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NEWS Elie Christmas Sell ing.
FROM THE. The Christmas selling begins now. This
HOLIDAY st ire was never better prepared for it.
QTnrFQ Every d. yof every week from now till
S JOCKS, Christmas, will be a busy day in this shop,
i'here’s much choosing to be done, and it pays to do the
choosing early. Every section in the store is bright with
its holiday offerings. Th ngs useful, things ornamental.
We have picked just those lines which are bound to appeal
to popular favor. The staple stoc ks of every day merchan
dise are also at their very best. We coidially invite you to
come. We invite you to buy —if you are ready. If not,
then the inspection will be a strong reminder for you. when
you are ready to buy.
Christmas « ttle shin5 hin V 8 *
. handkerchie’, but it
JfandkerchtefSt plays a tig part in
holiday gift giving The greatest line of
of Hemstitched and Embroidered Hand
kerchiefs we have ever owned, e* •ci
ally appropiiate as presents, a d all a r e
most fairly priced.
Beautifully wrought initial Handkerchiefs
for ladies or gentlemen, hem stitched ana of
finest quality linen—soc each.
Pure Linen Hemstitched or Embroidered
Handkerchiefs, for ladies or gentleiu- .1, 2.’>c
quality; 1-2 dozen in a box, all fcr *1
Christmas of 8f -’
_ lect from; all selected
umbretias. with the greatest care
as to their fitness for Christmas gift l .
We note two or three very tempting lota:
Gentleman’s 28-inch Congress Silk Umbrel
las, natural oxidized handles, steel rod and
paragon frame—Bl.oo each.
Ladies’ S 6 inch Gloria Silk Umbrellas
beautiful assortment fancy handles, steel
frame, etc ,—Bsc each.
Ladles’ or Gentlemen's 26-inch Taffeta Silk
Umbrellas, with Diminutive staff, and j. wel
ed handles—B2.2s each.
Gingham Umbrellas- perhap. 103 all to’d—
odd lots—some really worth Jl.so—gon g now
at 50c each.
Christmas Hundreds, yes, tbous
m ands of gentlemen, re-
ff eckivear. membered at Christ
mas with a neat Nfcktie. These fresh,
bright selections, all in the newest
shapas, will strike you just right—we
Gentlemen’s Folded end Clubs Batwings
and “Prince of Wales’’ ties in assorted
lengths -250 each .
Gentlemen’s Imperial “Four-in-Hand."
Flowing End Tecks.and New Puffs,in beauti
ful assortment, at 50c each.
Full hne “Windsor Ties’’ and Ribbon Knots
for Misses and Cnildren—3sc each.
Now Don’t Delay
You will help yourself, and help us, by coming early.
Come TOMORROW, while we have time to give you,
and your wants all due attention. Store open every
night till io p. m.
Corner Lamar Street and Cotion Avenue,
Holiday Offering of Smyrna and Moquette Rugs.
ALMOST two hundred of these rugs go on sale Holiday morning at sharp
concessions from their regular price. JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY GIV,
ING. The Smyrna Rugs being reversible, have almost double the life
of other rugs. Large quantities, splendid variety of patterns, and these very
positive savings. Lot No. i contains rugs worth up to $2 75; choice at $1 50
each. Lot No. 2 containe rugs worth up to $3 00; choice at $1 75.
Fine Silk Umbrellas.
We can’t give any satisfactory descrip
tion nor a price list. Men and women may
choose at 50c and up to $5, with especially
fine selection around the $2 and $3 marks.
Many a handsome present contained in this
December Sale of Shoes for Men, Wo=
men and Children.
This sale affords a splendid chance for
people desiring to give away shoes for
Christmas to children; to get the
greatest value for money invested. Special
attention will
Children’s Shocks 65c, 75c, 85c and sl.
Boys Shoes 75c*, 85c, sl, $1.25 and $1.50.
Women’s Shfoes sl, $1.25 and $1 50.
Men’s Shoejs sl, $1.25, $l5O and $2.50.
Every sh<fce mentioned above has soles
of honest solid! leather.
NeckweaX a Splendid Offering.
The we have ever
hundred styles at 50c; fifty
styles at 25c, and all made of silk c t high
Silk Waist Patterns.
These silks are the best to be found at
the price. Splendid variety.
Twenty patterns at $3.00.
Forty patterns at $4 00.
