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It removes at once the cause and the
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Americus. Ga. 3
The trouble with most mon is that
they have to die before they are fully
Tne laws of health require that the
bowt Is move once each day and one of
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Patience is the support of weakness,
impatience is the ruin of strength.
“My baby was terribly sick with the
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liams, Oregon. “We were unable to
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When a woman neglects her hus
band’s shirt she is no longer the wife
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“Through the months of of June and
July our baby was teething and took a
running off of the bowels and sickness
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day. of Deming, Ind. “Hia bowels
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Don’t waste time in sighing over
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omy DeWitt’s W tch Hazel Salve. It
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When the small boy gets the marble
fever he stoops to conquer.
“. Both my children were taken with
whooping cough,” writes Mrs. O. E.
Dutton, of Danville, Ills. “A small
bottle of Foley’s Honey and Tar gave
such reli< f that 1 used a 50 cent bottle,
which saved me a doctor’s bill,” Noth
ing else so good. W. A. Rembert.
The original bunko man probably
came over in the steerage.
Millions will be spent in politics this
year. We can’t keep the campaign go
ing without money any more than we
can keep the body vigorous without
food. Dyepeptics used to starve them
selves. Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
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House For Rent.
Residence No. 101, Lamar street,
close in. Apply to H. C. Mitchell.
7 22 ts
Short Items of Local News Boiled
Some of the Stories Heard Yesterday
and Briefly Retold.—What Was
Said and Done in the Town in a
The Ladies Aid and Missionary So
ciety of the Presbyterian church will
meet at their church on Monday after
noon at 5 o’clock.
If corn brings 40 cents per bushel,
and that price is not extravagant, the
crop of 1900 would represent a money
value of $960,000,000.
Mr. Elton O. Parker has leased the
desirable residence on Church street,
where Capt. McKenzie formerly re
sided, and will occupy it shortly.
Mr. W. P. Campbell, who will re
present Weil & Co. cotton factors, in
Americus, is having offices fitted up in
the Holt building on Lamar street.
Joe Floyd was anchored inside the
brick walls of the baßtile yesterday.
He is wanted for assault with intent to
murder, and was nabbed yesterday in
Schley county.
The Bank of Southwestern Georgia
advertises elsewhere some valuable
city property for sate or tease. It will
pay you to read this offering if you are
in search of fine property.
Church street is a misnomer as ap
plied to that thoroughfare. There are
a half dozen churches on Lee street
and none on Church street, but the old
name clings just the same.
The weather remains provokingly
fair and distressingly hot, and a virtu
ous howl for the promised rains of dog
days will be heard before J. Pinyins
again tips the watering pot.
The streets presented quite a busy
appearance yesterday morning and
merchants had a satisfactory trade.
Often in years past Americus has been
much duller than at present.
The contract price of cotton con
tinues to sag just a little on the
strength of better reports from “the
belt.” The market drops with more
apparent ease than it advances.
The revival in progress at St. Paul’s
ehnreb, East Americus, has di awn
good congregations throughout the
week and the pastor, Rev. C. R. Jen
kins, may carry on the meeting longer.
Glorious News.
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile of
Washita, I. T. He writes: “Four
bottles of Electric Bitters has cured
Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had
caused her great suffering for years*
Terrible sores would break out on her
head and face and the best doctors
could give no help but her cure is com
plete, and her health is excellent.”
This shows what thousands have
proved,—that Electric Bitters is the
best blood purifier known. It’s the
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter, salt
rheum, ulcers, boils and running sores.
It stimulates liver, kidneysand bowels,
expels poisons, helps digestion, builds
up the strength. Only 50 cents. Sold
by E J Eldridge, druggist. Guaranteed.
The Institute at Oglethorpe All Os
Next Week.
As previously announced in the
Times-Recorder, the county school
teachers of Sumter will attend the
combined Institute which opens Mon
day at Oglethorpe for the white teach
ers of Sumter, Schley and Macon coun
ties. At least a score of our teachers
will attend the Institute, going up
Monday morning.
