
quite fathom where the horse-hoof pnr
lngs came in began an Investigation,
despite the fact that lie had been sworn
to secrecy. He learned that foundry
men throughout the country had been
using this formula for half a century,
nnd that the product could be sold by
them for 11 cents n pound, or 0 cents
cheaper than It cost the company to
manufacture It. The officials of the
stock company were arrested, but. It
Is said, they had tnken In more than
$575,000 through the scheme.
Knife of Chinese Executioner Only
Wounds Bandit—He Gets Par
don and Is Healed.
Slangtang, Kansu Province.—One
Wong Ah-nyl, not so long ago a rup
tured bandit under sentence of death
In this little Chinese community, walks
the streets a free man today, und his
Is a figure that commands a certain
measure of awe and respect due to
-odd clrcumstappps.
With six companions he was cap
. tured while engaged In a lawless en
Blood Tests for Officers of Army
~v Mincers were subjected t<> I»I"<»1 «;stß
For the first time slime lHhi l11 ';'- ~-.,11,,,.,. puss successfully meuut
recently lit Governor’s mlimcl, M’« ■• hundred otllcers underwent
enforced retirement from uctite sutnt.
tlie examination^
Chess by Wire Popular
Pastime in the Yukon
Seattle.—When the long win
ter nights—24 hours long, In fact
—prohibit almost any sort of
amusement to the operators on
the 2,000 miles of Canadian gov
ernment telegraph line through
the Yukon, the “brass pounders"
play chess by wire. Two men tap
out their moves to each other
and other men “wutch" the
games by listening in on the
line and mnking the moves on
boards of their own.
This is vouched for by O. S.
Fleming, district superintendent
of the Canadinn government
lines at Whitehorse, who is in
terprlse and, In accordance with the
swift Justice of the Chinese, he and
the other six were promptly convicted
and led out to be executed. The
heads of the six were quickly chopped
off, but by a mischance when the knife
descended upon Wong's neck It did
not sever the bend but merely Inflicted
a gaping wound. This was taken as
a sign that some special spirit was
acting as Wong’s gunrdian and neither
the executioner nor any other dared
ugaln swing the knife.
Wong was taken • to the yamen of
the magistrate, who also was Im
pressed, so much so that the official
not only granted the culprit a full
pardon, but he also gave Wong a let
ter of introduction to those in charge
of the mission hospital. The Chris
tian doctor in charge there restored
Wong to well-being and so he goes
about today a free man and one to be
Man Hat Been Away for Eleven Years
and It Awaits Him in Den
ver Bank.
Denver, Col. —There ore 11,000
honest-to-goodness American dollars
lolling around the vaults of u locul
bunk that belong to Louis C. Cusper,
but the young umn cannot be found.
If Cusper fuils to put in an appear
ance before Jan. 1, 102.'!, he will be
declared legally dead and the money
will be distributed among twenty-odd
cousins of the missing youth.
Young Casper disappeared early In
1910, en a day when bis mother sent
him to the bank to deposit $1,000.
The money never reached the bank
and Louis has not been heard from
In 1918 his mother died. Two years
later his father died, leaving an es
tate of $11,000. A Denver law firm
Instituted a country-wide search for
Even a sick child loves the “fruity”
taste of “California Fig Syrup.” If the
little tongue Is coated, or If your child
Is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold,
or has colic, a teaspoonful will never
fall to open the bowels. In a few
hours you can see for yourself how
thoroughly It works all the constipa-
Won poison, sour bile and waste from
the teuder, little bowels and gives you
a well, playful child again.
Millions of mothers keep “California
Fig Syrup” handy. They know a tea
spoonful today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine
“California Fig Syrup” which has di
rections for babies and children of all
ages printed on bottle. Mother! You
must say “California” or you may get
an imitation tig syrup.—Advertisement.
The Silver Lining.
Joseph Letter was talking to a
Washington reporter about the wicked
theft of $500,000 worth of fine wines
and liquors from his country house.