Ffty ladies’ fine Kersey Jackets, no
two alike, not one in the lot worth less than
$3 50, and some worth up to $5; choice now
at $2.50.
This Store .Will Be Open Evenings Until q O’clock.
115 and 117 Forsyth Street, Shaw’s Old Stand Americus, Ga.
Other Sifts
_ 100 long to ba ex
Sor Sentiemcn. ploited hen : so we
will choose haphazard from thw big stock
for mention, and suggest others when
you call.
Guyot’s Celebrated Suspenders, including
‘extra long ” in plain white, mule brown,
pinstripes, ana Fleur D’-Lis Figures,soc pair.
Plain Black and Fancy Co’ored Half Hose,
including new Embroidered figures and
longitudinal stripes s »popular now, 3 5c pair.
Wilson Bros, complete line of winter Un
derwear: ever grade from a plain Under
shirt or Drawers at 4Cc to the tiuest Camels
Hair garments at $2 25 each.
Christmas The cold wrath
er all ahead of
Capes and Jackets, you. The wear
ing time only just begun. What can you
bujtjor mother, wife, sister or daughter
that will be more appreciated?
Ladles’ Capes in Black, or Blue. Beaver
strap seam trimmings a bargain, at 83.50
Ladles' Jackets of finest imported Kfersey:
in castor, gray, blue or black, very stylish
aud perfect fitting- at 'i 50 each.
Infants Long Robes, in Eider Dowu or Bed
ford Cord, Embroidered and in beautiful
shades of light blue, rose pink, cream or
white, at 81 50 to $3,00 each.
Christmas warm woolly M
lows; rich borders.
Sdlankets. These lots are chosen
for their fitness for Christmas presents.
‘Golden Gate,’’ pure white California
Lambs Wool, full 11 4 size, borders assorted
indelicate shades of blue, pink, helio, and
g ay 81 50.
“White Fern,’’ purewhite Austradan wool,
full 10 4 size with deep border in blue, pink
or scarlet, and with silk brund edges, $3.00
Si'kaline Comfortables.closely quilted and
padded wit finest down, full 10-4 size,
only $2.50 each,
Florentine Si k Comfortables, double
faced, with wide luftie edges, lined with
purest down. $7.10 each. •
To Participate In Exercises Here On
Military Day.
Invitations Extended Many Promi
nent Georgians Already Accepted-
Railroads Give Reduced Rates All
Points to Big Event.
Eighteen companies of the Second
and Fourth Georgia Regiments have
been invited to come to Americus and
take part in the imposing exercises of
“Military Day,’’and Americus will see
more of showy uniforms and brass but
tons than she has since the Federal
troops were here.
For the carnival committee hopes
that every company will accept.
The carnival committee was notified
yesterday that the railroads centering
here would do their full part towards
making the fair a success bv allowing
the usual rates on such occasions.
A rate of one fare for the round trip
will be allowed from all points for vis
itors generally’, while a rate of one cent
per mile is accorded military compan
ies and brass bands in uniforms. This
very iow rate is highly satisfactory to
the committee, and insures a large
Letters were received yesterday from
a dozen or more distinguished Geor
gians who were invited to attend the
carnival, several of whom announced
their intention of coming. Many
prominent people will be here.
With such a low railroad rate and ex
csllent list* of attractions Americus
should have 20,000 visitors within her
gates next week.
Story of a Slave.
To b bound hind and foot for years,
by the chains of disease is the worst
form of slavery, ueorge D. Williams,
of Manchester, Mich., tells how such a
slave was made free. ‘’My
wife has been so helpless for five years
that she could not turn over in bed
alone After using two bottles of Elec
tric Bitters, she is wonderfully improv
ed and able to do her own work.” This
supreme remedy for female diseases
quickly cures nervousness, sleepless
ness, melancholy, headache, backache,
fainting and dizzy spells. This mira
cle-working medicine is a godsend to
weak, sickly, run down people. Every
bottle guaranteed. Only 50 cents. Sold
by E. J. Eldridge, druggist.
China and Fancy Goods-
Something to suit the old and the
young, I have all the new and up-to
date holiday goods, such as sofa pil
lows, head rests, jardiniers, cups and
saucers. A little money will go a long
ways at Mrs. M. T. Elam’s. ts
Go to E. I). Ansley’s for everything
for Christmas. E D. Ansley has the
largest, freshest and nicest stock of
Christmas goodies. See him before
placing your order. 18-dst-wlt
Everything staple as well as the lat
est novelties in sterling silver are now
being displayed at Prickers. 15-ts
Men’s fancy Shirts, equal to any, and
better than most shirts sold at $1 00 and
$1 25; excellent percales superbly made aad
handsomely laundrled, now at 75c each.
