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(UW f ftw For Infants and Children.
TASTO RIA Tl,e Kind Yo " Have
l»* , '”“ nw »| Always Bought
Avertable Preparation lor .Xs- j -
similating ttieFood and ife^ula-1 g it. g
ting the Stomachs a
i'. Signature /M
Promotes Digeslion.Checmi!- ] g[ J
ness and Rest Contains neither p # >* 1
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral vl
Not Nah c otic . C \M
lIH . W
xllxSmnri ' i JH a
limtullr Sclit s |jW _ I
yfriio-.trrf * I M A H •
| I h IA • ■II
(tan/™/Suaar I Z<?k p ||
A perfect Remedy for Conslipa Sf W rr UOv
Ron. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea KI I
Worms .Convulsions, Feverish- | IT* m ft ■■/% y
Facsimile Signature of iM
Thirty Years
EXACT COPY OF WRAPPER. I *J* || ||J| || g g gag
M -SL- gWfo ‘‘"TJI ® AB B BLS P* le disease ie the national curse of Japan
MjH STS sT® fc H B OJ Am and China. A remedy was imperative and
I H &g J ■ I w Abu a ttle medical profession there accepted thia
■■Km I? 3TB n • “as the only permanent, painless, private,
■■■ BJB BD S B B tin Him otP quick cure known to science. A weeks’
■»WS» W®M «- « ■ Upilllllj Ului treatment FKEK OF CHARGE. Phy.
i TAPI/ A Dflll Oil A sicians and all confidentially treated by mau.
disease cured by I MuA-A-ruU“OltA Cure guaranteed.
345942 cases in 5 7 years 123 West 4‘4d St., New Yolk City.
Did Vou_ Knot# |
p I). Sheffield Co. will sell you Dry Goods,
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Etc. for less than any one?
Well, they will do it if you will go to see them.
Cur expenses are small and we can certainly
make it to your interest to buy from us.
The largest and best line of underwear and hos
iery in the city, and prices are the lowest.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Yes, we have them, and
we want to sell you.
Come to see us in ourmew store, 113 Cotton Ave.
7jhe City ‘Druy <sto re,
sn\Jfotel Windsor, - dCamar Street,
‘ " t
Our handsome store is now open and we can
supply every want in Drugs, Chemicals,
.Toilet Goods, and everything carried in a
;...First=Class Drug Store....
Our prescription department is under the man
agement of MR. W. F. MIMS, a skilled and
experienced pharmacist.
..Full Line Cigars and Tobaccos..
The finest sc lawater and ices at our splend’d
fountain. Remember the City Drug Store.
li. E. ALLEN, Prop. Americus, Ga
Jb‘ _ .m. PIANO
CZZZT • ~~ > Kj seldom needs tun-
'l' j ‘—isr fog* ne car
If nearly sold. A little
1 I •' ’h money buys a fine
~S Piano from me.
The Kreil has
' ia -*wagy i n.
Wareroom: Planters Bank Building.
We offer the Eiting Public a fine bill of fare today.
We can give you
Fresh Cheese, Potatoes, Cabbage,
Kuta Bagas, Fine Apples.
•• •. And anything you may Want to Eat.
Lowest Prices, Os— Quick Delivery
W. H. GLOVER, Manager.
Under Opera House. ’Phone No. 123,
Tales of the Town Told in a Few
* 1 Lines.
For Convenience That Those Who
Run May Read.—Some Bits of News
That Transpired Here Yesterday
Truthfully Told.
Huylers—fresh shipment jnst in.
Hudson’s Drug Store.
Only three more days to wait for the
circus. It seems a long time indeed,
but our dreams of the elephant, the
aebra and ostriches will be none the
less irridesc’nt.
Any enterprising citizen who will
establish a gondola line for Americus’
streets can make more money than the
farmer who is selling cotton at pre
vailing low prices.
When spot cotton dropped below 9
cents yesterday the man who held it
at 11 cents was really sorry. Bat he
will come out in the end if he only has
sufficient patience.
-The pay train came yesterday and
went away, but it left the 300 or 400
employes of the company in Americus
several thousand dollars in pocket and
very happy besides.
