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"r"'"'' ' — J
I AVcgdable Preparation for As I
’ simUatingftcFotxlandßegula- J
I ting the Stomachs and Dowels ol
Promotes Digeslion.CheerruD
ness and Rest.Conlains neither j
■ Opium,Morpliine nor Mineral,
Not Narcotic.
Drape of Old DrSAMVEL PITCHER j|l|
/\tmyk>n Sail - \
rtlx. Senna ♦ I
JinckeUe Salls S
.Anita Avd * 1
i Jrppermint - *
£t rirlxeuikSorUl + I
fflrtH Sea J - I
(‘lnrifted. Vugnr !
JiLt&vy,'***'* Flavor. 1
I A perfect Remedy forConslipa
[ 1 lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
j Worms .ConvulsionsJevmsh
i ncss and Loss OF SLEEP. I
Facsimile Signature of
‘ * A l X-3 W *w
»I I Mi
Special Cut-Price Sale!
Mens’ Fine Shoes
For This Week. If you will need any shoes soon,
now is the time for you to inspect our stock.
We mean business.
Just received a big lot of Collars and Shirts
When we sell you goods they must be up to the
standard, and we will sell good goods for less
than any one.
A Carload of Pianos Coming I
I have just returned from the north, where I visited one
of the I irgest piano factories in the United States, and
1 selected my immense stock from four hundred finished
instruments, and von may expect to see the handsomest
line of FINE PIANOS ever exhibited in the city of Ameri
cus. I have something artistic in
Something new ! Something worth seeing ! I will have a
carl ad of pianos at my wareroom, THE PLANTER’S
BANK BUILDING, this week, and mv introductory sale
will begin NEXT MONDAY MORNING. Everybody is
invited to call.
Io do anything reasonable.
Io please my trade and extend accommodations
Io those who are worthy.
I o convince you.
AH I ask is a trial.
When in need of Groceries call at 219 Forsyth st.
W. H. GLOVER, Manager.
I nder Opera House. ’Phone No. 123,
■ 111 üßiis m. *
while thl L lRnrC < f ?‘ jice are as poison For every successful man you meet
sant “ 141 ' Grtue are ever plea- you will meet a dozen unsuccessful
ones who claim to have given him a
Relier in Six Hours. Start ’
.J 1 Bt. ssin<r Kidney and Bladder of Chronic Diarrhoea After Thirty
isease relieved in six hours by “New Years of Suffering.
uis ‘ -Gnerieau Kidney Cure.” “I suffered for thirty years with di-
■ a great surprise on account of its ari- hoea and thought I was past being
exceeding promptness in relievinsr nain cured ’” Ba > B John 8. Halloway, of
in bladder, kidnevs and bant- ; > French Camp, Miss. “I had spent so
orfemale Relieve,* '» h male much time and money and suffered so
almost ir\r " etentl °hof water much that I bad given up all hopes of
~n . . r . !latel y- If you want rec overy. I was so feeble from the es
• relief and cure this is the reme- !® cts 0 * diarrhoea that I could do no
dy. Sold by E. J. Eldridge dm<.<r f kind of labor, could not even travel, but
Americus, Ga. ’ r ’ glßt ’ by accident I was permitted to find a
bottle of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
The Indian famine roii.'f r > . and Diarrhoea Remedy, and after taking
York has reached < > > a B ® ver al bottles I am entirely cured of
__J^!__Z l2 ’ o<B - 54 ’ that trouble. lam so pleased with the
result that lam anxious that it be in
utsand Bruises Quickly Healed reach of all who suffer as I have.” For
1 bamberlain s Pain Balm . u? y DodßOn ’ 8 Pharmacy and J. R.
cut, bruise, burn kTm a PP IIBd to a Hudson,
wi’l instantly ?li av L• injury
XtXV' h S - y un^rr anßh ° Uld
very severe it win “ le . Bß , the injury i 8 ? ntl 81i e acquires a forgiving disposi-
Pain Bilm Z " Ot leave a BCar - t,on *
pains, swellings and™] rheumatißi n, (
sale by Dobson’s Pi-o iat noness. For ,ai “ ,erlttiM ’s Cough Remedy a Great
Hudson. ’ tti <and J R t Favorite.
