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Editor Times=Recorder,
Americus, (ja.
I intended to have given you a carefully
prepared advertisement for display in our
usual space this morning, but have been un
able to do it, for the reason, that notwith
standing our force has worked day and night
during the entire week, yet our store is
crowded to over-flowing with numerous un
opened cases containing the choicest styles
New Dress Goods,
Fine Clothing,
House Furnishings, Etc.
all of which must be opened and marked up—
or rather MARKED DOWN, before we can
take care of the crowd which usually comes
pur way after special advertisement in the
We have already opened, however, a per
fectly gorgeous display of early fall Dress
Goods, Separate Skirt and Waist materials.
Outing Flannels, Figured Satines, Printed
Ducks, Percales and numerous other popular
fabrics, which at the attractive prices mark
on all should insure for us a busy weekithis of
Our new Carpets, Rugs and Mattings;
Chenille and Derby Tapestry, Portieres and
Table Covers- have also been opened, and you
would be surprised at the low prices which
our experience and opportunity enables us
to ofler on all.
I am going to write you next week the
promised advertisement, which will contain
many promises to our friends, and customers,
and it will become my privilege and pleasure
to see that every promise made is faithfully
carried out. Very truly yours
'Corner Lamar Street and Cotion Avenue,
All Sorts of Petticoats--Many Styles.
A most complete collection ready Monday morning. Choice begins at
a very little price for garments that are worth considerably more;
some fancy cotton ones are 50 cents; others of fine mercerized cotton
tha, looks exactly like silk on up to $1.98. Then comes the better
ones; they are all of fresh crisp Taffetas. This assortment is more
extensive—we doubt that better ones are shown in the South. Every
style was gathered in almost every pretty shade, and all the Taffetas are
thoroughly good whether the price be $4 or sls* Some real nice all-silk petti=
coats are $3.98; some are $4.75; others are $6.50, $7.50, SB.OO and on up to sls
each. We are anxious to have you see the variety that is here.
Hosiery of Many Kinds to Suit all Purses.
/We are told that there is no better stock in Americus, and better stock
K'ans assortment of all known to be good kinds. Values as always a little or
■L h better than those found in the market generally.
10c. pair—Fast black assorted tans, splic-
Bivlvil oil uli I lUdv. e d heels and toes—value 15c.
J 25c. pair—Of fine cotton, fast black, assorted tans, with colored or silk em.
Kkleried fronts; value 38c.
■ CtnrLi’nac 10c. pair. Os fast black cotton splic-
■KOmen S e d heels and toes; value 15c.
Lisle thread stockings, Hermsdorf dye, high spliced heels and
■pe 35c.
P lir - Fine Listle lace ankles, in black and purple; also black lace all
novelties in ladies’ stockings at 75c, sl, $1.25 and $1.50 a pair.
QfnrLin(rc of heav * ribbed cotton, spliced heels
di Cll S C 5 IOC KI and toes. No extra charge for
PCfZes -the best ones in the country--10c pair.
Hime Wonderful Bargains for Monday and Tuesday’s
|F Selling. Five hundred bunches feather stitch braids, white and colored;
ioc. flonday and Tuesday at 2 1-2 C bunch.
About twent-five dozen Ladies’ fine all linen
naneKercnicib* Handkerchiefs. Some slightly soiled from
displaying them. They are considered fine values when we offered them for
12 1-2 C. We will sell them from the fixture Monday and Tuesday at sc. each.
One thousand short lengths of fancy prints, lengths from one to five yard
pieces, flonday and Tuesday only, at 2c per yard.
Twenty-five dozen men’s’Silk overshot Suspenders, worth in the regular
way 25c; choice Monday and Tuesday only, at 5c per pair.
One thousand yards short lengths of fine Swiss and Nainsook embroideries,
worth up to 25c; choice flonday and Tuesday only, at 5c yard.
One hundred dozen men’s new style collars, high turn over; guarauteed all
linen, four-ply; worth 15c each if worth a cent; Monday and Tuesday only, at
69c per dozen.