The Baptist bazar will soon be a sub-
of deep and pleasurable interest.
The Baptist ladies are hard at work,
and promise this year the finest en
tertainment yet given.
Wanted: several candidates for al
dermen. There are three places to be
filled on the board, but as yet no pa
triots have come forth as a sacrifice
for their county’s good.
The courthouse contingent assembled
in solemn conclave yesterday morning
to settle the presidential contest. At
11 a. m. Bryan, coached by Marshal
Feagin, was ten laps ahead.
Americas gardeners, that is, the
thrifty ones, are now luxuriating upon
fall vegetables, of which several va
rieties are growing finely. This coun
try of ours is indeed a paradise.
The address at First Baptist church
tonight by Rev. W. M. Harris, of Gal
veston, himself a witness of the recent
terrible storm there, will be interest
ing. The general public is invited.
The ladies and children will tarn
oat in full force for the matinee this
afternoon, beginning at 2:30 o’clock.
A splendid program is promised.
Prices are: adults 20c, school chil
dren, 10c.
A Lite and Death Fight.
Mr. W. A, Hines of Manch ter, la.,
writing of his alm t miraiulo’’ ’• escape
fron death, says: ‘ af r
me - les induced serious larg trouble,
which ended in Coriumptior I h* 1
freq ent ueir orrhae,es and torched nig i
pnddty. A’ l inv doctors b> d I must
soon die. T< mlb ran to useD . K’ng’s
New Dis very .o Cor -umption, which
completely cured me. 1 wor d not be
without it even if it co--t $5.00 a bottle.
Hundreds have used it on my recom
mendation and all t y it never falls to
cure throat, chest and lung Troubles.”
Regular size 50c and sl. Tual bottles
free at E. J, Eldridge’s diugstore.
Suit For $40,000 Damages.
Columbia, S. C., Oct. 23.—Contractor
Redmond, who was for a time in charge
of the grading of the Seaboard Air Line
terminus in this city, has brought suit
for $40,000 against that road for alleged
breach of contract.
Many a black hat is an example of
darkness that be felt.
The progressive nations or the world
are the great food consuir'ng nations.
Good food well digested gives strength.
If you cannot digest all yon eat, you
need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
what you eat. You need not diet your
self. It contains all of the digestants
combined with the best known tonics
and reconstructives. It will even digest
ail classes of foods in a bottle. No other
preparation will do this. It instantly
relieves and quickly cures all stomach
W. A. Rembert.
A confidence man is a man who is un
worthy of your confidence.
It is well to know that DeWitt’s
Witch Hhz 4 Salve will heal a burn and
stop the pain at once. It will cure ecze
ma and skin diseases and ugly wounds
and sores. It is a ceiL’n cure for piles.
Cor UerfeLj may be offered you. See
that you get the original DeWitt’s
Witch Hazel Salve. W. A. Rembert.
Only the vary poor man is absolutely
sure of his friends.
The manufacturers of Banner Salve
have authorized the undersigned to
guarantee it for burns, cute, tores, ul
cers, tetter, eczema and all skin diseases.
You haye your money back if it doesn’t
do all it cla os. Davenport Drug Co.
The ideal lover to the practical girl
is one who is rich.
O A. 8 T O H. X A. •
Bears the , xO Tho Kind Vou Havß Alwa ? s Bou S ht
It isn’t so much that a man thinks
as wbat he does that counts.
Aocidente happen to the most careful
as well as to the thoughtless. Be pre
pared for them. Keep a bottle of Dr,
Tlchenor’fi Antiseptic convenient. Only
50c by all good druggists.
There is nothing so bad but what
good may come of it.
When you ave no appetite, do not
relish your food and feel dull after eat
ing you may know that you need a dose
of Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver
Tablets. Price, 25 cents. Samples
free at Dodson’s Pharmacy and J. R.
Hudson’s Drugstore.
Youth may be impetuous but it usu
ally posseses the merit of sincerity.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the 1
Signature of
,r Set Siour
oney’s Tliort/i.
' *Dodson f s
1 harm act/.
