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Cheyenne Wells Record
The Traveling Representative of Eastern Colorado and Cheyenne County
|OL. 11 No 27
!®lje ®nnk of
mm Urila
i the Pace
3 BANK offers you every conven
) of modern banking; methods, coupl
ith a cordial spirit of co-operation
> earnest desire of our organisation
lelp you transact your business
antly and satisfactorily."
nd Surplus $27,5000
id Live Stock
Land 75 Cattle
t Hogs, Farming Implements, etc
,nd will be sold at public auction; this
land is located 10 miles northeast of
and 10 miles northwest of Weskan,
lorth of Chewung.
sod land that will be sold at auction,
miles north of Arapahoe and 14 miles
northeast of Cheyenne Wells
Sale begins at 10 o’clock on tract No. 1 and 3 o’clock on
tract No. 2
Friday, Sept 22
Sale conducted by the
National Land Sales Company
Col. a L. Fithian, Auct J. R. Hayes. Clk Stock Sale
"TI L r»nf —tag m '»t TITT* I * " ||IJ wnßOflOMitlklMPOCl
E *~°~ j, “fit
Deering and McCormick |j
Although these Binders I]
have never been used, L
they are shop worn and j
we will sell them at |
Reduced Prices
1- H. C. Service - - Repairs
See S. S. COBB, For Prices
Well We’re All Set
now in readiness
for the big Cheyenne Count)
Fair which will be on in full away
this time next week. The com
mittees in charge have been work
ing hard and diligently to the
last to make this celebration one
of the best that has been staged
in this county for a long time.
There will be lots of fun for
everybody. A good clean line of
sports have been placed on the
program which will interest
young and old alike. Hake ar
rangements to attend each days
entertainment. Following is a
partial Hat of the program you
will see:
Wednesday; sept. 27
Walk 1-4. Trot 1-4, Run 1-2
$lO at 1-4. $lO at 1-2 S2O at finish
County horses sls. $lO and $5
1-2 mile dash. Best suit in town
$l5O final money; divided $75 S6O
$25. Daily money $7.50, $5, $2.50
—Stock Saddles
Free for all sls $lO and $5
MUSICAL Chairs $lO and $5
21-2 miles, cow ponies only, free
for all, four entries, SSO and $25
Night Shirt Race $lO and $5
Sir-single $2 50 per mount
1-2 mile dash sls, $lO and $5
Boot Race $lO and $5
County Horses sls, $lO and $5
$l6O final money; divided $75. SSO
$25. Daily money $7.60, $5, $2.50
—Stock Saddles
1-2 mile dash Best suit in town
MUSICAL Chairs $lO and $6
Free for all, cow ponies only,
S6O and $25
Potato Race $lO and $6
Free for all sl6, $lO and $5
Sir-single $2 50 per mount
sls at each quarter
Steer Riding $2.60 per mount
Boot Race $7.50 and $250
1-2 Mile sls. $lO and $5
Potatoe Race $7.50 and 250
$l5O final money; divided $75, 60
25. Daily money $7.60, 5, 260
—Stock Saddles
21-2 miles, cow ponies only, four
to start, S6O and 25.00
$260 per mount
Five miles, Free for airstripped;
Five to start, S6O and $25
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr. Sapero, the Denver Special
ist will again be in Cheyenne
Wells at the Commercial Hotel,
Thursday, October sth. Consul
tation and examination free.
Some of the papers have been
carrying statements to the effect
that the government will buy
lots and erect postoffice buildings
in all of the towns where the of
fice buildings are now rented at
considerable expense. Wonder
where the said government would
find a suitable lot for a govern
ment building in this town.
W. M. Headrick and family,
of Cheraw, Colo* passed through
Cheyenne Wells the latter part
of last week on their return trip
home after spending ten days in
Nebraska on a visit These j
people were old acquaintances of
the Record family and we enjoy
ed a few moments visit from them
We Are Located In One of the Best Farming Districts of This State
Circulars Are Out
The Record office has in th<
past week completed a job of
circulars announcing the terms,
location and description of loti
which are to be sold during next
week by Beidler & Bekemeyer,
in the Union Pacific Addition tr
Cheyenne Weils. There are *
great number of choice lots to be
had in this sale and if you art
contemplating having a.home of
your own some day, now is the
time to grab a good lot, while
.thegettin’ is good.