Fifteen dozen W. B. Corsets, made of extra quality corset jeans; a regular
Monday and Tuesday only, at 25c each.
SlK 1 Sheetings, short lengths, 5c yard.
Receipts For Two Days Almost 1.600
Nearly 800 Bales Handled at Ware
houses Saturday and as Many Fri
day.—High Prices Brought Fine
Sixteen hundred bales cotton re
ceived direct at the city warehouses is
the record made by Americus within
the past two days—Bo2 bales Friday
and nearly as many yesterday, swel
ling the total warehouse receipts for
the season considerably beyond the
9,000 mark.
ft was a record any market in Geor
gia might be proud of.
Friday broke the record on heavy
receipts, though yesterday’s score of
772 bales was by no means trifling
when the inclement weather is con
And rarely has Americus witnessed
a busier day. Heavy receipts, the
excellent price paid here for cotton re
cently—as high as 11} cents—the dis
position of farmers to square accounts
and bny goods for himself and family,
conspired to give business a decided
And Americus merchants weie ready
for the harvest of dollars.
They had the goods, plenty of them,
and the exchange of these for the coin
of the realm was quickly effected.
While trade had been good through
out the week yesterday was the banner
day, and in every line there was a rush
of business. The cooler weather tend
ed to improve conditions somewhat,
and winter goods were more in demand
yesterday than heretofore.
Cotton money was in evidence in
every store in Americus, aad adver
tising merchants had well filled tills
when the curtain of night descended
upon the busy scene.
It was a banner day that will not be
forgotten in trade circles.
Hut there will be others like it, for
although the cotton crop is short the
increased price more than makes up
the deficiency in the number of bales
and puts Mr. Farmer on deck with
money in his jeans after all debts are
paid. Its his money to spend.
And the Times-Recorder hopes his
pockets will bulge as never before.
When he prospers all prosper; when
poverty is his portion the wheels of
prosperity stop.
To try the Atlanta tailor to make a suit or
pair of pants. Because If It does not fit, you
are not obliged to take It. I guarantee in
everypnstance a perfect fit. I worked for the
last sixteen in Atlanta; for Jerry Lynch,
Hlrsch Bros, and Elsman Bros; for twelve
vears as coat maker: for the last four years
I done cording. All work Is made In city.
TAILOR, at Windsor Hotel.
3 The Old Reliable Jewelry Store, £
All the latest designs in ..... . ££
and goods found in a first-class store, r can be found’at &
fl T Cl JI I IVAN! Successor to Americus Jewelry and SL
VI. 1 . CJLJL.L.I V/AIX, .Music Company
Watch Inspector Georgia & Alabama R. R. s*;
• Next to Ladles’ Entrance Windsor Hotel.
Session Gives Promise of Being Best
on Record.
The public schools of the city will be
opened tomorrow for the fall session,
and hundreds of school children will
bid adieu to vacation days and go back
to books. .Nearly 600 pupils have reg
istered in the white schools already,
and the attendance will be increased
very largely later on when many ab
sentees return. The colored schools
will also show up remarkably well af
ter a while, and within two or three
weeks the enrollment of pupils in all
the schools will probably exceed 1,600.
Some delay in the work of the High
School may result from the fact that
the Board of Education has not yet
elected a teacher m that department,
but one may be chosen at the meeting
of the board tomorrow night. The
forthcoming session promises to be the
most prosperous in the history of
Americus’ public school system.
The progressive nations of the world
are the great food consuming nations.
Good food well digested gives strength.
If you cannot digest all you eat, you
need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
what you eat. You need not diet your
self. It contains all of the digestants
combined with the best known tonics
and reconstruct! ves. It will even digest
ail classes of foods in a bottle. No other
preparation will do this. It instantly
relieves and quickly cures all stomach
troubles. W. A. Rembert.
Populist Candidate is Expected Here
It is understood that John H. Tray
lor, populist candidate for Governor,
will deliver an address at the court
house in Americus Thursday, morning,
27th. The fact that the populists have
a candidate for Governor in the field
this year will be news to many, and
while the general public is invited to
hear Mr. Traylor upon this occasion
even the few farmers of his political
faith here will probably be too busy
harvesting eleven cent cotton to give
much attention to political speeches
from any source.