Special Sale of
~, Tjoilet jtrticleo,
... Socket t^ooks...
’ We invite your special attention to
our line of Ladies’ Pocket Books. We
* have them in all the shades—browns,
3 tans, light and dark grays, green and
blacks. Some are mounted with sterl-
1 ing silver, others with gold, and some
) are plain. If you need one, we are
) certain we can please you, for our
prices are low.
Gentlemen’s Purses
From 25c. to $1.25.
... &ootk t^rus/iGS...
Large lot, including all shapes and
sizes; soft, medium and hard bristles,
> 25 cents apiece.
... dentifrices...
Rubifoan 20c.
Lyon’s Tooth Powder 20c.
1 Holmes’ Mouth Wash 20 & 80c.
Prophylactic Tooth Wash,
a delightful, fragrant prep
aration, refreshing and an-
tiseptic 25c.
McKee’s Tooth Powder.... 26c
Arnical Tooth Soap 20c.
Sozodont 20 & 60c.
Oreme Dentifrice 25c.
UmxDuiKiCo fl
Lazell’s Violet Water, four
ounce bottle 45c-
Lazeth Violet Water, eight
ounce bottle H oc.
Rogers & Gal lets Violet de
Palme Extract, 1% ounce
bottle 11.25.
Carnation Pink, ounce 50c.
White Rose Extract, 0z.... 350.
Pinands Violet de Parute
ounce SI,OO.
... tjoilet J^ccesorios...
Bailey ’fl Complexion Brush 50c.
Mennen’s Talcum Powder 20c.
Rogers & Gallets Violet de
Parnce Powder 650.
Fostilla 20c.
Opera Violet Prepared
Chalk 10c.
Honey and Almond Cream 45c.
Cream of Rose and Al
mnods, a delicate emmol li
eut for daily use; makes -
the skin smooth, soft and
white 35c.
Lazell’s Face Powder 250.
Violet Ammonia, pint 15c.
Swan Down Powder 15c.
B&zen’s Depilatory Pow-
der 50c.
)■ ■ ■
... Zfoi/et Soaps...
1 Rogers & Gallets Toilet
Soap 250.
Cuticura Soap 20c.
Savon Violette de Panne.. 15c,
“4711” Glycerine 200,
Pears Soap 150.
; Packers Tar Soap 20c
Wm. Walthe & Co.’s Prin-
cess Soaps—three odors—
Sweet Pea, Pansy and Mig
nonette, (the best soap in
the world for the money)
' box of three cakes 25c,
... jffair S3rushes...
Big Values For Little Money.
} Light colored wood backs,
r black bristles, ten rows.... 25c.
> Ebonized wood backs,
• white bristles 35c t
“pfi Your .
fey’s Worth.”
Officials Desire Information
on Anglo-German Alliance.
Honorary Pallbearers Selected and
Invitations Sent Out—Government
Ready to Renew Negotiations For
the Danish West Indies.
Washington, Oct. 23.—1 tis not the
purpose of the state department to act
upon the action contained in the British-
German agreement respecting China
and give it its further adherence for
several days at least.
The subject is one of sufficient im
portance to warrant careful considera
tion and especially is it desirable that
some further light be shed upon the
third clause of the agreement before the
United States acts, though it is not
doubted that at least a qualified adher
ence will be given.
The department is in correspondence,
1 by cable with Minister Conger, who is
1 advising it freely of the various propo
sitions that arise before the body of
ministers resident at Peking, who are
now,in conformity with the terms of the
French note, consulting with the object
, of beginning negotiations with the Chi
! nese government.
»It cannot be gathered, however, that
any marked progress has been accom
plished up to this moment.
Diplomatic Corps Invited to Attend
Mr. Sherman’s Funeral.
Washington, Oct. 23.—The following
is the complete list of the honorary pall
bearers for the funeral of former Secre
tary of State John Sherman tomorrow.
Secretary Hay, Secretary Gage, Jus
tice Harlan of the supreme court, Ad
miral Dewey, General Nelson A. Mlles,
ex-Senator J. D. Cameron, Mr. J* A.