Two hundred remnants bleached Ger
man Damask Table Linen, handsome, yet
one of the best wearing weaves made; two
yards wide, in lengths of 2,2% and 3 yds,
just the right lengths for tables, worth
regular sl, price for these short lengths,
65c yd.
Twenty-five pairs White Blankets, ex
tra heavy, jilk taped, warm and sightly;
they were low priced at $2 45, but they are
made still lower —now at $1 50 a pair.
Twen y dozen Men’s White Laundried
Shirts, reinforced back and front, linen
bosom, beautifully laundried; the grade that
usually sells for 85c, now at 49c each
Fifteen dozen Men’s extra heavy Flan
nellette Night Shirts, the Princely make,
sells everywhere for $1 00, now at 65c each.
One Hundred dozen Misses Fast Black
Hose, high spliced heels and toes, regular
ly sold at 12%c; here now at 8 l-3c pair.
500 Ready-made Sheets for less than
the cost of the muslin, size 72x90, muslin
now 63c; they are priced now at 49c each,
Seventy-five pairs Ladies’ Fine Dnss
Shoes, in fancy vesting lops, regularly sold
for $3, at 1.98 pair.
1 lirnF! Do You Want a
-Hr K r Xmas Present ? *
-«?. E ■s 8 IL-n ■ What Are You Waiting on ? Sf’
■ ■M ■ W M ■ oa’ti’.u Until Tomorrow, a*.
'-•S ■.
■J* UAMC ’T/y Ft AV There isn’t any doubt but what you can satis- gs.
V'UiVltl I'J"IJr\I • ty your wants here. The nicest line of ST - -
J Jewelry, Gut-Glass and Silverware in the Gity. |
H T CIII IIV AM Successor to Americus Jewelry and **
U. 1. JULLI V nit, .Music Company •
C watch Inspector Seaboard Air Line R. R. »
Next to Ladles’ Entrance Windsor Hotel.
Benjamin M- Wheeler Passed Away
Mr. Benjamin M. Wheeler died at
his home in Americus on Sunday night
after a brief illness, some heart trouble
being the immediate cause of his de
mise though he had not been very well
for some time. Everyone m Americus
and Sumter county knew Mr. Wheeler,
i who enjoyed the distinction of having
been the first white child born in Sum
ter county. He was 72 years of ftg >,
and all of his three-score and ten years
were spent here. He had known
Americus since the first log hut was
built here in 1828, and was an author
ity upon all matters of county history.
One son, R. M. Wheeler, and one
daughter, Mrs. L. P. Dorman, survive
him. The funeral services were held
Tuesday afternoon from the residence
of Mr. A. P. Lingo, conducted by Rev.
Leßoy G. Henderson.
E. D, Ansley’s is headquarters for
good things to eat for Xmas and the
holidays. Old Santa Glaus has cer
tainly supplied us with everything
fresh and nice for the children, and we
will make you low prices. 18-dst-wlt
E. D. Ansley, Jackson street.
This Is Doll Week-
I put on sale this week all of my fine
dolls so that you can select what you
want before the rush. I have dolls
dressed beautifully, and all kinds of
dolls. My prices will sell them fast,
15-dtf Mrs. M, T. Elam.
Brig -Gen. C. M- Wheatlev Has Much
Prized Document.
At the Georgia reunion of Confeder
ate veterans in Augusta a month ago
Mr. Charles M. Wheatley, of Ameri
cus, a most enthusiastic member of the
U. C. V. A., was elected Brigadier-
General, commanding the Western Di
vision of Georgia, a much deserved
honor which Mr. Wheatley and the
veterans here fully appreciate. Yes
terday Brig.-General Wheatley receiv
ed his commission, which he has
placed in a handsome frame and will
keep among his most treasured pos
The kidneys ache when they are over
worked and the trouble gets serious
unless promptly removed. Prickly
Ash Bitters is a reliable kidney tonic
and bowel regulator. E. J. Eldridge.
Pleads Guilty to Robbing Till at
Pool's Store.