The quicker you stop a cough or cold
the less danger there will be of fatal
lung trouble. One Minute Cough Cure
Is the only harmless remedy that gives
immediate results. You will like it. W.
A. Rembert.
To Contest the Will.
Washington, Ga., Aug. 3.—The will
of tho late Milton P. Reoso will bo con
tested by his only child, Mrs. Oliver M.
Smith. This instrument was liied with
tho ordinary shortly after the death of
Mr. Reese, which occurred about two
weeks ago. He bequeaths everything to
his sister, Mrs. Sallio Reese Dillard, and
appoints her executrix of the estate and
declares that she is to make no answer
to any one after tho entire estate is dis
posed of.
Lana Has Confessed.
New York, Aug. 3. lnformation
here is printed to tho effect that An
tonio Lana, arrested as an accomplice of
Bresci, has confessed, affirming that tho
plot existed involving the simultaneous
assassination of King Humbert and
Queen Margheurita.
make known their condition by frequent
ISAbn bitters I
it cleanses the system of poisons and impurities, K
conveys a healing and strengthening innwnce
to the suffering kidneys, PURIFIES THE
stimulates ine Liver, Stomach and Bowels,-
and works a speedy improvement in
the condition of the body.
Dr. E. J. ELDRIDGE, Agent.
Turn |
fft Life *
This Is a critical period
In tho life of every woman
and no mistakes should
be made.
The one recognized and
reliable help for women
who are approaching and
passing through this
wonderful change Is
E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Tftaf the utmost reliance
can he placed upon this
great medicine is testi
fied to by an army of
grateful women who have
been helped by It,
Mrs, Pinkham, who has
the greatest and most
successful experience in
the world to qualify her,
will advise you free of
charge. Her address is
Lynn, Mass, Write to her,
Americus Man Befriends an Atlanta
The recent prominence attained by
an Atlanta Chinaman, Lum Ling, has
caused Capt. John A. Cobb, of Amer
icus, to recall him as an acquaintance
whom he once befriended when con
nected with the Internal Revenue
service three or four years ago. Ling
wanted to go back to Pekin to wed his
wife, now with him in Atlanta, and
Capt. Cobb arranged all the papers
necessary for his return to this land of
Hanna and Trusts. Ling was deeply
grateful, and upon his return from
China brought Capt. Cobb a sword
and other mementoes, including his
photograph, with autograph beneath.
The autograph looks like a tangled
handful of earth worms, but Capt.
Cobb declares the inscription was made
by Lum, and accordingly prizes it very
Keep your system in perfect order
and you will have health, even in the
most sickly seasons. The occasional
use of Prickly Ash Bitters will insure
vigor and regularity in all the vital
organs. Dr. E. J. Eldridge.
For Onslaught Upon Feathered Tribe
Americus sportsmen are pleased to
learn that the “dove crop” has not
been cat short either by drought or
excessive rains, and are eagerly wait
ing the coming of the 15 th. in st., when
the shooting season begins. Accord
ing to the acts of 1893 and 1895, which
are as yet unrepealed, it is unlawful to
capture or to destroy in any way any
wild turkey, pheasant, snipe or par
tridge between the first days of April
and Noyember; nor is it lawful to cap
ture or to destroy in any way any wild
dove between the first day of April
and the fifteenth of August. It is also
a violation of the law to shoot doves
in a baited field, as has been done here
in years past.
One of the Conspirators Is Said to
Be a Woman.
New York, Aug. 3.—Detectives have
found the room in which it is claimed
that the plot to kill King Humbert was
formed. It is on the second floor of a
West Hoboken, N. J., resort for an
archists, and is in the heart of the Ital
ian settlement. The place has not been
known as a meeting place for anarchists.
There have been no public meetings
held there, and the room where the men
met was kept for the more secret confer
ences. The detectives say they learned
from Socialists who attended a meeting
at the place that less than four months
ago two Italians, a man and woman, ar
rived in Hoboken and an important con
ference was held in this room-. It is said
Bresci was at this conference.