Will Have Public Sale
Ur. A. Green, who resides three
miles north-east of Arena, Colo.,
was a caller at the Record office
the latter part of last week and
left an order with us for some
sale bills. Ur. Green will have a
sale at his place on next Tuesday,
September 26th, when he will
dispose of twenty-nine head of
cattle, horaes, hoars, fanning
machinery and other articles.
Watch for the big “Demonstra
tion Week" posters.
The annual bazar of the Ladies
Aid will be held on Saturday,
November 18th.
Chris Livoni came down from
Denver Saturday and spent a
day or two here on business mat
Mrs. M. P. Dixon returned
home last Saturday evening from
a two weeks visit with relatives
and friends in Kansas.
Wm. McGinty went up to Den
ver last Sunday evening being
called there on account of the
serious illness of his daughter-in
Miss Cora Hollenbaugh ia the
proud owner of a new Ford coupe
purchased this week through the
D. A U. Uotor company of this
Mrs. John Uarolf departed the
first of the week for the Uayo
Brothers hospital at Minnesota
where she will receive medical
Mrs. J. K. Daniels, Mrs. Her
man Beek and Mrs. Claua Beek
will entertain the Ladiea Aid of
Cheyenne Wells on Thursday,
October sth.
X. F. Beidler came down from
Denver Monday afternoon and
is busy now making preparations
for the big lot sale which comes
off September 28th and 29th.
Dr. Murray the dentist has
moved his office room from the
old pool hall building to the cozy
little office over the Royal Cafe
where he will be pleased to meet
his trade.
Mrs. B. D. Piatt returned to
Cheyenne Wells a few days ago
after having spent the past few
weeks in Wichita, and other
points in Kansas on a visit with
relatives and friends.
John L. Lee, Democratic nomi
nee for sheriff, was a caller at
this office on Saturday and gave
us an order for some printing.
Mr. Lee informs us that he ia a
man who believes in "law en
forcement” and if elected to the
office he is seeking will remem
ber his obligation. Mr. Lee is a
man that is well thought of in
his locality, is honest and upright
in every way and a man of his
word. What better people can
we put in office than men of this
It would seem to be a sort of a
mean trick, but a number of
j farmers plan to make the bogs
j gather their own corn this fall.
It saves labor and does not seem
. to bother the bog* much, eytber.
George S. Clossen Wins
On the face of the unofficial re
turns George S. Cloasen is the
Democratic nominee for state
senator of this district Chey
enne county gave Mr. Clossen t
majority of 99 votes, Lincoln
county 78 and Elbert 69. a tota’
majority of 246 votes. The re
turns form Kit Carson and Doug
las counties, the two remaining
counties, can not offset Cloasen’f
lead over his opponent, Arthur
3. Friedman. Flagler percincf
in Kit Carson county, gave Clos'
sen 26 and Friedman 13.
Work ia progressing nicely or
the new residence of Mr. Johr
Marolfs in the west part of this
city. The big foundation has
just been completed and the car
penters are now preparing to do
their act
Merl Smith came down from
Vernon, Colo., on Friday of last
week and spent a day or so in
the old town visiting with hie
family ’and many friends here.
Merl has a barber shop at Vern
on and reports business very
Bill Belts and Clarence Denni
son, who have been at the Kauf
mann hospital for the past ten
days whither they were operated
for appendicitis, have both been
released from that institution.
Both the boys are -feeling fine
and dandy.
W. A. Weir, the Arapahoe lum
ber merchant, was a business
visitor in Cheyenne Wells the
first of the week. Mr. Weir
wanted some printing done and
wanted it "right now”, so left
the order with the Record. That’s
our gait, brother.