Harry Spark, a dazzling star three
days ago, is now a burnt match and
in the chaingang besides. Spark is the
negro who robbed the cash register in
Pool’s store a few nights ago, securing
$lB. Chief Wheeler and Marshal Fea
gin traced him to Bntler, where he was
arrested. He pedaded guilty before
Judge Crisp yesterday and was given
the limit without the privilege of pay
ing out.
Has found that her little ones are im
proved more by the pleasant Syrup of
Figs, when in need of the laxative es
feci of a gentle remedy, than by any
other. Children enjoy it and it bene
fits them. The true remedy. Syrup of
Figs, is manufactured by the Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. only.
Americus Cotton Market.
Americus, Ga., Dec. 17, 1900.
Rec’d today at, warehouses, 52 bales.
Rec’d previously at “ 25,821 “
Total warehouse receipts 25,873
Americus Market Quotations.
Good Middling 9
A good mixed fancy candy 10 cents
pound; purechocolatecream drops 20
cents pound; pure stick candy, made
to order, 10 cents pound. Everything
else at correspondingly low prices.
18-dst-wlt E. D. Ansley.
Reward Offered.
I will pay a suitable reward for the
recovery of my leather sample case,
containing monumental designs, and
stolen from the Central depot Thurs
day night. C. J. Clark,
of Miller <fc Clark.
Keep the bowels active if you would
preserve your health. A dose of
Prickly Ash Bitters now and then
does this to perfection. Dr. E. J.
The largest assortment of rich cut
glass to be found in the city has just
been opened at Fricker’s. 15-ts
We are turning them out—Cakes ajZ
Pies that cannot be beat.- Jf you Wan
the nicest to be had leave orders, at
Charitable Ladies Here Request All
to Help.
While hundreds in Americus look
forward to a merrv Christmas there are
others who will shiver in neglect were
it not for the charitable ladies who are
already at work to provide for their
comfort. These ladies urge thaf all
who have old clothes, of whatever
kind, suits, odd vests, pants, old
dresses, shoes, underclothing, etc., to
send same to the residence of Mrs. E.
A. Hawkins by Wednesday night,
where the ladies will assort them for
distribution. Any old toys for poor
children will also be acceptable. Look
among your effects and find something
for the deserving poor among us,
Bismarck’s Iron Nerve.
Was the resul of hi i splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendous energy
are not found where Stomach, Liver,
Kidneys and Bowels are out of order, If
you want these qualities and the success
they brine, use Dr. King’s New Life
Pills. They develop every power of
brain and body. Only 25c at E J. El
dridge’s drug store.
Two British Guns May Be Loaned
For Purpose.
An interesting feature of the carnival
parade next week may be two ancient
British guns, recently recovered from
the bottom of the Savannah river.
When the dredges were working at the
Seaboard terminals in the summer the
wreck of an old British warship, sunk
there a century ago, was discovered,
and among the wreckage recovered
were several cannon. Two of these
guns are now at the Seaboard shops in
Americus, where they were sent to be
cleaned up and mounted, and these
may be loaned as carnival attractions.
Happiness is but another name for
perfect health. Use Prickly Ash Bit
ters and be happy. It keeps the vital
organs healthy and well regulated. Dr.
E. J. Eldridge.
Nuts, raisins, candies, figs, dates,
apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, fire
crackers and everything for the Xmas
stocking. All new and fresh at E. D.
Ansley’s Jackson st. store. 18d5twlt
Mahara’s Male and Female Artists at
Opera House.
Colored society turned out in tull
force last night to welcome the negro
minstrels at the opera house, and a
goodly sprinkling of whites enjoyed
the program as well. The company is
made up of male and female perform
ers and many of the features, especial
ly the singing and dancing, were un
usually good and received generous
Burned In Order to Clear Track and
Build Bridge.
The recent bad wreck on the Georgia
& Alabama Railway at the Canoochee
river has been cleared away and trains
are now running through again. The
twenty-seven cars of lumber and naval
stores which were piled up beside the
bridge were set on fire and burned in
order to clear away the wreck and re
build the bridge.
Toys For Girls and Boys.
All the novelties in Christmas goods.
Come and get first choice.
15-dtf Mrs. M. T, Elam.
Contest For Carnival Queen.
In the contest for queen of the carni
val, Miss Hollis still led last night with
a new entry in the race as close second
A large vote was polled yesterday.
Special Notice.
On and after Monday, Dec. 17th, I
will not charge any goods to any one,
as I am selling out at cost to discon
tinue business. I will esteem it a great
fayor if all. parties owing me will come
in and settle at once, so I can close up
my books. Very truly yours.