"Oh, well,” said the young million
aire plucklly, “this theft will relieve
me of a lot of bores, anyhow.
"Prohibition hadn’t been in force
a week when the worst bore in Amer
ica buttonholed me one morning and
“‘Joe, I hear you’ve got a mag
nificent stock stored away in your cel
lar. Is It true?*
“‘Oh,’ I said, Tve got a little put
by in case of Illness.'
“‘Good, very good,' said the bore.
‘I’ll call every Saturday evening till
further notice to be 111.’”
Each package of “Diamond Dyea" con
tains directions so simple any woman can
dye or tint her worn, shabby dresses,
skirts, waists, coats, stockings, sweaters,
coverings, draperies, hangings, everything,
even if she has never dyed before. Buy
“Diamond Dyes’’—no other kind—then
perfect home dyeing is sure because Dia
mond Dyes are guaranteed not to spot,
fade, streak or run. Tell your druggist
whether the material you wish to dye is
wool or silk, or whether it is linen, cot
ton or mixed goods.—advertisement.
Probably Some Reader* Would Like to
Know Juet What the Lieutenant
Colonel Said.
Private Washington Lee Johnson had
just come up with the replacements
ami, not never having hud no luck
a-tnll, went on sentry duty the first
night In the new curnp. In the wee,
sino* hours along blew the lieutenant
colonel who had a repututlon for be
ing one hard-boiled guy.
“Halt! Who goes dur?" bellowed Pri
vate Johnson.
“Officer of the post.”
There was a long and painful silence
while the sentry racked his brain
for the proper thing to say. Then the
officer snarled:
“Well, why don't you say some
thing? Are you going to leave me
stnnding here like this all night?”
“Nossuh,” unswered Private John
son In relief as a flash of inspiration
came. "No, Indeedy. sub. At ease!”
—American Legion Weekly.
The Real T**t.
“A speechmuker nowadays,” said
Uncle Eben. “uin’t satisfied wif ap
plause. De real test of his eloqus
clousness comes at de conclusion,
when he takes up a collection.”
The first thing a man does after
making a fool of himself Is to try to
explain how it happened.
Next to loafing, the hardest thing
is work. —Cincinnati Post.
Save the bird in hand —
The others may be hard to catch
With enough money, enough time organs with elements of destruction,
and enough luck, a man may get back or starve the tissues and glands of
the health he has lost—or part of it. needed elements.
It takes patience, too. Grape-Nuts is a delicious cereal food
. , . k. which has the qualities of scientific
I And then there may be no success, nutritkm _ It auppliell tbe fuU
or only a e. of those splendid food grains, wheat and
It’s better to save what you have malted barley, together with the vital
than hunt for what you’ve lost—as mineral elements, so often lacking from
the most successful health-restorers foods. Served with cream or good milk,
will tell you. Grape-Nuts gives full nourishment
Much of the loss of health Is due to without over-loading the stomach,
faulty, careless diet. Wrong meals at A splendid thought for breakfast
all times and right meals at wrong 'or lunch, for those who would keep
times load the long-suffering digestive health—
Grape Nuts—the Body Builder
“There’s a Reason 9 '
Mad* by Poatum Cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan
'H''3BEgS^3HE ,l l»f l "lll l | IWi.nl an IiBgMaMBHMMBM—■
. \ . **•.
WARNING I Say “Bayer” when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name “Bayer” on tablets, you ar*
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physician*
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer” package which contains proper directions.
Handy “Bayer” boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Drwfisfe
Aspirin Is Ikm trsds nsifc mt Bayer MmlMtw af MirrnaraflaanHlief t mt MsMf
Wall-Known Kansas Editor Takoo
Prido in Effectual Way Ho
Bquolehod Boro.
E. W. Howe of Kansas has been
something of a traveler. He made a
number of trips abroad and went
twice around the world. It was on
his first trip abroad that he encoun
tered one of the sea hounds whose
chief boast is concerned In the num
ber of times they have crossed the At
lantic. Mr. Howe tells the incident as
his favorite story.
