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Cheyenne Wells Record
The Traveling Representative of Eastern Colorado and Cheyenne County
L. 11 * Vo 11
H| ®ljc J3ank of
I dUjrpmtr Urlla
■Tomorrow Will Be
I The Product of Today
OPE LOOKS into the future and
■ tiTf visions the home that will be
Hj +++♦+ yours. But hope alone, will not
H accomplish what you desire.
■ The practical man knows that no
■ building can well be erected until the
■ foundation is laid. He also knows that
■ no fortune can be acquired until he learns
■ to save.
■ Start your savings account with this
I bank and build for the future.
B Capital and Surplus $27,5000 £isE~^
I Coal - Lumber |
| Paints =— |
I We Are Headquarters For the Famous 8
I Moffatt and Harris p
I Routt County Coal |
I Lumber
■e cheerfully furnish estimates on all bill of lumber, X
I Price in line with quality p
laint Your Buildings With Mountain & Plain 8
I Guaranteed Paints 0
Chas- Eichenberger §
The Cheyenne County Lumberman p
See phone 29 ....... Residence phone 17 p
is3^^k- ES
Dependable |
McCormick-Deering j
Machines [
McCormick-Deering |
Harvester Threshers
McCormick-Deering =
10, 12 & 14 Foot Headers f
Deering |
Grain Binders, 7& 8 Foot §
Tractor Hitches For All Machines 1
See Cobb For Prices and Terms SERVICE y
!lUi- -&3 HU-
The Memorial Day services in
Cheyenne Wells last Tuesday
morning were celebrated at the
Odd Fellows hall owing to a
steady rain during the forenoon
which prevented the holding of
the ceremonies in the court house
park as was first outlined. The
Cheyenne Wells band headed the
parade followed by the L. T. Wait
man Post, Wor’d War heroes and
the citizens of this city marched
to the hall where they listened to
appropriate speaches on this oc
casion by the following speakers:
Dr. J. W. Irwin, of Denver and
Dr. J. H. Shriber, of Fort Col
lins. Mrs. J. P. Perry, of this
city also gave a splendid reading
M. E. Church Notes
Sunday School—. 10:00 a m.
Preaching 11:00 a m.
Subject:—“Hells Instruments In
Opposing the Church.”
Preaching Service 8 p.m.
Last Sunday a good congrega
tion of patriotic folks were out
to the Memorial Services at the
M. E. Church the Choir sang ap
propriate music and Mrs. Blake
played two prtriotic selections to
the very great delight of all pre
sent. The people went away
with the feeling that they had
worthily hallowed Memorial day
and had shown our apprecation
of the patriotic service rendered
by our Soldiers of all our wars.
The Booster class will hold its
monthly social Friday night
The men will entertain the lad
ies. It will be a very swell af
fair let every member be present
M, P. Dixon, Pastor.
Last Sunday afternoon at the
Court House park the Cheyenne
Wells band played their first open
air concert of the season and was
witnessed by a large and apprec
iative audience. Considerable
comment was heard about the
park in regard to their playing
and a very noticable diffence in
the way they handled their
music under their new director,
Mr. Kirk. After several well
rendered selections in the park
the band retired to the base ball
diamond where they furnished a
few lively selections for the
benefit of the large crowd on the
grounds, which the people
through the Record wish to ex
tend their many thanks. Fine
and dandy boys, let’s hear from
you again next Sunday.
Grace Lutheran Church
Special Mission Festival Ser
vices will be held on the fair
grounds at Cheyenne Wells next
Sunday, June 4tb. Sermon at
10:30 a. m. by the Rev. F. A.
Sattelmyr of Bovina. Sermon at
2:00 p. m. by the Rev. P. Krets
mar of Fort Collins, who will re
present the state Mission Board
During the noon hour there will
be a basket dinner. The public
is cordially invited.
B. Skov, Pastor
Last Thursday evening. May
25th, the pupils of the Sacred
Heart school put on a play in the
auditorium of their school build
ing entitled “Who’s To Inherit”
and was witnessed by a large and
appreciative audience. There is
no use for us to go into detail
about the affair as each and every
one of the pupils did remarkably
well and showed some mighty
hard work on the part of the in
structors to present them in that
H. Loses and family expect to
leave Cheyenne Wells today for
a two months visit with relatives
and friends in Illinois. They are
making the trip by auto and no
doubt will have a pleasant journ
ey. This is Henry's first vaca
tion from the store in three years
We Are Located In One of the Best Fanning Districts of This State
Cheyenne Wells Wins Game
The Cheyenne Wells base ball
team turned the tables on the
fast Sharon Springs club last
Sunday at the fair grounds by a
score of seven to four, the day
was ideal for the a ball game and
a large drowd turned out to wit
ness the geme, autos were parked
on both sides of the diamond ex
tending below the foul flags.