Lee Allen.
For Rent.
The Coleman residence on Lee
street, also the Freeman farm of forty
nine acres. Address H. T. Davenport,
Americus, Ga.
Loans 5 Per Cent.
Choice city loans made at 5 per cent,
interest. G. R. Ellis, Americus, Ga.
Is near at hand and we have provided tor same
by buying a magnificent line of just such articles as
are specially suited for
★/Holiday gifts. ★
Many have arrived, and each day brings in more.
Call early and look over our beautiful line, as already
litany things have been laid aside for Christmas,
which will soon be here.
James Fricker & Bro,
AMERICUS. - - - *
An Honored Citizen of Sumter Has
Passed Away.
For Honesty, Integrity and General
Worth as a Citizen- Self Made Man
in Every Respect—Funeral From
Frst Methodist This A. M.
Americus and Sumter county sus
tained a great loss in the death of one
of our most honored and esteemed citi
zens, Mr. George W. Council, The
end came at 2 o’clock Monday morning
at his beautiful home near the city,
after an illness of several weeks.
And an entire people deplore the
death of this good man and citizen.
While the end was not unexpected,
owing to his long illness, the announc
ment will cause deepest regret through
out southwestern Georgia, where the
deceased was esteemed among all.
For more than a year Mr. Council
had been in rather feeble health, and
the services of the best specialists
north and south as well as that of phy
sicians here was sought to bring relief.
Two weeks ago a turn for the worse
came and he gradually sank until the
end came with the morning yesterday.
His life’s work is ended at last, and
he rests with his Maker.
Mr. Council was eminently a self
made man, and the success achieved
by him serves well to illustrate to the
youth of the land what can be accom
plished by thrift, energy and business
integrity, all of which he possessed.
His parents came to Sumter county
from North Carolina when he was four
years old, settling on a little farm. Os
modest means, they could give him but
a meager education, but his strong
mind and ability of acquiring knowl
edge by observation well fitted him for
the battle of life which he fought—
and won.
He began his career with a cash capi
tal of 25 cents and died possessed of
great wealth, every dollar of which was
honestly earned.
Twelve years ago Mr. Council estab
lished the Planters Bank of Americus,
of which he was president and largest
stockholder. This, with his very large
planting interests, afforded a compe
tency far beyond his requirements.
Returning from the war, almost pen
niless, as were other Confederate sol
diers, he married Miss Barwick, his
life companion and sweet helpmete.
She with three sons, Messrs. L. G., C
M. and Barlow Council, and two
daughters, Mrs. A. E. Bellingrath and
Miss Annie Council, survive him. His
death is the first in this happy family.
To these and his only brother, Mr.
M. B. Council, much' sympathy is
The funeral services will be conduct
ed from the First Methodist church at
11 o’clock this morning. The pallbear
ers will ba Messrs. H. R. Johnson, R
J. Perry, E J. Eldridge, W. H. C,
Dudley, John A. Cobb, S. H. Haw
kins, U. B. Harrold, A. J. Hamil, J B.
Felder and J. W. Sheffield.
Perfect Health.
Keep the system in perfect or
der by the occasional use of
Tutt’s Liver Pills. They reg
ulate the bowels and produce
A Vigorous Body.
For sick headache, malaria, bil
iousness, constipation and kin 7
dred diseases, an absolute cure
Meeting at The Windsor.
A meeting of the ladies carnival com
mittee will be held at The Windsor at
10 o’clock sharp this morning, and all
are urged to attend promptly.
Mrs. C. A. Fricker, Pres.
Still Holding For Christmas.
Prof. Lockhart is still holding three
superb pianos, which would make ac
ceptable Christmas presents. He has
sold a dozen fine instruments recently,
and will be glad to close out the three
remaining. Here’s the opportunity
you waited for.
...for THE...
Comb and Brush Sets.
Atomizers and Perfume Bottles.
Cuffs and Collar Boxes.
Pipes—fine, cheap, all kind and
Cigar Holders, Cigar Cases.
Purses and Pocket-Book.
Puff Boxes and Puffs.
Cigars in small boxes.
Colognes, Extracts and a lot of
other nice trix, at
Rembert’s Drug Store,
Next to Postoffice.
J? 77/ai/ 33*<?