Well let’s go. Everybody is
all set for a revival of business
and the only thing that is pre
venting is a lot of fellows who
would really like to be at work,
but are restrained by their lead
Miss Lucille Woodrow returned
home last Sunday evening from
the hospital at Denver, whither
she has been for the past ten
days. Miss Lucile is getting
along very nicely from her recent
operation and it will only be a
matter of a few days until she
will be able to be out.
The Record is in reciept of an
announcement this week from
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Arterburn,
which bean the/hews of the ar
rival of Miss'Edna Jean, at their
home on Wednesday, September
13th. Mn. Arterburn was for
merly Miss Dorothy Wilson and
a former resident of this city.
Last Saturday morning the
boosters for the Cheyenne county
fair took a little spin around the
square accompanied by the Chey
enne Wells band advertising the
dates of the fair and extending
invitations to our good neighbom
to join us in our celebration. The
boosters returned home some
time during the wee small hours
of Sunday a. m., and report hav
ing had a big time while out.
The old fence around the court
bouse square has been removed
this week and really it makes a
wonderful difference in the ap
pearance of theNgrounds. The
Commissioners are/now having a
new wfflnplased 4n\he grounds
running from the ft outhwest corn
er of the /building to the south
west corner of the square. We
have heard it stated that a nice
lot of new trees have been order
ed for the grounds and that in
the spring anew yard is to be
Read over the changes in the
advertisements this week,
91.60 THE TEAK
Grade School Notes
Allen Altenburn ia back in
school again.
The pupila are doing: aome
work for the fair exhibit
A paper cutter and kindlsrgar
ten supplies which arrived thia
week are much appreciated.
Mrs. Rose Gunyon and daugh
ter of Kit Carson, and lira. Mart
in of Arapahoe visited our school
This school would appreciate
the cooperation of the parenta to
prevent tardies and to help en
courage perfect attendance
throughout the year.
Hereafter rooms in the grade
building will be locked until 8:80
students from the country who
must come early may have-use
of the halls until that time.
The rural teachers of District -
No. 2 visited our school last Fri
day morning. Friday afternoon
school was dismissed for teachers
meeting which was attended by
the school board and Mrs. Weir.
Plans for the year were discuss
ed and some new equipment
In this issue of the Record we
carry the announcement sard of
Mr. E. H. Akerly, for the office
of County Clerk and Recorder of
Cheyenne county. Mr. Akerly
has held this office during the
past term with, such pleasing
satisfaction to everybody concern
ed that we would recommend to
the voters of the county that we
put him back again with an over
whelming majority. Don't for
get to put your cross after his
The Democratic county com
mittee and candidates met at the
court house in Cheyenne Wells
last Saturday evening for the
purpose of perfecting the organ
ization of the pkfty for the next
year or so and ejected the follow
ing members to guiagthe organ
ization as follows: John L. Lee,
Chairman; Mrs. Esther B. Weir,
Vice-Chairwoman and Mrs. W.
C. Schultz as its Secretary.
In this issue of the Record
will be found the announcement
of Mr. Wm. C. Schultz, who is
seeking the office of Commission
er from District No. Two. There
is no need of us trying to tell
you anything about thia gentle
man as he is too familiar known
here among you. He has been a
resident of this county for years
and has been very successful in
allot his transactions and deal
ings and if elected to the office of
Commissioner will make one of
the best officials the county has
ever had.
Henry Schuber is this week
putting in a concrete culvert at
the east end of main street where
the highway turns south across
the track.
There Beems to be a story go
ing the rounds this week that the
price of admission to the Fair
this year has been raised to sl.
per ticket for one days entrance
to the grounds. This we wish
to contradict as the price will re
main as in times gone by.
M. P. Trumbor and Ed Counts
with their families left this morn
ing for a few days visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wash
Smith, at Morland, Kansas. M.
P. took his old “splatter gun”
along and said he may spend a
little time looking for chickens.
He didn’l say whether feathered
or otherwise.
The ball games and other at
tractions at the fair this year
will be worth coming milea to see
Read the Record at XL6O ami

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