1 lie soothing and healing properties of
Blood will teli-therefore n this temedy, its pleasant taste and
* lße to ooufide a secret to relative prompt and Permanent cures have made
N o ‘ 4 great favorite with people every-
“I had bronchitis / ' EAKS U U eßpeciall r P rized by moth-
? aid Mrs. Minerva”Sn<ti tJrenty y earß >” Bmall children for colds, croup
;e?? aßdat S have d cough, as it always as-
evTX‘. relie ' I Sd ,* «»">'. ant « it contain, no
give. gnic7 J' itpicasanllud Xer” ° ther tarmrul dt<, B. ** “a/ »«
throat and lnn„ di, “Jl 8 .?% re “etc for “ «»M.ntly to a baby aa to an
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the Z. t
/ fir W*
Signature ZJlj)
I of
ft Jf’ In
liiz “ se
Us For Over
Thirty Years
Brief Biti of Gossip Picked Up
I Here and There
1 the Convenience of Hasty Read-
• r *—Tales of the Town Told In Terse
Texts That Tend to Tone the Temper
•f Tired People.
Buists’ pearl, silver skin and yellow
I onion sets. New crop turnip seed.
Hudson’s Drug Store.
The authorities of Dawson are after
Charles Harris, a negro, who shot and
killed Jesse Bell, another negro, in a
dispute oyer a woman.
If party who took gold watch Wed
nesday afternoon from nail will return
it to Windsor Hotel office no questions
will be asked. Party is known,
Tom James came through from Ma
con yesterday en route to Albany, after
having spent two days (and nights)
viewing the midway attractions.
Quite a number of returning tourists
came in this morning from the Macon
street fair. Americus has been pretty
well represented on the midway.
McMath Bros, are actually giving
away fine silverware, and baby shoes
as well. Read their new advertisement
this morning and then get your share.
There seems to be no letup to the
heat and drought. Old 801 still bores
away like a hired man, while there is
not a rain cloud on the horizon in
A rather novel and interesting case
will be heard by the mayor this morn
ing, that of certain parties charged with
• annoying an officer of the city in the
discharge of his duties.
The southbound Central train was
held in Macon last night until 10;30 p.
m., arriving here at 1 o’clock this morn
ing. It will likewise be held tonight,
and also tomorrow night.
Mr. Wilbur Lawrence, an experi
enced drygoods man of Macon, late
with the Dannenberg Co. has accepted
a position in the dress goods depart
ment at George D. Wheatley’s store.
In the meantime what has become of
that knitting mill projected by enter
prising citizens some months ago ?
Did it die stillborn, as did the others,
or did death result from strangulation?
The excursion business is not worry
ing the colored brother even a little
bit just now. With the wane of the
watermelon season his only excursion
is to the cotton patch, and at family
Prevented a Tragedy.
Timely information given Mrs. Geo.
Long, of New Straitsville, Ohio, pre
vented a dreadful tragedy and saved two
lives. A frightful cough had long kept
her awake every night. She had tried
many remedies aud doctors but steadily
grew worse uutil urged to try Dr. King’s
New Discovery. One bottle wholly cur
ed her, and she writes this marvelous
medicine also cured Mr. Long of a severe
attack of Pneumonia. Such cures are
positive proof of the matchless merit of
this grand remedy for curing all throat, ,
chest and lung troubles. Only 50c and
$1 00. Every bottle guaranteed. Trial
bottles free at E. J. Eldridge, drugstore
If everybody got what they deserv
ed, you might not be nearly so well ofl
as you are.
Put your stomach, liver and blood in
healthy condition and yon can defy
disease. Prickley Ash Bitters is a
successful system regulator. Dr. E
J, Eldridge.
A scientist says that greenbacks
breed disease. There is no question
that the fever for them is contagious.
The progressive nations of the world
are the great food consuming nations.
Good food well digested gives strength.
If you cannot digest all you eat, you
need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
what you eat. You need not diet your
self. It contains all of the digestants
combined with the best known tonics 1
ail classes of foods in a bottle. No other
preparation will do this. It instantly
relieves and quickly cures all stomach
troubles. W. A. Rembert.