Which or what to buy,'because there are so many
things here, but whatever you do buy will be'well wouhali 1
you pay for it. We don’t do business on any other haui*
We can’t afford to
Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather durin
part of the past week, we have been rushed to our fullest
capacity to wait on the trade. We again urge you not to ;
wait until the last day to do \our Christmas shopping, but
commence Monday morning m order that you may hav
plenty of time to find exactly what you want.
• The items we mention below are only a partial list o(
the hundreds of useful things that are to be found heie. ’
3*or 2iJo7nen and Sirts.
Women’s Tailcrr-made Suits.
. Women’s Dress and Rainy-day Skirts.
Jackets, Capes and Furs.
Handsome Silk Petticoats.
Fine Merce ized Petticoats.
Ready-made Silk and Flannel Waists.
Silk, Woolen and Cotton Dress Goods.
Hosiery. Gloves and Underwear.
Laces, Embroideries, Handkerchiefs and Ribbons.
Umbrellas, Shoes and Slippers-
Tab’e Dama'ks, Towels, Napkins.
< ounterpanes, Blankets, Sheets and Pillow Cases.
Tranks, Travelling Bigs, Pocket Books, Card Cases.
Silver Novelties, Fancy Mirrors, Combs and Brushes
And numerous other fancy articles.
Jor the 9/fen and s3oys.
Suits, Overcoats and odd Troupers.
Shirts, Suspenders and Underwear.
Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves and Handkerchiefs.
Umbrellas and Walking Canes.
Trunks and Traveling Bags.
Shoes and Hats.
Everything that is useful for Men’s and Boys’ Wear
ing Apparel
A lot of fancy decorated China, assorted, to close out.
Jardineres from 19c to $3 00 each.
Fancy Felts and Belt Buckles.
Hair Ornaments, Neckwear.
Leather Pocket Books, Purses, Card Cases.
Shopping Bags, Scissors, Atomizers
Bleached Domes-tics, Sea Islands and Sheetings.
Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Hassocks, Foot Mats.
Lace and Damask Curtains, Window Shades,
Buggy Robes, Comfortables.
Christmas Will Soon Be Here!
The Season of Good Cheer==Present Giving,
And The Time to Kill The Fatted Calf. . . .
Ol course you want everything nice, fresh and clean at
“Live and Let Live Prices.” 1 can suit the most fastidious
in taste, and the most modest in price. I carry one of the
best selected stocks of groceries in the city; everything to be
found in a first-class up-to-date grocery Here is a few of
the good to eat:
FRUITS: Florida Cringes, New Yoik Apples, Grapes, Cocosnuts,
Bananas. AH kind" of nuts from the cheap Brazils to the best paper
shell Almond. California Rusins, Da’es, Dried Figs. For your
fruit cake —Seeded Raisins, Currants, Citron, and all other neces
sary ingredients Langdor’s 1, 2 and 5 pound Fruit Cakes, Shelled
Almonds, Lemon and Orange Peel. The bes’ wpices money can buy,
Cranberries, New York Celery, Olives in glass and bulk. • oyal Salad
Dressing, Sauces, India Relish, Pickles to be almost biven away.
Plum Pudding, Boned Chicken, Fat and Juicy Sa'moD forycur
Salad . A f ull line < f Van Camp’s Soups, B -ete and other delicacies'
Lobster. Shrimp, K ppered Iler ing. G.nger Preserves, Heinz Pine-
Apple Preserves. All other bind* of vegetables that you naturally
except to find. A fu’l line of Fireworks and Fireworks novelties.
“Dewey Bomba and Ammunition ” I claim to carry the finest line
of Candies sold in the city. Call by and examine one of the best
and nea’est stocks of groceries to be found in the city.
* Jirtesian Corner,
CJeorqc o. J/ix> „ Sa
vinicJ'tcuS) ja»
W&AAV&. viaus
is still at our
(1/ \W ip STORE.
Nx Brimming Full of
Xmas Goods ’
Dolls ’
Books ’
<iom| Toys
These Game Boards have Rules for 50 Games including pvprv description.
CROKINOLE and all the CARROM GAME* ot everj
M. S. HOLLIDAY, Stationer. ♦ I
419 Jackson St., and 408 Jackson St.
We offer the E iting Public a fine bill of fare today-
We can give you
Fresh Cheese, Potatoes, Cabbage,
h uta Bagas, Fine Apples.
.... And anything you may Want to Eat. J
New Country Syrup just received.
Lowest Prices, Quick Delivery
Under Opera House. jvo r

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