The police have also learned that
Bresci was tendered a banquet just prior
to his leaving this country, at which
eight persons were present, three of
whom—Salvatore Quintavello and a
man named Sassi and a man named Len
ner or Lanier—who are now under ar
rest in Italy. The others are not yet
known to the police, but most of them
are soon likely to be discovered. One is
said to have been a woman.
People Who Came and Went Away
Americus People Who Have Gone
Away 'and Some of Those Who
Abide Here for a Time.—ls Your
Name Written There?
Harris Lithia Water in bottles and
on draught, at Hudson’s Drugstore.
T. W. Wood, of Camilla, Ga., was
looking after matters of business here
J. N. Royall and J. L. Watson reg
istered from Fort Valley at The Wind
sor yesterday.
Mr. James Callaway, of Macon, and
Mr. W. A. Callaway of Atlanta, were
here yesterday.
Mrs. D. C. Carmichael, of Dothan,
Ala., spent yesterday pleasantly with
friends in Americus.
Rev. N. R. Sanborn and Mrs. San
born went over to Baena Vista yester
day to spend some time.
After a visit of some length in Ameri
cus Mrs. D. Owens returned yesterday
to her home in Columbia, Ala.
Prof, Harrold Davenport of the State
University, went to Dawson yesterday
to spend a few days with relatives.
D. B. Nicholson and M. E. Land,
well known citizens of Rochelle, were
in Americus yesterday on business.
Miss Lamartine Tower left yesterday
for Union Springs, Ala., and will
spend some time with friends there.
Mrs. John M. Gannon, of Savannah,
who was Miss Ruth Brown, of Ameri
cus, is here upon a visit to her mother,
Mrs. D. P. Pugh.
Mrs. Evan T. Mathis and children
leave today for Lake Butler, Fla.,
where Dr. Mathis is staying, and will
spend a month there.
He Fooled the Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton of
»Vest Jefferson, O, after suffering 18
months from Rectal Fistula, he would
die unless a costly operation was per
formed; but he cured himself with five
boxes of Bucklea’s Arnica Salve, the
surest pile cure on earth, «nd the best
Salve in the world. (Sold by E. J. El
dridge, druggist.
Suffering From Attack of Chills and
Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 3.—Goy. Candler
is able '.to come to the capitol for an
hour or two. He hasn’t recovered
from his illness, but decided to come
to the capitol despite the protests of
his family. The Governor is suffering
with chills and fever. He refuses to
have a physician and says he will be
all right in the next few days. The
officials at the executive department
are urging him to take a vacation. He
may go to Tate Springs, Tenn., for a
Relief in Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder
Disease relieved in six hours by “New
Great South American Kidney Cure.”
It is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys and back, in male
or female. Relieves retention of water
almost immediately. If you want
quick relief and cure this is the reme
dy. Sold by E. J. Eldridge, druggist,
Americus, Ga.
Go to a friend for advice, to a
stranger for charity, and go to a rela
tive for nothing.
V. W. Conklin,Bowersville, O;, says:
“I received more bent fit from Foley’s
Kidney Cure than from months of
treatment by physicians. Take no sub
stitute, Davenport Drug Co.
No woman should think of marrying
until she acquires a forgiving disposi
THE DREAD of people with weak
lungs who suffer from stubborn coughs
is consumption. Foley’s Honey and
Tar, if taken in time, cures the cold,
heals and strengthens the lungs and al
ways cures incipient CONSUMPTION.
Attend to trifles to-day. The more
important matters will come in due
“I am a switchman,” writes A. J.
Jennessee, of 2001 Butler St,, Chicago,
“and am out in all kinds of weather.
I took a eold which settled in my kid
neys and was in very bad shape. I tried
several advertised medicines with no
benefit until I was recommended
to take Foley’s Kidney Cure Two
thirds of a bottle cured me.” Daven
port Drug Co.
An old batchelor says the rolling pin
is a cooking club.
Itch on human cured in 30 minutes
by Wollford’s Sanitary Lotion. This
never fails. Sold by E. J. Eldridge,
druggist, Americus. Ga.