Chinese are dangerous enemies, for
they are treacherous. That’s why all
counterfeits of DeWitt’s Witch Hazel
Salve are dangerous. They look like
DeWitt’s, but instead of the all-healing
witch hazel they all contain ingredients
liable to irritate the skin and cause
blood poisoning. For piles, injuries and
skin diseases use the original and genu
ine DeWitt’s Witch Haz4 Salve. W.
A. Rembert.
Fall Session Will Open There Tomor
row Morning.
Members of the Americus Bar who at
tend Stewart Superior court will go to
Lumpkin this afternoon to attend the
fall session, convening there tomorrow.
Judge Littlejohn will preside. There
is not a great amount of business, and
the usval session of two weeks will
probably be shortened considerably.
Americus Cotton Market.
Americus, Ga., Sept.. 15th, 1900.
Rec’d today at warehouses, 772 bales,
Rec’d previously at “ 8,406 ”
Total warehouse receipts 9,178
Americus Market Quotations.
Good Middling, [email protected]
Middling [email protected]*
Miss Wooten’s School.
Miss Wooten will open school Sept.
17th, French and Post-graduate
course taught. Patronage solicited.
Registration of Pupils for Americus
Public Schools.
Beginning Wednesday, September
6th, the registration of pupils will be
made every day, except Saturday and
Sunday, until the opening of school
Monday September 17th. White chil
dren will report at Farlow school;
colored children at.McCay Hill school.
Hours: 8 a. m., to 1 p. m.
J. E. Mathis, Supt.
School Shoes.
I "A
J ®
Jr V w
Empire Shoe
For Display of Carpets, Rugs and
Large Stock Trunks.
Mr. George D. Wheatley, finding
that more room was required for the
storage and display of certain lines of
goods carried, has leased the large and
commodious Ooker building on Cotton
avenue, between the store of the Amer
icus Furniture and Undertaking Co.,
and the old Bank of Americus. Mr.
Wheatley will fit this store up nicely
and use it solely for carpets, mgs and
trunks. It is admirably adapted to
this purpose, and the removal of these
lines there will afford needed room for
other lines in his large store on the
The Appetite of a Goat
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics whose
stomach and liver are out of order. All
such should know that Dr. King’s New
Life Pills, the wonderful stomach and
liver remedy, gives a splendid appetite,
sound digestion and a regular bodily
habit that insures perfect heatlh and
great energy. Only 250 at E J El
dridge’s drug store.
Another Sudden Rise in the Market
The season of bad weather through
out the cotton belt caused an advance
of nearly fifty points, or a half cent, in
the contract market yesterday, which
closed strong in tone, thus indicating
a further advance tomorrow. This
affected the price of spot cotton, and
prices ranged a shade below the eleven
cent mark all day. Probably half the
cotton marketed yesterday was sold,
while not a few farmers are going to
play a long suit and hold until spring,
if necessary, for the still higher prices
in prospect.
The pleasant qffect and perfect safety
with which ladies may use Syrup of
Figs, under all conditions, makes it
their favorite remedy. To get the true
and genuine article, look for the name
of the California Fig Syrup Co., printed
near the bottom of the package. For
sale by all druggists.
Supplies Will be Forwarded Free of
all Cost.
The good people of Americus will do
their part towards relieving the dis
tress of the flood sufferers of Galves
ton, and while there has been no unit
ed effort in this direction many volun
tary subscriptions have gone forward.
The Southern Express Company has
generously agreed to forward, free of
charge, over its lines, all contributions
of money, clothing, etc., shipments
to be addressed to properly constituted
relief committees in that state.
as to the cause of their ill health. If
they would start to treat their kidneys
with Foley’s Kidney Cure, the weari
ness of body and mind, backache, head
ache and rheumatic pains would disap
pear. Davenport Drug Co.
Gold Watch Lost.
Yesterday on Church street, small
gold watch and chain. Will pay re
ward for its return to Geo. D. Wheat
ley’s store.