When a woman neglects her huus
band’s shirt she is no longer the with
of his bosom.
Chinese are dangerous enemies, for
they are treacherous. That’s why all ■
counterfeits of DeWitt’s Witch Hazel
Balve are dangerous. They look like ;
DeWitt’s, but instead of the all-healing
witch hazel they all contain ingredients
liable to irritate the skin and cause
blood poisoning. For piles, injuries and
skin diseases use the original and genu
ine DeWitt’s Witcti Hazd Salve. W.
A. Rembert.
The bitterest enmity exists between
those who were formerly the best of
Large sun spots, astronomers say, (
caused the extreme heat this summer,
and doctors declare nearly all the pros
trations were induced by disorders of
the stomach. Good health follows good
digestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure di
gests what you eat. If you have indi
gestion or dyspepsia it will quicklv re
lieve and permanently cureyou. W. A.
The man who is always serious or al
ways merry is but half a man.
Itch on human cured in 30 minutes
by Wollford’s Sanitary Lotion. This
never fails. Sold by E. J. Eldridge,
druggist, Americus, Ga.
A wise man never covets a thing he
can live without.
DeWJtt’s Little Early Risers are
prompt; palatable, pleasant, powerful,
purifying little pills.—W. A. Rembert.
The lumber trust has branches in
i every tree.
> ——
1 Ulcers, open or obstinate sores, scalds
r and piles, quickly cured by Banner
Salve, the most healing medicine in the
world. |
ff Sei 2/o ur
T/Jorth. ’

JVave One With 7/s.
It will serve as an introduc
tion, and pills are not unpleas
ant to take.
We Want We want
2/our *2)rug Zjracfe. you to Come
to us every time you have an
ache or pam, or a prescrip
tion to be filled. We want to
supply you with tooth powd
eis, toilet waters, perfumes—
anything in our line that you
may need. We want you to
feel that no one else can serve
you as well as we can, and
you will think so if you will
give us a chance to do the
Cuticuria Soap, 20c
Darby’s Fluid 45c
Sol. Four Chlorides—best disinfec
fectant for the sick room, closets,
drains, etc., qts 40c
Paine’s Celery Compound 85c
King’s New Discovery 40c
Bryan’s Fever Cure 25c
Pyramid Pile Cure 45c
Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery .80c
Mellin’s Food—small 40c
“ “ large 65c
Carter’s Liver Pills 20c
Dainty perfumes for dainty
women—even the prices aie
Lazell’s Carnation Pink 50c. oz
Violet Violet Water:
3 ozs 35c
8 ozs 75c
Crab Apple Extract 50c oz
White Rose 35c oz
I// I f
Seiling Is ag import
Tjooth Preparation ant aS mak
up prescriptions—at least we
deem it so. We know how
much the teeth may be harm
ed by poor powder, etc.
a tooth paste for particular
people. Wholesome, hand
some, refreshing—a perfect
preparation for perfecting the
condition of the teeth and
gums. Price 25c.
Rubifoam 200
Sozodont 200
Emthymol Tooth Paste 250
McKee’s Tooth Powder 25c
Lyon’s Tooth Powder 20c
Remember the
we offer to buyers of our seed,
as prizes for fine vegetables.
Only condition is,thatyou buy
your seed from us. We have
now in stock, this year’s crop
of all varieties of Landreth’s
Turnip Seed,
Pearl Onion Sets.
Red Onion Sets,
Silver Skin Onion Sets,
Multiplier Onion sets.
Luttice Seed.
Radish Seed.
Sumter County-Rye.
“Get Your
Money’s Worth.”
Those Who Came and Went
Away Yesterday.
Atnerleua People and Their Friends
Who Are Going on Business or Pieas
■r®—Some You Know and Some
You Don't.
Wanted: 5,000 customers to buy chil
dren’s School Shoes; best in the coun
try. ScnuMPERT Shoe Co.
Sheriff J. L. Horn made a flying trip
to Americus yesterday, coming on bus
iness as usnal.
Mr. R. F. Nehring spent yesterday
among friends in Americus, for many
years his old home.
Mr. Elliott Dunn, of Atlanta, was in
- Americus yesterday morning and
. stopped at The Allen.