Kasson of the state department. Judge
Bancroft Davis, Senator Hawley and
Myron M. Parker of .this city.
The family of Mr. Sherman have sent
personal invitations for the service in
this city to such members of the diplo
matic corps as have left cards at the
house. Owing to the fact that Mr.
Sherman was not at the time of his
death connected with the state depart
ment it is imposssblo for the department
to issue a general form of invitation to
the diplomatic corps to attend the fu
neral services. The funeral train will
leave for Mansfield at 3:30 o’clock to
morrow afternoon.
Dr. W. H. Lawis, Lawrenceville, Va.,
wriles: “I am using Kodol Dyspepsia
cure in my practice among severe cases
of indigestion and find it an admirable
remedy.” Many hundreds of phyli*
cians depend upon the use of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure in stomach troubles. It
digests what you eat, and allows you to
eat all the good food you need, provid
ing you do not overload your stomach.
Gives instant relief and a permanent
cure. W. A. Rembert.
Beware of the man who professes to
be your friend, but who is given to
drawing uncharitable inferences.
After exposure or when you feel a
cold coming on, take a dose of Foley’s
Honey and Tar. It never fails to stop
a cold if taken in time. Davenport
Drug Co.
The more checks a spend-thrift re
ceives the faster he goes.
Torturing skin eruption*, burns and
sores are soothed at once and promptly
healed by applying DeWitt’s Witch
Hazel Balve, the best known cure for
piles. Beware of worthless r
felts. W. A. Rembert.
If a wife footo her husband’s socks it
is seldom a burden for him to foot her
It is exasperating to one who knows
Foley’s Honey and Tar, and knows
what it will do, to have a dealer recom
mend something else as ‘ jastthe same”
or “just as good” for colds, coughs,
croup, la grippe, etc. Davenport Drug
Co -
The rich man has troubles of which
the poor man knows nothing.
When you cannot sleep for coughing,
it is hardly necessary that any one
should tell you that you need a few doses
of Chamber lain’s Cough Kemedy to al
lay the irritation of the throat, and
make sleep possible. It is good. Try
it. For sale by Dodson’s Pharmacy and
J. R. Hudson’s Drugstore.
Old bells can be made as good a
new—but not so with old belles.
The editor of the Fordville, Ky., Mis
cellaneous, writes as a postscript to a
business letter: “I was cured of kidney
trouble by taking Foley’s Kidney
Cure.” Take nothing else. Davenport
Drug Co.
According to the merchant’s creed
the best book is a profitable ledger.
When suffering from a racking cough,
take a dose of Foley’s Honey and Tar.
The soreness will be relieved and a
warm, gra + ful feeling and healing of
the parts affected will be experienced.
Take no substitute. D venport Drug
It is probably called the gift of speech
because talk is cheap.
The pleasure of voice are as poison
while the pains of virtue are ever plea
For sprains, swellings and lameness
there is nothing so good as Chamber
lain’s Pain Balm. Try it. For sale by
Dodson’s Pharmacy and J. R. Hudson’s
Watches and rivers seldom run long
without winding.
Woolly in Rhode Island.
Kingston. R. 1., Oct. 23.—John G.
Woolly, the prohibition candidate for
president, arrived here from Hartford
today, accompanied by Volney B. Oush
,ing and Samuel Dickie. An afternoon
meeting was held, after which the party
proceeded to Providence for the night
muvuuig> __
in one
UH Cure* th* KIDNEYS, the LIVER, the STOMACH end the ROWELS,
rove MtoiciHte »oe oiw oolmm.
’ ‘ Dr. E. J. ELDRIDGE, Agent.
Show This Season Best Americus Has
Ever seen.
Prof. Gentry’s Famous Dog and
Pony Show, enlarged to exactly twice
its firmer size, will exhibit under can
vas at Farlow Lawn Friday, 26th
at 2:30 and Bp. m. Prof. Gentry’s
show is the most entertaining exhibi
tion that exhibits under canvas, and
the recent addition of nearly a hun
dred new acts and animals makes it
more enjoyable than ever. The tiny
baby elephants and the novel acts by
the monkeys, together with ah of the
old favorites, make the performance
vastly superior to anything ever seen
in this city. General admission.