The game was featured by some
spectacular fielding and good
steady pitching by both Ander
son for the visitors and Kuzian
for the home club; Jull in center
field showed big league form
when he went to deep center
taking a long one out of the wind
with one hand; Brown who has
been out of base ball for a few
years was slightly erratic at first
but redeemed himself in the
eighth by polling out a three bag
ger. Cram unfortunately injured
in the first inning by injuring his
knee, but the third bag was ef
ficiently covered by Spud Beckler
who replaced him. Good sports
manship and clean base ball pre
vailed during the game with Ev
Fleming rendering his usual good
judgement from the umpires box
The score by innings read thusly:
Cheyenne Wells AB H PO A E
Beavers, 4 0 8 5 1
Jull, c 1 4 12 0 0
Cram, 3 b 1 0 0 0 0
Beckler Spud 3b (sub). 3 0 0 2 0
Becker, lb 4 1 9 0 1
Kuzian, p 4 1 0 0 1
Davis, r t 2 0 0 0 0
Marshall, rf 2 0 0 0 0
Beckler H., If 4 13 0 1
Brown, 2 b 4 1 4 3 3
Lippold, 8 8 3 2 11 0
Sharon Springs AB H PO A E
Lutz, 2 b 4 2 3 4 1
Shay, ss 5 11 0 1
Shriner, rf S 2 0 0 0
Chism, lb 4 0 8 0 2
C. Richardson, 0...... 4 0 0 2
Anderson, p 3 0 0 3 1
J Richardson, cf 4 0 2 0 0
Floyd, If 4 0 3 l> 0
Florene. 3 b 4 0 1 0 0
Sharon Springs 100001020 4
Cheyenne Wells 03110002* 1
Last Thursday evening the
Senior class of 1922, entertained
a large party of invited guests to
a dance held at the lobby of the
Fleming hotel. There were
about forty couples who took ad
vantage of the invitation to enjoy
themselves with the class on this
occasion, music was furnished by
the popular Barrett orchestra.
During the evening delicious re
freshments were served their
guests, and for the benefit of the
young ladies, whom it was stated
in last weeks issue had partaken
too freely of the liquid refresh
ments a week or two ago, par
ticular pains were observed to
see that the "kick” was removed
from the punch for the evening.
On the departure of the guests
for their respective homes each
wished for the members of the
class health and happiness on
their journey through life.
The Cheyenne County chapter
of the American Red Cross will
open its library of 250 books to
the public on Saturday afternoon
June 3rd, at 2:30 in the Farmer’s
Union hall. A card entitling the
owner the privledge of draw
ing out thirty-five consecutive
books can be obtained at the
library for ten cents. Rules
governingthe issuing of the books
are printed on these cards.
We’ve got the number of a
gentleman in Cheyenne Wells
who is just about to throw his
hat in the middle of the ring as
an aspirant for the office of
With all the High School doin’s
going on at this time the Record
office has been compelled to work
overtime in getting out programs
for the different entertainments.
For the past few nights we’ve
been putting ’em out in our sleep,
A meeting of the newly elected
Board of Directors of the Chey
enne County Fair Association is
called to meet in the Court House
on Tuesday evening, June 6tb,
for the purpose of electing a
Manager and forflthe transaction
of any other business that may
properly come before the meeting
J. W. Shy, Chairman
Carroll Brown. Sec’y
Wm. Robinson and family spent
the latter part of last week down
at Lamar on business matters.
B. B. Maddox came down from
Limon last Saturday evening to
attend to some business matters.
Miss Mariam Nye and Miss
Maude Wills, of Kit Carson,
were week end visitors in Chey
enne Welk.
L F. Jones returned home from
Denver Sunday evening whither
he has been for the past two
weeks on a visit,
Mrs. C. A. Brakeman departed
for Denver the first of the week
where she will spend a couple of
weeks on a visit
Mrs. J. H. Nelson, Mrs. Her
rick and Mrs. Deleplain will en
tertain the Ladies Aid Thursday,
June 7th, everybody invited.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Chamber
lain and family came over from
Stratton last Sunday and spent
the day visiting among relatives
and friends.