Female Help Wanted.
Ladies to work at home; s<> per week;
no canvassing; work sent prepaid; send
stamped addressed envelope for sample
and particulars. R, W. Hutton & Co,,
Dept. X, Philadelphia, Pa.
Monday. Sept. 17.
'fHE Public is Cordially invited to
call and Inspect our Enormous
stock of
■ Fall and Winter
Fabrics, consisting of Oxford,
Gray and Cambridge shades,
Brown and Greenish mixtures, etc.
Finninger Co.,
... Tailors
have new Tailors—the best
that could be had.
1 •< » .
H llllllk it ''jlll G) in Illi
i not show use our P
r v V Sterling Silver Inlaid Spoons and Forks. Solid Silver V. J
|F X/is set in the back of the bowls and handles, and are V |
guaranteed twenty-five
_, w Hold hj
Fricker & Bro,
Glover’s Narrow Escape From Death
at Galveston.
Perched Upon Desk in His Office he
Marked the Rapid Rise of Waters
and Calculated His Moments Upon
Earth.—Fearful Situation.
Hon. W. A. Dodson received yester
day a letter from Mr. W. Thad Glover,
his cousin, depicting graphically the
terrible scenes of a week ago when
Galveston was wrecked by hurricane
and thousands of lives lost. Mr.
Glover’s friends in Americus, where he
was reared, rejoice greatly at his es
The letter refers principally to the
events of Saturday night last.
Mr. Gloyer’s office was in the Cotton
Exchange, and with other occupants
he was imprisoned there during the
entire night by the surging waters
that covered the floor of the building
several feet.
While the storm raged with terrific
fury the little groupe, huddled upo n
the tops of desks, eat in black darkness
while the angry waters continued to
rise about them. was no es
cape, and all through the long hours
of the night, their bodies submerged,
they calmly awaited death.
Mr. Glover employed his time by
striking his knife in the wall near him
as a means of measuring the rise of
the waters and mentally figuring upon
the number of hours ere death claimed
Imagine, if you can, the absolute
horror of the situation.
The crew of a wrecked steamer rowed
near the office in a boat, already over
loaded, but could render no assistance
to those imprisoned there.
Mr, Glover says that for six hours,
seemingly interminable, he expected
to die every moment. With the com
ing of the dawn the rescue of the im
prisoned office men was effected, and
thus were they snatched from the very
jaws of a horrible death. Few people
ever survive such an awful experience.
Ail of Saturday and that night Mr.
Glover was imprisoned in his office,
without food or water, though he did
did not lose heart until late in the
night, as above related.
His description of the wrecked city,
with its mutilated dead piled in the
streets or floating about in the harbor,
is horrible in the extreme. These have
since been burned, buried or dumped
into the sea. Many thousands, he
says, are destitute and homeless. Mil
lionaires were made mendicants by the
fearful storm.
In the residence portion of the city,
he says, not a brick pillar remains to
mark the site of the once beautiful
and happy homes of Galveston’s cit
A Lite and Death Fight.
Mr. W. A, Hines of Manchester, la.,
writing of his almost miraculous escape
from death, says: “Exposure after
measles induced serious lung trouble,
which ended in Consumption. I had
frequent hemorrhages and coughed nignt
and day. All my doctors said I must
soon die. Then I began to use Dr. Kiag’s
New Discovery for Consumption, which
completely cured me. I would not be
without it even if it cost §5.00 a bottle.
Hundreds have used it on my recom
mendation and all say it never falls to
cure throat, chest and lung Troubles ”
Regular size 500 and §l. Trial bottles
free at E. J, Eldridge’s drugstore.
Carries Her Row With Some of The
Best Pickers.
The Times-Recorder was told yester
day qf a blind negress living four miles
from the city, who is making a record
as a cotton picker. Despite the fact
that she has been totally blind for
years she makes a first rate hand m
the cotton patch and earns from 50cts.
to 75cts, a day picking cotton.