Children 15c. Adults 25c.
Farmers of Texas Are Satisfied With
Any Price.
Mr. Henry L Davis is just in re
ceipt of a letter from his son, Mr. Will
Davis, an old Americus boy who is
making a success of life in Texas. Mr,
Davis writes that the farmers out there
have made a good cutton crop, and are
selling it right along at cents. Cot
ton is made in Texas at half the ex
pense paid by Georgia farmers, and the
Texans are delighted at the idea of
getting 8A cents. Picking costs from
75 cents to $1.25 per hundred out there,
this being the greatest item of expense
in making the crop. The heavy daily
receipts in Texas, by the way, is the
cause of the recent slump in prices
here and elsewhere.
The Appetite ot a Goat
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics whose
stomach and liver are out of order. All
such should know that Dr. King’s New
Life Pills, the wonderful stomach and
liver remedy, gives a splendid appetite,
sound digestion and a regular bodily
habit that insures perfect heatlh and
great energy. Only 25c at E J El
dridge’s drug store.
Gold dust has rendered many a man
blind to his duty.
It Happened tn a Drug Store
“One day last winter a lady c?mn to
my drug store and asked for a brand of
cough medicine that I did not have in
stock,” sa s Mr. C. R. Grand ; n, the
popular uggist of Ontario. N. Y.
“She was disappointed and wanted to
know cough preparation I cor’d
reromn jjd. I said to her that I could
freely ommend Chamberl n’s Cough
Bemed v and that she could take a boVe
of tae remedy and after giving it a fair
tri' if she did not find it worth the
money bring back the bo tie and 1
would refund the price pah In the
course of a day or two the lady came
back in comp my wi h a friend in need
of a cough medicine and advised her to
buy a bottle of Chamberlain’s Cough
» medy. I consider that a very good
recommendation for the remedy.” It
is for sale by Dodson’s Pharmacy and
J. R. Hudson’s Drugstore.
Hypocrites frequently lay themselves
open to discovery by overacting their
High living, intemperance, exposure
and many other thines bring on Bright’s
d sease. Foley’s Kidney Cure will
prevent Bright’s disease and all other
kidney or bladder disorders if taken in
time. Take notb’ng else. Davenport
Drug Co.
The untruth of today is called a. lie;
the untruth of one hundred years ago
is called a legend.
Do not get scared if your heart troub- (
les you, Most likely you suffer from
indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
digests what you eat and gives the
wornovt stomach perfect rest. It is the 1
only preparation known that completely 1
digests all classes of foods; that is why
it cures the worst cases of indigestion f
and stomach trouble after everything I
else has failed. It may be taken in all J
conditions and cannot help but do you
good. W. A. Rombart.
We are apt to condemn in others
what we practice ourselves without
Why suffer with that painful Wound
when Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic will stop
the pain and heal It so quickly and cost
so little ? One application will convince
and convert you. Price 500.
Honesty is a policy on which anyone
can afford to pay premisum.
Bears the Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature /fl* , ? 7 *
It’s fanny that the heaviest drinkers
live in the temoerate zone.
Afflictions are like lightning. You
can never tell where they will strike
until after they have fallen.
Inflammatory Rheumatism Cured
Three Days.
Mobton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind.,
says: “My wife had Inflamatory Rheu
matism in every muscle and joint, her
differing was terrible and her body and
face were swollen beyond recognition;
had been in bed for six weeks and had
eight physicians but received no benefit
until she tried the MYSTIC CURE FOR
RHEUMATISM. It gave immediate re
lief and she was able to walk about in
three daays. I am sure it saved herlife ”
Bold by E J Eldridge, Druggist, Ameri
cus, «a.
Notice of Dissolution.
The firm of Nix & Coman has this
day been dissolved, Geo. 8. Nix pur
chasing the interest of C. B. Ooipan.
Geo. 8. Nix will continue the business
at the same stand and assume all lia
bilities and collect all accounts.
Geo. 8. Nix,
C. R. Coman,
sent to Jail For Contempt.