H. M. Austin registered from Mont
gomery yesterday among the arrivals
- at the Windsor Hotel.
» Mr. Dan D. Hall came up from Lees
burg yesterday to look after important
1 business matters here.
Mrs. I H. Kalmon returned here
yesterday from a visit of [several days
I to relatives in Cuthbert.
Mr. H. A. Daniel came over from
Buena Vista yesterday to mingle with
. Americus friends for a day.
Mr. Eugene V. Haynes, formerly of
this city but now residing in Atlanta,
is spending a few days here.
Mr, Clyde Shropshire, a well known
young Georgian, was among the prom
inent visitors here yesterday.
Mr, H. A. Albright, of Columbus,
was among others from that city in
Americus yesterday morning.
Mrs. Lou Furlow and son, Lieut.
James W. Farlow, went to Atlanta
yesterday to spend several days.
New York, Sept. 26.—Cotton futures
opened easy.
January..... 9.53 .... 9.62
February 9.49 .... 9.62
March 952 .... 9.62
April 9.48 .... 9.62
May 9.; 2 .... 9.62
June 9.51 .... 9.61
July. 9.50 .... 960
August 940 .... 948
September 10.12 .... 10.30
Oatober 10.0? .... 10.02
November 9.6 u .... 9.75
December 9.5, .... 9.62
Spot cotton closed quiet: middling up
lands I<i®4c; middling gulf, 11c.
Chicago. Sept. 26. open close
WU EAT —September . .... Ti%
October .... 7/4
November .... 78%
CORN —September.... .... 42’4
October 39% .... 40%
November... .... 37%
OATS —September .... 21%
October 21% •••• 21%
November.. .... 22%
PORK —September. .. .... 12.15
October .... 12.15
January 11 47% .... 11.55
LARD—Sep.ember.... ... .7.02%
October 6.77% ....7 02*4
November ....7.02%
RlßS—September ....7.72%
October ....7.52%
January *6.15 .... 7.00
Wilmington, N. C.. Sept. 26.—Spirits
turpentine, firm at 35%@36; receipts, 21.
Rosin, steadyat receipts, 825.
Urude turpentine, firm at [email protected] ! i; re
leipts.2l. Tar. firm at $1.40; receipts, 41.
Savannah, Sept. 26. —Spirits of turpen
ine, firm at 86; receipts, 1,707; sales, H 23;
imports. 35. Rosin, firm and unchanged;
?eceipts. 5 418; sales, 610; exports, 902.
Charleston, Sept. 26.—Spirits turpen
tine, uotbiug doing. Rosin, steady aud
It Saved His Leg.
P, A. Danforth, of LaGrange, Ga.,
suffered intensely for six months witha
frightful running sore on his leg, but
writes that Bucklen’s Arnica Salye
wholly cured it in ten days. For Ulcers,
Wounds, Burns, Boils, Pain or Piles it’s
the best salve in the world. Cure guar
anteed. Only 25c, Sold by E. J. El
dridge, druggist.
A young mother says that a batch
elor invariably speaks of a baby as
Indigestion, biliousness, blood posi
oned with urea and uric acid (which
should have been excreted by the kid
neys), rheumatic pains in nerves and
joints, causing irritation of the kidneys,
then pains over the small of the back,
mark sure approach of Bright’s Disease.
Do not delay taking Foley’s Kidney
Cure, for R makes the kidneys righu
W. A. Rembert.
It isn’t so much that a man thinks
as what he does that counts.
Have you a sense of fullness in the re
gion of your stomach after eating ? If
so you will be benefitted by using Cham
berlain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They also cure belching and sour stom
ach They regulate the bowels too.
Price, 25 cents. Sold by Dodson’s
Pharmacy and J. R. Hudson.
The original bunko man probably
came over in the steerage.
The rich man has troubles of which
the poor man knows nothing.
“I had a running sore on my leg for
several years,” writes Mrs. Jas. Forest
of Chippewa Falls, Wis., “and spent
hundreds of dollars in trying to get it
healed. Two boxes of Banner Salve
entirely cured it,” Davenport Drug Co.
A child sometimes gets on the wrong
track because of a misplaced switch.
Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic is the most
w nderful healing compound of the
nineteenth century. Preserves the
flesh, preventing inflamation, and heals
like magic. Ask your druggist for it.
Reduced Rate on Central.
On September 24th. to 29th. the
Central Railroad will sell round trip
tickets, Americus to Macon, at rate of
one fare for the round trip. Tickets
sold on 23 to 28th. and for morning
rain on 29th.
Cure* the KIDNEYS, the LIVER, the STOMACH end the BOWELS.
<oun MCOieiNce row on* poll.ii.
Dr. E. J. ELDRIDOBrSgent.
St. James Gazette Comments on the
l German Proposal.
I London, Sept. 26.—The attempt of
the London Times and other European
papers to distinguish between the view
and the proposals contained in the Ger
man note and their endeavor to lay all
the stress on the proposals without any
attention to Germany—“considered a
preliminary to the negotiations”—is
pronounced here to be utterly at vari
ance with th€ construction put on the
note when it was first made public.
The Times, editorially, Sept. 19, de
“That the German government recog
nizes the force of the contention we
have laid down, that the punishment of
the real authors of the attacks on the
Europeans must be a condition prece
dent to diplomatic dealings of any kind
with any of the representatives of
China. ’ ’
The St. James Gazette says:
‘ ‘This discovery of the true inwardness
of the note is very convenient. It is ex
plained in Berlin that the refusal of
America is doubtless owing to the dul
lards at Washington having confused
the two parts of Von Buelow’s docu
ment. It is a pity an analytical com
mentary was not forwarded with the
text of the note.”
Discredited In London.
London, Sept. 26.—The British au
thorities discredit the report that Ger
many will present an ultimatum to
China and intimates that it will be prob
ably concerted at Shanghai with the
object of causing friction between Ger
many and Great Britain and thus delay
ing united action. The officials of the
German embassy declare the ultimatum
story to be adsolutely groundless.
Pirates on the West River.
Hong-Kong, Sept. 20.—Advices from
i the West river report that piracy and
brigandage are increasing, and it is con
sidered probable that the river will re
lapse into its old state of insecurity dur
ing the winter unless active measures
are taken. Several minor piratical acts
are reported and it is also stated that
villages near Kum Chuk have been
burned by brigands.
Ch urcli Property Destroyed.
Hong-Kong, Sept. 26.—A mob de
stroyed the Catholic church at Toksa
Hang, a few miles from Canton, and
afterward desecrated the American Bap
tist Mission graveyard yesterday. Row
dies also destroyed the American Pres
lyterian church, just outside Canton,
t'eeling at Fatshan is intensifying.
better than cure. Tutt’s Liver
Pills will not only cure, but if
taken in time will prevent
Sick Headache,
dyspepsia, biliousness, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, torpid
liver and kindred diseases.
A man born at Bea can never boast of
his native land.
Don’t throw away that sample bottle
of Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic because it
cost you nothing. It is too good to be
wasted. Nothing like it for cuts, burns,
nail punctures, inflamed eyes, sore
throat, etc. Internally it cures colic,
diarrhea and flux.
If yon want to hear a hardluck story
ask a man for money he owes yon.
To prevent consumption quickly cure
throat and lung troubles with One
Minute Cough Cure. W. A. Rembert,
The hay dealer does business on a
large scale.
The emergency bags sent by a church
society to Kansas soldiers jnth l Philip
pines contained among the necessities a
box of DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Balye, the
well known cure for piles, injuries and
and skin diseases. The ladies took care to
obtain the original DeWitt’ Witch Hazel
Balve knowing that all counterfeits are
worthless. W. A. Rembert.
Two weak partners are seldom able
to make a business firm.
Bears the , The Kind You Have Always Bought
The summer girl’s cup of joy is the (
mustache cup. (
It is not a liniment, nor a salve. Con- '
tains no grease or ammonia A pleas
ant, stainless liquid. A rational, scien
tific, chemical compound. Dr. Tich
emn’s Antiseptic stands pre-eminently
superior to any remedy offered the pub
lic for healing Wounds, Burns and other
injuries. Used internally it is a fine
thing for colic and bowel troubles.
Allen Halverson of West Prairie, Wis.,
says: “people come ten milts to
b”y Foley’s Kidney Cure,” while J. A.