W. A. Weir was up from
Arapahoe Monday evening and
attended the Senior class play
given at the Odd Fellows ball
that evening.
Mrs. Matt Ludwig returned
home the latter part of last week
from Sharon Springs whither she
has been visiting with her par
ents for a week.
Olie Hedlund came up from
Weskan Sunday to witness the
ball same between the locals and
Sharon Springs teams. Olie pro
nounced the game a hum-dinger.
Roland Goodnight has changed
the hours of opening and closing
his brrber shop to the following
time. Will open at seven in the
morning and close at nine of an
We’ll second the nomination
for Mr. H. C. Nelson, Cheyenne
Wells, Cheyenne Cotnty, Colo
rado, as State Representative for
Lincoln, Kit Carson and Chey
enne counties.
N. E. Larson and family, whc
have resided in Cheyenne Wells
for the past few years departed
last Saturday evening for Valley
Nebraska, where they will make
their future home.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the
American Legion will hold a food
sale in Cheyenne Wells, Saturday
June 3rd, at the Hollenbaugh
garage show room. The proceeds
from this sale will go towards
hospitalization work for the
Soldier sick in our Colorado
hospitals. Food donations from
anyone for this sale will be great
ly appreciated and if either Mrs.
Adolph Froleich or Mrs. Carroll
Brown are notified they will be
glad to call at your house on that
day to save you the trouble of
Last Sunday morning Dewey
Compher and Irvin Magwire
found a coyote den out on the
Smokey Creek banks a few miles
north and east of town and know
ing that there were young ones
in the hole came back to town
and got a shovel to dig them out
The boys had the right hunch
alright and after digging fora
distance of about five feet un
covered a nest containing eleven
little coyote pups.
$1.50 THE TEAK
Last Saturday evening about one
of the quietest and quickest sales
that has been pulled off in Chey
enne Wells oceured when Fred
Dutton disposed of his business
interests in our thriving little
city consisting of his restaurant,
bakery and pool hall together
with his business buildings to
the Maddox Brothers, which
came as a big surprise to our
citizens. Mr. Dutton in turn
took over the hotel business of
the Maddox Brothers at Limon,
and on Sunday morning was in
his new town dishing out the
breakfast to his new trade. The
Maddox boys have been conduc
ting the Royal Cafe here for some
time and are not new to us, they
are good restaurant people and we
wish them success in their new
undertaking, Mr. Dutton has
been a resident of Cheyenne
Wells for a number of years and
his many friends here were in
deed sorry to hear of Ms move.
The loss of one of our good busi
ness men is Limon’s gain, but,
we will give Mr. Dutton just six
months time to find out that he
left the best little town in eastern
Colorado and that he will return
to the fold inside of our pre
scribed time.
Doctors Notice
The lumber yards say cash or
no goods; the hardware says cash
or no goods; the grocery stores
say cash or eat grass; the doth*
ing store says cash please; the
garagee say we can’t carry you;
the banks have tied you up
scandioualy. I can’t be banker
on charity for everyone, so you
must pay me. I can’t go to the
expense of driving all over the
country to ask you to pay me, so
come in and fix up your account
before June 20th, if you don’t, I
shall have to turn it over to some
one to collect adv
Dr. H. C. Homer
Maddox Brother’s announce
that owing to the bother of keep
ing a record of such transactions
all bakery goods will be spot cash
This policy will be strictly ad
hered to and no favoritism shown
A very welcome guest smong
us this week was a million dollar
rain that came Monday evening
and continued through the follow
ing day. Our many large wheat
fields were in need of just such a
rain as we had in order that our
farmers may reap the bumper
crops that we have had in view
for so many days.
We were officially informed
this week that the work of put
ting in the concrete as a base for
the new engine to be installed at
the city wells had been started
and that as soon as possible the
new engine will be put to work.
It is predicted that with this
machine in running order and
with the new pumps that were
recently installed there is no
question but what our little city
will always have plenty of water
for all purposes.
The second Annual Alumi Ban
quet was as the first a big success
Forty eight guests were present
this year, while last year only
forty attended so we feel quite
encouraged. The Alumi wished
to take this means to thank Mias
Kenyon and her domestic science
girls for the wonderful dinner
prepared by them and also to
thank Mrs. Fleming as instructor
of the High School Orchestra for
the fine music furnished by them.
The officers for the next year
will be Willard Thomas, president
Howard Shy, Vice-president and
Rhee Pfost, Secretary-Treasurer.
Bead tbe Reoord for asset!

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