The pleasure of voice are as poison
while the pains of virtue are ever plea
Robert Flournoy, Brickyard, Ala,,
wrote: I consider no remedy equal to
Dr. Moffett’s Teethina (Teething
Powders) for the irritations of teeth
ing and the bowel troubles of our
Southern country.
For Sale.
1-horse Studebaker wagon. Cheap
for cash. Address Po. Box 85, Amer
icus, Ga.
Obstacles George Grubbs and His Lady
Love Encounter.
Eufaula, Ala., August 3.—George
Grubbs, a well known young man from
near Louisville, reached the city late
yesterday on foot. Mr. Grubbs was
fleeing from irate parents to be married
to Miss Mattie Abercrombie) from his
neighborhood, who had accompanied
him until within three miles of
the city, when she became so fatigued
that she could not proceed further.
Upon making known his trouble, citi
zens here contributed and furnished
him a hack and he rode out for his in
tended bride and reached Georgetown,
Ga., just in time to meet a telegram
forbidding the union. He then came
here, where he met the same objection,
and at this hour is wondering what to
do. His age is given at eighteen years,
and his bride at forty-five years, and
they footed it a distance of thirty-one
miles, leaving home yesterday morning
at 2 o’clock.
A Minister’s Good Work.
“I had a sever attack of bilious colic,
got a bottle of Chamberlain’s Oolic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, took
two doses and was entirely cured,” says
Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia Kan.
“My neighbor across the street was sick
for over a week, had two or three bot
tles of medicine from the doctor. He
used them for three or four days with
out relief, then called in another doctor
who treated him for some days and gave
him no relief, so discharged him, I
went over to see him the next morning.
He said bis bowels were in a terrible
fix, that they had been running off so
long that it was almost bloody flux. I
asked him if he had tried Chamberlain’s
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
and he said, ‘No.’ I went home and
brought him my bottle and gave him
one dose; told him to take another dose
in fifteen or twenty minutes if he did
not find relief, but he took no more and
was entirely cured. For sale by Dod
son’s Pharmacy and J. R. Hudson.
Office of H. S. Davis, C. & T.
Americus, Ga., July 31, 1900.)
As per resolution passed by council
at regular meeting July 30th, 1900, ex
tending time for tax returns until Aug.
31, 1900, and therein instructing me as
clerk and treasurer to serve notice by
advertising same in daily papers for
the period of thirty days. I hereby
call each and every taxpayer’s attention
to same. Upon failure to make re
turn, according to the law, you will be
double taxed. Please take notice and
give the matter your prompt attention.
Very respectfully,
Henry S. Davis, C, &. T.
A scientist says that greenbacks
breed disease. There is no question
that the fever for them is contagious.
Do Your Feet Ache and Bum?
Shake into your shoes Allen’s Foot-
Ease, a powder for the feet It cools
the feet and makes tight or New Shoes
feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions.
Swollen, Smarting, Hot, Callous, Sore
and Sweating Feet. Alien’s Foot-Ease
relieves all pain and gives rest and
comfort. We have over 30,000 testi
monials. It cures while you walk.
Try it today. Sold by all druggists
and shoe stores. By mail for 25c, in
stamps. Trial package FREE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Os 7,loomen who entered one of the
State prisons in a given time 6,000 ad
mitted that they were drunkards.
In India, the land of famine, thous
ands die because they cannot obtain
food. In America, the land of plen
ty many suffer and die because they can
not digest the food they eat, Kodol
Dispepaia Cure digests what you eat. It
instantly relieves and radically cures all
stomach troubles. W. A. Rembert.
The average man puts a greater
value upon a favor he bestows than
upon the one he receives.
The lack of energy you feel, the back
ache and a run down condition general
ly, ail means kidney disorder, Foley’s
Kidney Cure will restore your strength
and vigor by making the kidneys well,
Davenport Drug Co.
A poor baseball player and a poor
match are reasonably sure to strike
out at a critical moment.
Backaches are cause by disorder in
the kidneys. Foley’s Kidney Cure will
make the kidneys r>ght. Davenport
Drug Co.