Cleveland, 0., Oct. 23.—Judge Wing
of the’common pleas court today ordered
President D. B. Stem of the city council
sent to jail for contempt In refusing to
testify in the oouncilmanio bribery in
vestigation. The court held that the
council committee had full authority to
compel witnesses to answer questions
I and that If they refused to do so they
were guilty of contempt.
| An Expensive “Tip* ■
8 is the one which you cut off and n
® throw away every time that you J
• smoke a Five Cent cigar. There is >
■ nearly as much labor in making this ■ j
Bl end as all the rest of the cigar, and n
• yet every man who buys a cigar cuts •
•it off and throws it away. You get J
■ all you pay for when you smoke ■
• Old Virginia Cheroots S >
Mto Three hundred million Old Virginia Cheroots smoked this A
■| year. Ask your own dealer. Price, 3 for 5 cents. tgg
• iSBSICKKiim*
Large Audience Greeted Him Here
Last Night
The second appearance of the ever
popular Woodward-Warren Company
last night was greeted by an audience
equally as large and enthusiastic as
that ot the evening previous and, if
possible, the play was even better.
Which is saying a good deal of this
very excellent company.
The play “The Paymaster” was a
new one here and in this Guy Wood
ward and tne entire cast excel. The
general verdict last night was one of
hearty approval.
The company will appear at matinee
this afternoon, presenting Mr. Wood
ward’s new play "Mr. Young, of Utah”
The prices of admission are 20 cents
for adults and ten cents for school
children. The closing bill tonight
will be “Lost in London.”
If yon can attend the matinee do so;
otherwise see "Lost in London” to
"For three days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attack of cholera
morbus brought on by eating cucum
bers,” says M. E. Lowther, clerk of the
district court, Centerville, lowa, “I
thought 1 should surely die, and tried a
dozen different medicines but all to no
purpose. I sent for a bottle of Cham
berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and three doses relieved me en
tirely.” This remedy is for sale by
Dodson’s Pharmacy and J. R. Hudson’s
Two weak partners are seldom able
to make a business firm.
Feelimrs of safety pervade the house*
hold that uses One Minute Cough Cr~e,
the only harmless remedy that produces
immediate results. It is infallible for
coughs, colds, croup and all throat and
lung troubles. It will prevent con
sumption. W. A. Rembert.
The tiresome orator tries to make up
in length for his deficiency in depth.
Don’t Be deceived or humbugged by
people who claim the discovery of some
hitherto unknown herb or root in
swamps, or on some mountain or prai
rie, for the cure of kidney or bladder
troubles. Any doctor or druggist will
tell you that such claims are fraudulent.
Foley’s Kidney Cure simply contains
remedies that are recognized by the
most skillful physicians as best for these
complaints, so don’t be credulous Or
Foolish. Davenport Drug Co,
The empty coal scuttle contradicts
the full dinner pail argument success
“I have always used Foley’s Honey
and Tar oough medicine and think it
the best in the world,” says Chas. Ben
der, a newsdealer of Erie, Pa. Take no
substitute. Davenport Drug Co.
A naked fact should be clothed in ap
propriate language.
Relief m Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder
Disease relieved in six hours by “New
Great South American Kidney Cure.”
It is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys and back, in male
or female, Relieves retention of water
almost immediately. If you want
quick relief and cure this is the reme
dy. Sold by E. J. Eldridge, druggist,
Americus, Ga.
A child sometimes gets on the wrong
track because of a misplaced switch.
A new remedy for biliousness is now
on sale at Dodson’s Pharmacy and J. R.
Hudson’s drug store. It is called
Ohamberlain’s Stomache and Liver
Tablets. It gives quick relief and will
prevent the attack if given as soon as
the first indication of the disease ap
pears. Price, 25 cents per box. Sam
ples free.
An old bachelor says that the writes
of women are mostly postscripts.
Tiiis is the season when mothers are
alarmed on account ot croup. It is
quickly cured by One Minute Gough
Cure, which children like to take. W.
A. Rembort.
A little learning is more explosive
than unlimited ignorance.