Spero of Helmer, lud., says: “it is the
medical wonder of the age.” Davenport
Drug Co.
Clothes that are advertised “to wear
like iron” usually get rusty.
When you want a pleasant physic try
the new remedy, Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets. They are easy to
take and pleasant in effect. Price, 25
cents. Samples free at Dodson’s Phar
macy and J. R. Hudson’s drugstore.
According to the merchant’s creed,
the best book is a profitable ledger.
The most dainty and effective pills
made are DeWitt’s Little Early Risers,
They are unequaled for all liver and
bowel troubles, Never gripe. W, A
One Dead; Other Wounded.
Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 26.—At Van
derbilt, Frank Davis and Jim Chapman,
negroes, fought a duel in the public
road, Davis being armed with a shotgun
and Chapman with a revolver. Chap
was killed while Davis was seri
ously wounded. The men quarreled
about a woman.
Fourteen Collieries Running.
Philadelphia, Sept. 26.—According
to tho official report of General Super
intendent Luther of the Philadelphia
and Reading Coal and Iron company 14
of the 39 collieries owned by that com
pany were in operation this morning.
This is one more than yesterday.
B Americus Young Man Returns Fron
1 Thinks City Will Hardly Survive the
, Disaster.-Half of Buildings Swepl
Away or Ruined.—Thousands oi
People Leaving Doomed City.
The many Americus friends of Mr.
Thad B. Glover extended'him a hearty
welcome yesterday upon his return
from Galveston, where he has been in
business for a number of years, and
was among the fortunate ones who es
caped unharmed from the recent dis
Mr. Glover is at home again and has
no return ticket to Texas—
For the reason that Georgia will
probably be good eoough for him here
after. At least he will not go back to
Galveston again, even if the city is
rebuilt, which he doubts.
To his friends Mr. Glover talked in
terestingly of the terrible flood and
the carnage of death that followed. He
says the awful situation cannot be de
scribed as it really existed. Thous
ands of dead in the streets, in the bay
and scattered over the island made a
horrible scene indeed.
The city is still a place of sorrow
grief and desolation.
Thousands of houses, brick, stone
and wood, were swept away, and those
left standing are being condemned as
unsafe and many there must be leveled
with the ground.
Mr. Glover does not think Galveston
will ever amount to much .again, de
spite the heroic efforts made to bring
order out of chaos and restore con
fidence. Hundreds of citizens leave
by every train and, like Mr. Glover,
do not propose to go back again.
Mr. Glover lost everything he pos
sessed, the house in which he lived
having been carried away. His pres
ence in the Cotton Exchange building
during the storm alone saved his life.
‘‘Life Renewer for Ladies.”
Olivia Peterson, of Coldwater, Mich,
writes: “I had not been able to sit up
a half day at a time for thirteen years
until I used the Mystic Life Renewer,
It has cured me of of nervous troubles,
headache and a very bad stomach. It
has helped me in so many v ays, and
cured me of afflictions that the doctors
said could not be cured. The ble?sed
Life Renewer has done more for me
than all the Patent Medicines, Doctors
and Christian Science treatments com
bined. It is the most wonderful medi
cine I ever saw.” Sold by E. J. Eld
ridge, Druggist, Americus. 1
Only the very poor man is absolutely
sure of his friends.
Reading Coal Company is Preparing
to Suspend Operations.
Shenandoah, Pa., Sept. 26.—A num
ber of strikers visited the Girardville
and Gilberton washeries early today
aud made an unsuccessful effort to in
duce the workmen to return home.
The Philadelphia and Reading Coal
and Iron company today discharged a
number of pump men, firemen and out
side laborers who have continued at
work at the various collieries which
have been closed by the strikers. Pre
parations are being made to remove the
mules from the mines.
It is reported from Ashland /hat the
Potts, Bast and Locust Spring collieries
resumed operations today.
Major Miller, provost marshal, today
reported to General Gobiti that he had
been informed by the Cambridge Coal
company that the strikers had entered
the homes of some of the men employed
at the Cambridge colliery and assaulted
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
It is rather remarkable that so few
accidents and fires have occurred about
gin houses here this season. Not a
ginner has been cut up by the saws
and not a house has been burned.