“Is this your first trip ” the sea
hound asked Mr. Howe on the occa
sion of their first meeting. Mr. Howe
admitted that it was. “Well," said
the sea hound, “I’ve crossed the Atlan
tic 40 times.” On the second day the
sea hound aguln put the question to
Mr. Howe and again vouchsafed the
same observation. He repeated it at
frequent intervals during the trip.
It was on the sixth day, after the
sea hound had again spoken of the
number of his crossings that Mr.
Howe said to him: "By the wuy, have
you ever been to Omaha?” The sea
hound said he never had. “Well.” re
torted Mr. Howe, “I go there every
week.” —Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Bocial Distinctions.
Bnmuel Untermeyer, the noted New
York lawyer, at a dinner at the Rltz-
Curlton said:
“Social distinctions are all right,
no doubt, but they make me think of
a certain war profiteer.
“This chap gave a party in his
new Fifth avenue house and, of course,
there was an orchestra to play for
the singers and dancers.
“At the evening’s end, when sup
per was served, the butler appeared
before the orchestra and said:
“‘The first and second violins eats
in the dinin’ room and the rest of
the hlnstruments In the servants’
’all.’ ”
Hezekiah to George V.
One cf the most enguging beliefs of
ehe British Israelites now in session
is thut our royal family Is directly
descended from the kings of Israel.
The murringe of a daughter of Heze
kiah to n king of Ireland is alleged by
some as a busts for the pedegree, and
there are said to be proofs lying in
seme London archives. The publica
tion of this evidence would surely be
the literary sensation of the year.—
Montreal Family Herald.
True, Perhaps.
Nathaniel —“What does ‘coliegebred’
mean, dad?” Father—“ Merely a big
lonf. Nathaniel.”
Small Daughter of Story Writer QuH#
Unwilling to Make Kxhlkitlen e#
Family Skeleton.
A little girl, whose father Is wlMf
known as a writer of humorous starts*
was recently approached by a visitor,
who said:
“It must be nice to hare a paps wgg
knows so many fine stories.**
The little girl blushed and hung
“Aren’t you proud of your pepaT*
the visitor asked.
“Yes,** the little girl answered. **bnS
I think I ought to tell you something.*
“What Is It?’*
'The stories by my peps ares?
stories at all.**
“Not stories?**
And In a deep, hoarse whisper, tk#
child confessed:
“He makes them all up out of Mg
own head.”
Couldn't Control Bneese.
Margaret, age three and one-half
years and a confirmed early riser. bad
repeatedly been warned to keep very
quiet when getting up In the morning;
In order not to disturb her older sister;
who was convalescing from a i scent
tonsil operation. About the third mom*
ing. under the new regime of quiet'
ness, ns she was tip-toeing across tM
bedroom to her mother, who was wait*
ing in the hull, she succumbed to 9
violent and uncontrollable spell of
sneezing. As soon as the parozyna
was over, she rulsed troubled MuS
eyes to her mother's face and wills*
pered, sorrowfully: “Muzzar, 1 wag
still, but I Just couldn't make mf
sneezer be still.”
Bunburned Stsel.
A marine outfit was undergoing tm
spent ion in a tropical region. The in'
spent Ing officer wus "hard-boiled/*
Seizing Private Murphy’s rifle like 9‘
lion going after a round t>f raw bca&-
he bellowed:
“What's this, rust?"
“Oh, no,’’ said Murphy. “That’s sun
burn.” —From the Bulletin, organ of
the D. C. Branch of the Second Di
vision Association.
Had the Proof.
A Sunday school teacher In m
Pennsylvania town did not occm tar
cllned to accept the assertion of 099
of her girl pupils that she bed bug
christened in an orthodox wey.
“How do you know you hove?” askif
the tenclier with a smile.
“Because,” said the little girt, **%
have the marks on ray enn.” — Milwau
kee Sentinel.

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