If your oow is suffering with garget,
“spoiled udder,” use Dr. Tichenor’s
Antiseptic freely. If is said to be a very
fine remedy by those who have ied it.
The belt worn by an actress is a
theatre dress circle.
Don’t you forget that Dr. Tichenor’s
Antiseptic will cure colic in horses ?ud
mules, 25 cents a dose, two doses in a
bottle. Keep it convenient.
The summer girl’s cup of joy is the
mustache cup.
For barbed wire cuts on stock, use Dr.
Tichenor’s Antiseptic. Nothing equal
to it in such cases. 50c. a bottle by all
first-class druggls '.
Tne hay dealer does business on a
large scale.
For inflamed eyes, sore throat, sore
mouth, use Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic.
Pleasant to taste and smell and will give
quick relief.
If you want to hear a hardtack story
ask a man for money he owes yon.
in a 40-Foot Launch.
Lyons, la., Oct. 23.—J. E. Knight of
Derby, Conn., Frank Noho and Owen
Tally of Chicago and Arthur Mullens of
Lyons left here today on their 40-foot
gasoline launch Venice for a trip down
the Mississippi, across the guif and up
the coast for Connecticut.
The best method ofcleansing the liver
is rhe use of the famous little pills
known as DeWitt’s Little Errly Risers.
Easy to take. Never gripe. W. A.
The Indian famine relief fund at
New York has reached $212,078.54.
No other pills can equal DeWitt’s
Little Early Risers for promptness, cer
tainty and efficiency. W. A. Rembert.
A young mother says that a batch
elor invariably speaks of a baby as
Bears the The Kind YouHaveAlways Bought
Signature /fl* YY rfl /
A wise man never covets a thing he
can live without.
Conscience is like a railway switch.
If it is carefully tended it will keep
you on the right track.
Itch on human cured in 30 minutes
byWollford’s Sanitary Lotion. This
never fails. Sold by E. J. Eldridge,
druggist, Americus, Ga.
Every Customer
That Buys SI.OO
worth of GROCERIES from me can get 0 feet
of our best laundry soap, Iflbars, “Our Flag”
brand, weighing 9 pounds for
25 Cents.
John M. Anglin,
For Mayor.
I herewith announce my candidacy for
Mayor of the city of Americus, subject to
the action of the democratic primary to be
ordered by the Executive Committee. X
respectfully solicit the support of all demo
cratic voters. H, D. WATTS,
For Mayor.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for
the office of mayor of the city of Americus,
subject to the action of the Democratic
party, and respectfully ask the support of
the good people of Americus.
For Mayor.
To the citizens of Americus. At the
earnest solicitation of my personal
friends, and many acquaintances rep
resenting the various commercial and
industrial interests of our city, I have
determined to become a candidate for
the Mayoralty of Americus, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary,
which will doubtless be ordered m
due time.
My former record as Mayor of the
city, together with my long residence
as a citizen, I trust will obviate the
necessity of a personal canvass, which
business engagements would scarcely
permit at this time; so that I take this
method of announcing my candidacy,
and earnestly ask the consideration
and support of the people.
If elected, I pledge a conservative,
economical and busiress-like admin
istration, devoted to every best inter
est of the entire city and its
Respectfully, Jno, B. Jtblder.
> & The - - »
jA Fruit
j- jA Dealer. . . .
I have just received a flue car load of
Some of the finest fruit ever seen In
1 I also have a large shipment °f,°,anges
due this week, both Florida and Jamai
ca, and in fact will have the market
Hooded with these fruits. Come and see
1 I can supply"fu?,trade with
Fresh Tish
at 15c per string in barrel lots. 2ALy l ,cr
string at retail. .
Call on me, and I will fill your
• promptly. “
16. J LbS ISr X G o r r anU,Bted $«•
What 'Giclcles
One Ttyan's fltate Stoes
knottier 'Dispopsia , ,
So to tickle all men, their
needs must be a big variety.
Here are i 35
Y'all and TYdinter Sult
ticklers in fancy mixtures
alone; each differently from
the other in color and combi
nation of colors.
Finninger Co.,
... .Tailors
405 Jackson Street

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