Bottle Free to Sufferers.
Does your Skin Itch and Burn? Dis
tressing Eruptions on the Skin so you
feel ashamed to be seen in company?
Do scabs and Scales form on the Skin,
Hair and Scalp? Have you Eczema?
Skin Sore and Cracked? Rash form on
the Skin? Prickling Pain in the Skin?
Boils? Pimples? Bone Pains? Swol
len Joints? Falling Hair? All Run
Down? Skin Pale? Old Sores? Eat
ing Sores? Ulcers? All these are
symptoms of Eczema and Impurities
and Poisons in the Blood. To cure to
stay cured takeß. B. B. (Botanicßlood
Balm) which makes the blood pure and
rich. B. B. B. will cause the sores to
heal, itching of eczema to stop frever,
the skin to become clear and the breath
sweet. B. B. B. is just the remedy you
have been looking for. Thoroughly
tested for 30 years. Our readers are
advised to try B. B. B. For sale by
druggists at $1 per large bottle; six
large bottles (nil treatment) $5. Com
plete directions with each bottle. So
sufferers may test it, atrial bottle given
away. Write for it. Address BLOOD
BALM CO., Atlanta, Ga. Describe
your trouble and Free personal medi
cal advice given.
When the small boy gets the marble
fever he stoops to conquer.
as to the cause of their ill health. If
they would start to treat their kidneys
with Foley’s Kidney Cure, the weari
ness of body and mind, backache, head
ache and rheumatic pains would disap
pear. Davenport Drug Co.
It’s funny that the heaviest drinkers
live in the temoerate zone.
Mothers must not forget -that Dr.
Moffett’s Teethtna (Teething Powders)
will cure their child.
There is nothing so bad but what
good may come of it.
Bears the
I Signature /fl* y
One Thousand Union Men Walk Out
of Two Tampa Factories.
1 Tampa, Fla., Sept. 26.—A general
strike has been declared in the oigar fac
tories of Sanchez &■ Haya and Arguelles,
Lopez & Bro. About 1,000 people are
I affected. At Sanchez & Haya’s factory
the trouble was caused by the employ
ment of two selectors who would not
e join tho union and the management re
it fused to discharge; while the other sac-
- tory had a nonunion trimmer who re-
II fused to join the union.
Canal Commission Comes South.
Chattanooga, Sept. 26.—Chairman
Emory B. Johnson of the committee on
value of the isthmian canal and Senator
Pasco of Florida, a member of the com
mittee, arrived in this city this after
-1 noon on their mission in connection
- with the canal project, this being the
_ first southern city to receive their atten
tion. The object of the visit is stated to
be to investigate the industries of the
8 south and west with a view to estimat
ing their relation to western commerce
j and construction of the isthmian canaL_
Regulates the Liver, Stomach, Bowels
and Kidneys,
1 For biliousness, constipation and Ma-
3 laria.
■ For indigestion, sick and nervous
. headache.
r For sleeplessness, nervousness and
heart failure.
• For fever, chills, debility and kidney
disease take Lemon Elixir.
Ladies, for natural and thorough or
ganic regulation, take Lemon Elixir,
50c and $1 bottles at druggists.
! Prepared only by Dr. H. Mozley,
> Atlanta, Ga.
A Prominent Minister Writes.
After ten years of great suffering
from indigestion, with great nervous
1 prostration, biliousness, disordered
kidneys and constipation, I have been
cured by Dr. Mozley’s Lemon Elixir,
and am now a well man.
Rev. C. O. Davis,
Eld. M. E. Church South.
No. 28 Tatnall St., Atlanta, Ga.
A Prominent Memphian Writes.
Dr, H. Mozley, Atlanta —Having
been a great sufferer for three years
from indigestion, and been treated by
many physicians, who failed to give
me any relief. Continuing to grow
worse my brother advised me to try
Dr. Mozley’s Lemon Elixir, which
remedy he had used for several years.
I commenced its use, and must say
that your Lemon Elixir is the greatest
medicine on earth. I have never suf
fered a day since I commenced using
Lemon Elixir. R. L. Rocco,
206 Hernando St., Memphis, Tenn.
A Card.