To be perfectly proportioned, a man
should weigh twenty-eight pounds for
every foot of his height
The greatest skin specialist in Amer
ica originated the formula for Banner
Salve. For all skin diseases, all cuts or
sores, and for piles it’s the most healing
medicine. Davenport Drug Co.
A young mother says that a batch
elor invariably speaks of a baby as
Mothers endorse it, children like it,
old folks use it. We refer to One Min
ute Cough Cure. It will quickly cure
all throat and lung troubles, W. A.
The bitterest enmity exists between
those who were formerly the best of
It will surprise you to experience the
benefit obtained by using the dainty and
famous little pills known as DeWitt’s
Early Risers. W. A. Rembert.
What a loan-some like the pawn
broker must lead
You will never find any other pills so
prompt and so pleasant as DeWitt’s
Little Early Risers. W. A. Rembert.
Doctors seldom disagree when it
comes to bleeding the patient.
For Rent.
Five room house. Apply to
E. Taylor.
Were Chased Across the Desert by
Chinese—Thousands Massacred.
Troitzkosawsk, Transblkalia, Sibe
ria, Aug. 3.—. Seven American mission
aries from Peking with their families
have arrived here. They escaped from
Peking and were chased across the sand
and mountains of the Gobi desert for
400 miles, suffering fearful tortures
from the hot sand, exposure and lack of
food and water.
The Russian governor of Transbika
lia sent out 500 Cossacks, who galloped
south 400 miles into the desert and re
captured them. The cavalry gave them
food and shelter and brought them to
Troitzkosawsk, where they are receiv
ing care at the hands of the authorities.
Thousands of the Christians have been
massacred, they report, and thousands
more will die at the hands of the Boxers
unless the powers send large reinforce
The Chinese troops have been ordered
to kill all Christians and burn their
Foreigners all safe in Mongolia, where
all is quiet.
Missionaries Massacred.
Paris Aug. 3.—The French consul
general at Shanghai, M. Deßezuaro, in
a dispatch dated Aug. 2 states that many
missionaries of different nationalities
have been massacred in the province of
Shansi. *
Seven Deaths In Cuba-
Washington, Aug. 3.—General Wood
reports seven deaths among the troops
in Cuba.
A white cloud makes a good parasol,
but a black one makes a poor umbrella.
For Rent.
Very desirable storehouse
in Thomas block adjoining
Bank of Southwestern Geor
gia. now occupied by Mr. J.
C. Nicholson. Possession
given September Ist, 1900.
Also three desirable rooms
over Bank of Southwestern
Georgia; east front, newly
painted and papered and
ample light; water and sewer
connections. Apply to Bank
Southwestern Georgia or W.
H. C. Dudley.
For Sale.— The three de
sirable lots on south side of
Forsyth st’, between Planters
Bank and Hotel avenue.
Four lots on east side Lee
st., opposite city hall.
Five lots on north side La
mar st, between Lee st., and
Hotel avenue. Parts of Wind
sor Park.
For Sale or Lease. — Two
lots corner of Hill street and
Elm avenue Fine location
for storehouse, being near to
shops of Seaboard Air Line.
Apply to Bank of South
western Georgia.
I g 5
the flavor of our meats is excellent. All
is the flesh of young stock and posses
ses that juciness, tenderness, and de
licious taste which is entirely absent
in meat from older animals.
Orders will be appreciated and filled
at the lowest prices consistent with the
highest quality.
(l ‘W* 1 '(l X 11
For Sale and Rent.
• Headquarters for
Repairing Bicycles.
Our prices are much lower than others,
and all work strictly first- class and guaran
teed. Our line of rent wheels are the best in
Southwest Georgia.
Give us a trial when in need of anything in
our line.
Jack Skelton & a ßro.,
Dealers in everything pertaining to a bl
cycle. Phone 67—6 calls.
Special For
Coming Week!
_ „ ... Q , „
$5.00 Will P nrc l iaße any Pants in
my stock. We must make room for
our Winter Stock.
For Rent=SS
Desirable dwelling on College St.,
near Lee street. All conveniences.
Large garden. Possession at once.
Apply to—
Thos. Harrold,

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