Hot days followed by cool nights will
breed malaria in the body that is bili
ous or costive. Pbickly Ash Bitters
is very valuable at this time for keep
ing the stomach, liver and bowels well
A young mother says that a batch
elor invariably speaks of a baby as
Mothers must not forget that Dr.
Moffett’s Teethina (Teething Powders)
will cure their child.
A necessity is soap, and to
use nice perfumed soap is
luxury. If you want some
of the finest goods for the
cheapest prices just call at
Rembert’s Drug-Store,
IJhavethe advertised kinds and
quite a variety that are not ad
vertised, but are certainly de
lightful to use, at any price.to
please. .
asessi.. „ .
INextJtoZPostoffice. _ ——
WILL soon be the all absorbing topic with a a reas
many, men as well as women, being interest^it
this ?il important subject. That ours is
to come for what you want there can be no ques
tion. “Quantity buying” always makes lower prices, and
does it not therefore stand to reason that we being tie'
largest handlers and dealers in dry goods and all Its kin
dred lines, that we are naturally in position to give you the
benefit of what can be gained thereby. The season is get
ting ripe for purchasing your fall and winter wearing a p
parel, and we cordially invite you to see our stock of Dress
Goods for women and children, Clothing for the men and
boys, Jackets, Furs, Underskirts in Silk, Wool, and Cotton,
Top Skirts in all grades, from $1.25 to $5.00 each, and the
largest and handsomest line of Tailor-made Suits for the
women that were ever shown in Americus, ranging in price
from $6 to 40.00 each, all beautifully made and tailored;
lots oi them Hued with the finest silk linings. Altogether this
is one of the best equipped departments for the women in
Miss Dora Williams, so well and favorably known
as one of the best dressmakers in this part of the state is
with us in our
Ladies Suit Department
and there will be no trouble whatever in having any suit
alterations made at once. Miss Williams will be glad to
have all her friends and the trade generally call and allow
her the pleasure of showing them through this department.
The goods are now beginning to arrive, and in a few days
the stock will be complete in every detail. We will show
you nicer suits, better fitting suits, handsomer and more
stylish suits than iu any previous season.
The immense variety of piece goods, many of all char
acter, is simply appalling. Among the new weaves you will
find here Prunele Cloths, Zibilines, Pebble Cheviots, Un
finished Worsteads, Raytines, etc., in addition to worlds of
new designs in the ever popular Camels Hairs, Broadcloths,
Venetian Cloths, Serges, Cheviots, Henrietta Cloths in all
wool and silk warp, Homespuns, Mohairs, Cashmeres,
Tricots, Flannels for dresses and the French Flannels m
immense variety for waists, Plaid Back Suitings for the
popular “rainy day” or walking skirts in a magnificent as
sortment, and in fact so much to see in this department,
the only trouble will be for you to be able to decide what
you want We cordially invite you to call.
I "<i * i "© «§*- 1
(E ial y(yfe°”
School Books.
My stock of School Books and School
supplies is complete.
New and second-hand books running
through all the grades.
School Bags, Straps, Slates, Pencil Boxes,
and Lunch Baskets, Don’t wait until the last
moment, but come early and avoid the rusn.
_■ _ _ _ -II ■ ■ —————
Our Store is a Storm.
The result of a rush of business since our doors
were opened two weeks ago
and the people are after them. We are receiving
shipments of Dry Goods, Shoes, Cottonadcs, No
tions, Etc , every day, and as soon as our stock is
placed we will
Give The Public Some Prices.
In the meantime we are ready to wait on yon and
save you money in every purchase.
Elmore 8 (merry.
Lamar Street, next Buchanan Bros. __
Pool.keeping. etc., thor-
3 3 9 oußhly taught BY MAIL
er per.many Our sysu-l of teaching gives actual Y 7
daily experience m every branch of business including g j
tell us that sU months hurt is equal u> a year m any ot . . vacant position
<fcfs REWARD
Telegraph operator which we success!’ y ln every pwpt ol tbe world.
coiSUtent assisttints without charge. SCHOOL.in A’nerica
, that you will pay
r for anywhere else if you
j get it.
I ,

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