This is to certify that I used Dr.
Mozley’s Lemon Elixir for neuralgia
of the head and eyes with the most
marked benefit to my general health.
I would gladly have paid SSOO for the
relief it has given me at a cost of two
or three dollars. H. A. Beall,
Clerk Superior Court Randolph Co.,
The ideal lover to the practical girl
is one who is rich.
“It’s no joke,” when we say that Dr.
Tichenor’s Antiseptic is superior to any
thing offered the “dear people” as a
dressing for wounds, bites andstings of
insects, “poison oak,” etc. It's cleaatf-
Dess, pleasant odor and quick cures
make it a universal favorite wherever
known. Price 50c. Remember that it
is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Textile industries in Germany are
deteriorating 2,000 operatives being
idle at Aachen.
Bears the The Kind You Hava Always Bought
Signature , _•//s,# f *
Don’t waste time in sighing over
what might have been; make the best
of what is.
is a pure medicine, and contains in con
centrated form, remedies recognized by
the most skilful of the medical profes
sion as the most effective agents for the
cure of kidney and bladder diseases.
Davenoort Drug Co.
Go to a friend for advice, to a
stranger for charity, and go to a rela
tive for nothing.
A Good many consumptives would be
cured and the worst cases comforted and
relieved by using Foley’s Honey and
Tar. Suggest it to those afflicted. You
should do this as a Friend. Daven
port Drug Co.
State ot Georgia. Executive Office, Atlanta
Submitting constitutional amendment re
garding pensions for the widows of confed
erate soldiers to a vote of the people at the
next general election.
Whereas, the general assembly of 1899 pas
sed by a constitutional majority the follow
ing act, to-wit;
“An act to amend section 1, article 7, para
graph 1, of the constitution of Georgia, so as
to extend the provisions of said section, ar
ticleand paragraph to the widows of con
federate soldiers, who, bv reason of age and
poverty, or infirmity and’poverty, or blind
ness and poverty, are unable to provide a
living for themselves, and for other pur
Section 1. Be it enacted by the general
assembly of Georgia, and it is hereby en
acted by authority of the same, that section
1, article 7, paragraph 1, of the constitution
of Georgia be, and the same is hereby
amended by inserting after the word “ser
vice” in the 13th line, ,the following words:
“or who, by reason of age and poverty, or
infirmity and poverty, or blindness ana pov
erty are unable to earn a living for them
selves.” so that said section, when so amend
ed, will read as follows, Cqwit; -‘To supply
the soldiers who lost a limbs In the
military service of the confedtirate states,
with substantial artificial limbs, anting life;
and to make suitable provisions
confederate soldiers as may have been
erwise disabled or permanently injured ln x
such service; or who may, by reason of age
and poverty, or infirmity and poverty or
blindness and poverty, are unable to provide
a living for themselves, and for the widows
of such confederate soldiers as may have
died in the service of the confederate states,
or since, from wounds received therein, or
disease contracted in the service, or who. by
reason of age and poverty, or infirmity and
poverty, or blindness and poverty, are un
able to provide a living for themselves; pro
vided that the act shall only apply to such
widows as were married at the time of such
service, and have remained unmarried since
the death of such soldier husband.”
Section 2. Be it further enacted, that, if
this amendment shall be agreed .to by two
thirds of the members of the general as
sembly, of eacn house, the same shall be en
tered on their journals with the yeas and
naves taken thereon, and the governor shall
cause the amendment to be published in one
or more of the newspapers in each congres
sional district for two months immediately
preceding the next general election, and the
same shall be submitted to the people at the
next general election, and the voters thereat
shall have written or printed on their tick
ets. ‘ For ratification of section 1, article 7,
paragraph 1, of the constitution of this
state,” or “Against ratification of section 1,
article 7, paragraph 1, of the constitution of
this state” as they may choose: and if a ma
jority of the electors qualified to vote for
members of the next general assembly, vot
ing, shall vote in favor of ratification, then
sakt amendment shall become a part of said
article 7, section 1, paragraph 1, of the con
stitution of this state, and the governor
shall make proclamation thereof.
Section 3 repeals conflicting
■ '■'■'"i-e i. .men it f
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